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Black spotting on roses: how to fight? How to treat and treat?


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This fungicide is used to combat fungal and bacterial diseases of all types of plants. When processing evenly and tightly adheres to the surface of plants. Stays on shrubs for a long time, thereby protecting them even in adverse conditions. The active substance of the drug is able to work even at low temperatures.

For spraying roses, the drug in an amount of 40-50 ml is dissolved in 10 liters of water. First, the medicine is dissolved in a small volume of water, and then brought to 10 liters. The prepared solution should be used during the day.

Spraying is carried out twice in the morning or evening. The interval between treatments should be 2-3 weeks.

Ridomil Gold

The fungicide "Ridomil Gold" is used to get rid of different types of fungus, including the one that causes black spotting. When treated with this drug, a kind of protective film appears on the leaves and stems of rose bushes that destroys the fungus. "Ridomil Gold" is effective at any stage of the development of the disease.

To prepare a working solution, you need to dissolve 25 g of the substance in 10 liters of water. Immediately after the drug is completely dissolved, treatment can begin. After half an hour, the treated plants can be watered. Do not wash off the medicine and prolonged rains. Processing is carried out 3-4 times per season.

This fungicide is safe for all plants, but its residues cannot be poured into water bodies. This will adversely affect their inhabitants.

Bordeaux fluid

Bordeaux liquid is a mixture of hydrated lime and copper sulphate. Effectively combats fungal diseases of plants. It is not only a fungicide, but also a bactericide. Among all fungicides it has the highest adherence.

The prepared solution has a sky blue color with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. A highly alkaline solution will adhere poorly to plants, respectively, it will be of little effect.

Bordeaux mixture is used to treat rose bushes in early spring, the soil around the plant is also sprayed. To do this, dilute 200-300 g of the mixture in a bucket of water. In the summer, the treatment is repeated 3-4 times with a frequency of 7-10 days, diluting 100 g of Bordeaux liquid in a bucket of water.

Previkur Energy

Fungicide has a protective and growth stimulating effect. An hour after treatment, the active substance completely saturates the plant. Its protection extends not only to the processed shoots of roses, but also to new leaves and shoots. Increases the immune system of the bushes and their resistance to fungal infections.

To prepare a working solution, dilute 15 ml of fungicide in 10 l of water.

This is a systemic fungicide that is used to treat and prevent fungal diseases. Its action lasts from 14 to 18 days from the date of processing.

The tool is able to stop the development of the disease within 2-3 hours after spraying the bushes. It can be combined with other drugs to achieve comprehensive rose protection.

One of the advantages of Topaz is its economical consumption. For 10 liters of water, only 4 ml of the drug will be needed. Prepare the product before use and spend it all in one go. Processing is carried out in the morning or in the evening in calm weather.

Profit Gold

This fungicide in its composition has, in addition to the active substance, manganese and zinc. These trace elements improve the functioning of enzymes.

Used to treat roses and provide long-term protection against further infections. To prepare the solution, you need 4 g of the drug, they are diluted in 10 l of water.

When working with the drug should be careful, as it is quite toxic to humans and animals..

Optimal conditions for growing

Before planting rose bushes in your area, you need to think not only about where they will look prettier, but also about where it will be safer for them:

  • bushes should be planted in areas well warmed by the sun,
  • the soil should be light, not retaining moisture,
  • no water should accumulate under the bush,
  • you can’t plant roses too tightly with each other or with other plants,
  • produce moderate watering.

Nutrient rationing

Feeding rose bushes is a must, while you should adhere to certain standards. Fertilizing with potassium is carried out from spring to autumn. The first feeding is carried out in late May, the second - in early June, the third - in late July, then - in mid-August and early September.

Top dressing with liquid products is carried out only at the root. It is impossible to carry out processing in the evening and at night.