Useful Tips

Create a DIY website


First you need to choose and buy a domain. A lot depends on the website address on the Web. It should be sonorous, associated with your activity and, of course, easy to remember. If you have a registered trademark or company name, then you can beat them in the domain name. You can check the availability of the option you came up with using a special service.

If the selected domain name is free, then you can register it. Such luck in the oldest domain zones is quite rare, which means you have several options.

1. REG.RU has a unique opportunity to register domains in more than 750 zones.

3. See “Backorder Domains”. Among them there are very beautiful names with a good history, TCI and even attendance. And you don’t have to promote the site from scratch. Domains are sold by auction, that is, you can purchase an address at a very low price if there are no other bidders for it.
4. We also recommend that you search for the address for the site among the domains that the administrators themselves post for sale at a fixed price. For this case, REG.RU has a “Domain Store”.

So, the desired domain is registered, and you are faced with the question of choosing a CMS (Content Management System - content management system). The market now offers special content management systems and convenient design services that can be easily selected for the tasks of your Internet resource. Again, it is worth considering the prospects for business development. After all, if for a start you may have enough of a static page with contact information, then later your site can become a whole portal for employees and customers.

Step 2. Creating a site

The easiest way is to use the service designer with a visual site editor. For example, ours. There are also paid or free CMS with various capabilities and functionality. You only need to choose it according to your requirements, then decide on a design template, deploy and configure. There is a third option with the involvement of specialists from the outside, but it is at least expensive, and at most it costs nerves and time. Of course, we don’t have to do anything ourselves, but you will only have a website in a month or two.

However, in the first case, choosing the right platform, installing it and searching for templates will take a lot of invaluable time. And in the second, you will spend the same time testing several of these services until you find the functionality you need.

REG.RU provides all these features on one page. Ready-made solutions for popular CMS are available for users: WordPress, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, and much more. You do not need to buy, register and install something separately - the services will do this automatically for you.

And with the Ecwid service, you can launch an online store in five minutes. And you don’t need to change anything in your site, as the service is built into any CMS you choose.

For a business card website or a gallery website that professional photographers need so much, for example, it makes no sense to use CMS. It is more logical and easier to use advanced services-designers. You can choose a powerful "Site Builder from REG.RU" or Wix. The first is characterized by more than 170 adaptive template options and rich functionality.

Design responsibly. After all, it is on it that your site will be initially evaluated. In the designers that we provide, there are many ready-made templates that need only to be slightly customized.

Step 3. Choose a hosting

You bought a domain and chose the platform for your page. In fact, you have already completed a large layer of work, because a lot depends on these first steps. Changing a domain name or transferring information to another engine is not so difficult, but it threatens financial and very often reputational losses. Now you need hosting, that is, a place on the Internet where your site will be hosted. REG.RU has a wide range of tariff plans for any needs.

It will be easiest if you choose hosting with a site builder. If you have a domain name, then you just start drawing the site in a visual editor. All hosting issues have already been resolved for you.

Having chosen a ready-made REG.RU solution on other platforms, the system will automatically calculate for you the necessary hosting tariff with all the parameters and capabilities you need. If you decide to deploy the engine yourself, it's time to start considering REG.RU tariffs.

Pay attention to the tariff Host-Lite. For a business card site where a presentation or video should be located, it is difficult to find an offer on the Internet better than this. Only 152 rubles per month, or even 88 rubles, if you pay immediately 36 months.

All other tariffs should be selected according to the needs of your site. Minimum Host-0 will be enough for someone, and someone will swing at Host-3. Most importantly, REG.RU hosting tariffs are optimally calculated and can be selected for any requirements of your site.

REG.RU provides the following services on all tariff plans:

Think about an SSL certificate right away. This is a unique digital signature of your site, which is necessary for organizing a secure HTTPS connection between the client’s browser and the server, which is especially important when transmitting confidential information and conducting financial transactions. If you launch a site where payments for goods or services will be accepted (online store), download software demos, provide information about users, then installing an SSL certificate is absolutely necessary. With it, you will protect both your customers and yourself, as well as increase confidence in your site.

Website development for games - free

Creating a website about the game is very simple. Designer Nethouse, known for its simplicity and convenience, you can easily make a website about any game in just one evening. The implementation of all the technical difficulties that await you when working with any CMS programmers of our company have already decided for you. If you want to create a quality website about a game, Nethouse is your most reliable partner.

What does game development consist of?

Creating a game is a long and complicated process. You are not building a paper boat, but creating the whole universe! Everything depends on you here - how this universe looks, what can be done interesting in it (including with it). Most people exploiting daily the Internet, they only play computer games. But they even have no idea what the creation of a computer game is. Even a simple two-dimensional arcade for antediluvian phone. Game development is:

  • the scenario is the mechanics of the game, the characters and their development, the game world, etc., the success of the scenario is the success of almost half of the entire development,
  • the design and graphics of the game, your game world should be brighter and more colorful than that of competitors, because, as you know, they meet on clothes,
  • the work of programmers and their code - the number of bugs in the game will depend on the quality of the code,
  • unforgettable atmosphere, which is 3/4 dependent on the musical accompaniment (yes, yes!),

Why does the game have its own website?

The game needs its own website. Why does the game need a website?

The game site is your tool for promoting the project. Here you will post announcements of upcoming additions, share news with users of the game, give players tips on progressing, etc. If the game is at first may be unprofitable (which happens in 9 cases out of 10), it will be possible to earn extra money on advertising banners. When the game unfolds, on the site and only on the site you will store information about the terms of service, tell your customers about the privacy policy, and provide legal and other formal information.

The game site is a platform for communication between users of the game. How to get through this or that location, to whom to sell things, who and how yesterday “failed this boss” - all this will be actively discussed in chat rooms and on forums of your site. Without such a "boiler", in which all the events related to the game will cook, no project will be successful. Even small-scale game projects have their own page. At least a group on social networks.

The game site is a universal means of user feedback. Anyone who wants to make suggestions or leave comments regarding the quality of the game will be able to do this through the official website.

And this list of reasons why it is worth creating your own website for the game is not limited!

Preparatory actions

Having convinced ourselves of the need to create a website for the game, we came close to this issue.

The complexity of creating a site will depend on the complexity of your game project. Take as an example very simple site for Game like "Prince of Persia." Create your site for the game is not as difficult as it seems. We will need:

In this case, hosting is a service for placing information on a server.

The domain name (or just the name of your site) should be simple so that the user goes to the site in one or two clicks. Do not rely on the fact that all users, once having visited your site, will immediately add it to your bookmarks. Most users will hope that the browser itself will give them the desired URL.

With uWeb, you don’t need to think about these things and buy each service separately, as our designer provides a place to place all the necessary information on our servers and makes it possible to immediately register a name for the site.

How to create your own gaming site? without programming knowledge?

If you have sufficient knowledge in the field of programming, then the site can be created independently.

Want to save time and not bother learning site programming? Want to get a functional website with a bright, attractive design that no visitor wants to leave? Then register with uWeb!

  • A huge number of ready-made templates for sites, it has never been so easy to create your own website! Here you can find any template for your gaming site that you wish. uWeb is a unique design.
  • More than 20 modules, several hundred widgets and more than 1000 gadgets for the site. uWeb is the incredible functionality of your site.

The advantages of uWeb over other site designers are as follows:

  • extraordinary ease of use of the constructor, the interface is intuitive!
  • Updates in the background
  • high level of security for your data.

2. Choose the most convenient tariff plan.

We offer our customers a choice of several tariff plans:

  • Base: 3 gigabytes of disk space for hosting, free online store, competent technical support, server backup,
  • Standard: 5 Gigabytes of disk space for hosting, PHP support, free online store, competent technical support, backup on the server,
  • Premium: 15 Gigabytes of hosting disk space, PHP support, a free online store, competent technical support, server backup, as well as individual service for each client of this tariff plan,

All tariff plans imply the use of a free trial period for 15 days.

3. Go to your personal account and immediately begin work on creating the site!

uWeb offers its customers modules that can be useful when creating a gaming site:

  • site news - share the latest news and game announcements with your users!
  • photo albums - create a game gallery with screenshots of the best gaming moments to attract new players!
  • polls - find out the opinion of site visitors about a particular aspect of the game: are any innovations required? what should be removed and what needs to be added to improve the functionality of the game?
  • page editor with which you can add, delete and modify existing pages of the site, as well as add new widgets and gadgets to them,
  • You can also find out the opinion of site visitors about your game resource using the "tests" module, which will be available after purchasing one of our tariff plans,
  • create a unique platform for communication between game users among themselves - gaming forums! Display the most relevant messages from the forum on the main page of your site so that visitors are always up to date with the latest gaming events!

Also on the website of the professional site builder uWeb you can find detailed information about:

  • what is SEO: how to quickly promote your game’s website and how to make search engines “pay attention” to your website in the first place, what are CNC, SEM and keywords,
  • how to create A site with an attractive and at the same time practical design: create a “who is online” block, how many blocks can be created on a gaming site using a professional uWeb website builder, etc.,

And also a lot of other useful information, which will be a great help when creating your own gaming site.

So, register on the best uWeb website builder, choose a tariff plan and start creating your gaming site today! Do not put off your project in a long box, because game development is not always simple, but it is an incredibly interesting and entertaining process, once drawn into it, you can never quit! Start creating your own gaming universe with uWeb right now!