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How to add a contact


If the person’s name is Vladimir, he has several options to write his name Vladimir / Volodya / Vova. most often in all social networks he uses one option. For example, Vladimir is always signed by Vova. This pattern also works with a nickname, with which we will look. People use the same nickname in different social networks, if it does not fit, they come up with a second one i.e. often one person has no more than 2 nicknames. We look at the nickname in vk, fb, instagram and write it in the search for telegram.

For example, let's find a personal Telegram Artemy Lebedev

1. We look nicknames in social networks (Two nicknames tema / temalebedev)

2. Searching in Telegram

3. We find (he did not publish it)

This is not a description of Telegram, but an interesting pattern with which you can find many people to contact directly without filtering.

You write directly, your message immediately gets to the person. Telegram has no restrictions on messages from strangers. No private messages or other folders. People do not publish their personal telegram contacts, but you can find them yourself. With this pattern, I have already found many famous people in the telegram, you can search for the public people or girls you need, you can find and get to know each other directly. Who is to meet through telegram now? No one, but vk and facebook private messages are full.

2. How to find out who called you using telegram

If an unknown number called you and you want to find out who it is, but a search in Google / Yandex has not given any results. Add the number to your contacts, if it is in the telegram in your telegram contacts it will be signed, like in the phone, you can only see its avatar (like in viber), but if you delete it in telegram you will immediately see how his name is.

1. Add the number to the phone, go to its Telegram

2. We are waiting for "Change" and "Delete contact"

3. We are transferred to the chat with this contact and shows his name in Telegram

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One of the first questions a user asks himself after installing a Telegram is how to add a contact. If you installed the application on a mobile phone, the problem should not be so dramatic, because your entire phone book was automatically integrated into the messenger, but if you installed the version for the computer there may be slight difficulties, in this article we will try to consider all possible options for adding a contact to any device.

↑ On the phone

In every modern smartphone there is a phone book, it is from there that all Telegram contacts are taken and it is there that you can add a new one directly from the application, for this:

  • Go to the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three bars in the left right corner.
  • In the menu that opens, select Contacts.

  • In the upper right corner, click on + and add a new person, indicating his first name, last name and phone number.
  • ↑ Invite friends

    If you want to chat with a person who does not yet have a Telegram account, invite him. To do this, in the same section, click on Invite Friends in the menu that opens, select where you want to invite the interlocutor from, it can be social. network or other messenger, you can via SMS if you have an iPhone, then this is the only option. Your friend will receive a message with a link to the application, by downloading which he will be able to create an account and begin to communicate with you.

    There are two ways out of this situation:

    1. Activate the messenger on the phone, then he will be able to copy the contacts from the phone and use them on a PC.
    2. Add contacts manually.

    Using the second option, you need to go to the menu (three bars in the upper left), in the section Contactsclick there Add contact, enter the phone number and name.

    Or find the contact you need by Username, in this case, use the search using Latin letters.

    If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments. We will be happy to help you.