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How to be a fearless soccer goalkeeper


Immediately - unconditionally! - we admit the obvious: our world is a world of disasters! Large-scale catastrophes: earthquakes, eruptions, fires, tsunamis, floods, landslides, regional wars, terrorist attacks, mass brutality ... And personal catastrophes: from the quiet suicide of loners to the murder of a wife and children by another businessman.

At the same time, everything that surrounds us - television, newspapers, magazines, computers, astrologers, telephones, neighbors, bosses, psychics, colleagues, exchanges, governments, magicians, all kinds of analysts of globalization processes ... In a word, wherever your eye or ear rolls, everything prophesies disaster. The smallest of which is the end of the world in 2012.

Living in such a world is scary

And each of us - from the president to the homeless - is afraid. Afraid of involuntarily. At the cell level. And already depression - a child of fear - according to world statistics, breaking out in the first place, supplanted the most formidable killers of mankind: oncology, cardiovascular, bone diseases.

Fear becomes triumphantly invincible.

But! If one of us has not lost his mind yet, is not put on a chain, is not tied hand and foot in a mental hospital ... More than that. He is not mentally exhausted. And she wants to wake up in the morning, happily jump off the hated sofa, pull back the curtain, look out the window and - smile at the world!

And with this smile - start your day. And with the same smile - finish it.

But - alas and alas! - this simple natural desire is inaccessible to him. Because inarticulate fears, anxiety, insecurity, expectation of failure, in the end, many years of fear in front of the door of the boss, with whom - we must finally! - solve a sore point ...

And if you are a beginner copywriter, a specific fear will be added to such fears: fear of your own “I can’t”, of the customer, of the absence of the customer, of the fierce, exhausting soul of competition, of failure, of ridicule by copywriters, the fear of your black fate that has not worked out ... And this fear - like a bite of a poisonous asp - paralyzes the mind, will, action. Generating even greater fear.

There is an exit!

He is in man himself.

And the first thing to do is wait until this fear becomes unbearable. And then the minute itself will come when - protesting with all the strength of your heart - you will violently shout to the whole world: “Tired of fear! I do not want! And I will not!"

And then you feel how enormous burden fell from the soul. And you feel better. And then - confidently and calmly - we begin to work with our brightened soul.

We start with a simple one.

It is best in the early morning - both the family, the city, and the world are still sleeping - you, one on one with the healing silence, take a piece of paper. Divide the vertical line in half. And on the left side of the sheet - without hiding anything - write down all your fears. You may call this part of the sheet “My Fears”. You can supplement this list tomorrow too. And the day after tomorrow. And all week and month. Until you record everything.

Have you recorded? Perfectly. Go to the right side of the sheet. And let's call it like this: "My victories." AND…

Do not hurry! Do not fuss! Do not miss what lies on the surface of life. Or even what you reveled in, telling, for example, your friends, what an irresistible daredevil you are and how you punched your boss when he allowed himself ...

Do not lie! Lying to yourself is the last thing. And there is no need to lie to yourself. Because you have something to remember good things about yourself. It is only necessary to seriously and thoughtfully plunge into the very depths of your life. To the most distant point of childhood. You can even remember (mother told you more than once about this), how strong, triumphant cry you screamed when you were born ...

Take a break from this scream. And you will definitely remember how, not knowing how to swim, you once - stifled by hopelessness - rushed into the river and ... And from that day, as if by itself, you learned and became an excellent swimmer. Or - think, think! - as once, looking directly into the eyes of a dear friend, you said that he is a liar, and you are ashamed, and you will not be friends with him if he does not change for the better. Or - remember? - as in the circle of the boys, school leaders, who were harassing you, you, being pressed with all your heart from fear, nevertheless refused to beat the "bespectacled crammer" just because he was an excellent student.

Remember! Remember in detail and all! Even that which does not seem important and bold to you today. For example, as a teenager you burst into tears of grief reading about the death of Gadfly ... Or how your adult heart hurt and tormented when you watched a film about the inexplicable courage of our soldiers on the Kursk Bulge ...

Do not hurry! Fill the right half of the sheet every morning. Make it your favorite pastime. Rejoice, discovering yourself real - courageous, pure, generous.

And one day the day will come when, looking at your leaflet, you will be genuinely surprised. Because on this sheet - in black and white - you will see how many wonderful impulses and hard actions you have experienced. And how - next to them - the fears that subdued you are shallow and insignificant. So you just forgot yourself real. And - confused.

And from this feeling that you - the real one - there is and the amazing mechanism of your self-affirmation will start. This omnipotent, proven mechanism by all the heroes of the world - day after day - will hone your courage. And you will certainly find true fearlessness.

Tips for Being a Fearless Soccer Goalkeeper

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  • If you are sometimes overwhelmed by doubts, remember that to some extent, every time you save the goal from a goal, it is equivalent to the time when your team scores.
  • When you touch the ball, be sure to make enough effort to control the ball and not let it out of your hands.
  • If you sing to yourself during the game, it will help you to play instinctively and not worry that you will be injured or do something wrong.
  • If you jumped behind the ball and it is on the ground, grab it and fold your W-shaped hands in front of you. So you protect yourself.
  • If you have shields, try to land on them if you jump.
  • Thanks to the spikes, jumping is easier because they stick into the ground and provide better grip. This will help you push off the ground.


  • No need to sacrifice yourself aimlessly, because your team will only get worse if you get injured in vain. But if you are injured while saving from a goal, you are well done.
  • In the game, the goalie position is rather painful. You must be very hardy and ready to get abrasions. If you play on a more professional level, get ready to be beaten, kicked, attacked, scratched with spikes. It may seem that playing the goalkeeper is not at all fun, but the adrenaline generated helps save the goal from the goal, especially when your blood is flowing. Playing the goalkeeper, you will get experience that will inspire you and in the future will help you achieve results.
  • Do not let your anger break out. So you only add problems to yourself, but at certain points, anger can also add strength to you. Do not do anything with anger, otherwise you will receive a yellow card.
  • Feel the measure. If during the game you are stepped on your head several times (this can happen), you may need to ask for a replacement.