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Beautiful snow white


Snow White is one of the most beloved characters in the history of animation. Appearing in 1937 in the first animated Disney feature film, she also became the first Disney princess. If you want to follow the example of your cult image, he describes how to do it so convincingly that you can earn a kiss for the prince. (However, it may be worth avoiding apple vendors.)

  • Dress with a full, cream or yellow skirt to the toes, a blue bodice with a deep round neck, short sleeves in blue and red, and a tall, stiff white collar. The bodice has a thin vertical gold ribbon at the bottom center.
  • White skirt with lace hem or ruffles.
  • Red (or neutral) low-heeled shoes with matching arms.
  • Blue cloak with a red lining (option).

  • If you are already a brunette with hair up to the chin, add curls, comb them slightly to create soft waves, divide in the center and add a ribbon.
  • If not, cut, dye, and style your hair to make it look like Snow White, or buy a wig.
  • On some modern images, Snow White is depicted with a tiara instead of a bow. Both will do.

  • Apply a pale base and a layer of suitable powder for the appearance of porcelain skin.
  • Apply a little pink blush to the cheekbones.
  • If your eyebrows are light, make them an eyebrow pencil.
  • Apply neutral eye shadow. Draw the upper and lower eyelids in black pencil.
  • Take mascara to lengthen and darken your eyelashes.
  • Paint your lips with a red or neutral lip liner and fill the saturated red with a matte lipstick.

  • Snow White is always fun, no matter what. She may dream of meeting the prince, even working as a modest maid in the kitchen. To achieve this on your own, look at the bright side as often as possible. Like Snow White, sing or purr while you work. Remember to smile often!
  • Be helpful to others when you can. Keep the door open, pick up something that someone has dropped, stay to help clean up after dinner or party. Ask friends and family: “How can I help you?
  • Show kindness to others. Encourage. Listen with empathy. If you know that it’s hard for someone, send him a postcard or tell me what you think about him. Refrain from gossip.
  • Be as feminine as possible. Speak in a high, melodious voice. Learn to move beautifully in small steps. Let men take care of things like pulling out chairs or putting on a coat. Use proper manners and etiquette


  • Anna Karenina is described just like that.
  • M. Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita” - the title character.
  • The Silmarillion: Lúthien Tinuviel, the most beautiful virgin of Arda, possessed just such an appearance. Like her distant great-granddaughter Arwen Undomiel. In half with Raven Hair.
  • The Witcher is Yennifer.
  • “Song of Ice and Fire” - Lianna Stark, with a discount on brown, but not completely black hair.
  • The Vorkosigan Saga - Lady Alice Vorpatril, Elena Botari, Ally Queen, Yekaterin Vorkosigan-Forsoisson.
  • "Wolfhound" - Nilith.
  • The Spear Saga: Krisaniya Tarinskaya is the owner of tar hair, very fair skin and exceptional beauty. To drive a contrast of appearance into the earth's crust - she dresses strictly in white.
    • And Princess Silvanesti Elkhan Starwind.
  • Dresden Files - Rates in full strength. Pedal to the floor: a hungry vampire's skin also glows.
  • The Faet - Era Lua.
  • B. Akunin, “Lover of Death” - such a beauty is described with the Gothic nickname Death.


  • Disney's Snow White, which is logical, looks in full accordance with the fabulous description.
  • Partly Belle, however, she has brown hair.
  • “The Little Mermaid” - Ursula in the guise of Vanessa. The hair is not black, but darker than in the previous example.
  • Mulan tried to play this character during the wedding. She even bleached her face. Did not help.

Animated series

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is June's bounty hunter.
  • Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Asami Sato.
  • "RWBY" - Blake. Adam Taurus, Sun Wukong and Elijah Amitola . Subversion, for in the fourth volume tanned.
    • Ruby Rose - with a screwed wick: not quite a beauty, but just a cutie, but with all the chances to grow into one in the future. And not quite a brunette - very very dark red.
    • Raven Branven is the most suitable, who, with her tent-nomadic way of life, is paler than most heroes, because she often wears a helmet mask. So she hides the burning eyes of the Virgin of Spring .

Anime and manga

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Ray Hino / Sailor Mars. Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn in the adjacent category.
  • Code Geass - Kaguya Sumeragi.
  • X - Priestess-Miko Arashi.
  • Girls und Panzer - Nonna. She is also quite cold, and she has the nickname "Blizzard."
  • Shingeki no Kyojin - Mikasa Ackerman.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Lisa Lisa.
  • Nurarihyon no Mago - Zurara in the form of a man.
  • Golden Kamuy - Asirpa! To a lesser extent, Inkarmat with her totemperature, but Yenaga is already a nearby path, although she mows under Snow White. Gender inversion: Ogata (in the anime it’s not very noticeable, but in Asirpa’s manga highlights that his skin is very white, but he doesn’t take him to another steppe because of “feline”)
  • One Piece - Nico Robin after the timeskip.
  • Vinland Saga - Goodrid.

Board games

  • Multiverse D&D - moon elves: both sociable and, at first glance, frivolous silver elves of Faerнаn, as well as secretive sylvanan conservatives from Dragonlance. Among the Noldor people, there are also many dazzling beauties and beauties with coal-black hair, pale skin and light gray eyes.
    • Inversion with the drow: they have obsidian skin and white hair.

Real life

This color type of appearance is called "winter." It has always been popular in cinema, but especially in the "golden age" of Hollywood. Examples are Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn. Of modern celebrities - Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway. The male version is Alain Delon, Oleg Menshikov, Ezra Miller.

Fairytale outfit Snow White

Sometimes a famous dress is created not by the fingers of a fashion designer, but by a brush of an animator. So it happened with the outfit of Snow White - the heroine of the first full-length cartoon, which was released in 1937.

If we know something about the appearance of Snow White (“White as snow, rosy as blood, and black as ebony”), then the Grimm brothers were silent about her wardrobe. Therefore, the animators of the Disney studio had to invent everything from scratch.

On the one hand, it was clear that the heroine was of royal blood, therefore, she should have a royal dress. On the other hand, Snow White was not at all a fox. Therefore, for her, they drew two outfits - a discreet “worker” of brown color (she appears in it at the very beginning of the film) and, so to speak, the main one, “ceremonial”.

The basic elements of the dress were won over by noble ladies of the XVI - beginning of the XVII century. These are puffy puff sleeves with fashionable cuts (they can be seen on the portraits of ladies painted by Luis Cranach the Elder), and a high stand-up collar (a similar design, supported on a wire frame, can be seen in portraits of Elizabeth I). True, these elements did not seem to overlap in time. Moreover - puffs in that era - all, as one - ended in sleeves. Only at the beginning of the XIX century we can see a combination of puffs and bare hands (though this time without any cuts).

Well, and of course you can’t forget about the lantern sleeves that returned to the fashion of the 1930s - just at the very time when the cartoon was shot. Another sign of the present is the ribbon tied with a bow on the head.

Since the cartoon was shot using the innovative Technicolor technology (this was the dawn of color cinema), Snow White’s outfit was painted in several colors - juicy, bright, and well combined. The bodice was made blue, the hem of the long skirt was yellow, and the flirty headband was red. The red color is also visible in the slots of the sleeves, which hints that the heroine wore a bright red shirt under the dress.

Thanks to the huge popularity of the Disney cartoon, it was this image of Snow White that became the canonical and the most circulated. True, they often try to make the dress more flirty, for which, first of all, they sacrifice the length of the skirt.

Dorothy from Kansas

Perhaps the most modest of the famous film charges can be recognized as the attire of the girl Dorothy from the film “The Wizard of Oz”. I don’t know - is it worth reminding that the film was shot based on the fairy tale of the same name by Frank Baum, known in our arrangement by Alexander Volkov as “The Wizard of the Emerald City”.

In 1939, when Soviet children were just discovering the Scarecrow and the Lumberjack, American children thronged the Wizard of Oz in droves. The film became a classic, and the performer of the role of Dorothy - Judy Garland - “star”.

Her outfit - a beige blouse and a sundress in a small blue and white cage - (something reminiscent of the clothes of the then American schoolgirls) was created by Adrian Greenberg, costume designer at the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film studio.

Actress generally tried hard to rejuvenate.The fact is that, according to the plan, Dorothy was supposed to look like a 12-year-old girl. Judy Garland had more than enough childish immediacy, but her age (17 years) and forms were completely childish. Therefore, the actress was braided by perky pigtails and bows, and her breasts under the baby sarafan were tightly swaddled.

Most of all, costumers had to smash their heads over the design of magic shoes. The very ones that Dorothy expropriated from the murdered witch crushed by a van.

As you know, in Baum's tale, the shoes were silver. There is even an opinion that the writer reflected in the “Land of Oz” the debate about the new monetary equivalent, which was then conducted in the United States. Like, the shoes symbolize silver, The yellow brick road is gold, and the lying green glasses of the Emerald City are paper dollars.

The filmmakers were not interested in such conspiracy theories. They were more interested in something else. The fact is that “The Wizard of Oz” was shot using the already mentioned Technicolor technology, and thus was one of the first full-length color films.

The technology was not easy. The scenes were shot immediately on three cameras with three different filters - red, blue and green - and then the images were combined so as to obtain the desired color. During this shooting, strong lighting was used, so it was hellishly hot on the set.

So ... It was considered stupid to shoot color cinema and leave monochrome silver shoes in it. They decided to make them red, and call them ruby. However, due to the peculiarities of shooting, the color of the shoes had to be chosen darker, otherwise on the screen they would have looked not red, but orange.

The development of the "magic" shoes involved MGM chief costume designer - Gelbert Adrian. The first option came out too exotic - with a rich ornament and curved noses. Such shoes would be more suitable for Little Flour or Aladdin than a simple girl from Kansas.

The final version came out more modern - had a heel on the back and a strap with a butterfly on the front. The base was taken on white satin shoes company "Innes Shoe". At first, they wanted to use beads made of glass beads to imitate red rubies, but with them the shoes came out too heavy. Then used a lot of small rhinestones (2300 pieces per shoe).

For safety, they made several copies of both dresses and Dorothy's shoes. Judy Garland even asked to make one pair half the size more - her legs were swollen by the end of the shooting day. And the other couple had to be knocked down with felt so that the soles did not so much clatter during the dancing songs on the Yellow Brick Road.

As far as we know, 7 sarafans and 4 pairs of ruby ​​shoes have survived to this day. The most famous couple is kept at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. But a couple from the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota in 2005 unscrupulously stolen.

A blue and white dress remains a rarity. In November 2015, it was sold at auction for half a million dollars. They say the truth: not only a dress paints a person, but also a person - a dress.

P. S .: You can view frames from the mentioned films using the links in the 1st comment to this article.


Snow White’s initial sketches were designed by animator Grim Netwick, previously employed by Fleischer Studios, but they didn’t meet Walt Disney’s expectations because the character looked very much like the cartoon character Betty Boop or looked like a caricature of actress Seizu Pitts. Also, in some early sketches, Snow White was shown by a blonde, which did not correspond to the original fairy tale. Then the animator Hamilton Lax, at the request of Walt Disney, tried to create for her a realistic, but at the same time fabulous, and not quite convincing appearance, such as Persephone from the cartoon “Goddess of Spring” (Eng. The Goddess of the Spring, 1934). Then Walt appointed Laske as the leading animator for Snow White, and he began by designing the heroine's eyes and lips.

For Snow White, a living model was used. She was chosen from 200 applicants, the dancer Marjorie Celeste Belcher, the daughter of Ernest Belcher, a teacher in one of the dance schools, which later became a living model for the Blue Fairy in the Pinocchio cartoon. Betty Kimbbell, the wife of animator Ward Kimbella, who replaced Marjorie during the filming, was also a living model for the princess.


Walt Disney wanted to find the actress with a fabulous, somewhat childish voice for the role of Snow White, but the search was rather difficult. Samples for the role of Snow White were attended by about 150 girls, including well-known actresses, among whom was actress and singer Dina Durbin, but she was eventually refused, as the girl's voice seemed too adult to Disney. But in the end, in September 1935, Walt Disney chose the young singer Adriana Caselotti for the role of Snow White.

“My father was a singing teacher in Los Angeles. One day, one of Walt Disney's employees called him and asked if he knew the girls who could sing in a childish voice. I listened to the conversation on another device and asked: “Dad, what about me?”
- Adriana Caselotti.

One day, a Disney casting assistant called his friend, vocal and music teacher Guido Caselotti, complaining that there were no more singing girls in Hollywood. Caselotti wanted to invite his best students to audition, but it turned out that his 20-year-old daughter Adriana was listening in on another phone in the house. She sang into the phone and showed her sonorous girlish voice. Her father was embarrassed and ordered her daughter to leave the phone, but the casting director liked the girl’s voice and he invited her to audition.

Soon the Disney studio signed a multi-page contract with Adriana Caselotti: she was forbidden to sing in a movie or on the radio until the movie was released, in return the girl received $ 970, and her voice became one of the most recognizable in America of the 40s.

In the Russian dubbing of the cartoon, Snow White was voiced by actress Evgenia Igumnova.