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How to look beautiful in the morning


As soon as she woke up next to her beloved man in the morning, the question “What do I look like?” Worries me, of course, only in Hollywood films does the actress slowly open her eyes, stretch herself sweetly and hug her beloved. But in real life, a woman quietly gets out from under the covers so as not to wake her macho, and scoots headlong into the bathroom, look at her reflection: what does she look like? Will it scare you with a disheveled and stale look of a loved one who showered her with compliments last night! Untidiness is one of the 10 female habits that repel men.

And even if you have been living with your husband for a dozen years, then it will not hurt you to know about the simple rules of morning beauty and to fall in love with your husband again!

And if you have not found your love, then find out about all the habitats of men!

In addition, before working time, put yourself in order oh how little! Only half an hour to quickly collect her daughter in the kindergarten and fly out into the street, checking on the go whether there is a phone and a folder with documents in her purse. And barely catching the morning business meeting!

Therefore, the question of how to look beautiful in the morning worries many women. And if he does not bother you, then one of two things: either you are ideal, or you have ceased to monitor yourself at all, which is very bad.

How to look fresh in the morning and without swelling: 6 obligatory evening procedures

  • Cleanse your face from cosmetics at night, even if you are tired of fatigue! Give your skin a chance to breathe and regenerate. Rinse off all makeup products, including powder residue.
  • In the evening, take care of the skin around the eyes. The simplest and most effective means is to apply peach seed oil (or, in extreme cases, a thin layer of butter) under the eyes and on the formation of the crow's feet. The tool will have time to absorb well during the night, wrinkles around the eyes will become almost invisible.
  • Wash away the remnants of funds, foam and varnish from the hair. If you want a voluminous hairstyle, collect the hair in a light knot on the top, securing it with a soft rubber band. But if such a structure prevents you from sleeping, then you should not do this. Disheveled hair is also not very good effect on their appearance in the morning. Braid a light braid, you can not fix it from the bottom with anything. It is noticed that on silk pillowcases, hair is less tangled.
  • After washing your hair in the evening, dry your hair well. Go to bed with dry, not wet hair, so that the hairstyle does not disappoint you and your loved one in the morning. Although the guys say that a slight mess (emphasis on the word “easy”) on the head of a girlfriend is quite attractive.
  • The last meal (and drink!) Should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime, and preferably 3. Then excess fluid will have time to stand out from the body naturally, and not fill the bags under the eyes. Do not eat too salty food.
  • Ventilate the room. In a cool room with clean air, the body rests faster and better.

How to wake up beautiful? How and when to go to bed?

  • Even if you are very fond of sleeping on your stomach, try to make it a habit to “fill up” on your back in the morning, so as not to look “crumpled” in the morning. Red folds on the face may not have time to smooth out before going out.
  • Before going to bed, do not sit for a long time at the computer or in front of the TV, otherwise you will not be able to wake up early, your eyes in the morning will be red, swollen and tired. And you do not have time to put yourself in order. A little tricks on how to wake up early, revealed to you the authoritative author of the site.
  • Do not use high pillows. Otherwise, instead of waking up, you will only feel a headache. Blood supply to the brain cells will be disturbed, the neck will be terribly ill.
  • A night's sleep should last about 8 hours, especially if you are over 30. It will be superfluous to say that too short a time for sleep will adversely affect both the appearance and well-being. But too much sleep is not recommended, because instead of feeling a surge of strength in the morning, you can get a backward reaction from the body.
  • Make your bedtime enjoyable. Put on beautiful linens and make a clean bed. Positive emotions are very important for both psychological and physical health!
  • Go to bed early. Best of all, the body rests until midnight. Doctors say that one hour of sleep before twelve is equivalent to two hours of rest after midnight.

How to look fresh in the morning

And yet, it did not work out in the morning to wake up with a fresh look? The consequences of the party "on the face"? Then rather, carry out emergency procedures to return to perfect appearance!

    • Put on your eyelids tea bags from which you just brewed a hot drink. Bags under the eyes decrease. Puffiness with eyelids will help to remove circles of raw potatoes.

  • Wipe your face with ice cubes prepared in advance. How to do this, read our publication. Better yet, make such an ice shower for your face at night.

  • Exercise, dance to energetic music, apply a drop of your favorite perfume. All necessary body processes are activated!

And even if your man took you by surprise, woke up earlier than you, while you hadn’t "brought beauty" yet - be calm and confident in yourself. Even if a nice neighbor comes to you in the morning (for sugar or tea) do not panic! Just smile - and you will be a hundred times more attractive than a sad beauty with perfect make-up! For the most important tips on how to please people, read our latest publication. And the main advice: a woman is beautiful when she is happy and loved! This is a secret that can outweigh all of the above. Now you know how to wake up in the morning beautiful. Love yourself, do not overwork! Rejoice at life, do not succumb to apathy, do not deny yourself the little pleasures that cheer you up!

Healthy sleep in order to look beautiful in the morning

Healthy sleep is the key to a good mood and fresh thinking.

You need to sleep eight hours a day. No more and no less. Lack of sleep is immediately noticeable on the woman's face. Under the eyes are bags or dark circles, eyes are dull. And the woman herself becomes irritable and lethargic.

The exact position in which we sleep also plays a large role in shaping the morning look. Those who like to sleep on their stomach risk waking up in the morning with a wrinkled face, and eventually with deep wrinkles, which can form from the fact that the face sticks into the pillow. The most useful posture for sleeping is to sit on your back or side.

The best time to sleep is from eleven in the evening until four in the morning. At this time, the process of cell renewal takes place, and our brain is truly resting.

Proper washing

Morning washing is the most important ritual. Do not underestimate it. Most often, we wash ourselves, barely awakening from sleep, and sometimes even being in a drowsy state. Therefore, we quickly brush our teeth and wash our face slightly with water. But this leads to peeling and redness of the skin. But we don’t need it.

If in the morning the skin literally shines from greasy shine, then we take half a liter of boiled water and add apple cider vinegar (1 tsp) to it. Rinse your face with this solution.

Apple cider vinegar can be replaced with ordinary 6% vinegar. But apple cider vinegar is much more useful, because it contains many different trace elements.

If the skin is tight and dry, then another technique will do. We replace the water with milk with a fat content of one percent and wipe the face with it.

Well, if there are no problems with the skin, then it is quite possible to do with simple warm water. But in no case should you use ordinary soap. It spoils the acid-base balance of the skin and gives it a greasy sheen and peeling at the same time.

Beauty in the morning can be taken care of in the evening. The chamomile broth should be frozen, and in the morning wipe your face with these useful ice cubes. This procedure will not only improve the complexion, but also deliver a portion of vivacity.

Morning work-out

Want to look good and cheerful in the morning? Start it with charging. Laziness is not the master here. Every morning you need to spend ten minutes on simple physical exercises. They activate all muscle groups and set up for an active day.

Cool shower

Soul is an obligatory action that we perform no matter what. Therefore, it can also be useful. In the morning it is better to take a cool shower. Firstly, a hot shower reveals all the pores on the body. In the afternoon they will begin to clog and expand. Secondly, having warmed up in a warm bath, the desire to lie down and stay at home will only intensify. But a cool shower, on the contrary, will charge with vivacity and energy.

Cup of coffee or tea

A cup of coffee in the morning will energize you for the whole day. It's all about caffeine, which enhances the work of that part of the brain that is responsible for memory and attention. In addition, caffeine contributes to a better assimilation of the information received.

If coffee is a drink you don’t like, then a cup of green tea with lemon is perfect. Lemon with green tea is very invigorating. And if you add a couple of pieces of chocolate, you can get a positive charge for the whole day.

Glass of water

Be sure to drink at least one glass of water in the morning. A rested body needs water. But before going to bed, you should absolutely not drink a lot of fluids. Otherwise, the morning will begin with attempts to get rid of edema.

Drinking alcohol at night is also undesirable, because swelling on the face and bags under the eyes.

Moisturizing lips

Most often, the lips are left without proper attention at night, and this is fraught with deprivation of their moisture, so in the morning they can look wrinkled and dry, even crack. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the lips with a moisturizing balm before bedtime to nourish and restore them.

Hair is one of the main indicators of a woman’s beauty! Therefore, in order not to wake up in the morning with a nest on your head, you can not go to bed with a wet head. Also, do not collect them in a braid or tail.

Hair also needs rest and recovery. Owners of oily hair type should always monitor their condition.

If necessary, wash every morning or every other day with special mild gentle shampoos for daily use. Normal shampoos with daily use will only harm the hair. They will begin to electrify and hang like icicles.

Airing the room

Fifteen to twenty minutes before bedtime you need to ventilate the room. Fresh air, which comes from the street, delivers a portion of oxygen, which is so needed by the skin and the body as a whole at night. If this point is neglected, then over time the skin will begin to experience hypoxia. And this leads to the accumulation of toxins and radicals, which destroys the cell membrane. From here arises an unhealthy, pale and aging face.

How to look beautiful in the morning, just waking up

Next to the man I want to wake up immediately beautiful, without any flaws, so that he admired in the morning the freshness and tenderness of his beloved.

In addition to the above tips on how to stay beautiful all day right in the morning, you can resort to some more tricks.

  1. The most important thing is not to fall asleep in makeup. In the morning, any makeup will look blurry and stale. The skin also does not breathe and acne may spill out on it and irritation may begin.
  2. In the morning, a face looks very good, on which expressive eyes and eyebrows - this can be achieved by the chemical coloring that is done in every hairdresser. Even at home, you can dye eyelashes and eyebrows. The most important thing is to choose the right tone and do everything according to the instructions.
  3. As already mentioned, lips, smeared at night with a moisturizing colorless shine, will give freshness and grooming to the face in the morning.
  4. Clean hair also complements the morning look very well, so they should be washed as often as they need it.

It is not necessary to take care of your appearance from time to time, this is a daily painstaking work. However, do not forget that our beauty comes first from the inside.

Video - How to look beautiful in the morning without makeup

A healthy body will always be beautiful, because the body will certainly pull out any internal problems to warn and ask for help. This means that in the first place you need to pay more attention to your health.

And, of course, you need to be happy. After all, a happy woman shines with beauty from within.

Take off your makeup

Whatever happens, never go to bed with an unwashed face. Let this be your most important rule! No matter how tired you are, no matter how early you have to get up - make sure that your skin is cleansed of cosmetics and that it does not hurt to rest during sleep. Foundation, blush, powder and other attributes of beauty clog pores, and the skin stops breathing.

Adhere to the regime

It is very important to follow the regimen and pay special attention to sleep: on workdays and weekends, go to bed and get up at about the same time. Your body needs a full sleep to recover. If you don’t get enough sleep, then other tips for keeping your skin healthy will not help.

Sleep on your back

Teach yourself to sleep on your back. Most of us love to curl up and sleep on our sides. In youth, we can afford it, but with age, the skin becomes less elastic, and it takes more time to recover after sleep. Teach yourself to sleep on your back, and in the morning you will always look good.

Properly apply care products

Choose night care products carefully! During sleep, the skin is cleansed, the muscles of the face are relaxed, and the funds penetrate deeper layers more easily. Stop using moisturizing creams. Apply at night until midnight, so that the effect of the product falls on the period of active production of melatonin.