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How to replace the mixer


No ice cream maker? No problem! Make an ice cream base in a bowl, best in a metal bowl, and place in the freezer. Whisk the ice cream with a whisk about every twenty minutes until you get the perfect dessert. If you regularly whisk the milk mass, you will not let it freeze in one piece, in addition, this is how air gets into it - just like when working with a special device.

Manual analogues

Hand whipping is the easiest way to replace the mixer. To get the desired consistency of the prepared ingredients, use:

  • an ordinary whisk
  • dining fork
  • glass jar and a lid under it.

The principle of using a fork and a whisk are the same, you just need to whip the ingredients with your hands. The main disadvantage is that you cannot manually reach the mixer speed.

It is necessary to maximize hand movements. This method will be enough to whip the protein cream, oil.

Using cans is slightly different.

  1. Put the ingredients in the jar.
  2. Close the lid tightly.
  3. Start shaking the contents as fast as possible.
  4. Within 5 minutes, you can achieve the desired result.

Mixer mechanical analogues

Use at home can be a blender with a whisk. This is an affordable kitchen appliance that does not take up much space, allowing you to perform not only the functions of a mixer, but also be used as a submersible blender for making mashed potatoes.

An ideal option would be a kitchen machine, such as a Kitchenaid. It includes a different set of nozzles, including a whisk, a hook for whipping cream, dough.

The lack of technology is the high cost. However, she independently performs all the processes, you just need to immerse the necessary products in it and continue to do household chores.

Life hack with building power tools

What you can replace the mixer with is a screwdriver, drill or perforator. The disadvantage of the latter is only in massive size and heavy weight. The replacement principle is simple.

  1. Insert a whisk in the drill hole and start whisking the food.
  2. If there is no whisk, firmly attach two forks to the drill.

It is only important to consider - the whisk, the forks must be firmly fixed, otherwise there is a high probability of injury.

The presented options will be a good solution if there is no mixer at hand. Each analogue will help to achieve the desired result.

Whisk application

  • air test for pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, sponge cake, cakes, muffins,
  • whipped cream, pastry cream, omelet,
  • cocktails, sauces, mashed soup, smoothies,
  • chopping soft vegetables and fruits.

Someone may object: why do I need extra appliances in the kitchen, if you can do everything the old fashioned way - manually?

Firstly, modern the whisk for whipping for the blender is compact and takes up little space.

Secondly - starting to cook something with their help, you will very soon realize that they help save time and the result is consistently higher in quality. There will only be surprise - how could you do without them before?

National Corolla Rating

Our editors received statistics from the sales store. Based on these figures, as well as information from the service center on the number of defects and breakdowns, We present a list of leading brands in terms of price / quality ratio:

  1. The whisk for the Bosch blender (Bosch) (in particular the msm series) and Philips (Philips) - will be the best choice.
  2. In second place is the whisk for the Blender Braun (Brown) and Scarlett (Scarlet).
  3. With a very small margin, the third place is occupied by the whisk of firms Redmond (Redmond), Vitek (Vitek), Kenwood (Kenwood).
  4. Tefal (Tefal), Polaris (Polaris), Zelmer (Zelmer) and Moulinex (Mulineks) - this group is least recommended for purchase.

Photo of the whisk nozzle

Basic rules of operation

The rules for using a blender are simple., but how long and uninterruptedly it will serve you depends on their observance.

  • Before the first use, the new nozzle must be kept in boiling water and then rinsed,
  • There is nothing complicated in assembling a blender with a whisk. It is enough to attach the whisk with the gearbox to the motor and turn until a slight click is heard. After making sure that the attachment attachment is secure, you can start cooking,
  • To facilitate the mixing process, first of all, liquid products should be added, and then dry ones. Periodically, the blender must be shaken, saving the working part of adhering ingredients. In no case do not use it for kneading thick dough - this can lead to breakage,
  • Do not use too hot foods, it is better to wait until they have cooled at least to a temperature of 60 degrees,
  • The ingredients must be cut into small pieces, otherwise there is a risk that the nozzle simply can not cope with large portions,
  • When cooking large volumes of food, the appliance should be turned off periodically to avoid overheating.

Follow the rules for working with the nozzle very clearly and the specified household products will serve you for a long time.

Cleaning and storing the whisk

Upon completion of work submersible blender with whisk attachment required clean from food residues, wash with dishwashing detergent, then dry and put it in a storage place. If there are no contraindications in the instructions, then you can use the dishwasher.

Avoid prolonged residence of the nozzle in water after its use i.e. wash immediately, otherwise there is a risk that rust will appear.

A whisk made in whole or in part from food grade plastic should not be stored in the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight destroys the material and makes it impossible to use it further.

Repair nozzles for a blender

We will analyze damage options and how to fix a whisk from a blender. Firstly, it’s extremely rare, but it is possible to break the corolla itself, namely its rods. Rods made of steel can rust from prolonged contact with water and fall into two parts.

The same thing can happen with plastic, just because of deterioration. The solution to the problem is to cut the broken rod under the root with a pair of pliers, if this is not done, that is, the possibility of injury from incorrectly rotating parts.

Secondly, the whisk reducer for the blender often fails. Especially often, such a breakdown occurs with Philips and Braun devices. If the blender’s whisk broke in the gearbox, then the first thing you need is to know how to disassemble the whisk from the blender.

To disassemble, disconnect the nozzle from the blender itself. Next, you need to carefully gently pry the seam in the central part with a screwdriver and disconnect the latches. The whisk reducer for whipping is divided into two parts, where internal mechanisms will be visible. The main problem is getting gears out of their places. The solution will be to return the parts in place and possibly fix with glue.

Dismantling and repairing the whisk of the whisk of the blender is possible, but not in all cases, sometimes it is better to buy a new one!

Egg Separator

How to replace: empty plastic bottle

You can also separate the yolk from the protein manually, but there is always the risk of accidentally damaging its shell. To prevent this from happening, use a proven trick. Break the required number of eggs and pour their contents into a deep bowl. Take an empty plastic bottle, squeeze it by hand, bring it to the yolk and release its edges. The bottle will begin to fill with air, with which the yolk will gently pull inward.

Tenderizer for meat

How to replace: jar of canned beans

The tenderaiser gives amazing beef to the softness while keeping all the juices inside. But if you do not have this useful gadget (or, in extreme cases, a culinary hammer), you can be helped out by a can with beans. In principle, any canned meat is suitable for beating meat, but it is the beans that give it the right weight.

Wrap the jar with several layers of cling film and break it with fibers - the steak will turn out more tender.

Whisk for whipping

How to replace: two forks

The cost of a good corolla made of high-quality stainless steel can reach several thousand rubles - and if it is electric, even more. Don’t be worth it so much! Two forks, lapped together, will cope with the task no worse than a whisk.

For convenience, wrap the handles with a paper towel, laying several layers of paper between the forks. Even professional confectioners use this secret!

Electric can opener with screw cap

How to replace: clerical gum

Some banks are simply impossible to open. Hands slide on a smooth metal surface, even if wrapped in a kitchen towel. We agree, for such cases, an electric opener is a real salvation. But there is another option that does not require large expenses.

Wrap the cover with a few stationery rubber bands - so that they fit snugly against the surface. This will improve grip. Just a few movements - and the bank will open. Checked repeatedly!

Cherry pitting machine

How to replace: funnel

Removing seeds from cherry is easier than you thought! Take a funnel with a narrow neck and place it on a plate with the wide side down. Press the berry to the hole of the funnel and press lightly - the bone will easily slip into the hole. In this way, you can quickly and inexpensively process the entire crop of cherries.

Citrus Juicer

How to replace: kitchen tongs

Using kitchen tongs, you can quickly and easily squeeze all the juice out of lemon and lime. It is enough to cut the fruit in half and squeeze it strongly with forceps. However, with this method, pieces of pulp and bone can get into the juice, so if necessary it will need to be filtered through a sieve.

Garlic Press

How to replace: ordinary knife

A garlic press is a good thing, but washing it is a real hard labor. You can replace the gadget with an ordinary knife. Crush the unpeeled clove of garlic with its flat side, pressing on it with your hand, and then remove the husk.

Grass cutting knife

How to replace: scissors

A fashionable kitchen accessory with two handles cuts greens easily and quickly, rolling from side to side. It looks very beautiful, but it costs quite a lot. Replace your expensive kitchen gadget with regular scissors. With their help, you can "cut" the grass into small neat pieces, and it will take very little time.