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How to distinguish a fake Rolex watch


There were times when replicas of Swiss watches were so poorly made that even a blind chimpanzee would accurately identify the real ones. They imposed on the owner an aura of tasteless despair - that wasn’t cool.

Now the situation has diametrically changed. Old eloquent fakes with sloppy prints, soft metal and an inexpensive quartz movement, which forced the second hand to tremble to the beat of the movement of the dial, disappeared into oblivion.

Good copies make a reliable impression, maintain a decent move and have a high quality patina. Modern replicas of watches are so convincing that the only way to say that they are not original is to remove the back cover.

Now in replicas, for the most part, precise Swiss or Japanese movements are used. In them, sometimes even the bottom cover is made transparent so that you yourself can see the wonders of watchmaking.

Even the word "replica" suggests that the product you are purchasing is legal - it is a "tribute" to the original, not blatant plagiarism.

Currently, as a result of all these improvements, replicas of Swiss watches are no longer like seeds on the market, but have a very decent price. With modern copies, no matter how strange it sounds, you buy almost the same thing as a genuine product, but without the huge payoff of some greedy brand.

If earlier copies of watches by well-known brands (ROLEX, Patek Philippe, PIAGET and others) were bought in order to splurge, now they are simply bought by lovers of beautiful and reliable watches.

I did a little internet experiment to personally check if the replica watches of famous Swiss brands are as good as they are said.

I searched for the query “replica watches in Moscow” and the first site I visited was, let's call it “site A”, it sells Rolex replicas for the soothingly expensive 34,000 rubles.

Photos of watches on the site look great. I decided that only the best copies of Rolex (sarcasm!) Would be suitable for a person of my position, so I ordered a platinum Yacht-master, entered my credit card information and clicked “Pay”.

For the purity of the experiment, on the same site I ordered other Rolex, which cost "only" 5500 rubles. Good buy! My eyes snatched out a Submariner with a black rim. To cart, pay!

True, it was reported on the site that my future nearly real Submariner would not actually be waterproof, but hey, who would complain for that price? I was informed that new boilers will arrive to me in 7 days.

To brighten up the expectation, in the evenings I searched for information on this topic. It turned out that even ten years ago the manufacture of copies / fakes / replicas of watches was held in a makeshift way. In the modern world, large industries are involved in copying brands, often the same ones that produce original products. Now this is a multi-billion dollar business, because more and more people do not want to pay extra just for the brand, they just need beautiful, high-quality watches.

Leaving aside unpleasant thoughts about the not entirely original origin of my Rolexes, I headed to the post office for the long-awaited packages.

What can I say, the watch is really solid. They seem heavy and durable: in my inexperienced eye they are very similar to real ones. Neat case, perfect printing on the dial. Outwardly, everything turned out to be very cool. The only thing that bothered me: in terms of quality, are they also indistinguishable from the real ones?

To actually find out how good they are, I will need to compare my watches with real ones. I made an appointment with my old friend, who has something to do with a large watch store, in the range of which there are original Roliks.

A friend was impressed by the quality of my fakes, even it took him an effort to see the difference and list the differences. “I suppose these are more expensive,” he says, pointing to the Submariner. Wow! My 5500 ruble fake is more believable than for 34000 rubles.

Then he takes off the original ROLEX Yacht-master, and with the words “Do not mistake” hands me a comparison.

Barcode Check

ATTENTION! The correct barcode does not yet give a 100% guarantee of the originality of the goods. Nevertheless, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of a fake.

Today, watches of this brand occupy a worthy place among elegant, expensive and luxury watches. In the hope of making more money, Rolex is forged very skillfully, which can be very difficult to distinguish from the original. Let's understand the details and features of this chic accessory.


Sometimes there are models with a glass case, but there are no original watches with a transparent back panel. All watches are produced only in a closed case.

Wearing a Rolex wrist, you feel their heaviness, as they are made of real metal and sapphire crystal. Lighter weight models are made of cheap materials and have nothing to do with this company.

What else is worth paying attention to when considering the appearance of a watch? Of course, this is an image of the crown - the Rolex logo, located near the number 12 and made of high quality metal. The execution of the crown is best viewed under a magnifying glass, with which it is easy to see the convex circles at the edges of the logo. If the crown on the watch looks poor-quality, and there is no brilliance of its contour, then this is a cheap replica.

In branded watches, a special glass is installed above the date window, which magnifies the image 2.5 times. Fake watches come with ordinary glass, but sometimes it can be found with a magnifying glass, although the numbers do not get much larger.

Take a close look at the dial. All inscriptions on the dial are engraved, they look clear and flawless. The distance between letters and numbers is the same. If there is the slightest bump or spelling mistake - this is a fake.

If the appearance of the watch is very similar to the original, then you should contact the specialists to see the internal structure of the product.

Rolex has a Swiss, gold-plated movement (gold rotors). The fake mechanism is made of silver. There are two red elements next to the rotors - this indicates that the watch is authentic.

The arrow should go smoothly and easily, without twitching or interruption. Accordingly, you will not hear a tick. Usually in fakes, the second hand is heard clearly.

Other features

The date changes for the sixth time the crown is rotated. This feature is quite difficult to copy, so be sure to check this way.

The presence of a serial number with which it is possible to find out the production date of a particular model. The serial number is always located under the number 6, between the strap mounts. Also there will be an inscription: “ORIG ROLEX DESIGN.”

Micro engraving of the company logo is another characteristic feature of branded watches. It is very difficult to copy, and if it succeeds, then its size always gives out. So, it is located in the area of ​​the number six and looks like a logo on top, only several times smaller, and you can see it only from a special angle, tilting the clock and picking up a magnifier.

On the back case there is a hologram with a serial number and an image of the brand logo. Usually, in fake copies this element is either absent or made in the form of a regular sticker with a normal image.

It is worth paying attention to the packaging of watches. Everything here is also impeccable and perfect. Each watch is packed in a separate box, in which the instructions, warranty card and a special care cloth are attached.

Now that you know everything about Rolex, you are sure to buy a real and luxurious accessory.

And remember - all that is associated with the Rolex brand is sophistication and elegance in everything. Therefore, beware of dubious sellers and buy at certified stores.

How to distinguish genuine / original Swiss Rolex from a copy?

Here is a list of items that distinguish the original from the copy:
1. Rolex watches are equipped with a sapphire crystal dial, which can only be scratched by a diamond.
2. In this clip, the window above the date (“cyclops”) is tightly centered above the numbers.
3. The print quality on the dial should be perfect, the scale and prints are evenly spaced. Fuzzy edges and faces should not be.
4. The mechanism of genuine Rolexes runs smoothly, performing approximately 28,800 vibrations per hour - each second is divided into eight steps. Even if the Swiss movement is used in copies, the movement of the second hand is usually a little more choppy.
5. Above the inscription “Made in Switzerland”, the brand logo is engraved with a laser in glass. In real watches, it consists of hundreds of dots applied across the glass at different heights (without the slightest gaps in it). The inscription is small and barely visible. To see her clearly, you have to look at her through a magnifying glass.
6. Having removed the Rolex bracelet, you will find on the case the watch numbers and models engraved on the sides in the region of 6 and 12 hours.