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Touching tender verses to a beloved guy, a man


Love to do everything beautifully, and even such words as “miss” and “love” prefer to speak in an unusual form? Then our selection of poems to your beloved guy was created especially for you. In it you can find many interesting poems for all occasions. They will help convey the feelings and emotions that you are experiencing at a given time to your loved one.

Surprise him by giving him words of love in verses, or tell how much you miss him during his absence and how you need him in such an original and romantic form. Even when a loved one is nearby, you can easily cheer him up by reading a funny poem about how good and beautiful he is, as well as what kind of tender feelings you feel for him. Believe me, such a pleasant surprise will never leave your boyfriend indifferent.

My darling my darling
You are my good and dear
So wonderful and beautiful
And you are mine from head to toe.

You are my miracle, my revelation
And I love you very much
You are my joy, inspiration,
My support, fortress and wall.

You are the one to whom I open my soul
And dreams I share with you
You are the best,
I live with you, I breathe you.

Your fragrance, your touch
They drove me crazy for a long time
You lift your mood with a smile
You are like my guiding star!

With you, time flies by unnoticed
You fill my life with meaning
We halve both sorrow and fun
You could suddenly revive my dream!

I miss you very much if you don’t
With you, I forget about everything.
I want to live, always loving you
And to know that I won’t lose you.

You are the cutest, gentle and dearest
I will only be happy with you forever.
You are my beloved boyfriend dear
I want happiness to last forever!

Your hands are the most tender
Only you drive me crazy
And with you, I’ll tell you honestly
Only with you I began to live!

All that was was unimportant
You managed to give me the whole world
You burst into my life once
And you immediately conquered me.

You managed to give me care
And I love you with all my heart
You are my most special, important
I can’t live without you now!

I will love you forever
I will give you my warmth
I will give you all the tenderness
And I will never betray!

You surprise, inspire
And I will tell you sincerely
You always impress me
I love you with all my heart!

You are the kindest, the most sensitive,
You are the best with me
You're half, you're beloved
I want to be with you always!

I want a lot, love!
I want you to be proud of me
I want to make you happy
I want you to strive for me.

I want you to be always there
I want to be your wife
I want to warm you with a look
I want to breathe only you!

I want you to know my dear
That even when you feel sad
I'll always be there for you,
No matter how empty the soul was!

I want you to always smile
So that all troubles pass by,
I want you to always laugh
And so I was not familiar with a tear.

And even if the sun does not shine,
And let the earth turn upside down
I want to be only with you
Because I love you!

I love you more and more every day
And now I can’t live without you
I'm starting my day with you too
You are now my half.

You are my very, most dear,
I love you my dear,
I will give all my tenderness to you,
I won’t leave you, I won’t betray you.

You know, I really dreamed
Meet the love of your life
So that the soul freezes
And there were only bright thoughts.

I think it happened.
Although no, I’m sure for sure.
I'm crazy in love with you
I like everything about you very much.

You became my kin to everyone
My affectionate, gentle and sweet,
All the happiness on this planet
What do I have, beloved.

You are dear to me, you are my love
You are unique to me.
Not even heaven knows
How I love your eyes.

I give you my heart
And I give my soul.
Don't forget me pray
I love you crazy!

My dear, I love you so much!
Besides you, I don’t notice others.
I catch your every look and every sigh
I miss and dream only of you.

And spend a quiet evening with you
With you alone, alone I want.
I'm all yours and I know that you are mine
And every day I love you more.

Your hand is in my hand
You mean so much to me
I love you with all my soul
And without you I can’t.

I love you hug
With you I love falling asleep
And I love to kiss you
I give you my warmth.

I love to be with you
I'm sick, in general, I'm you
And I can’t find a cure
You visit my dreams.

Love gave me wings
I forgot about troubles with you
I feel very good with you
I don’t need anyone else!

So sweet heart beats
When I see you.
There is no one, love
Relative to you and closer.

You are a gift from fate
Unexpected, unexpected
But now become me
The only welcome.

I love you so much
Sometimes I’m scared
How to survive separation
Short with you.