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Ubuntu switch keyboard layout


A new way to reassign keys to change layouts is as follows:

  1. Open the list of applications with the button located in the lower left corner. We are looking for "Terminal" (Terminal), and execute the following command in it:
  2. Reopen the list of applications, and type in the search for Gnome Tweaks. The GNOME Advanced Settings application should appear. We launch it.
  3. In the application that opens, look for the "Keyboard and Mouse" item in the list on the left. There we click on the button "Advanced layout options."
  4. We open the item "Switch to another layout", and look for the desired key combination there.

Customize keyboard layout in Ubuntu

  • To configure the layout in Ubuntu go to Settings (System Settings) → Keyboard layout

  • A window will open in which you can see the layout languages ​​installed in your system, if there is both Russian and English, then go to the next item, if not, then click + at the bottom of the window and select Russian from the list and click add.

After you add the Russian keyboard layout, you need to assign control keys that are responsible for switching the keyboard layout in Ububuntu.

  • We go in Options

  • AT Layout options select item Key (s) for changing layouts and check the box next to the key combination you’re used to, usually this Alt + Shift.

After the steps are taken, the keyboard layout in Ubuntu will change after pressing the keys that you assigned at the same time, for example Alt + Shift.

Congratulations, you just learned how to add keyboards to Ubuntu and switch the layout to Russian in Ubuntu.

Keyboard layout change in Xubuntu 16.04

After Russification in Xubuntu 16.04 not always with hot keys you can go to the desired layout (Russian - English) in programs. To do this, create a key combination in the keyboard settings.

Menu → Settings → Keyboard

In the keyboard window that opens, select the Layout tab

In the Change layout options drop-down list, select the appropriate key combination. In our case Left Alt + Left Shift

Close the window. Changing the keyboard layout works.

Russification of Ubuntu through the console

Russification can also be performed through the terminal by setting the appropriate packages and settings by running the commands:

Localization for the main programs that are independent of the environment:

Localization for Gnome environment components:

Localization for KDE environment components:

For the XFCE and LXDE environments, translations into different languages ​​are installed with the programs.

Localization for the office suite LibreOffice:

The localization of the Russian spelling dictionary is based on MySpell using the Curses library in the LibreOffice module.

Localization of the thesaurus (a dictionary of synonyms, antonyms, etc.) for LibreOffice /

Localization of word wrap for the Russian language in LibreOffice /

Localization for the Thunderbird email client:

Help localization for the GIMP graphical editor:

Localization of the electronic version of the English dictionary (dictionary of V.K. Muller). This package contains a dictionary in DICT format.

Packages for instant messengers on the SCIM platform (ICQ, Jabber - clients):