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How to cure lung emphysema


You experienced something like a stroke when the doctor told you: emphysema. This diagnosis seemed to draw a black curtain around you, separating it from the things you loved, from the people you loved. There is a feeling that you can never count on your body again. What you learned next has not made any improvements. Pure emphysema is a very rare occurrence, usually it is complicated by chronic bronchitis or asthma. Emphysema cannot be cured; the damage done to your airways cannot be fixed. In short, you are endowed with such lungs that are older than you. This is the worst.
But then you learned something else about yourself. You are stronger than your emphysema. You are smarter than this disease. And then you make a decision.
This year you will take control of your health, learn to work smarter, and live easier. From now on, you save your energy for what you want to do. Here's how to get there.
Stop smoking now! Yes, the doctor has already told you this. But oh!
this is never too late to recall. ,
"It's never too late to quit," says MD, Henry Gong, a professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an assistant to the head of the pulmonology department at the Medical Center. - Even if you quit smoking at 50 or 60 years old ,! you will help suspend the process of lung decay. ” Another plus: you can immediately increase your ability to exercise.
The theoretical basis that smoking causes emphysema is that cigarette smoke causes neutrophils, disease-fighting white blood cells, to selectively migrate to the lungs. Obviously, their enzymes that can digest lung tissue are pushed out, ”explains Dr. Gong. - In the body of healthy people, there is a balance between these enzymes and anti-trypsin, which puts a barrier.
In rare cases, emphysema occurs in non-smokers. In victims of a rare, inherited, protein disorder, antitrypsin levels are inadequate.

Do not be a passive smoker. If the smoke of your own cigarette is dangerous for you, then the smoke of the cigar is also dangerous for your spouse (or spouses) or the air in a smoked dance aphid. “A non-smoking spouse can get lung cancer, just inhale the smoke of your half’s cigarette for many years together,” Dr. Gong warns.
Avoid allergens. “If you have an allergy and it affects the respiratory system, with emphysema you should be doubly avoided, the allergen is new,” Dr. Gong advises (see the “Allergy” section),
Control everything you can. You cannot fix the air forests. But pulmonologist Robert Sandhouse, Ph.D., a consultant at the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine and other health care facilities in Denver, Colorado, says you can increase your breathing efficiency, use your muscles, and get started. For example, if you can reorganize the kitchen so that you take 5 steps instead of ten, then all the better for you.
Exercise. All experts agree that regular exercise is vital for people with emphysema. What types of exercises are better?
“The best, most comprehensive exercise is probably ego walking,” says private practitioner Robert B. Thicke, clinical assistant professor at Bayer College of Medicine. “You should also exercise to tone your upper limbs.” Try to exercise with 1-2-foot dumbbells and develop the muscles of the neck, shoulders and chest. This is important, he believes, because people with chronic pulmonary diseases use "# | the muscles of the neck and upper chest more than others."
“It seems swimming is really good for people with asthma and emphysema, because this sport makes it possible to breathe in very humid air,” says Dr. Tags.
Eat a little, but often. As emphysema progresses, an obstruction in the airflow path grows, and the lungs enlarge from trapped air. These enlarged lungs descend, leaving the stomach less space for expansion.
Therefore, you will feel better if you eat 6 times a little, and not 3 times a lot. Dr. Tags believes that you should choose small amounts of foods that are high in calories, such as foods rich in protein.
Remember also that a long digestion process causes an influx of blood and oxygen to the stomach and its outflow from other parts of the body that may need it more.

Maintain an ideal body weight. “Some people with emphysema gain a lot of excess weight and water lingers in their bodies,” explains Dr. Tags. “It takes more energy to carry extra pounds.” The closer your body weight approaches ideal, the better for your lungs.
A real emphysema patient is usually very thin, adds Dr. Tags, because he needs to spend most of his energy breathing. If you are too thin, consciously add calories. High protein foods are a good source of calories. ”
Become a breath champion. There is something else you can do to get the most out of each breath you take. This includes the following.
Breathe rhythmically. After examining 20 patients with severe emphysema, Dr. Tags and his colleagues found that even under normal conditions, their patients “breathe very randomly. Their breathing was irregular: a deep breath, a small breath. "We taught them a normal breathing rhythm, and this, at least for a short while, helped.”
Breathe with the diaphragm. This is the most effective way of breathing. So naturally babies breathe. If you watch them, you will see how their tummies rise and fall with each breath.
You are not sure that you breathe with the diaphragm? Francisco Pérez, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical neurology and physical medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, asks his patients to lie down, puts a thick telephone directory on their stomach and keeps track of what happens when they breathe.
Keep the airways open. “You can strengthen the respiratory muscles if you slowly exhale air through a tightly closed mouth for 30 minutes a day,” says Ghosn. - Try to exhale 2 times slower than inhale, this will help free the lungs from stale air and run fresh air into them.
You can also buy a device in the pharmacy that will resist when you blow on it. “It looks like a small plastic mouthpiece,” explains Dr. Sandhaus. - If you turn the ring, the hole in the horn will resize. You start from the largest hole, take a deep breath and exhale. When you master one hole size, move on to another. ”
Try Vitamins C and E. Dr. Sandhouse advises his patients with emphysema to take at least 250 mg of vitamin C per day and

800 international units of vitamin E 2 times per lesh .. (Naturally, you must first obtain the approval of your doctor.)
Dr. Sandhouse says that vitamin therapy has not been tested, but it cannot cause harm. He thinks that vitamins C and E can help, because they are antioxidants. “We are melting that we’ll cause the oxidants contained in cigarette smoke! harm to the lungs, ”he says.
Walk the woeful path to the end. If you have emphysema,
your life will never be the same as it was before. “Allow yourself to go through all the stages of the grief process,” create i Dr. Perez. “There are, of course, some losses, but then you will know how you can control the disease.” The last stage of adaptation is a compromise. It includes losses and gains, you already see everything in black light. ”
Relax. “If you consciously take the disease as a threat, you awaken some physiological mechanisms that can worsen your condition,” says Dr. Perez. - When you are constantly in a state of anxiety, you need more oxygen. Anxiety arises from thoughts that you can control, which means that you can be controlled, and physiological mechanisms. ”
Bring your attention to the present. “When you feel guilty that you have incurred a disease, reorient yourself at the moment and focus on what is happening now,” advises Dr. Perez. “You cannot change anything in the past.” You can only learn to live with it. ”
“Anger and self-incrimination are normal,” he said. “It's best to talk about it, and whatever happens.”
Set yourself small tasks. One way to shift your attention from the thought that “emphysema makes me disabled” to the idea that “I must learn to control emphysema” is to set small, realistic tasks: says Dr. Perez.
A great way to build self-confidence is to exercise. “Set yourself some real goal based on physical manifestation. Use tables and graphs to measure your progress. This will give you a very objective assessment of your ability to achieve something *.
Join the rehab group. “Consider joining a pulmonary rehabilitation group,” advises Dr. Gong. - If you can’t find a zaku group at your place of residence, call the American Lung Diseases Association closest to us. In the group you will learn about your illness and zero-

read social support. Statistics show that these programs reduce hospital admissions. ”
Let one of your family members play the role of a coach. “Let the person close to you become your coach and help you when you have an asthma attack,” Dr. Perez suggests. - A trainer will help you do basic relaxation exercises. He may be with you and ask what you think right before or after the attack. A person with emphysema is psychologically very adequate. If he succeeds in expressing his thoughts in words, he will be able to make sure that this is quite ridiculous. As soon as he starts laughing, he will relax and his breathing will return to normal. ”
Do not isolate yourself from society. “Generalizations regarding asthma attacks should be avoided,” said Dr. Tags. - Some people with emphysema think that they probably will not cope with the attack, and are afraid that they will go somewhere and begin to suffocate there. Therefore, they cease to be where they used to go with pleasure. ” Do not let the disease isolate yourself.
Restrain yourself. “Among other things, patients with emphysema need to learn not to rush,” remarks Dr. Tags. “They really can do whatever they want, but at their own pace.” It’s not at all easy to learn to walk slower. ”
Work wisely. Little things can make a big difference. Can you reorganize everything in the workplace in such a way that you will do more with less effort? How about moving the table and dishes closer to the dryer?
The American Lung Association also offers a three-shelf trolley that makes your housework easier. Such little things will turn into additional energy for you.
Coordinate breathing and weight lifting. According to the recommendations of the American Lung Association, homework will be easier if you lift weights by exhaling through closed lips. Inhale while resting. If you climb stairs, also exhale through your closed mouth when you make a movement, and inhale while resting.
Do not use aerosols unnecessarily. You should not aggravate your breathing problems by inhaling unfamiliar substances. Use liquid or gel hair styling products and solid deodorants or ball deodorants. Avoid household cleaners in aerosols.
Do not wear adjacent clothing. Choose clothes that allow your chest and stomach to expand freely. But this

cheat, do not wear tightly tightened belts, bras or belts, advised by the American Lung Association. For women, it may be better to wear half-grades rather than bras. Both men and women can wear suspenders rather than tightly tightened belts.

The basic principles of treatment

Treatment for emphysema should only be comprehensive. The main emphasis is on eliminating the cause, which led to the development of such a disease.

The form of the ongoing ailment will also determine where the therapy will take place - in stationary or at home. Simple forms of emphysema can be cured in the usual conditions, but with the constant consultation of your doctor, pulmonologist or therapist. But in more severe cases, therapeutic therapy is carried out only in a hospital.

But if therapeutic measures are taken in a timely manner, then the progression of the disease can be stopped. The entire treatment process will be based on the use of medications, as well as on the use of alternative medicine methods that can improve the respiratory function of a weakened body. If the patient smokes, then he is recommended to abandon this habit. Additionally assigned:

  • Diet. The diet should contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. And the daily calorie content should be approximately 800 kcal.
  • Massage. Helps to expand the bronchi and helps to eliminate sputum.
  • Physiotherapy. Special exercises relieve tension of the respiratory muscles.

It should be understood that if the emphysema of the lungs has acquired an advanced stage and the pulmonary tissue itself has already begun to change, then it will not be possible to completely cure it.

Drug treatment

Only a specialist can prescribe treatment for such a disease. Comprehensive drug treatment of emphysema consists of the following steps:

  • Improved patency of the bronchi.
  • Sputum liquefaction.
  • Taking antibiotics.
  • Oxygen inhalation.
  • If necessary, removal of pathological tissues.

To cure pulmonary emphysema or simply stop the progression of such a disease, treatment is best used in combination. To improve bronchial patency, the patient is prescribed bronchodilator drugs. In advanced situations, the doctor may prescribe drug injections (aminophylline). Inhalation therapy with the use of such agents is also recommended:

These drugs will help expand the bronchial lumens.

Many patients with pulmonary emphysema experience the formation of large amounts of sputum. So that she can easily expectorate, a specialist prescribes the following drugs:

  • Lazolvan
  • Flavomed and Bromhexine,
  • Spilled
  • Ambroxol and Pectolvan.

All these drugs have an expectorant property and contribute to the elimination of accumulated sputum. When chronic bronchitis develops simultaneously during pulmonary emphysema, then antibiotics are connected to the main treatment. They will reduce and block the infection that spreads in the human body. However, the causative agent of the disease is first detected, only then an antibacterial agent is selected. Most often, drugs with a wider spectrum of exposure are prescribed, the main substance of which is azithromycin or penicillin.

Oxygen inhalations become very useful.

They help relieve symptoms of respiratory failure. And in more severe cases, mechanical ventilation can be used. If the emphysema becomes focal and affects certain areas of the lung tissue, then, by the decision of the doctor, surgery may be prescribed, during which the area of ​​the affected tissue is simply removed. To strengthen the body and relieve spasms in the bronchi, the patient is recommended to perform breathing exercises.

Such a treatment course with the use of medications usually lasts for four weeks. In parallel with this, you can additionally use recipes for traditional medicine.

The fight against emphysema through traditional medicine

Treatment with alternative methods also represents a whole complex:

  • Phytotherapy.
  • The use of home inhalation.
  • Aromatherapy

Many plants have expectorant properties and have a positive effect on the condition of the bronchi.

And the most useful plants are juniper and dandelion, peppermint and eucalyptus, cumin and bare licorice, cypress. Various decoctions and infusions are prepared from them.

For inhalation at home, you can use a potato broth. It relaxes the muscles of the bronchi and also has an expectorant effect.

When the question arises of what else can be used and how to effectively treat emphysema in the usual conditions, then aromatherapy can be used. To do this, the room air is saturated with essential oils of thyme and marjoram, cypress and sage, bitter wormwood and cedar. This procedure improves the general condition of patients suffering from lung disease.

Прежде чем начать применять народную медицину, пациенты с эмфиземой должны понимать, что она используется как дополнение к основной терапии и все рецепты всегда согласовываются с врачом.

Помочь себе самостоятельно и усилить процесс лечения, когда речь идет об эмфизематозных легких, можно посредством следующих рецептов:

  • In two glasses of boiling water you need to brew one teaspoon of dried and pre-chopped rosemary. Insist such a drink about an hour. The resulting infusion must be taken 150 ml twice a day.
  • In equal proportions (one tablespoon each), fennel and field horsetail should be taken. Plants are poured with 500 ml of boiling water and in this state are left for one hour. Take home medicine should be 100 ml three times a day.
  • You need to take the black radish, peel it, finely grate and squeeze the juice out of the pulp. Take 50 ml of juice and mix it with two tablespoons of linden honey. Take the finished composition before the meal, two tablespoons.
  • Heat milk with high fat over medium heat and add a large spoonful of carrot juice to a warm drink. Use this composition should be on an empty stomach for three weeks.
  • In equal amounts, you should take sage, peppermint and thyme. Then a tablespoon of the mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water. It is better to insist the broth in a thermos, after which it can be drunk as tea, 70 ml after each meal (three times a day).

During the treatment of pulmonary emphysema, many patients have a question about whether it is possible to use traditional medicine recipes with complete safety. Many experts approve of such an addition to the prescribed therapy. The main thing is to strictly follow the recipes and familiarize yourself with the contraindication of herbs and plants used in advance.

Pulmonary emphysema is a serious disease that has its complications if it occurs without complex treatment. In this case, a person may encounter numerous bacterial infections, heart failure and pneumothorax. And in advanced stages, such consequences can be fatal. Therefore, it is extremely important to start treating pulmonary emphysema in a timely manner and completely reconsider your lifestyle in order to facilitate the course of such an ailment.

How to prevent emphysema

Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that causes persistent breathing problems. When tiny pulmonary alveoli are damaged, it becomes much more difficult for a person to remove air from the lungs, which leads to inadequate oxygen consumption and shortness of breath. People suffering from emphysema experience more serious breathing problems during exercise. The cause of emphysema is smoking, inhalation of chemical irritants and harmful substances, as well as cigarette smoke during second-hand smoke. To prevent emphysema, a person needs to limit the effect of harmful factors on the pulmonary alveoli. Here are a few ways to prevent emphysema.