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How to understand that the chicken has gone bad?


Cooking dinner is very difficult, especially if you are hungry and in a hurry to start a meal, but you need to make sure that the cooked chicken will be suitable for consumption. Everyone knows that spoiled chicken can harm human health. This applies not only to the raw product, but also already cooked. But how to check a chicken if it is frozen? Smell, sight and taste test will help you determine the suitability of eating chicken.

Meat smell

Be sure to pay attention to the smell coming from the meat. If the meat ingredient is repelled by a harsh and unpleasant aroma, the meat is spoiled and it is better to get rid of it.

Sometimes it is not possible to recognize a spoiled meat product in time, but during cooking such an ingredient can become a source of an unpleasant aroma. In this case, it is better to stop cooking and discard the meat.

What kind of chicken to the touch?

To determine the depravity of chicken meat and palpation method will allow. An obvious sign that a stale product is a shiny and how much film you cannot get rid of even by thoroughly washing under running water.

Feel the chicken carcass with your hands. If the surface is sticky, there is no doubt that the meat is not suitable for cooking.


The indisputable fact of damage to chicken meat is the appearance of spots with signs of mold.

Such formations on the product are distinguished by a greenish or black tint and are the cause of a characteristic odor that indicates the processes of decay. Using such a chicken in cooking is strongly not recommended.

Lack of ice crust

Buying meat in frozen form does not guarantee a fresh meat product. In this regard, it is strongly recommended that you carefully study the purchased goods.

Freshly frozen chicken carcass is necessarily characterized by the presence of a thick ice crust, the presence of which is confirmed by the fact that the product was frozen correctly and in compliance with all requirements.

If on the product the presence of white ice is observed, we are most likely talking about meat that has been frozen. Of course, frozen meat can be safely used in cooking, because it does not pose any danger, but in this case you need to be prepared for the taste of the final product to be slightly spoiled.

Duration and storage conditions of chicken

When buying chicken meat, be sure to pay attention to the expiration dates indicated on the package. Unfortunately, compliance with this requirement does not always guarantee the purchase of fresh meat, because the goods can be stored in inappropriate conditions.

To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the storage conditions of meat. The product must be packaged in vacuum packaging, airtight containers.

Chicken must be stored at low temperatures in order to avoid quick spoilage. So, in the refrigerator, chicken can be no more than two days. As for the frozen product, the maximum duration of its storage in the freezer can reach 12 months.

Skin surface examination

Fresh chicken meat is smooth and elastic, so if you try to touch the chicken, you will be able to determine its freshness. To do this, just press hard on the carcass with your finger to form a dent. If after this the meat quickly returns to its original position, the dent disappears, then you have a fresh product.

Expired chicken meat is characterized by friability, and after pressing the formed dents do not disappear. As already noted, in addition to friability, a sticky and slippery film will necessarily be present on the surface of spoiled chicken meat.

If you observe at least one of the signs of meat spoilage, which were discussed in detail in this article, or if you have doubts about the freshness of meat, it is better to abandon its use in cooking. Such a mistake can cause serious poisoning and the development of dangerous complications.