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Loaf, loaf, who do you want to choose? Children's (and not so) game


The game "Loaf" can be played with children of different ages - starting with a two-year-old. Usually this game is played on children's birthday parties, but it is quite appropriate to conduct it at any time in a children's company.

Child psychologists note that thanks to this game, children develop a sense of ownership in the event and create a positive psychological microclimate in the group of children. In addition, this game is mobile, which contributes to the physical development of the child. Repeating a song repeatedly during the game helps your child develop memory.

The rules of the game are as follows: participants join hands and become in a circle, and the birthday person is placed in the center. Children begin to move in a circle, singing a song: “How to nameday on Machines (called the name of the hero of the occasion), we baked a loaf. Here is such a height (together they raise their hands up, stand on their toes), such a depression (they squat down, lowering their hands), such a width (they go as far as possible from the center of the circle, holding hands), such a dinner (converge close to birthday in the center of the circle). Loaf, loaf, whoever you want - choose (clap your hands).

After this, the birthday boy selects someone from the children surrounding him - puts in his place in the center of the circle, and he becomes in a circle and the round dance starts again. The game is played until all participants are in the center of the circle.

Game: "Loaf, whoever you want - choose!"

Characteristic: festive entertainment event with elements of a round dance.

Purpose of the game: the formation of the members of the event a sense of ownership and a positive psychological microclimate of the group. Identification of likes and dislikes among participants.

List of participants: from 5 people to 15 people.

Age of participants: on agreement of the parties.

The main character: a birthday man (or the hero of the occasion).

Participants stand in a circle and hold hands. The birthday is in the center of the circle. Then the participants begin to dance. They sing and move to the music, performing movements throughout the song (to pops).

All participants in chorus speak the text:

How on ... (name of the hero of the occasion) name day (birthday or other celebrated event)
We baked a loaf:

Here is such a height (raise your hands up),
Here is the bottom (sit down, touch the floor with your hands),
Here is such a width (the participants step aside),
Here is such a dinner (converge to the center of the circle)!

Loaf, loaf (all clap their hands)
Whom you love, choose!

I love, of course, everyone
And here ... (name of participant) more than anyone else!

After which the new “birthday boy” gets into a circle, and the round dance moves again, the text repeats. So that people do not get bored, you can hold several such "elections" and choose all the guests in turn, and at the end once again the hero of the day stands in a circle.

At the end of the game, all guests take turns congratulating the birthday person, singing songs or reading poetry, giving gifts from themselves and / or the team.

You can diversify the script with the appearance of costumed actors, pre-rehearsed scenes of congratulations.

Children and teenagers will be pleased with life-size puppets, theater actors in costumes of Mishka, Bunny, Little Red Riding Hood, Chanterelle and other fairy-tale characters.

“Adult children” are likely to be surprised by Pirates of the Caribbean, a gypsy camp, as well as an analogue of Verka Serdyuchka and the pop group Viagra. Perhaps you will have other interesting ideas, entertaining stories that will be inherent only to your holiday.

Such events take place on a great emotional upsurge and are remembered for a long time by the participants, since everyone is given space for creativity and self-expression.

And of course, the highlight of the program will be tea drinking with a cake. Or even with a real loaf!

Games with croup

So, we offer you several options for games with colored cereals and pasta.

1. Touch boxes

2. The sandbox at home (from rice, semolina)

3. Dry painting (applications from cereals on paper)

4. Learning colors

5. Games that develop fine motor skills (find an object, pour cereal into a container, fill with a spoon)

6. From cereals can be made artificial snow, sea, meadow, land and so on - this develops the imagination of the child.

7. Sorter can be made from colored cereals (Sort the colors)

8. You can make beads of colored pasta

9. Cereals scattered on the floor - good foot massage

10. DIY crafts (postcards, panels)

11. "Sand animation" on glass or plastic

13. You can hide metal objects in the croup and find them with a magnet

14. Pastry games (colored sprinkles of rice)

15. You can make a kaleidoscope of colored cereals.

16. Colored rice in a jar - a beautiful decoration of the interior.

17. Colored cereals can be poured into the bottle with a funnel.

Developing activity for a child with colored objects, bright things and colorful cereals becomes much more fun!

Groats applications

This type of creativity is very common, especially in kindergartens. Applications from cereals have many advantages. Even babies cope with this task, and the plus is that in the process of creating a masterpiece, scissors are not needed. Motility also affects the brain, so baby's speech develops faster. Also, the search for cereals has a good effect on plucked reflexes, naughty pens learn to be obedient.

Grain on paper is glued to PVA glue (glue - pencil). First draw the contours on the paper with a pencil, then glue the groats of different colors.

Touch box for children

The touch box is a toy, beautiful, useful, fascinating and developing imagination and fine motor skills. And the budget is good. A touch box for a child can be made by any parent. The touch box is a container with cereals, pebbles or liquid filler and game elements of your choice.

How to color rice

You can use several different options on how to make cereals colored for playing with a child: Use food colors, brilliant green, iodine, chalk and pastel. In relation to the child, first of all, there should be safety, you can choose for yourself the most acceptable way of coloring cereals, depending on the age of the child. For the smallest, it is recommended to use natural dyes or food colors, for older children, you can experiment with other methods of painting.

Rice coloring materials:

  • Food colors How to color rice at home Food colorings such as Easter egg coloring kits can be used to color rice. Rice painted bright, saturated colors. Also, the cereal will not fade for a long time, will not stain hands.
  • Natural dyes: onion peel will color the rice brown; to do this, boil the husk and hold the rice in a decoction. To get a pink color, squeeze the beetroot juice, add vinegar and color the rice. Red rice can be obtained by holding it in a strong broth hibiscus. Yellow rice will be obtained with turmeric; a beautiful coffee color will be obtained with coffee, chocolate or cocoa. You will also achieve an orange color if you hold the cereal in carrot juice. Rice coloring using natural dyes is suitable for those who do not have food coloring on hand or you do not want to use them for safety reasons, the disadvantage of this method is that the cereal does not get such saturated colors and the paint fades over time.
  • Medications: Zelenka, iodine, potassium permanganate
  • Gouache, watercolor, finger paints. Distribute the rice into several containers, it is better to take plastic cups. Add gouache and some water to them, mix and leave for an hour. After this, pour the cereal onto paper and let it dry for 24 hours. If the rice is dry, you can make applications from it. It is better not to play with such rice; it will stain pens. To the touch, the rice is slightly rough.