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What to do if a hose is frozen in a well?


Most motor homes are not adapted to frost. If colds are approaching, the owner of the cottage should take measures to prevent hardening of the watering hose. The cheapest and most reasonable way is to fill your water tank and prepare to disconnect from the water supply. For tourists who plan to relax during the cold season, special insulating materials are available in specialized and construction stores.

Why does the hose freeze in the well?

Often such a well is created almost within the house, using a basement or subfloor for this. The location of the well with water does not save you from freezing the well for drinking water in the winter.

This happens, as scientists have established, not underground, but on the transition between the air and land borders. To complicate the situation can be a draft that occurs in the basement or underground. This causes crystallization of air, which in winter leads to freezing of water in the hose.

Among the other common causes of this phenomenon, the following factors are worth noting:

  1. The well was not built correctly, as a result of which the water in the pump shaft was close to the ground. If it freezes, which is not uncommon at low temperatures, then the water in the well will freeze.
  2. Poor insulation of the well.
  3. The water supply system is very close to the earth's surface.
  4. Groundwater is located very high.
  5. Low level of soil freezing, which is typical for regions with a harsh winter climate.

An important reason why in winter the pipes and hose from the pump can freeze is the quality of the well material. If it is built of wood, not reinforced concrete, then the risk of frostbite of the hose and the water system underground is reduced significantly.

What to do if the hose in the well is frozen?

Consider how to heat a flexible hose in a well. You can prepare for such situations if the freezing of the hose for the well with water already exists.

Such problems must be solved immediately, so that by the winter the water supply system does not become unusable at all. If the water in the well is frozen, then there are effective methods for how to warm up or how to defrost water.

If the water in the well freezes, first of all you need to look at the film of ice. If it is dark and has a cobweb, then the water cover from frost is thin and breaks with a crowbar. It is necessary to act very carefully so as not to break anything, but only break the ice on the hose leading to the mine. Water should be gently mixed with a bucket to mix all the particles of the ice crust.

Given that this situation can happen again, you need to insulate the shaft and hose connection. It is recommended to replace it with frost-resistant. It is necessary to buy reinforced and replace the previous one with this hose.

You need to purchase and install it in the spring-summer period. You can use other types of such devices, but for this you need to consult a specialist. Only he knows exactly what a hose should be for pumping water from a well.

In the event that the ice crust has become very thick, it is necessary to melt the water through a touch with heat. How to warm in this way? You will need a special building hair dryer, you can use a heating heater or other similar devices. It is recommended to cover the defrosted surface with something on top - boards or film.

It is necessary to connect the device so that it works without interruptions and can cope with the task in a short period of time. Purchased and connected hairdryer or heater can be put on autonomous power.

Learn more about this in the store at the time of purchase. All this will speed up the process of ice thawing, which will then turn into water flowing down into the well.

In order not to suffer every autumn and winter over the question of how to defrost a hose from a well and water in it, care must be taken about water equipment in the warm season.

  1. Firstly, it is necessary to insulate the shaft from the outside. This means that you will have to wrap the well from all sides with such materials as sawdust, polystyrene foam, glass wool.
  2. Secondly, to build a house from the boards above the well. The base of the building must be driven deep into the ground, and the foundation between the concrete ring and the ground should be filled with sawdust. The house should be equipped with a door, which will be closed after water is taken out. The roof of the structure is usually made of shingles or covered with a head, which is impregnated with compounds from moisture and frost. As a result, water will be protected from frost and debris, and equipment - from freezing.
  3. Thirdly, you can additionally put a special manhole cover on the shaft. Most often, it is made of wood, and then impregnated with special moisture-resistant solutions. It is important that the diameter of the cover fits exactly under the shaft ring.

Waterworks in adverse weather conditions require additional protection. You need to protect the well near the base of the soil and from all sides.

It is best to use a material called polystyrene foam, it is perfectly cut into pieces. This allows you to make the right number of sheets and plates, wrapping them in the well completely. But before installation, expanded polystyrene must be returned to the workshop or covered with oil paint on its own, then wrapped with foil.

From the sheets obtained, protection should be done by digging a trench along the perimeter of the well. It is necessary to insert material into it, and then bury it. The earth needs to be rammed regularly, this will create additional protection. Additionally, you can wrap pipes and hose with special heat-insulating substances.