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Many networkers seem to work in mlm, but do not know how to make money in network marketing.

Work and earn money are two different things. Is not it?

According to statistics, 90% of networkers do not earn anything at all. Of course, it is not entirely clear where this 90% figure came from, but it is very similar to the truth.

I’ll clarify that earnings mean systematic payments from the organization. These do not include 100 rubles that you have earned for reselling the goods to other persons.

And in order to understand how to make money in this area, we first need to find reasons why people cannot make money. Consider all the existing reasons in detail.

The company's impact on earnings

Since I actively conduct consultations on the Internet, answer questions and simply communicate with representatives of the network business, I will immediately say that about half, and this is 50%, of the so-called networkers, are not networkers at all. They work anywhere, but not in network marketing.

They consist of highs, financial pyramids and similar "business projects" that are disguised as network marketing.

These people I will never earn. And here the matter is not even in the legality of what they are doing, but in the fact that such projects do not last long. You just do not have time to reach acceptable amounts, as you have to look for a new company to start everything FOR A LOOK!

And as you can see, we have already found one very good reason why people do not earn in network marketing. If you eliminate this reason and start working in a legal and strong organization, then the chances of success will increase dramatically.

Do I need to learn?

If it is easy enough to eliminate the first cause of failure, all you need to do is just choose the right company. That with the second reason, this is the availability of quality training, things are much more complicated.

You may just be unlucky, and you will end up with such a mentor who knows nothing but riveting pages on social networks and spamming them.

And this is really a big problem! The fact is that spam used to work very well once, until all visitors to social networks received 100500 times these obsessive job offers. Now spam either does not work at all, or you need to find a creative approach to it. In general, spam can bring results, but in very skillful and experienced hands.

Just follow the link and see what kind of training I offer. By the way, some can get it for free.

And then another problem arises.

There are people who simply do not want to study. They want to get money, preferably without troubles, and right away! But practice shows that such people join the ranks of networkers who just do not receive money.

Well, if the training was difficult, impossible, it required tremendous efforts and financial investments. But in fact, beginners are just too lazy to learn new things. Training in network marketing is easier than you can imagine, for example, in our project you just need to repeat the actions from the video lessons.

Most importantly, no investments are required, at least in the first stage, until you reach a stable income. Further investments as you wish.

Many are simply used to putting everything off for later and they are too lazy to change their lives, and come up with various excuses. But in order to start making money in the mlm business, you do not even need to leave the house!

We just figured out what prevents us from earning, now it is time to find out what needs to be done.

Is it possible to make money in network marketing?

I can confidently answer this question: "YES, CAN." This confidence is based on my own example, as well as on numerous examples of my colleagues.

There is still irrefutable evidence that you can make money in the network, this is the presence of a marketing plan in mlm - companies. This is a document that regulates how much and for what money is paid.

You can write to us and we will tell you everything in detail and teach you how to earn money.

Thanks to the marketing plan, you will be able to calculate how much you will earn for performing a certain turnover.

And unlike hired work, no one will ever deprive you of a bonus, etc. Everything is paid strictly in accordance with approved marketing, no more and no less. And knowing how to count and keeping this document in front of you, you can always double-check whether the reward for your work is correctly calculated.

In the current economic situation, the network is very relevant. So, for example, during the period of financial crises, mlm companies most actively expanded their structures and had the largest increase in turnover.

And the biggest advantage of mlm business is that revenues will gradually grow even without your direct participation.

The only remark is that to earn money that you will have enough for your needs, you do not need to sell products, but invite people who also want to earn money.

Because the essence of earning in a network business is building a structure. Now more about this.

Structure building

I’ll briefly say about building a structure if you are not already familiar with this type of activity. In the network business, the main task is to invite people who will use the company's products, as well as partners who, like you, will invite new partners and consumers.

Thus, by working and inviting people, you sooner or later get decent income. Looking ahead, I’ll say that to quickly achieve the result you need a competent mentor who already has experience and ready-made training for beginners. To get it, contact us.

Only a large team of partners will allow you to earn really large sums of money. In addition, these amounts will only grow if the structure grows.

Therefore, your mentor must have knowledge that will lead you to the result in order to transfer your knowledge to you.

And the biggest plus in mlm, is that a mentor, like no one else, is interested in making you a lot of money and earning income as quickly as possible.


You can doubt your ability to train someone when you yourself just came to the company just yesterday. In practice, I encountered such difficulties with my partners. But we found a way out of this situation, radically revising and structuring the training.

Now our training is aimed at lower-level partners developing themselves with a minimum of your participation. Thus, if you learn to attract people correctly, then you will start earning.

Then you put on the stream all the fulfilled actions, then you will have to spend less and less time on work. With the right approach, revenues will increase, and the time spent will be reduced.

I note that a mentor is not a boss. This is your partner, colleague, assistant, ally and consultant who will help you in your endeavors.

If you still doubt whether it is possible to make money online, then just try it yourself and make sure that making money is real. And with only one condition, it is a willingness to learn new things.

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1 step. Financial purpose.

Do not think that it is commonplace. Most networkers have no idea what and how many times they need to do to earn money. Of course, you also do not know this at the beginning of the journey. But you should have an approximate calculation - a “hypothesis” on which you need to rely. Reason loves clarity. And when he has a program, a mental beacon, he can navigate. Otherwise, there is always a tendency to sit on social networks and convince yourself that you are “recruiting”.

Here is what you can do, for example:

  • Set a goal in money
  • Calculate what maintenance for this you need to create in your structure
  • How many key partners should be for this
  • And how many presentations you need to make for this
  • And then count how many first touches, conversations, should take place

The numbers will be approximate, but you will have a clear goal, and not just the task of "writing something in social networks."

We made a detailed step-by-step example with figures on how to get income from 25,000 rubles in two months.To read hidden content, log in or register.

The implementation period is less than an hour.

2 step. Personal turnover.

Learn to create LTO. Most importantly, understand how to do this without harming the budget and purchasing only the products that are really important to you. If you don’t do this, but simply buy a product to make a “rate of points”, then you don’t know how to do LTO.

Term for implementation - maximum month

The scheme of work in the MLM business

Earnings are carried out in two ways. Employees simultaneously begin to work in both directions, since in this case it is possible to quickly reach a stable income.

  1. A distributor distributes a product that is not sold in regular stores. Most often it is ordered by catalog or on the manufacturer’s website. After ordering, the distributor buys the product at a reduced price, and sells it with a small margin (it is already fixed in the catalog). The difference is the net income of the employee.
  2. The second option to make money in network marketing is to build your own network. You invite people to join the team and sell the product. With each successful employee you will receive a percentage of sales. Accordingly, if the involved person begins to build his network, then you will receive a larger percentage.

Every company has a charter that every employee must comply with. If you follow the following rules in network marketing, the question of whether it is realistic to make money does not arise:

  • Use the products of the manufacturer,
  • Engage in company advertising and attract new customers,
  • Work according to the scheme,
  • Perform minimum monthly sales (it is set in each company).

Each member of the company is interested in the development of a new employee, since the income of higher colleagues in the structure of the company directly depends on this.

Success in network marketing depends on how quickly and skillfully you assemble your team and set it up to work. Only on personal sales in the MLM business you won’t be able to earn much.

Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

Like any business, network marketing has advantages and disadvantages. Before you become part of any company, evaluate the pros and cons.


  • There is no direct manager. Most often you get a mentor who advises you and introduces you into the business, and also helps to achieve the best results. You work for yourself.
  • Relations in MLM companies are partnerships, even between a novice and a first leader. Hence the team is close-knit, each member is interested in the growth of colleagues, as this increases their personal income.
  • Growth in a company depends only on your personal qualities. You can get a stable income very quickly, there are no clear limits.
  • Constant interaction with people, new acquaintances.
  • The work schedule and the degree of workload is determined by the employee independently. Can be combined with study, other work or household chores. Usually in a week there are 2-3 obligatory meetings in the office, the rest of the time you plan yourself.


  • There is no fixed salary, so determining future income is difficult.
  • There is a chance to get into the financial pyramid, so the company must be chosen carefully.
  • If you have never dealt with sales, then at the initial stage difficulties may arise.

Top 7 MLM companies in Russia

When choosing a network company, give preference to trusted organizations that have already established themselves in the market.

CompanyDescription of Activities
AvonThe company sells cosmetics, the pricing policy is low. Jobs at Avon are more suitable for girls.
OriflameThe company manufactures cosmetics, souvenirs, healthy food, accessories and is the market leader for MLM in Sweden. Jobs at Oriflame will bring a steady income. Details about the company here.
AmwayAmway has established itself as a stable and reliable company. She produces very diverse products: from household utensils to dietary supplements. The company has a wide range of products for both women and men.
Mary kayThe company accepts exclusively women. Mary Kay specializes only in women's cosmetics and skin care products.
FaberlicA major manufacturer of natural cosmetics. On the Russian market - one of the most progressive companies, has a strong base for network marketing. Details in this article.
Jeunesse globalThe company produces products for the rejuvenation of the whole organism at the cellular level. A young company that is developing rapidly in 140 countries.
HerbalifeIn Russia, the company began operating in the 90s and is still successfully selling its products. Herbalife produces diet products, healthy diets and skin care products.

Network marketing is the same job, so you should not count on the millions of rubles that will come to you in a month. The business scheme makes it possible to quickly reach a good income, however, for this you will have to work hard, communicate with people, advertise products and make big sales every month. A year later, an employee can earn more than 100 thousand rubles a month.