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Venezuela Gets Cryptocurrency in Games


Interesting things happen in the old MMORPG Runescape, where a powerful scandal broke out around the so-called gold miners.

Gold miners are guys who build farms in secluded corners of the game world, kill green dragons, and sell their skins. It is reported from the field that the bulk of the farmers are Venezuelans. They say that Venezuelan television even issued a guide on how to earn gold in Runescape, and a huge number of local citizens immediately began to do it.

In turn, the Americans, who, in the name of democracy and oil, are ready to fight with anyone, do not like Venezuelans, and a special topic even appeared on the game forum, where they called on to kill farmers and rob them. There also was a map on which such farms were marked.

It is significant that the administration deleted the topic, and those who began to hunt for farmers began to ban, explaining that in Venezuela everything is very bad, and so why bother people from earning their livelihood.

On average, a more or less pumped farmer earns 50 cents per hour, but there are also those who receive 2-3 dollars per hour, which, according to the miners themselves, is more than what any kind of learned professor in their country receives .

You will be surprised, but the money from Runescape is considered to be something like a cryptocurrency, and it is traded on a par with the same bitcoins. Such is the story.

Venezuelan Golden Farmers Sell Runescape Bitcoin Products

Recently, there have been many reports of the Venezuelan Golden Farm game built by the MMORPG engine. The game is called Runescape. The reports say that in the game, farmers sell their treasures for bitcoins in order to earn a living. The concept of gold farms in games has always been considered controversial and profitable, as online games have become extremely popular. The business model began to develop in China and is a scheme where players purchase currency or items in the game, and then sell them for real money. In 2009, it was estimated that more than 1 million gold farms were built only by users from China, and massive computer gold mining is carried out daily throughout the world. Due to the secrecy of the data, it is difficult to get an exact figure about how much income gold brings, but in 2008 the income from such activities amounted to about 300 million US dollars.

Farmers Runescape Gold earn more than Venezuelan professionals with advanced degrees

Venezuelans playing the Runescape game seek to kill as many green dragons as possible to collect 500,000 game coins for each. Because for every dragon killed you can get $ 0.5. Most farmers earn about $ 0.5 an hour in Runescape, and this is claimed to be higher earnings than most people in the country. The incomes of some Venezuelans, with good skills in the game, reach $ 2-3 per hour, though if moderators allow the game. Professional players capable of killing a game character such as the Zulra boss can repeatedly receive approximately 3,000,000 coins per hour. Venezuelans with so much income within the game earn much more money than professionals with university degrees and doctorates.

Guide to getting rid of Venezuelan gold farmers, while Papusgold offers Netflix and Bitcoin loans for Runescape Gold

Gold mining on MMORPG is against Runescape rules and the rules of many other online role-playing games. In addition, someone recently posted a guide on Reddit that details how to get rid of Venezuelan gold farmers. Runescape gold in-game coins and other MMORPG online products are actively traded on the Venezuelan black market. In addition, there are Internet sites that buy game gold for bitcoin. The website is just one website that buys Runescape gold for exchange on BTC and Netflix.

Papusgold operators clearly do not want to advertise their activities, judging by the uninformative section "about us". The company is most likely based in Caracas and has a Facebook page with approximately 4,000 subscribers. One Facebook post described a “scammer” who was trying to sell Runescape fake gold mined in the game, and the company encourages its customers to be careful. The company claims that it has been operating on the Runescape gaming gold market for two years and is committed to “cover the entire Venezuelan market by offering better prices to suppliers.” According to one report, the company Jagex (manufacturer of the computer game Runescape), is in contact with the community of Venezuelan gold miners, but has not yet commented on this problem.

What do you think of Venezuelans playing Runescape to earn a living? Share with us in the comments below.

List of online cash games that pay real money

All the games that are on the list are multiplayer online games. You can compete with other players to win real money. It doesn't matter what your geographic location is. You can compete with someone who is sitting in another corner of the world. All you have to do is focus and try to win.

Here are the best gaming apps to date:

Skillz is an online multi-player gaming platform where you can register to play multiple games. You can compete with other players on the platform to win real money. All Skillz games are mobile games that you can install on your Android or iOS smartphone. After registering, you can add a credit card to your profile if you want to participate in cash games.
The most popular Skillz games include: Solitaire Cube, Real Money Bowling, Blitz 21, Bubble Shooter and more.

Skillz pays through Paypal . To participate in cash games you will need to make an initial deposit. You can pick up your earnings at any time.

Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is an online multiplayer role-playing game that you can play to win money. If you are a fan of strategy games, then you will like this game. You can create alliances with friends, improve your builds / units and attack enemies. Their in-game currency is called Mars Dollars. You can win Mars dollars by mining volcanoes, attacking enemies and looking for ruins.

Mars dollars can be converted into real money. You can withdraw your money through Paypal. Your statistical points determine the dollar exchange rate you will receive.

Real money pool

The Real Money Pool app allows you to earn money by playing 8-Ball and 9-Ball Pool. You can easily participate in paid games and tournaments to earn cash prizes. They require you to make a down payment for paid matches. If you won the match, you won a cash prize. If you lose, you lose the amount deposited. If you are in Russia, you will receive payments through Paypal .

Second life

Second Life is one of the largest virtual reality games in the world. You can build your own world with your own imagination. Imagine that you are building your city and your home.

After you register, you will choose your avatar. You will need to download the SL Viewer 3D image viewer to simulate the game on your PC. This is a free game, so you do not need to invest anything.

You can earn money in Second Life by creating items for your trading platform. To do this, you need good 3D graphics skills. The game has its own virtual currency called Linden Dollars.

You can exchange Fake Dollars for real money. The exchange rate depends on supply and demand.

Ozone play

Ozone Play is a new online gaming network that offers cash prizes for players. This is basically a mobile application that you can download and install on your smartphone. They offer a number of free games that you can play. However, there is a fee associated with monetary competitions. It starts with $ 0,25 to participate in the tournament and you can win $ 1000 in cash prizes.

You can also participate in 1-on-1 matches with random participants. You can also earn money by winning solo games. Ozone Play has many games that you can play.

You can get money from Ozone Play through Paypal. You can pick up your earnings at any time. In addition, they even give you free $ 5 to compete in after registration.

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Like Team Fortress 2, CSGO players can find weapon skins during the game, but real money is in their loot chest system. After the end of the game, the player sometimes throws a box, which can contain about a dozen skins, which vary in rarity. Gold level skins can cost a lot of money, but the chances of getting them in a box are extremely small. The problem with these mailboxes is that you need a key to open them. Keys cost only $ 2.49, which is not very much, but with the number of players purchasing these keys, Valve (the creators of CSGO) gets hundreds of millions.

Earnings at CSGO. Got a weapon skin and sell it for $ 1000

Blockium is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency tournament in which users select a portfolio of currencies and predict how their price will change over the course of the tournament to win real money. Compete with other players in real time to get a chance to win big. Blockium was launched recently, so users have a high chance of winning, and the list of competitors is small!

The database is actually a Google spreadsheet in which the community adds its own data and information.

As in some previous games, Dota has drops that can cost decent money. Dota also holds massive international tournaments where players compete for trophies and huge cash prizes. The annual International gives out more than $ 20 million in compensation.

Interesting session Dota 2 - win the tournament and become a millionaire

HQ trivia is a mobile application in which players participate in a quiz tournament with a dozen questions, the complexity of which increases with each step. Headquarters usually averages over 800,000 players in each tournament and gives away a couple of thousand in each game, evenly distributed among the players.

Entropia is very similar to Second Life, the game is touted as "an advanced sci-fi MMORPG, multi-peace, real cash savings." Entropia also runs on real cash called Project Entropia Dollars (PED), which costs about 10 ped for every dollar. However, unlike Second Life, Entropia actually has more game attributes, such as hunting, missions, crafts, etc. One of the great features of Entropia is the ability to directly deposit cash into your bank account. No intermediaries or transaction fees are required.


If you are aware of any games, most likely you have heard about PUBG. The world stormed the rapid rise of the Battle Royale game genre to the pinnacle of global interest. In case you lived under a rock, PUBG is a grand battle with a royal game in which 100 players fall on the map and fight until only 1 person remains. In PUBG, you earn Battle Points or BP when you play games. The better you do, the more you earn. This game currency can then be used to purchase boxes that contain makeup for the game. Now you have 2 options: one - to buy a key and open the box, praying that you will receive a cosmetic product costing not 3 cents, and the second - to sell the box on the market, no matter how much it costs at that time. From personal experience, the second way is probably the safest.

RuneScape is a fantastic MMORPG where players can fight monsters, complete quests, play mini-games, chat with other players and, most importantly, earn money. People have been making money with RuneScape since its release. There are many different methods, but they all revolve around growing gold. We will not go into details about how to process and sell gold, because it is a lengthy process, but if you are determined, you can make good money on a farm in RuneScape.

World of warcraft

World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and has since been one of the most popular games. WoW is a huge MMORPG where players level up their character by completing quests and killing monsters. Since its release, players have been playing for real money in the game. When the maximum level for a player’s account reaches 70, they begin to earn gold, and then gold can be sold on third-party sites to make money. Another option for making money is to balance your accounts before and sell them online.

As you can see from this article, you can really not only make money playing games, but there are some real sites or applications that really help you get paid.

You won’t be able to quickly earn $ 1,000 in such games, but the money you earn can be invested in the end.

Gone are the days when we spent time, energy and resources, just playing games, returning nothing. Now you can play games, enjoy the process, and receive cash rewards for your efforts.

Thanks to the sites and applications mentioned in this article, many enjoy the idea of ​​making money on the games they play, while at the same time they receive cash rewards for what they like to do.

And, as already explained, you don’t even need to buy an expensive game console to play these games. You only need an Internet connection on your computer, laptop or even smartphone!

Over the years, the Internet has paid millions of people and can bring you from 5 to 50 dollars a day.