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Spiritual Session: Safety


Spiritual Session - this is a ritual, the purpose of which is to get in contact with creatures by representatives of the other world, and specifically with spirits.

The simplicity of conducting a spiritualistic session led to an increase in the popularity of the rite, especially among young people, but there are some nuances that must be taken into account.

What is a ritual?

Often, what can be seen in movies or read in books about a spiritualistic session is the invention of the authors. In fact, there is a set of rules regarding this ritual and they need to be followed.

For example, the most basic thing is that the session is conducted by several people at once, one of which will be the host.

The popularity of conducting spiritualistic sessions rose sharply after the publication of the book “Contacting the Other Side” by George Lytton in the 18th century. There, he claimed that he had managed to communicate with the departed representatives of the Swedish and English monarchy. On the basis of the call of spirits, a religious-philosophical current called spiritualism even developed.

How to determine the presence of mind during a session

When conducting a spiritualistic session, a medium must be present, which is able to recognize the presence of the spirit. Sometimes even those who are far from magic and simply want to talk with, for example, a long-dead relative, can understand this.

Typically, the spirit begins to communicate with those who summoned it through the Wige board. About it has already been said earlier.

Often the spirit can take a physical form. Suppose to move into one of the participants in the call or some inanimate object. In this case, it is very important not to be afraid, otherwise the spirit will begin to mock at those who called him.

It is for this reason that it is not necessary to carry out the ritual alone or without a person with special knowledge.

What you need to know about spiritualism in general

Spirits are divided into parasitic, background and informative (acting). In time to recognize parasitic spirits and cut off their influence - one of the main skills of this spirit.

In the course of a spiritualistic session, the contactee faces a formidable danger - the loss of control over his own body. It can begin with the fact that the hands of the spirit are completely in the grip of spirits. The method of "automatic writing", "automatic drawing", "automatic speech" is very popular among spiritualists, but its amateur use, at least, is undesirable. Spirits do not let the contactee go without a fight: this should be remembered.

Alphabetical circle - The main device in spiritualism is a kind of mirror, which reflects the personality of the contactee with all its advantages and disadvantages.

The human body is capable of self-regulation. Fatigue, absent-mindedness, a feeling of loss of strength after a spiritualistic session indicates that the contactee needs to interrupt his operations for a while and think about restoring mental forces, as well as more effective protection. After a properly conducted spiritualistic session, calmness, lightness, joy of victory and other purely positive emotions should be felt. The dark veil between the consciousness and the subconscious almost disappears, giving the psyche huge resources for successful activity. However, the subconscious mind is several orders of magnitude “more efficient” than consciousness, and excessive enthusiasm can lead to the depletion of the psyche of even the most successful spiritual contactee. But excessive enthusiasm in spiritualism is akin to obsession - a state in which a person completely ceases to control his actions and actions. "Give freedom to the subconscious, but know how to keep it in check!" - Spiritualists-professionals advise, and one cannot disagree with them.

First of all, a spiritual contactee will need will and imagination. Will is needed in order to force the imagination to create the required image and send an appeal to the astral to this image, cutting off curious and intrusive parasitic spirits. During the session, the contactee will need the will in order to overcome fatigue (it is the beginning spiritists who complain of fatigue, and this is not surprising, because the work of the astral body requires huge energy costs). Concentrating the will will also help the spirit not to be distracted, keeping the spirit with him for exactly as much time as necessary for a full-fledged session. It is even more important to show will when the topic of communication has been exhausted. The spirit must be dispersed in the astral, completely dispersed, and this is the direct duty of the spirit conducting the session.

When conducting a spiritualistic session, remember that the evoked spirit (image) is not able to extract from its “memory" more than what the total life (conscious and subconscious) experience of all participants in the spiritualistic session contains. It is this peculiarity of spiritualism that caused the most criticism of materialistic scientists: they say that spiritualists evoke not spirits, but their own subconscious memories. Such a point of view should not be disputed: in any case, at a properly organized spiritualistic session, you will receive answers to all your questions.

It is no exaggeration to say that the medium is the main character in a spiritualistic session. Choosing a medium is not easy. Spiritualists of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries often turned to famous foreign mediums, inviting them to take part in sessions. Today, the choice of a medium is just as complicated. If your group has already formed, it makes sense to try as a medium for all the participants in turn. The effectiveness of the seance will testify to the right choice. Conversely, the inconsistency of the answers, their inconsistency indicate that the session is not organized correctly. You can increase the effectiveness of communication by seating the participants in a session in a different order, that is, experimentally. The participants in the spiritualistic session are not only those who are sitting at the table and directly participating in communication with the spirit, but also those who are simply present in the room.

When the circle of participants in the spiritualistic session is defined and the medium is selected, you can proceed to the next stage of work.

Perfumes can make themselves felt in several ways: various sounds (knocking, creaking), the movement of objects, as well as the immediate appearance in the form of a ghostly flickering cloud. Just note that beginning spiritualists should not seek the immediate appearance of the spirit - this is unsafe.

During the spiritualistic session, you can form a "spirit of the circle", embodying the mood, thoughts, feelings of all those present. The answers of the spirit in this case will be addressed not to an individual person, but to the whole circle of participants in the spiritualistic session.

What does the spiritual circle look like?

The figure shows a spiritualistic circle, which you can do yourself.

The words YES and NO can be included - above and below - in the digital circle.

In the gap between the alphabetic and digital circles - right and left - you can draw a question mark and an exclamation mark.

In the middle of the circle, it is necessary to depict a noticeable point that will contribute to the concentration of attention of the participants in the session. The material for the circle can be plain thick paper.

In the amateur practice of spiritualism (mainly in Russian), it was customary to depict various additional symbols, for example, “love”, “death”, “separation”, etc. Such symbols are not needed, they only complicate the interpretation of the answers.

The circle during the session should be firmly fixed on the table.

Now select an item that will act as a pointer. Traditionally, this is a porcelain saucer. It is worth choosing not a heavy saucer, which will slide well in a spiritualistic circle. As a rule, on the outside of it draw a noticeable strip-pointer.

The correct conduct of the spiritualistic session

Session time must be selected correctly. The subconscious is most relaxed in the evening and at night. However, experience shows that daytime sessions can also be quite effective.

There are days in which to conduct spiritualistic sessions is not worth it. This is usually asked by the spirits themselves, and they, as an interested party, report whether a good time is chosen for the session.

Before the start of the session, participants must take off everything metallic: watches, rings, rings, brooches, chains, pendants, etc. You should open the window. If the session is held in the evening or at night, candles should be used for lighting. They are not needed for spirits, but for the participants in the session themselves: their light has a hypnotic and calming effect.

It is recommended to talk during a seance, quietly, preferably in a whisper.

Before the session, you need to write down the questions that I would like to hear the answer to.

Only the medium communicates with the spirit. He is engaged in his challenge. None of the other participants should in any way influence the work of the medium. It also accepts answers, and also brings them into a human-readable form.

The ability to subconscious contacts varies from person to person. Therefore, not all participants in the session can drive a saucer. Before the session, you need to stretch your fingers, rub your palms. Those who are not self-confident, it is better to just put their hands on the table, but not to bring them closer to the saucer.

It is necessary to choose the one who will record the answers of the spirit. This person will not come in contact with perfume.

Please note that it is the preparation for the session that creates a special emotional atmosphere, inhibits the subconscious sphere of the participants, prepares them for receiving astral information. The closer to the state of meditation the participants in the spiritualistic session come, the better.

At the beginning of the session, the medium heats the saucer above the candle flame. Then he sets it in the middle of the image to the side (at an angle of about 45 degrees) and says:

- The spirit of such-and-such (or such-and-such), please come to us!

This spell must be repeated three times.

Immediately make a reservation that the call of the spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte, popular at the time, looks, to put it mildly, archaic at the beginning of the XXI century.

After making a call, the medium puts the saucer in the center of the spiritual circle. Thus, he covers the spirit that appeared at the call. Now the other participants in the session carefully touch the edges of the saucer with the fingertips of one or both hands.

The medium should make sure the presence of the invited spirit: here the saucer should move. Three options for saucer behavior are possible.

The saucer remains completely motionless. Participants need to put a little pressure on the saucer, as if pushing it. As a rule, the direction of this movement, dictated by the astral body, is rarely erroneous. Next, the saucer moves of its own free will.

The saucer makes sharp chaotic movements. Participants must hold it. The reason for this behavior of the saucer may be an excess of participants. Are you not crowded at the table? Let some of the participants try to remove their hands from the saucer. You can’t remove your fingers to all participants in the session - usually this leads to loss of contact with the invited spirit.

If the answer is positive and the spirit is in contact with the spiritualistic group (the answer is “yes” - the saucer turns the risk to the answer “yes” in the center of the circle), then the medium asks the following question:

- The spirit of such (or such), are you ready to communicate with us?

Usually the spirit answers that it is ready - it is interested in continuing its existence, that is, in communicating with the spiritualists. Having received a negative answer, the medium should complete the session as soon as possible. Continuing the session with a negative response is highly undesirable. If communication with this spirit is absolutely necessary, you can try to ask why he refuses to speak, and still continue to communicate. But this is only as a last resort.

Read the article on spiritualism Further.

Spiritualism. Ritual

Place on the ritual table the things of the deceased or his image. If not a person’s soul is called, but a different spirit, then his images will also be needed. When everything is ready, you need to hold hands so that they make up a circle. After that, the leader makes an inviting speech. This is a key point, for it is important to invite the spirit, and not make it come.

Communication is usually done through a spiritualistic tablet on which letters and numbers are written. Sometimes a spirit can take a physical form or an incorporeal form. This can scare you, so never call a perfume without a person who has a certain experience in this. There are many methods, but the call itself is made in ordinary words: "Spirit (name), come to us." The medium speaks these words, and the rest of the participants concentrate on this action and repeat the challenge, starting from the third time. Sometimes the leader himself says everything, and the rest only listen. The main thing is to hold hands and never let them go. Get acquainted with one of the alternative methods of calling spirits, which will help you get answers to your questions.

Safety precautions

The spiritualistic session of the medium is called a very dangerous journey to the border of the worlds, so it is important to always remember the main rules:

  • People who cause spirits should not have a mental burden. A person who has committed a great evil will be in danger. Avoid emotions such as fear, envy and anger during the spirit challenge routine.
  • A spiritualistic session should not be carried out by people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Limit your communication with the dead and do not repeat spiritualistic sessions too often.
  • Do not call evil spirits on purpose, alone and without a person who has experience in this.
  • Correctly end the session with thank-you words and an apology for your concern. Do not end the session by simply turning on the light - this will anger the spirits.

Now you know that spiritualism can be dangerous not only for those who cause deliberately bad spirits, but also for those who are unclean. Always follow the rules and do not endanger yourself and your loved ones. The energies of the entities that come to us from the other world are very strong, so precaution is above all.

Live good and do not forget that God sees everything and is not always happy with such challenges. From the point of view of Christianity, this is a sin that can be atone for only those who refuse spiritualism once and for all. If you have ever performed such rituals and then repented, tell the priest about it in confession and communion. Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and

Session Preparation

A person who decided to evoke the spirit must find a few more like-minded people who want to participate in a spiritualistic session. The more participants, the better, but preferably at least 4.

In advance, the medium explains to the participants the rules of behavior during the session. For a better result, you can wait for the full moon, perfumes are more active during this period. The time of the appointment is from 00:00 to 04:00. It is even more effective to conduct a session during Christmas time.

There are people with a very strong energy shell, magicians believe that this guardian angel protects them from contact with otherworldly strength. The presence of such a participant can fail the session, but you can’t find out in any way without trying to participate.

To communicate with the spirit, a circle with the letters of the alphabet is cut out. The size of the circle is determined by the number of participants. For example, for five people, a circle of 0.5 meters in diameter will do.

The circle is divided into 32 sectors, while the letters "ё" or "b" (at the discretion) are taken out of the circle. Inside the letter circle, numbers from 0 to 9 are written.This is a digital circle, which should turn out to be about half the size of the letter. In the same place where the numbers you need to write "yes" and "no." Between the circles you need to put a question mark, other signs do not need to be put. The circle is firmly attached to the table. On the outside of the saucer, draw an arrow that will serve as a pointer. In general, mediums use different improvised objects, but the saucer most often. The main thing here is that the pointer is light and easily slide on paper.

IMPORTANT! Before participating, you need to remember a few rules:

  1. ask nothing about the afterlife,
  2. there should not be jewelry or amulets on the body,
  3. in dealing with the spirit to respect politeness,
  4. you can talk with other participants only in a whisper,
  5. before the session, do not overeat and do not take alcohol,
  6. do not interrupt the medium while communicating with the spirit,
  7. when the spirit begins to be active, in no case do not panic.

How to conduct a spiritualistic session

To start the session, you need to open the window, turn off the light and light the candles. If the evoked spirit is a deceased relative or acquaintance of one of the participants in the session, then a photograph or object belonging to him during his lifetime should be placed in the room.

Participants sit down at a table, a medium heats the inside of a saucer above a burning candle. After he places it in the middle of the circle with an edge, with a slight slope.

Three times the phrase is uttered: "Spirit (Name) come to us!". These words must be repeated until the moment when the spirit begins to manifest itself.

All participants must touch the saucer with their fingertips. A candle may go out or a light breeze may run through the room, and knocking and rustling are signs of the presence of the spirit.

Participants are often shaken by the unusual nature of their position. The medium at this moment should ask the following question: "Spirit (Name) are you here?"

After this, the saucer should begin to move. If the saucer stands still, you can push it a little harder and slightly push.

There are cases of strange behavior of the saucer, it can rush about the table and try to slip off of it. In this case, you should slightly increase the pressure on the saucer, in no case without lifting your fingers. If all fingers come off the pointer, the connection may be interrupted.

In the case when the spirit answers the question of the medium about the presence “yes”, you need to ask if he wants to make further contact. Often the answer is yes, but if the saucer indicates the word “no,” then you should not be imposed and it’s better to say goodbye. If the answer is yes, you can find out his name to see if that spirit responded to the challenge. It is also advisable to ask a question for which the answer is already known. If he answers incorrectly, it is better to politely say goodbye and end the session. Sometimes spirits are cunning or not behaving calmly, but you should not be afraid - their possibilities are limited.

So, after the necessary checks, you can proceed to the questions of interest. With the help of a saucer, the spirit will alternately point to the symbols (letters and numbers) that make up the answer. If the movement of the letters is incoherent, he can point to the word "no" and start again. It must be remembered that politeness is the main condition of a spiritualistic session. Rude attitude is unacceptable.

How to end a session

The time to continue the session is usually determined by the medium. When it is decided to end the session, you need to ask what the spirit wants and say goodbye. This is a prerequisite, otherwise there may be bad consequences. After that, the medium turns the saucer over, and communication ends. It is not necessary to conduct sessions for more than 45 minutes.

Well-being and possible consequences after the session

It must be remembered that any spiritualistic session violates the boundaries between dimensions, and does not affect a person very well. You need to think carefully before participating in such an event. The health and mental effects can be very different. In this case, there should be a fairly experienced medium.

Calling the spirit, a person gives him a particle of his life energy. And whether it is worth it or not, everyone decides for himself.