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How to learn tricks with extinction?


Popular tricks to disappear or appear out of nowhere have always attracted the attention of an unprepared viewer. Their prevalence is explained by the ease of execution - even a child can show such a trick. The main thing is to use the appropriate props for tricks for this, which is not difficult to buy in Ukraine.

The appearance of the coin in the box

A visual focus that does not require special skills, which can also be shown from very close range.

The viewer is initially shown an empty transparent box, which he can personally hold in his hands and examine from all sides. Then the magician shakes the magic box, and it is not clear from where the coin appears.

If viewers want to inspect the box from the inside, you can get a coin and give them a props for study. The compartment lid in which the coin is hidden sits so tightly and imperceptibly that even curious children are unlikely to see anything.

As you may have guessed, the secret of the trick is simple - the coin is inserted into a special compartment under the lid and when shaking it just drops out of there.

Another indispensable attribute for magic tricks is a magnetic ring on a finger (magnetic PK ring). Outwardly, it looks like a silver wedding ring, there are versions stylized as “The Lord of the Rings”. In general, it is no different from ordinary rings, so only magicians like you can expose you.

The most common trick with such a ring is the disappearance of a coin in a glass. Put a ring on your ring finger, take a white disposable cup in your hand and throw 5 kopecks into it (or any other coin that is magnetized). Then you turn the glass over and ... nothing falls out. The whole secret is that the coin magnetized to the wall of the glass, or rather to your ring.

Of course, this is not the only focus with a magnetic ring, and on the Internet you can easily find training videos.

Another indispensable attribute is a magic net, with which you can show various tricks for appearance and disappearance. Such a props are convenient for their simplicity, for example, everyone can buy cards for magic tricks, but try to learn how to use them again.

Outwardly, it looks like this: you show the viewer that the net is empty (and it is), then put a small object in it and ... it disappears. The whole secret of the trick is that in this props there are two compartments - that is, you put in one pocket, then with a flick of a finger switch the lever on the handle and the filled pocket closes, and the empty one opens.

Therefore, if you do everything the other way around, it turns out that from an empty net you can get some kind of object. The focus is so simple that even the smallest children can show it.

The appearance of a banana or other fruit

Focus with the advent of a banana is very effective for showing on stage, that is, away from the viewer. Although already at a short distance, a banana looks like a real one. The most popular trick is the appearance of a banana from an empty paper bag (which comes complete with props) or from a hand.

The whole joke is that the banana is rubber and it is very easy to twist it into a tube or just squeeze it in your hand. When you open your hand, it quickly takes its form - that is, it appears from nowhere.

Another focus is the flying orange. It is also made of rubber, it is easily squeezed in the hand, and it has a hole for the finger. Putting your thumb in the hole, you can make the orange fly (levitate).

For these two tricks, it is advisable to train manual dexterity, as they are a bit more complicated than the previous ones. Therefore, it’s not enough just to buy props for tricks, you also need to work out tricks before starting public performances in front of friends or on stage.

How to learn tricks with the disappearance of a coin

  1. You need any coin, the main thing is not very large.
  2. Roll up the sleeves so that there is space between the clothes and the hand. This is where the coin should fall at the moment when you raise your hand up.
  3. All other actions that you will do is necessary only to have more entertainment. Rubbing your hands without a coin, you show its miraculous disappearance.

Such a trick does not require special skills and expenses, only sleight of hand and training are needed. Tricks in which objects disappear have always caused, cause and will cause surprise and delight.

Learning focus with fading coins from a fist

  1. Remove coins of different denominations from your pocket.
  2. Choose one and show it to the audience, holding between your fingers.
  3. Explain that you do not need the rest of the coins, and put them in your pocket.
  4. Show your right hand as if a coin were in a fist. However, in reality, you quietly dropped it in your pocket with all the coins. The secret lies in the fascinating machinations of the hands and the dexterity of your movements.

The tricks in which objects disappear is always the mystery and softness of the movements. In this case, it is important to distract the audience from moving the subject. Now you can see the focus in the pictures with the disappearance of the coin, which uses auxiliary objects.

To do this, you need: a small item or coin, a card and 2 rings. One of the rings must have an interior of fabric in advance.

This focus involves a pre-prepared ring with material pasted on it. The material should look like a tablecloth on the table. You also need agility and charm. The trick is that the coin remains under the ring, and the viewer does not even suspect about it.