Useful Tips

These 10 rules of flirting will drive any man crazy!


I once remembered the expression: if a girl wants to please a guy, she will like it. Is this so and how to behave? The main rule is that there are no rules. Each girl is seductive in her own way, and any of them has their own chips and methods of seduction for this occasion.

The brighter the game, the greater the chance of success. Someone flirts just for fun, others want to get the attention of a man with the goal of building a deep relationship in the future, for others, flirting is a hint of disposition towards sex.

What is it - flirting?

It is a language of unsaid words and gestures with a slight sexual connotation, an open demonstration of interest with gentle touches.

Flirting is, first of all, lightness, positiveness and mood, which you must convey to your interlocutor flirting, involving him in a rather fascinating adventure.

It is a means to find out how attractive a man and woman are for each other and whether their desires coincide.

What does it mean to flirt with a guy

It is necessary to behave playfully, but not pretended. Remain always by itself: some persons begin to behave unnaturally or arrogantly, thereby pushing the guy away.

Flirting with a guy means only one thing, unobtrusively give him a command for action.

It is important to file yourself correctly, hook something, and interest a man you like.

But how to understand that the guy is also flirting with you. Everything is very simple:

  • Often looks in your direction.
  • Resorts to ambiguous expressions.
  • Tries to touch you.
  • Trying to make laugh not only you, but also the people who are nearby.

How to flirt with an online pen pal

Currently, social networks have almost become the main means of dating. Young seductresses immediately began to try their spells on the Internet, inventing and breaking their own rules. Flirt went into virtual reality, expressed in the form of likes, approvals and comments, flirting in VK.

The most important thing: start communication offline. Communicating online is much easier than in real life. It’s enough just to flirt in contact or in classmates. After all, flirting with a real person who lives somewhere nearby is much nicer than having a conversation on an anonymous forum.

Many girls manage to conduct dialogs with several guys at once, thereby not becoming attached to any of the interlocutors. Typically, such correspondence is light and laid-back. Moreover, each of the guys should think that the girl is interested only in him alone.

So, good advice on SMS ing:

In order for a team to act in the man’s head, one small short SMS should be able to launch his feelings and make you think about you. Correspondence flirt has a task - to interest.

  1. You should not rush to answer this guy’s first SMS, give him time to get nervous. Wait half an hour. After his second SMS, do not answer twice as long as you expected. When a guy nevertheless receives a long-awaited answer from you, he will be happy as a child. Your answer will not be appreciated if it comes immediately.
  2. Your messages should be no longer than the messages of the interlocutor. Otherwise, he will consider that you are too keen on him. Imagine that the number of letters in SMS is the level of your interest in each other. In such a simple way, the girl will make the guy want to win her favor.
  3. Your messages should not contain emoticons and unnecessary words. The easier they are to read, the more questions will appear in his head that the guy will want to know the answers to.
  4. Hold the mark. In each of your SMS should be seen that you are a successful, confident girl who is not deprived of the attention of guys.
  5. Your SMS must awaken emotions in a guy. They need to be alternated. You can start with negative phrases: “Well, you, Andrey, and you bastard!”. Doing this is permitted only when there was an equal relationship between you. Most likely, after such a serious accusation, the guy will try to find out what he deserved this. After two hours of ignorance, the young man will simply cut off your phone. You can later say that the message was addressed to another person and will apologize.
  6. If you give a carrot, for example, “I love you madly”, then it should be taken away after a while, saying that the SMS was intended for a friend. Most likely, after that he will ask, “When will you love me?” And after such words, your correspondence will become lively and interesting.
  7. Intrigue. For example, “Tomorrow on our date, put on a tie. You cannot do without him. ” Think and catch. Or write "Today they told me something about you!". Believe me, after such an SMS, his thoughts will be occupied only by you all day.
  8. In messages it is important to pursue a specific goal: to push for a meeting, create intrigue, arouse jealousy. Do not write meaningless SMS about how you spent the day. When you like a guy, just flirt. Let’s say it will look like this: “At the driving school they talked only about you, I couldn’t believe my ears.”

How to flirt with a stranger

In public transport, on the street, in a store, it is not often possible to meet a stranger who can interest you. Therefore, if this happened, do not give up such an opportunity. Take control of the situation.

Get him into your game. Let's look at 6 important elements of flirting:

  1. Cast a playful look in his direction, making eye contact with him.
  2. If you succeed, greet him with a smile. She should say: I want to meet you when you look at a man. The response should be his smile or greeting.
  3. Continue to look at him from time to time, doing his own thing. When your eyes meet again, give the man you like to have a perky laugh and look away. So he will be able to understand that he is interested in you.
  4. If you are on the right track, the facility will head towards you. He will need to tell him something.
  5. Speak with him first. For example, the phrase "A young man suits this suit for you" will be appropriate if the action takes place in the fitting room.
  6. A girl should always feel the line on which your conversation will be reduced to "no." Saying goodbye, say that we were glad to meet you, for a guy it will be a signal to ask you for a phone number.

The young man will come to you without hesitation, if you give him non-verbal signals: adjust the strap on the dress, bite your lip slightly or wave your hair erotically.

How to flirt with a guy on the phone

  1. Flirting on the phone is a whole art that you have to master. Your main tool here is the voice. It should be soft, gentle and a little slow. This will give you sexuality, and it will be easier for a man to understand you.
  2. It’s better to say goodbye to the “do not call first” rule. Today it is not relevant. Easy and unobtrusive conversation can not leave a guy indifferent, and he will certainly appreciate your courage.
  3. Prepare for the conversation in advance by coming up with some interesting topic for communication.
  4. Replace standard greetings with more original ones.
  5. Encourage his conversation topics. Do not interrupt the interlocutor and do not cut him short, let him finish. But it’s also impossible to remain silent all the time in the phone. Make sure you have a lively, interesting, and most importantly - a positive dialogue. Ask clarifying questions, admire the actions of men.
  6. Praise him. After all, everyone likes compliments, and a stronger sex is no exception. Only do it sincerely and without flattery when the guy really deserves it. For example, say that you like his pleasant voice, that he has a special voice, that you cannot understand how he manages to know so much. Such encouraging words will cause a man to desire to continue communicating with such a smart girl.
  7. Name the person you are talking to by name. After all, the sound of your own name is the sweetest for every person. But do not insert it into your every sentence, otherwise the conversation will take on a strange and unnatural character.
  8. Talking on the phone is recommended with a constant "slight smile in my voice." The mood in the voice will quickly be transmitted to the second participant in the dialogue and will position him towards him.
  9. Do not jump from topic to topic, remembering something during your communication. A man will not like such “leaps”. To get his attention, never chatter.
  10. When talking with a stranger, do not ask questions of a personal nature. Ask about his profession, hobbies. A competent girl will be able to create intrigue around herself and give the conversation fascinating notes.
  11. If you follow the rules of etiquette, then the person who started it should end the conversation. And this means that if the man called first, then it is up to him to finish the dialogue. Girls, she should take away this privilege from him.

How to flirt with a guy when meeting

  1. Show the guy your interest in him: beckon him with a look.
  2. Young people like self-confident girls. If a man invited you on a date, then you are nice to him. When meeting someone online you should not worry, especially if the photo was yours.
  3. Smile, as a smile sensually dilates the pupils, giving the appearance a certain mystery.
  4. Inadvertently, gently touch his hair, the edge of his clothes, and his hand. While chatting, you can lightly touch its back, thus emphasizing the main idea of ​​the conversation.
  5. Hold your gaze on your partner’s lips. If you are at some distance from each other, look down to the level of the belt. However, with this technique you need to be careful, a man will notice your gesture instantly.
  6. Conduct a dialogue in a playful way, giving the phrases ambiguous meanings: "This juicy salad is very exciting to me." To his vulgar hints, answering evasively, without undue restraint. You should speak in such a voice that the young man would be pleased to listen to you. The conversation should be light and laid-back.
  7. Show your sexuality. She always attracts. Touch your wrist, fold your hair, run a finger along the neck, flaunt the leg. Simulate a fall, landing right in his arms. The guy will be simply disarmed by this turn of events.
  8. Part beautifully: leaving, starting some intrigue, the answer to which he will certainly want to get as quickly as possible. Make sure he doesn't stop thinking about you.

What to say

Once near, try so that your conversation does not turn into a boring monologue for a young man. Periodically pass the "ball" into the hands of the interlocutor.

If your partner begins to transcend decency, in no case do not react sharply. You can stop his statements in a joking manner: “But, But. I’ll ask you not to use this role! ”

How not to flirt

  • Inaction and flirting are incompatible concepts. A man is not clairvoyant, so if you do not react to his sympathy, he can simply simply give up or find another object of adoration. In the event that you are not on the way with a boyfriend taking care of you, just hint to him that you have a groom.
  • It is not necessary to reveal to a man all his cards on a first date. He should not know what can be guaranteed to get you, otherwise you will simply become uninteresting to him. Let the cavalier feel like a hunter who will try to do a lot to get you.
  • Stiffness should not go beyond reasonable limits. When a young man speaks to you, you don’t need to stand looking down, turn pale and blush, after each word a guy says. But too much vulgarity will not be necessary. Otherwise, you will be considered readily available, and the game will lose its meaning.

But also to build a modest woman when you are not her is also not necessary. The falsity will quickly reveal itself, and the relationship will end without ever starting.

  • Defiant clothes and vulgar conversations will lure into your networks either immature youngsters or youthful old people. And you can’t take large fish for cheap tricks. Your weapon: good breeding, grooming, subtle game.
  • The lack of interest in the hobbies of the interlocutor, his dreams and goals will negatively affect the further course of events. Therefore, listen and listen, ask clarifying questions, but refrain from excessive fanaticism.
  • Do not try on the role of a friend, otherwise you can stay in this status forever. After all, it may become that the object of your dreams that you like will go on a date with a dummy from a neighboring department. And you will do reports and other work for it. Be feminine in everything: clothing, hairstyle, sayings.

Tip for shy

Excessive timidity is not the best companion of flirting. As practice shows, insecure girls can forever remain in the eyes of successful men simply with gray mice, the presence of which they do not even notice.

But the feeling of excitement can be overcome:

  1. Work on your appearance, makeup, hairstyle, wardrobe. Consult a salon specialist for help.
  2. If it’s difficult for you to correctly and beautifully build sentences, or you’re just lost and don’t know what to say, go to public speaking courses. Reading books, magazines, browsing news sites will help you be interesting. And most importantly, listen: what the interlocutor is talking about.
  3. Self-confidence is often an acquired character trait. It can be seen in posture, gait, gestures and manner of speaking. A few workouts at home in front of the mirror will definitely correct the situation for the better. Analyze what you would like to learn from other people and develop these qualities in yourself.

Surely there are people near you who, just like you, find it difficult to communicate with the opposite sex. Help them become firmer, and get rid of shyness. Thus, you yourself will not notice how you turned into a sociable and self-confident person.

1. Eye contact

The feminine look is a weapon that no man has ever resisted. The first rule of establishing contact with a stranger, for example, in a bar or restaurant, is eye contact. No wonder they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. A glance can sometimes say much more than empty words.

Your look should be gentle and kind, no drilling with eyes - this is scary. It is enough to cast an interested look at the object of breathing, hold it for 2-3 seconds, and then with a smile look away, slightly down, lowering the cilia.

2. "Shooting eyes"

You can also shoot a little with your eyes. It may not work out right here, especially for shy people, so it will take a little practice. Light a little spark of interest in your eyes so that they sparkle and light up, and then start looking into the interlocutor’s face, turning accents from eyes to lips, then a little down. The main rule is to behave naturally, and then certainly no one can resist your spell.

3. Innocent conversation

If you've already made eye contact, it's time to start a conversation. In no case do not burden the interlocutor with your problems, do not arrange an interrogation about his personal life, and especially do not talk about your unfortunate relationships and the former. This will immediately frighten away the interlocutor, because men have plenty of problems at work, and communication with you should give only positive emotions and solid positive. Communicating with you, a young man should rest and relax.

4. Jokes and humor

The conversation should be neutral, non-binding.Many jokes: what could be better than laid-back communication flavored with humor and laughter. Also do not forget about the timbre and pace of the voice. Speech should be slow and soft, and the tone of voice should be quiet and low. Forget about shrillness and shrillness: they certainly will not add sexuality to you, they will only scare away the gentleman.

6. Give compliments

It's nice to hear praise and compliments, oddly enough, not just us girls. Men also love compliments, and they need to be done in order to instill in the guy support and the belief that he will succeed. Your words should convey to the man that he is a "hero".

It makes no sense to praise his new shirt or fashionable hairstyle, this only works with us women. Men love compliments about their character: good taste, quite bold, has a sharp mind, a great sense of humor.

7. Body language

The next component of flirting, of course, is non-verbal. 70% of flirting success is your body. The signals that we send consciously or unconsciously can attract the interlocutor, and can repel. Never sit in a "closed" position. In psychology, these include arms crossed on the chest or locked in a lock, shoulders clamped and tense. It will be difficult to make contact with you, and a girl who is clutching and trying to flirt looks, at least, strange.

The palms should be open, the body turned to the person of interest, and the head is slightly tilted to the side. By the way, a slight tilt of the head makes it clear to the interlocutor that you are listening carefully.

9. The fine lines of sexuality

For flirting to be successful, watch your appearance. Of course, you should look seductive, but do not overdo it with an excessively short skirt or too low neckline. Better bet on elegantly styled hair, a neat manicure and a body-shaping dress.

As for the well-known tricks, when a girl twists a strand of hair over her finger, licks her lips, or sorts out a chain around her neck, they may well be there, but they should look like a light trail of expensive perfume, and not like the suffocating smell of cheap cologne.