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We clean gold to shine at home


Elena Pavlova • 06/25/2018

Each house has at least one gold jewelry. Such products require delicate care, including regular cleaning.

An ornament that is not properly looked after can be easily distinguished from a new one - it has a dull appearance and is devoid of shine. Gold jewelry can be cleaned quickly and easily at home using improvised tools.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix 1 tsp. liquid soap, 2 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of warm water. Leave the product in solution for 20 minutes.

This method is ideal for brushed gold items. The matte effect is achieved using special polishing.

When caring for such products, it is enough to only remove plaque. To do this, the decoration should be lowered in a 25% ammonia solution for 2.5 hours. After you need to wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth.


Mix 1 tsp. alcohol, 1 tbsp. washing powder and 1 glass of water. Boil the mixture. Put the product in the solution for 2 hours.

Mix 50 gr. soda with a glass of warm water. Cover the bottom of the container with foil, put the decoration there. Pour solution and leave overnight.

Prepare a solution from a glass of warm water and 3 tbsp. salt. Leave the contaminated object in water overnight.

Dishwashing Detergent

Add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid to the water tank. Put the product in the solution. Boil it.

Another way is a sugar solution. Add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to the water and leave the jewelry overnight in the liquid.

Shine gold with diamonds and other stones

Jewelry with stones requires delicate care. If you are not sure that you can handle the cleaning, leave the work to professionals.

The following methods are suitable for cleaning gold items with stones:

  • a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or an alcohol-containing liquid, such as vodka,
  • a soft toothbrush moistened with gasoline - this method will help remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

How to clean gold to shine

To make the gold product shine again, polishing helps. It can be done at home:

  • wipe the product with a cloth made of velvet or felt. This method may take a long time.
  • use a cloth dampened with vinegar or onion juice,
  • a mixture of egg white with beer
  • some unusual ways - use a soft eraser or colorless lipstick to polish.

After polishing, do not forget to wash the product with water and wipe it dry.

How to clean white gold

The composition of white gold differs from the usual yellow admixture of nickel, silver or palladium - they give the metal a silver tint. Outside, the product is coated with rhodium. After this layer disappears.

White gold items are recommended to be cleaned with alcohol or vodka, and wiped with a soft cloth. Do not leave the jewelry in the prepared solution for a long time - this may impair the properties of the metal.

Why not clean gold

There are many ways to clean jewelry. However, some should be avoided:

  • if there is the stones, you can not use vinegar and acid. Do not wet them with water and rub with a coarse brush.
  • turquoise and corals do not wipe with alcohol.

To clean white gold, do not use powders, toothpaste and brushes.

To make the ring shine: how to prevent contamination

For many people, the question of how to clean gold at home in order to get a good and durable result is relevant. Achieving high results will help knowledge of the composition of the gold jewelry.

The appearance of plaque is promoted by:

  • zinc (in a small amount),
  • copper,
  • silver,
  • cadmium (a little).

When interacting with ambient air or water, including marine, oxidation occurs. It is necessary to clean gold, since pollution not only spoils the appearance, but also harms health: plaque can cause inflammatory and allergic reactions.

In order for gold to glisten spectacularly, and no plaque is formed, it is necessary:

  • avoid contact of the product with alkalis and various acids (housework should be carried out with gloves),
  • Avoid exposure to solvents and other aggressive substances (including nail polish removers),
  • protect from exposure to paints and abrasives (remove or work with gloves),
  • Do not expose to high temperatures or ultraviolet radiation.

The nuances of the cleaning process

Before you begin cleaning, you should consider some important features.

  • Many jewelry items have a complex shape and are difficult to access for self-cleaning, for example, places for inserting stones, bends, joints.
  • The capacity for the preparation of the mixture for cleaning must be selected so that the product can fit in it completely.

Given these nuances, the work will be faster, and the result will be better.

How to clean gold without using chemistry

The simplest and most effective method is to carefully rub the gold jewelry with a soft, slightly fleecy cloth, such as a flannel or microfiber cloth.

This mechanical method is very gentle and gentle, but it must be used regularly as daily care. In cases of old pollution, especially in hard-to-reach places, more serious cleaning will be required.

Soap solution

Using soap or detergents for dishes, you can effectively clean gold from plaque and deposits on the surface of gold products. In hard-to-reach recesses of a relief or openwork pattern, places for inserting stones and decorative elements, you will have to additionally use an old toothbrush or cotton buds at the end of cleaning - when rinsing with water.

To prepare the solution, you will need 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap (or dishwashing detergent). It needs to be mixed vigorously, whipping the foam. In a warm solution, gold products can be soaked for several hours, and if you want to quickly clean the gold, it is recommended to boil the products in a soap solution for 2-3 minutes.

White gold items are usually coated with rhodium - a soft metal that is subject to abrasion. Therefore, for cleaning, only non-aggressive detergents without chlorine are taken, soaked without boiling for 20-30 minutes, and polished with the most delicate, lint-free cloth.

To clean the gold, it is better to use enameled dishes or stainless steel dishes, in which the products will be completely covered with a solution. It is advisable to lay a soft cloth on the bottom.

After soaking or boiling, the gold products must be washed, mechanically cleaning with a toothbrush, and wiped, polishing them with a clean dry cloth or napkin.


Ammonia (an aqueous solution of ammonium hydroxide) and hydrogen peroxide will help make soap solution even more effective. The recipe for the solution is this: take 1 teaspoon of liquid soap in 1 cup of warm water, add 2 teaspoons of ammonia and 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide to it. In the resulting solution, gold items are kept from 10 minutes to several hours under a lid (without boiling), because ammonia has a sharp ammonia odor. Even stubborn dirt is well cleaned due to the fact that the soap dissolves fats, and ammonia and peroxide react with oxides of copper and other ligature metals, returning the gold rings and earrings to their original shine.

To clean the gold with ammonia, take another note of this recipe: 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of ammonia, 1 tablespoon of washing powder. First you need to dilute the washing powder in very hot water (90-100 ℃), mix well until completely dissolved and add ammonia. Gold must be put in it for 2-3 hours (depending on the degree of contamination).

To clean white gold items, you can mix ammonia with water in equal proportions and add a little shampoo to them. Put your “white-gold” jewelry in the resulting solution for 20-30 minutes. When they are cleaned, rinse them with running water and dry them by wiping them with a soft cloth.

Cleaning process: preparing a solution with ammonia

We clean gold correctly using ammonia and ordinary washing powder. It is necessary to give preference to containers made of glass or plastic in order to exclude the possibility of oxidation. To obtain a cleaning solution with ammonia, you will need:

  • boiled water - 250 ml,
  • ammonia - 4 ml,
  • washing powder (without coloring additives) - 1 tbsp.

If there is no powder, then you can safely use a dishwashing detergent.

The mixture is mixed, the powder should completely dissolve without leaving lumps.

The products are placed in the solution for 2-2.5 hours, after which they must be rinsed with clean running water and wiped dry using a soft towel without lint and three-dimensional pictures or the same cloth.

Other cleaning solutions

If it was not possible to buy ammonia, then you can use other recipes that will effectively clean yellow or red gold at home.

1. Dishwashing liquid should be used as the main component. To do this, you need to take:

  • water - 1 cup,
  • dishwashing detergent (preferably with a softening effect) - 1 tsp.

The container that should be used for the cleaning process should be selected taking into account the fact that the composition will be heated for several minutes. At the bottom, put a soft cloth, then the jewelry that needs to be cleaned, and then all the components to create a solution are added to the container. The heating process lasts 10 minutes. Then the products should be removed and washed under running water, wiped with a soft towel. The method is suitable for cleaning jewelry and jewelry from yellow, as the most popular, and red, gaining popularity, gold.

2. Liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide are also used when there is a need to clean gold from pollution and plaque. Will need to mix:

  • water -250 ml
  • hydrogen peroxide - 40 ml,
  • liquid soap (it is better to choose mild, without unnecessary additives) - 1 tsp,
  • ammonia - 1 tsp

Water needs to be heated, but not boiled - it should be warm, about 37 degrees, then add all other components and mix. Then put jewelry in need of cleaning into the container. The exposure time is 20 minutes. In the end, gold items should be washed with plain water and wiped using a lint-free cloth.

3. Salt, which is likely to be present in every home, is also used to clean gold from dark deposits. An effective way for those who want to achieve a good and long-lasting result includes the following components in the composition of the solution:

The ingredients should be mixed until the salt is completely dissolved. Jewelry is placed in a solution for 12 hours, after which it is washed under running water.

4. Another easy way to clean gold is to use foil. Products will shine and sparkle. Would need:

Foil should be placed at the bottom of the selected container so that it completely covers the surface. It is required to mix water and soda, pour into a container and put jewelry in a solution. The cleaning process also lasts for 12 hours, after which the gold should be washed and wiped with a towel from a soft cloth.

5. The number of jewelry made using this type of metal is increasing every day. Therefore, the question of how to clean gold at home and not damage the surface is especially relevant. Accuracy, leisurelyness and delicacy are important here. Powders, brushes cannot be used.

You can use the following solution - ammonia (25% solution). The product is placed in it for 2 hours, then it is washed with water and wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Lime mixed with water is also suitable for cleaning matt gold products. Lime (3-4 g) must be mixed with water, put a little soda (1 g), mix. The mixture should be infused for 3 days. Then the products are placed in it for 4 hours. In the end, gold, as usual, is washed and wiped with a soft towel.

Mechanical cleaning of yellow and red gold items

In some cases, this method is a necessity. For example, if none of the proposed methods had any effect and pollution remained, mechanical action is indispensable. It is important to consider that abrasive pastes are not used in this process, especially if products are with cubic zirconia, since the surface of the jewelry and stones is very easily scratched.

It is recommended that you prepare the paste for cleaning yourself. Would need:

  • toothpaste (without additional elements),
  • petroleum jelly,
  • crushed chalk
  • laundry soap,
  • water.

All components should be mixed well. Soap should be grated beforehand. The proportions of each substance should be the same. The resulting paste is applied to the product with a soft cloth. Then you need to rinse the golden thing to get rid of Vaseline. At the end, the product is additionally rinsed under water and dried.

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Methods for cleaning gold items with stones

Before you begin cleaning, you must remember that refining gold without gems is significantly different from cleaning jewelry with stones. So, an ordinary engagement ring can be cleaned with baking soda or tooth powder, but products with precious minerals require a more careful attitude, they can not be cleaned with abrasive products. Such decorations will return to their original appearance with aqueous solutions with the addition of detergent, ammonia, vinegar.

The use of laundry soap is not allowed, as it contains alkali, from the contact with which gold items may lose their natural luster.

Shine gold with stones

Soft minerals such as turquoise, coral and pearls are not recommended to be cleaned with vinegar or ammonia. In direct contact with acid, the stones may dissolve, so they are suitable for cleaning with the addition of liquid soap or alcohol-containing solutions.

After processing, all gold items must be protected from sudden changes in temperature and direct ultraviolet rays. When choosing a method for cleaning gold products with stones, it is necessary to take into account all the features of gems.

Pure gold does not darken, but it is soft. To give hardness in the manufacture of jewelry, other metals are added to it. It is supplements with prolonged wear, saturated with sebum that lead to loss of attractiveness and cloudiness of products.

Traditionally, cleaning gold jewelry from pollution is carried out using a special chemical paste. They rub the product with it, and then polish it with a woolen cloth. However, it is possible to return the jewelry to its original attractiveness using simple improvised means.

It is worth noting that after processing with any of the proposed methods of decoration, it is necessary to rinse under a stream of warm water and dry.No need to wipe, just put on a towel and let dry.

Popular and simple tools:

  • Drop a drop of iodine into a glass of water. Lower the ring for 20-30 minutes.
  • Mix chalk and clay in equal parts, rub with this powder you can decorate with a hardness of minerals of at least 5 points. Handle in this way with great care, since it is easy to scratch the product.
  • For matte gold, you can prepare a mixture of chalk, salt in the same proportions. Add the components to a glass of warm water, put gold for 2-3 minutes.
  • You can get rid of minor spots on gold items with a borax solution. It is necessary to moisten a piece of woolen cloth in a liquid, and wipe the places of pollution.

Gold purification with stones shampoo

To clean gold using ammonia, there are several
available methods:

  • In 200 g of warm water, add a few drops of ammonia and a tablespoon of liquid soap. Lower the product for 30 minutes.
  • Add 3-5 drops of ammonia to a glass of warm water, the same amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a pinch of washing powder. Put gold in the solution for 7-10 minutes.
  • Pour 10 g of ammonia into hot water, add a little detergent. When the water has cooled, put the product on for 20 minutes. This cleaning method is great for too dirty jewelry.
  • If the jewelry is too dirty, it can be put in a container for 2-3 hours and filled with ammonia.
  • A solution of 1 glass of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2-3 drops of ammonia will help restore the brilliance of gold. Put the jewelry in a container, pour the prepared liquid, hold for two hours.

It is worth noting that items with gems should not be immersed in hot water, since minerals can peel off. Therefore, water should be at room temperature.

No less common way to clean gold using foil and baking soda. At the bottom of a deep container, put a piece of food foil, separately mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a glass of hot water. Put gold products on the foil, pour with a cooled solution, leave overnight. If the products are too dirty, you can add a little baby shampoo to the solution.

Dishwashing liquid and shampoo

For jewelry with gems that have a hardness of at least 5 points on the Mohs scale, the following methods are suitable:

  • Add 15–20 g of detergent or shampoo to a glass of warm water. With this solution, use a brush to clean the product.
  • Mix in equal proportions detergent, ammonia and 3% peroxide. Put gold for 5-7 minutes. Suitable for heavily soiled products.
  • In 200 g of water add a spoonful of detergent and 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda. Lower the gold items for 3-5 minutes.

A solution of 20 drops of shampoo and 5 drops of ammonia per glass of water will help to clean up impurities in hard-to-reach places. Moisten a cotton swab in a liquid and wipe the contaminated areas.

Soda solutions

Soda solution is prepared at the rate of 1-1.5 tablespoons of soda per 1 cup of water. Gold products in it are recommended to soak for 10-15 minutes or boil for 3-5 minutes over low heat.

Do not rub or clean the gold jewelry with dry soda or rock salt - abrasive powder products can leave small scratches and ruin the appearance.

To enhance the cleansing effect of soda and restore the brightness of shine to gold products, ordinary food foil will help. Prepare a solution of 1 cup of hot water with 1-1.5 tablespoons of soda. Put a piece of foil on the bottom of the container, your decorations on it, pour them with hot soda solution. Leave overnight (8-12 hours), then rinse and dry.

You will achieve a faster cleaning effect if you add another 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent to the soda solution (1-1.5 tablespoons of soda per 1 glass of water). Soda should be dissolved in boiling water, add soap and whip a small foam. Gold items should be laid out on a cloth placed on the bottom of ceramic or enameled dishes, pour hot solution and let stand until the water cools down.

Cologne or Perfume

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean contaminated gold is to use cologne or perfume. It is suitable for products with stones having a hardness of less than 5 points on the Mohs scale. Wet a cotton swab in it and wipe the jewelry. By this principle, refined gasoline can be used.

The increased concentration of food acid, which is part of the famous drink, helps to dissolve plaque on gold items. It is enough to place the jewelry for 30 minutes in Coca-Cola, then rinse with water. The drink returns gold to its natural luster.


Toothpaste has properties that can cleanse metal from strong impurities. To brush as well as teeth, in smooth movements using a soft brush, then rinse with water.

This affordable method is suitable for not too dirty products. Dissolve three tablespoons of salt in 0.5 cups of hot water. When the water has cooled to room temperature, put jewelry and leave overnight.

Medical alcohol

For this method of cleaning, jewelry with any gems is suitable. It is also convenient in that it does not require the addition of any other components to the alcohol. Products moistened with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, then rinsed with water. With more severe pollution, gold can be lowered into alcohol for 3-5 minutes. But in this way, you can not often clean jewelry with turquoise, malachite, pearls or coral, since over time the stones may fade.

Using such simple means, you can easily clean any jewelry at home.

Gold Care Tips

In order to preserve the beauty of gold jewelry for a long time, you need to properly care for them:

  • Avoid contact of products with detergents containing bleach or bleach. Wear rubber gloves when doing homework.
  • To remove gold when visiting a bath, bath, sauna, so that decorations do not come in contact with hot and humid air. And also do not keep jewelry in the bathroom - high humidity negatively affects their appearance.
  • Performing cosmetic procedures, avoid contact with creams, lotions, paints, as a reaction may occur that will ruin the gold.
  • Store products in a wooden box, as a box made of another material, such as cardboard, emits harmful substances that can affect the color of gold.
  • Clean products at least once a month.

The most delicate way to clean gold is to wipe it regularly with a soft cloth. Flannel or fleece is suitable for this purpose. If such care is carried out regularly, then you will not need to spend money on professional cleaning.

Gold items not only emphasize the refined taste and wealth of their owner, but also have a beneficial effect on the mental and physical condition. And regular and uncomplicated care will help preserve their beauty for a long time.

Salted and sweet solutions

To clean gold, salt and sugar will equally help.

The proportions are as follows: 5-6 tablespoons of salt or 2 tablespoons of sugar in 1 glass of water. Prepare a hot solution with salt or sugar, put gold items in it so that they are completely covered with water, and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse them with running water and dry them with a soft cloth.

Such solutions cannot cope with serious old pollution, but the greasy film, dust, dull coating will be perfectly removed.

Cleaning pastes

To clean gold mechanically, especially in hard-to-reach highly contaminated areas, use ordinary toothpastes and powders or prepared mixtures.

At home, for the preparation of cleaning pastes, you can use chalk with ammonia or toothpaste, petroleum jelly, crushed chalk, grated laundry soap and warm water (all in equal proportions). The mixture is thoroughly mixed and applied to the surface of gold products. You can clean them with a cloth or soft toothbrush, which you no longer use, in one direction. Then your rings or earrings must be wiped with some alcohol, washed with water and wiped dry.

As an alternative to cleaning paste, some recommend using lipstick (apply a little on a cotton pad and wipe it with jewelry) or a stationery eraser. And to give a special shine to gold jewelry, they offer a mixture of beer with egg white or onion juice. You can squeeze the juice from the onion and wet a rag in it to clean the gold with it, and it is easier to cut the onion and grate the golden items with a fresh cut. So you mechanically clean the surface and, after letting the onion work for 2-3 hours, you will achieve a “brilliant effect”. Do not forget to rinse and dry your rings and earrings after such “aromatic treatments”.

How to clean gold with stones

When cleaning gold jewelry with stones, delicacy should be shown. Not all stones, especially glued to the surface, can tolerate prolonged soaking, acid or alkaline solutions, boiling. It is better to use special professional cleaning products and brushes for gold and stones.

Delicate pearls, corals, mother of pearl, turquoise, amber, emeralds and beryls are best simply wiped with a damp cloth, opaque stones should not be cleaned with chemicals at all and even wet with water, rubies, opals can be gently washed with a mild soapy solution.

To soak rings and earrings with diamonds, cubic zirconias, sapphires or zirconium, a cleaning solution is recommended to be prepared as follows: in a ceramic (preferably white) bowl in 1 cup of warm (up to 40 ℃) water, dilute 1/2 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent (without cream additives ) or gel for washing white fabrics, add as much ammonia and liquid oxygen bleach. Decorations should be immersed in this solution and left overnight, then rinsed, if necessary, rubbing them with a soft toothbrush, and pat dry.

Gold surfaces of stones with strong dirt can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in cologne, alcohol, or gasoline.

If you regularly have a question, how to clean the gold, then pay attention to some rules for wearing it. Take off all the jewelry before doing “dirty” housework, taking a shower, going to the solarium, bath or sauna, doing sports, contacting with paints and abrasives, applying cosmetic creams and medical ointments.

Gold jewelry has a high aesthetic and material value. Wear them correctly, take care of them carefully and do not forget to clean the gold on time.

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