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How to spend a Valentine's Day budget: 10 ideas


Love with diamonds and dinner at a five-star restaurant is not a necessity and will not necessarily become a meaningful expression of feelings on Valentine's Day. The fact that a person has money to buy expensive gifts and activities does not mean that he or she is relieved of the need to express her feelings on a more personal, intimate level, just as this does not exempt from the obligation and the recipient of expensive gifts.

If you are worried that your budget may not be spent on organizing an unforgettable Valentine's Day, then you should remember that this holiday can be considered successful if your soulmate goes to bed on the night of February 14 with full confidence that you love her and appreciate. Save money and organize a wonderful Valentine's Day with a few tips from this article.

How to have a good Valentine's day and save money

Of course, Valentine's Day, during which there are diamonds and dinner at the hotel, which has at least five stars, has its advantages. But, as practice shows, the second half craves, as a rule, not them, but special attention on this day. At the same time, this will not require excessive costs for a personal pocket. Especially when you consider the just-held New Year and Christmas celebrations, they have so cleaned the pockets of most people that you have to, willy-nilly, think about how to save. The main thing is that at the same time your love remains satisfied and lies down (lies) with confidence, she (he) is the most.

St. Valentine can be well celebrated with a very limited budget.

Here is the first tip. In no case should you equate the amount of your love with the amount of money spent on it at that time. Prices in stores during this holiday are usually maximum. This must be taken into account. But the amount of time devoted to a loved one on this day and the attention that he received, of course, mean no less.

At the same time, this does not mean that you need to completely abandon the usual pleasures and hobbies. But their number is quite possible to limit. But to submit them, at the same time, it is necessary with a greater share of originality. For example, a girl is likely to prefer a whole bunch of roses to just one. But so that she, for example, would be presented with teeth and a suit, for example, a torero from Spain.

Do not forget about needlework.

A person who loves you will always prefer the “store” gift to the one that is made by you. Even if it will be a simple postcard. According to experts, even if it does not differ in increased brilliance, it will be stored for a very long time.

A postcard, of course, is the easiest option. Before Valentine's Day, you should consider what skills you have in order to prepare a present for your loved one yourself. It can be not only knitting, but also what you have grown yourself. Not a bad gift will be the preparation of the original dish, if it takes into account the tastes of the partner. And, if he is interested in sports or nature, you can just spend time at the rink or in the nearest (not necessary) park. A train ride in order to visit new places, if your soulmate loves it, what is not a gift? The main thing is that it takes place unexpectedly and be liked by both people.

Well, do not completely forget such a thing that you can do together, like board games. Yes. And further. Many of the lovers still remember the hype associated with the appearance of the Rubik's Cube. He is now quite inexpensive. And on St. Valentine’s Day, his versions were released, which, in addition to the color difference, have poses from the Kama Sutra depicted on their fragments. Not everyone may like it. But, as an option, it is quite suitable.

Another suggestion. Prepare comic (and not only) obligations.

They can be thought up previously and placed in the form of peculiar coupons on the image of hearts. At the same time, obligations can be both domestic, which will also often be perceived quite positively, as well as special ones.

For example, promise your friend (this also applies to wives) to independently wash all dirty dishes for a week, which she can choose herself. Also, women, experts think, will be very supportive of the man’s promises to jointly watch any series of their choice, if, at the same time, he will not be interrupted on his part by switching to programs showing football or boxing.

Perhaps a massage coupon will be very pleasant, which will be held in a warm bath, in which the flavor of the selected smell will be added. The main thing is to show as much imagination as possible. Your half will appreciate it unconditionally.

And children, if they are, where to put it.

In order to give his beloved (beloved) time, he (time) must first be freed. You need to somehow forget about all the daily hustle and bustle, and make this day dedicated only to you two. Children, if you have them, it is better to give a nanny or one of the grandmothers. If this is not possible, tell them this holiday is designed specifically for mothers and fathers. As a rule, they understand this correctly and even actively participate in its preparation.

It is also good to indulge in shared memories. Many will like it if they are taken to places that they previously remembered, especially in childhood. It’s nice to browse through albums with old photographs where you were captured together.

And the words. Especially about love. They, without costing anything, mean a lot to your partner. Feel free to pronounce them all day.

However, there is something that is not recommended on this day.

First off, turn off your cell phone. No one should interrupt you that day. Second, if you were left alone on Valentine's Day evening, turn off the computer or laptop for the same reason. Then, if you make a gift to your loved one, it can be inexpensive, but it cannot be tasteless, even if its price tag is very high.

For those who love (and who don’t like?) To please themselves with delicious dishes for the holiday, a couple of recipes.

Pork and apples.

We need two pork escalopes, half an apple, half a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of butter, three tablespoons of brandy or wine (who prefers what). Pork flavored with spices and fried in oil until crusted. Then onion is fried in the same oil to the degree of its transparency. Then honey, chopped apple and wine are added there. After evaporation, the dish languishes for several minutes under the lid. Everything. Done.

Carp with sesame seeds.

It will take one individual (fish). Carp, by the way, is not expensive now. And also lemon, pepper and sesame in the amount of three tablespoons. Cleaned and towel-wrapped fish should be grated with spices. Put half a lemon inside it, and pour juice from the remaining half on top. Sesame carp should be sprinkled, both outside and inside. Then it is wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 220 degrees.

Look like that's it. Happy holiday, lovers.

Andrey Ivanov - RIA VistaNews correspondent

1. Spend a day actively

Of course, it all depends on the weather and your preferences - whether you like “full relaxation” on the couch or prefer to relax actively. What is romance? In a joint pastime that can be completed with a romantic dinner. After all, it is always more pleasant to relax at home if you get tired and freeze on the street before that.

There are many options for outdoor activities:

To skate. This is recognized by many as one of the most romantic winter sports, especially if you both ride poorly and constantly hold on to each other so as not to fall. All in all, it will be fun.

Play snowballs. A sea of ​​positive, of course, if you do not get carried away and do not arrange a war not for life, but for death.

To make a snowman. Joint creativity strengthens relationships, and modeling from snow is real creativity, because it’s not necessary to sculpt a classic three-set, with a carrot, you can show your imagination and create a real masterpiece from snow.

Just walk until you freeze. Surely you have not seen all the places in your city. You can visit an unfamiliar area and just explore it - you will surely find some new, interesting or beautiful places. Discovering new things together - what could be more romantic?

Indoor activity. If there is no desire to be outdoors, you can think about outdoor activities, for example, go to dance classes (it will be very romantic, especially if you dance well) or to mountain climbing, climb the wall, insuring each other.

2. For all adventurers

If you and the second half are not against a certain share of extreme sports, you can go on a trip by train or commuter train. Stock of tea or mulled wine in a thermos, an approximate direction, and "towards adventures!"

Only be careful if your passion does not like adventures in the spirit: “By the way, what a beautiful snow-covered field, we have nowhere to sleep, let’s have sex in that abandoned gatehouse,” it’s better not to try.

Chinese lantern

If you buy a heart-shaped Chinese lantern, you can run it from the roof or just some kind of elevation. By the way, you can make such a surprise at the end of the walk, when you find a suitable place to start it.

You can decorate the apartment with prints in the form of hearts and other romantic themes. Like any thematic decoration, like a Christmas tree, they will create a special atmosphere. Prints are inexpensive, and after the holiday they can easily be removed.

Valentine's Day is drowning in hearts, why not follow the lead of many? You can cut valentines from colored paper and sprinkle them in front of the bed or on the bed. Ideally, you can write something nice on each one, or mix them with rose petals - one or three roses and petals are enough.

Light, sound and smell

If you are planning a romantic dinner / hike to the bathroom / evening, flowing smoothly into the night, be sure to stock up on candles. Red candles, different candle lamps or beautiful lamps are perfect. If it is too cold outside to speak words of love under a starry sky, projectors such as Starry Sky will help.

You can light an aroma lamp with ylang-ylang, cinnamon, patchouli or rosewood oils. All of them in one way or another awaken sensuality and sexuality. It is only better to experiment with the oils in advance, otherwise some smell may turn out to be unpleasant for you personally.

Now about music: do not think that you can just include your list on social networks or radio. Make a selection of romantic or simply calm melodies, because when your favorite thrash metal track sounds during your beautiful words, neither you nor your other half will like it.

4. Food and drinks

If you do not go to a restaurant, it is better not to order food at home, but to cook it yourself. This will be another joint creative act, because of course you will not cook soup or porridge, but some cool dishes. For example, desserts, from one type of which salivating already.

You can make pizza or experiment with the ingredients of a dish. If it works out deliciously, you can write down this recipe as your "signature" dish and give it your name.

The same applies to drinks - you can endlessly experiment with the composition of cocktails, add different ingredients and enjoy unusual tastes. The main thing is not to overdo it with a tasting, otherwise the evening will end not quite romantic.

5. Games and not only role-playing

Adults love to play no less than children, so why not play together - minutes of laughter and sincere enthusiasm are provided for you. True or action, a twister with colored circles on the floor, even an ordinary crocodile - show your imagination.

If you would like something more romantic, with an erotic connotation, there is even a special application that is more convenient to play with and easier to choose what.

6. Photoshoot

Only the one who is sure that it goes badly on the photo does not like taking pictures, but if you and the couple can always remove the photo when you have fun enough, why not?

Here, one can not do without imagination: come up with your own images, you can take a picture in each other's clothes, arrange a little home cosplay or just cool outfits from everything that is in the closet. From the best photos you can make a collage or print them as decoration for your apartment.

7. Look for gifts

This is an interesting method that can be used generally everywhere: at home, on the street or in a shopping center, however, it will be more convenient at home. The bottom line is that you pre-harvest a card or leaflets with inscriptions by which your passion will look for your gift.

The game becomes interesting even at the thought-out stage: for instructions, you can use puzzles from your shared memories and incidents, for example, the photo next to the window will mean that the next clue is somewhere out there, and on the back you can write clarifications in the form of a riddle or verse - the scope for imagination is simply immense.

As a result, everyone will enjoy - the game itself will become a gift, and at the end of the quests a material gift will be waiting.

8. First date

Even remembering the bright start of the relationship is very nice that many do periodically, but what about “relive it all again”? You can not just imagine, but play with your other half your first date or moment of acquaintance.

Take this seriously, and the sensations will be more than pleasant: the same phrases, perhaps the same clothes, you can even turn on the music that you were listening at that time - musical compositions perfectly retain memories.

If you cannot order a massage in the SPA-salon, you can do it yourself - it is very pleasant, relaxes and gives an indescribable feeling, even if you are not at all professional in this matter.

To diversify your technique a lot, you can watch YouTube videos, for example, classic massage techniques. Massage of the back, legs and feet, aromatic oils, relaxing music, candles: you can relieve stress for the whole month.

10. Think over the script and be ready for anything

From all of the above, you can make a good script for the holiday, filling it with sweet surprises and a feeling of mutual tenderness. Just do not delay the preparation until the last, because the necessary attributes may not be in the nearest store.

In addition, your ideal clear holiday plan may crumble due to the banal unwillingness of the partner to participate in something or lack of mood. The main thing to remember here is why you are organizing your holiday: to please your partner and yourself, strengthen relations and again feel bright, strong emotions.

Do whatever pleases both of you and enjoy the evening.