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How to avoid sunburn


A vacation by the water is good, but thanks to our serenity, we get sunburn. And instead of enjoying the cooling expanse of water, we try to bring our skin into a divine form and relieve pain. Therefore, it is better to prevent such an outrage.

For industrial products that protect the skin from tanning, it is recommended to use folk remedies.

Folk recipes that prevent sunburn and help eliminate its effects

We need cucumber seeds, one part of which will require 10 parts of 40% alcohol or vodka. After a two-week tincture in a dark place, the tincture of cucumber seeds should be filtered. After that, add 10 parts of water to one part of the tincture, and with this received product you need to wipe your face every day. This composition can be used as a mask, which lasts 5-10 minutes on the face.

Such daily procedures will prevent the appearance of freckles and protect the skin from tanning.

We need a raw yolk, which simply greases the face with plenty. After it dries, it must be removed with soap and water. The yolk, in addition to preventing tanning, provides protection against chapping.

Fruit seeds come into play, one part of which is poured with 50 parts of water. After shaking these two components for 5 minutes, strain the water through gauze. It will turn out a mucous infusion, which smears the burned places. It is recommended to do 3-4 procedures in a row with a 10-15-minute break.

From fresh leaves, juice is extracted, which processes the burned areas of the skin.

It is necessary to prepare a decoction, for which 20-40 grams of oak bark is taken in a glass of water. The broth is filtered while hot. For burns, lotions with chilled oak broth are recommended. The burned areas are processed with a frequency of 5-10 minutes for an hour.

The recipe is not made during the day, but because this tool is recommended to be done in advance, before the holidays or the beginning of the summer season. Two hundred grams of vegetable oil is poured into three tablespoons of chopped dried flowers and St. John's wort grass. For infusion, glassware is used that can be tightly closed. The drug is infused for 2-3 weeks, during which the components are periodically shaken. The resulting extract is filtered through cheesecloth. Hypericum oil is stored in the refrigerator.

Cases when it is recommended to use this tool:

- skin irritation,
- burns,
- inflammatory processes.

A glass of boiling water is poured 10 grams of dry leaves, which boil for 15 minutes. With sunburn, this decoction is used as lotions.

The places burnt in the sun are recommended to be treated with the help of sauerkraut leaves, which you just need to apply to burns.

Juice is extracted from peeled potato tubers, for which they are ground on a grater or using a technique. The skin is either lubricated directly with juice or the affected areas are covered with a gauze cloth soaked with it. The effect in the treatment of sunburn is achieved thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of potato juice.

You can make a mask by mixing juice with wheat flour or oat flour. It is recommended to keep such a tool on the face for 15-20 minutes.

Indications: sunburn, frostbite. Compresses and lotions based on chamomile infusion are used. Within half an hour, you should insist a tablespoon of raw materials, filled with a glass of boiling water.

Compresses that help to cope with the effects of a sunburn can be made on the basis of well-brewed tea, for which a brewed teaspoon of tea is infused for half an hour with a quarter cup of boiling water. 2-3 procedures are recommended per day, each lasting 20-30 minutes.

Sun Rays: Revitalizing Effect

The sun is the source of life on the planet. Plants that give us the opportunity to breathe live thanks to sunlight, under the influence of which the process of their nutrition can only be carried out (photosynthesis).

It is ultraviolet radiation that contributes to the production of living organisms vitamin D, which regulates calcium metabolism, provides the strength of the skeleton and other physiological processes.

Lack of this vitamin leads to serious pathologies, for example, to the development of rickets. Under the influence of solar energy in the blood, the hemoglobin content is normalized, the production of special substances - endorphins, which increase vitality, is enhanced. In addition, ultraviolet radiation has a strong bactericidal effect.

Sun Rays: Negative Impact

The positive effects of sunbathing are hard to overestimate. But their life-giving effect easily goes into its opposite. Excessive ultraviolet radiation poses a serious threat to our health.

Here are the most common negative consequences of immoderate tanning:

  • Burns
  • Heat and sun shocks
  • Allergy to the sun, or photodermatitis
  • Early skin aging (photoaging)
  • Decreased immunity
  • Eye lesions
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system
  • Oncological diseases, including skin melanoma
  • Strengthening the toxic properties of certain drugs

Safe Tanning Rules

Observe the behavior of animals: our cats and dogs are very fond of basking in the sun, but they will never stay in the sunshine for long in the afternoon, when the sun is at its zenith - they will surely hide in the shade. It would not hurt us to learn from them the competent use of solar energy.

It is quite possible to protect yourself from painful sensations and dangerous complications when sunbathing. It is only necessary to adhere to several easy rules.

  1. Always wear a hat in the sun. This will help prevent sunstroke. Sunglasses will protect the retina from damage.
  2. To exclude sunbathing from 11.00 to 16.00, when ultraviolet and thermal radiation are most active. In the morning and evening hours, ultraviolet light is enough for a beautiful golden tan, but the likelihood of burns is significantly reduced.
  3. Dose sun exposure. At the beginning of a beach holiday, the duration of sunbathing should not exceed a quarter of an hour, otherwise the rest of the vacation you will have to treat burns. This period of time must be increased gradually, but in the future, tanning continuously for more than half an hour is not recommended. Take a break in the shadow, ultraviolet rays will reach your skin there too, but their effect will be soft.
  4. Apply sunscreen makeup. Such products have different degrees of protection. They need to be selected based on the characteristics of the skin. The lighter the skin, the higher the degree of protection for your cream. Remember that you need to apply makeup on the skin about 25 minutes before reaching the sun, otherwise the cream will not have time to absorb. After swimming, you need to use the cream again.
  5. Do not use soap, colognes and other alcohol-containing products immediately before visiting the beach: they increase sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.
  6. Do not sunbathe on a full stomach or on an empty stomach.
  7. Do not drink alcohol on the beach - it's hard for the heart
  8. Quench your thirst with cool, slightly acidified lemon juice water. Some experts recommend going to sunbathe to drink a little salted water - this will help the body maintain a water-salt balance.
  9. With care, sunbathe in the immediate vicinity of the water or on an inflatable mattress - the water reflects the sun's rays, and the skin receives a double portion of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, water droplets act as lenses, exacerbating the burning effect of sunlight.
  10. Monitor tanning time. If you see a white mark when pressing on the skin with your finger, it’s time to evacuate into the shade. This test is especially important if you are sunbathing on the seashore and a fresh breeze blows you. In this case, the heat is not felt, and you can burn very badly, without even noticing it.
  11. Do not forget that a beautiful tan without burns can be obtained by being in the "lace" shade of trees or under a linen awning.