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How to gloss over cosplay eyebrows?


In some cases, it is necessary to completely hide the eyebrows in order to give the make-up a dramatic effect, for example for a carnival, for travesty-make-up or for experimental make-up.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to purchase a special adhesive for this procedure. But if you have it or you can buy it, it will be very useful for creating a fantasy make-up and turning a man’s look into a woman’s.

To achieve the desired effect, follow the instructions below.

a) Degrease the area around the eyebrow. It is important that no traces of moisturizer remain. Brush your eyebrow up.

b) Apply glue on the eyebrow for skin and special effects, wait two seconds. If you don’t have glue, use a wax that allows you to glue your eyebrows.

c) Using the eyelash separator brush, comb the eyebrow upward. Make sure that the hairs lie flat, straight and create a smooth surface. To do this, you can slightly stretch the skin of the forehead. For best results, continue combing your brow toward the top for about 20 seconds until you are sure that the glue is dry.

d) Press with your thumb the entire area of ​​the eyebrow, if excess glue remains on the skin around the eyebrow, remove them with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

d) Apply glue over the already smoothed eyebrow to finally smooth the surface. This is necessary if the client has thick eyebrows and needs the effect of a flat and smooth surface.

f) On top of the eyebrow covered with glue, apply a makeup base in a suitable tone. Then coat it with enough powder, the surface may remain sticky and sticky, and the powder will eliminate this effect.

g) Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to remove glue. Place it on the eyebrow and leave it for 10 seconds, making sure that the swab does not slide off the eyebrow. Then wash the glue with gentle movements until it is completely removed.

Attention! This technique can only be used by professionals, following all the precautions and instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

Part 1 Using Glue

  1. Prepare everything you need.

Most likely, you already have everything you need at your fingertips. Before you begin, take all the necessary things. You will need:

  • Glue stick (the one used by children at school)
  • A translucent powder that matches your skin color.
  • A fluid concealer that matches your skin color.
  • Prepare your eyebrows and skin. Facial skin should be clean. Wash your face and remove all makeup. Do not use a moisturizer or any other skin care product around the eyes. Lotions and oils should also not be used in this case.

    Apply glue on the eyebrows against hair growth. Due to this, the roots of the hairs will be covered with glue. Use glue stick on the outside of the eyebrow to the inside. Make sure the eyebrows are completely covered with glue.

    Apply a second layer of glue in the direction of hair growth. Take the glue stick and draw it in the direction of hair growth. Move from the inside of the eyebrow to the outside.

    Use an eyebrow brush to smooth them.

    Eyebrows should be in the right direction. Use a special eyebrow brush (or old toothbrush) to brush your eyebrows and gently smooth them.

    • If you have thick eyebrows, you can distribute the hairs above and below the eyebrow line. Do everything possible so that the hairs do not rise above the surface of the skin, but lie snugly against it.
    • Make sure your glue is uniform. After applying the adhesive, no lumps should remain. The more uniform the glue, the more natural your appearance will be.
  • Allow the glue to dry for ten minutes, then apply another coat. Apply glue in the direction of hair growth, and strive to ensure that the hairs fit snugly on the skin. If you have thick eyebrows, you can wait another ten minutes and apply a third coat.

    Make small holes on the surface of the glue using an eyebrow brush. When the glue dries, the surface of the eyebrows will become hard and slippery. Therefore, before applying a layer of cosmetic, make small holes on the surface of the adhesive. You can make small holes or scratches that should resemble the surface of your skin.

    Part 2 Using Cosmetics

    Apply a layer of translucent powder over the glue. To apply the powder, use a brush or cotton pad, thanks to this, the powder will be distributed more evenly. Remove excess powder with a makeup brush.

    Apply a layer of concealer, the darker its color, the better.

    Apply another layer if you need to hide the eyebrows completely. You can also apply a thicker layer to achieve the result.

    • If your eyebrows are black, use an orange concealer.
    • If the eyebrows are red, it is advisable to use a green shade concealer.
  • Apply loose powder to eyebrows.

    This is the last step to help you hide your eyebrows completely. If necessary, you can also apply powder around the eyebrow area.

    Part 3 Removing Glue

    Use makeup remover to remove cosmetics. First remove the layer of powder and concealer using makeup remover. By doing this, you can easily remove the glue layer.

    Dampen a towel in warm water. The water you use should be warm, closer to hot. With cold water you cannot remove the glue.

    Hold the towel against the brow line for several minutes. Thanks to this, the glue will become soft and will begin to separate from the hairs.

    Use a towel to remove glue from the eyebrow. At this point, you can easily do this. Dampen the towel again if necessary.

    • Do not rub your eyebrows with a towel, gently wipe them. Otherwise, you can tear off the hairs.
    • If you are unable to remove the glue, apply conditioner and try brushing your eyebrows gently. In addition, you can use alcohol.

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    How to mask eyebrows?

    First they need to be glued to the skin (eyebrow gel, but soap also works as a remnant along the hair growth) Then carefully cover with a thick layer of a powerful concealer - a pencil in the form of lipstick that is used to hide skin imperfections, then applied

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    Hello, Makeup Lovers. In this article, we will continue to talk about makeup for Halloween, but consider not a specific image, but rather a technique.

    Surely you have repeatedly noticed in magazines and on TV the complete absence of eyebrows on models or a radical change in their shape? Why go far - Lady Gaga pop star periodically appears in the image of "without eyebrows."

    An expensive way to mask eyebrows

    To mask eyebrows, you can use special theater plastic (for example, Kryolan Special Plastic) or MAKE UP FOR EVER Plasto Wax wax.

    1. Step 1. Take the required amount of plastic or wax with a spatula, roll it into the "sausage" with your hands and make the shape flat so that the plastic / wax covers the entire eyebrow.
    2. Step 2 Apply plastic / wax to the eyebrow, rolling the edges with your fingertips to soften the borders.
      You may also need theater glue (for example, Kryolan MASTIX) - if the skin is oily, then without glue, plastic / wax will not last long on the eyebrows. In this case, first apply a small amount of glue to the rolled plastic / wax, then stick it to the eyebrow.
    3. Step 3 Apply foundation on the entire face, including the eyebrow area, powder.

    If you follow all the steps carefully and roll the edges of the plastic / wax well, these eyebrows should not be visible at all.

    The plastic should be carefully removed with a spatula and fingers, the remainder - with cleansers and cotton pads moistened with micellar water.

    Less expensive way

    For this method, we need a regular glue stick for lilac-colored paper (the glue leaves a color mark that allows you to accurately determine the place of application and then discolors). Such glue is easily washed off with cotton pads moistened with micellar water.

    1. Step 1. Comb the eyebrow hairs with the eyebrow brush.
    2. Step 2 Apply a layer of glue on the eyebrows from bottom to top, dyeing all the hairs.
    3. Step 3 Wait until the glue dries (that is, when the lilac color becomes transparent), and fix the glue with loose powder.
    4. Step 4 Repeat step 3 at least another 1-2 times - depending on the density of the eyebrows. For thin female eyebrows, most likely, a single application of glue will be quite enough.
    5. Step 5 Apply foundation on the entire face, including eyebrows, powder.

    You can adjust the degree of “disappearance” of eyebrows from your face by changing the number of “layers” of glue-powder.

    Further - full scope for imagination and creativity. Draw new eyebrows or leave the image without them at all.

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