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Once again about what to do with spots left after acne


The problem of acne is often faced by adolescents and adults.

The causes of skin rashes are varied and diverse - these are adverse external factors, hormonal disorders, poor nutrition, diseases of internal organs.

Acne can be treated in various ways and means.

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However, often after treating acne itself, another problem arises - spots and traces.

What to do and how to get rid of dark spots after acne?

Why stay

After acne, spots of a different shade can remain on the skin - pink, red, purple, brown.

In any case, these traces are clearly visible, and therefore cause almost as much inconvenience as acne itself.

But unlike scars and scars, which can also be the result of rashes, spots are quite easy to treat.

Dark spots from acne may appear:

  • due to improper or untimely treatment of acne,
  • after extrusion or infection of the inflamed area,
  • as a result of inflammatory processes in the skin, accompanied by increased production of the melanin pigment.

How to get rid

There are several ways to deal with skin defects. It:

  • cosmetic procedures
  • medications,
  • folk remedies.

Photo: a specialist will tell you the best way to get rid of post-acne

How to remove on the face the spots left after acne, the cosmetologist should prompt.

The choice of a specific treatment method will depend on the degree of pigmentation, the age of the spots, the type of skin and its ability to regenerate, age and other individual characteristics of the body.

Drug treatment

Drug treatment involves the use of external agents that help fight excessive skin pigmentation.

The composition of such funds usually includes:

  • salicylic acid - used for many skin diseases, exfoliates, removes not only traces, but also acne itself,
  • alpha hydroxy acids (water soluble) - tartaric, almond, citric, glycolic, phytic, ferulic, lactic and other organic acids have an exfoliating effect, help whiten age spots, are used pointwise or as part of masks, peels, creams,
  • beta hydroxy acids (fat soluble) - act similarly to alpha acids,
  • hydroquinone - is part of many creams, has a pronounced whitening effect, but with frequent use it can provoke skin cancer, does not combine with retinoids for external use and oral administration,
  • azelaic acid - whitens the skin, eliminates pigmentation, has an exfoliating effect,
  • arbutin, kojic acid, magnesium ascorbyl-2-phosphate - funds inhibit the synthesis of dark pigment, have a mild exfoliating effect, can be used alone or in combination with alpha hydroxy acids.

Dark spots after acne on the back and on the priest, on the chest, shoulders and face can be removed using simple and affordable pharmacy products.

Photo: pharmacy ointments for the treatment of acne and its consequences

In this capacity, ointments have proven themselves well:

Synthomycin ointment is used in the treatment of spots, but is more suitable for combating inflammatory processes in the skin, since it has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

  1. Cream AntiSkar. The American manufacturer's product contains allantoin, vitamins C and E, the amino acid L-arginine, collagen and elastin, squalene, calendula extract and other natural ingredients. It has a complex effect - it destroys the pigment melanin, stimulates regeneration, moisturizes, improves blood circulation, and relieves inflammation. Eliminates dark spots, as well as scars after acne.
  2. Miracle Glow Cream. The product is based on natural ingredients - Chinese cordyceps (an ergot family mushroom that grows only in mountain China), ginseng and other plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids. Effectively removes age spots from the skin of hands and face, rejuvenates. The course of treatment is from 2 weeks to a month.

Photo: post-acne treatment

  1. Gel Mederma. A product based on allantoin and onion extract Serae from a German pharmaceutical company stimulates the processes of cell renewal, due to which age spots are lightened.
  2. Gel Badyaga. Affordable, and at the same time effective remedy that helps eliminate dark spots from acne on the legs and other parts of the body. Exfoliates dead skin cells, accelerates regeneration, activates blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Before using potent multicomponent anti-stain products, it is best to consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

The specialist will be able to correctly assess the complexity of the problem and tell you how to cure the spots without harming the skin even more.

Cosmetic procedures

  • Chemical peeling. Exposure to the skin with organic acids (salicylic, glycolic, lactic, trichloroacetic) or phenols helps to solve the problem of dark spots on the skin. However, most types of mid and deep peeling cannot be performed in the summer - excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin can cause even greater pigmentation.
  • Cryotherapy. Exposure to the skin at extremely low temperatures (carried out using liquid nitrogen) activates the regeneration processes, helps get rid of traces after acne left on the back and other parts of the body.

Photo: cryotherapy

  • Laser resurfacing. To eliminate age spots, grinding is performed with an erbium laser at the level of the surface layer of the skin. Exfoliation of the upper keratinized epidermal cells occurs, and regeneration processes are stimulated. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, rehabilitation lasts an average week.

Photo: laser acne treatment

  • Fractional photothermolysis. It is carried out using a Fraxel laser apparatus, acts only on the structure of the pigment melanin, destroying it. As a result, the skin tone evens out, the spots disappear.
  • Microcurrent therapy. The procedure enhances blood microcirculation, accelerates metabolic processes, stimulates the synthesis of elastin fibers, activates cellular regeneration. Thanks to this action, not only the skin tone is evened out, but also the relief - the skin is smoothed, roughness is eliminated.

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Folk remedies

At home, you can cope with increased pigmentation by applying:

When using this or that recipe, it is important to remember the possibility of an allergic reaction.

It is better to first test the product on the skin of the elbow.

If redness, itching and other symptoms of allergies do not occur, you can safely apply the treatment mixture to problem areas.

Photo: you can prepare a lotion from cucumber juice and wipe it with your face

  1. Cucumber rubbing. You can lighten age spots by wiping the skin with the pulp of a cucumber or freshly squeezed cucumber juice every day.
  2. Tea tree oil and lemon juice. The components are mixed in equal amounts, applied to problem areas.
  3. Rosemary oil. It is used to treat problem areas several times a day. Similarly, you can use a mixture of oils of lavender, neroli, frankincense (taken in equal amounts).
  4. Parsley broth. Chopped herbs (1 bunch) pour a glass of boiling water, insist, strain. Ready to wipe dark spots. Instead of parsley, you can use a decoction of calendula, garlic.
  5. Apple vinegar. Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar with 3 tablespoons of water, wipe the skin with a solution every morning.
  6. Fruit pulp. Papaya, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes contain enzymes and acids that help remove dark spots on the chin, forehead and other parts of the face. They are used very simply - the flesh of the fruit is applied to problem areas, washed off after 15 minutes.
  7. Tramp. Mix a teaspoon of badiaga powder with 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide solution. Apply to previously cleaned problem area, rinse after 10 minutes.
  8. Cosmetic paraffin. Apply melted paraffin pointwise to age spots with a cotton swab. When the product solidifies, carefully remove. Before and after the procedure, you need to treat the skin with a nourishing or moisturizing cream, preferably with vitamins A and E. The multiplicity of the procedures is three times a day. Paraffin should not be used if a vascular network is visible on the face.

Cleansing Scrub

Photo: Aspirin scrub will remove inflammation and cleanse the skin.

  • Soak two tablets of aspirin in water, grind, mix with a teaspoon of honey.
  • Rub into the skin with massaging movements, avoiding the area around the eyes.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Since the appearance of spots is associated with a violation of the pigmentation of the skin, they can be lightened with the help of various masks with a whitening effect.

Photo: a mask with white clay whitens the skin

  1. Egg and lemon. In the protein separated from the yolk, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, mix thoroughly.
  2. Based on white clay. Dilute white clay (½ tablespoon) with lemon juice (2 teaspoons), add a little water to make a thick mass.
  3. Based on green clay. Dilute a tablespoon of clay with a small amount of water - you should get a thick mass. Add 3-4 drops of rosemary oil.
  4. With tomatoes. Mix a tablespoon of tomato pulp with a teaspoon of starch.
  5. With honey and cinnamon. Mix a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon until smooth. Instead of honey, you can use white or green clay, but in this case, the mixture must be diluted with a small amount of water. The product is not suitable for people with rosacea (blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin).

All masks, except the last recipe, are applied to dark spots, left for 10-15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

  • The duration of the mask of honey and cinnamon is 20-25 minutes.
  • An egg-protein mask can also be used to brighten the entire face.

Photo: an egg mask will refresh your complexion

How long do dark spots go after acne

  • Traces after superficial inflammation go away for about a month.
  • If the deep layers of the dermis are affected, the spots remain on the skin for 3 to 12 months.

The timing depends on the type of skin and its ability to recover, on the means that were used in the treatment of acne itself, and on the lifestyle in general - nutrition, bad habits and other factors.

Is it possible to quickly remove acne marks?

  • Pale pink small spots can pass in a day, even without external intervention.
  • A bright red spot that formed after squeezing an acne, usually disappears on its own in a few days, a maximum of a week.

Dark, congestive spots from acne is better to remove with the help of cosmetic procedures.

But the treatment course in this case takes on average from several months to six months.

To quickly achieve a positive result, it is important:

Photo: peeling

  • regularly cleanse the skin (daily, morning and evening),
  • peel, use scrubs to exfoliate the upper stratum corneum,
  • tone the skin using various lotions, tonics, cosmetic ice,
  • moisturize and nourish the face with masks, creams,
  • apply special means to protect the skin from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet intensifies pigmentation, which leads to the appearance of spots, activates the aging process).

How to disguise

You can mask the spots with a foundation, masking pencil and powder:

Photo: means for masking skin defects

  1. apply foundation (it’s better - moisturizing, because it gives the skin a natural shade) on the skin with the fingertips,
  2. put points with a corrector in problem areas, shade slightly, apply a neutral tone with the back of the pencil (it is better to take a concealer with a green tint - it visually neutralizes redness),
  3. apply light powder on the face to give a uniform texture.

But masking is a temporary way out of the situation, since painting does not cure acne or the spots that remain after them.

Dark spots after acne are easy to treat.

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But it’s better to prevent the appearance of skin defects - not to squeeze out acne, treat acne in a timely and correct manner.

Causes of age spots

Traces on the skin can be of different shades - pinkish, brown, brownish, purple. Be that as it may, spots are always distinguished from the background of the face and cause a huge amount of inconvenience.

However, if scars and scars are not easy to eliminate, then acne can be easily treated.

They can form as a result of improperly selected or delayed treatment of acne, after unsuccessful extrusion or even infection of the inflamed area, due to the increased inflammation of the dermis accompanied by increased secretion of melanin.

Disposal methods

It is possible to deal with skin defects in different ways - through cosmetic procedures, folk recipes, medications.

Ideally, of course, you should consult a doctor or a cosmetologist, a specialist will tell you the most optimal option for removing age spots.

When choosing a treatment, multiple factors are important, such as the patient’s age, skin type, age of traces, the degree of pigmentation and personal characteristics of the body.

External Components

Medication can get rid of excessive pigmentation. Most drugs have:

To quickly get rid of black spots, acne and acne, as well as to rejuvenate your skin, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this effective tool .

  • salicylic acid, used in many diseases of the skin. It has an exfoliating effect, eliminates both spots and acne,
  • water-soluble alpha hydroxy acids are applied locally or as part of masks, creams, peels and other cosmetics. Organic acids (lactic, citric, almond, tartaric) exfoliate the skin, bleach stains,
  • fat soluble beta hydroxy acids have a similar effect. Such a component as hydroquinone is included in many creams, but frequent use is associated with the risk of cancer. It can not be combined with retinoids, and, not only inside, but also externally,
  • azelaic acid has a whitening effect, removes pigmentation, shows a good exfoliating effect,
  • magnesium ascorbyl-2-phosphate, kojic acid and arbutin inhibit the synthesis of dark pigment, slightly exfoliate the skin, can be used both independently and in combination with alpha hydroxy acids.

What do experts suggest for brightening dark spots from acne?

Chemical peeling. One of the popular methods of professional and home cosmetology is to eliminate pigmentation with solutions of organic acids and phenols.For example, salicylic and lactic acids, resorcinol are part of the classic Jessner mixture ("Hollywood peeling").

Cryotherapy. The claimed procedure eliminates dark spots after acne on the back and other parts of the body. Specialists treat the affected area of ​​the skin with low-temperature liquid nitrogen, which activates the regeneration.

Laser resurfacing. Lasers - the "gold standard" of cosmetology - do not need advertising. But one should remember one of the possible negative consequences of therapy - the “gauze” effect after laser skin treatment.

Fractional Photothermolysis. The light beam emitted by the Fraxel laser system acts only on melanin particles, destroying them.

Ozone therapy. The use of ozone as a local therapeutic agent allows you to normalize the protection of cells from free radicals, to achieve a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

A review of popular brightening and exfoliating anti-acne dark spots

Salicylic acid. An alcoholic solution of this beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is used. It is part of a large number of pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetic products. An easy-to-use remedy for skin diseases, removes dark spots after acne - even a child can figure out how to get rid of them with the help of salicylic acid. Pharmaceutical preparations - solution and ointment - contain from 1 to 10% of the active substance. Price - from 5 to 30 rubles. For cosmetics with the same ingredient will have to pay 10-20 times more.

ANA. These are glycolic, tartaric, almond, phytic, citric, ferulic, lactic and other alpha hydroxy acids. Exfoliate and brighten foci of hyperpigmentation with spot application and use as part of peels, masks, creams.

Kojic acid. Regulates the synthesis of melanocytes, which causes a whitening effect. It also has a mild exfoliating effect. It is used individually and in combination with ANA.

Tramp. It is used in a mixture with hydrogen peroxide or boiled water to get rid of traces after acne. For the mask, take 1 tsp. Trampolines and 3 tsp. peroxide (water) The problem area of ​​the skin is cleaned with lotion, then a prepared product is applied with a thin layer and left for 10 minutes to act.

Pulp of fruit. Enzymes and acids in the composition of papaya, kiwi, pineapple, cucumber, tomato help to naturally get rid of skin defects caused by acne. The easiest way to use it is to crush a piece of the fruit and apply gruel to the affected areas of the skin. The session lasts about 15 minutes, after which the product can be washed off with water.

Preparations for getting rid of dark spots after acne:

Gel "Badyaga 911". An effective and inexpensive remedy that eliminates dark spots after acne on the legs and other parts of the body. It relieves dead cells, improves metabolic processes in the skin and increases its elasticity. Price - from 74 rubles.

Gel "Mederma" with allantoin. Produced by the German company Merz. Stimulates the regeneration of the epithelium, brings the color of age spots closer to the natural skin tone. Price - from 530 rubles.

Cream "AntiSkar" (Anti-Scar). The product of the American brand "Lepharm" has a rich composition, destroys foci of hyperpigmentation, eliminates scars after acne. Price - from 760 rubles.

Prevention - it is always better and easier than expensive treatment. Helps to reduce dark spots and other skin imperfections proper home care:

  • daily cleansing, including folk remedies (2 times a day),
  • exfoliation with scrubs and peels (1-3 times a week),
  • toning the skin with lotions, ice cubes,
  • the use of moisturizers and nutrients (masks, creams),
  • skin protection against UV rays and other external influences.

Ultraviolet light causes darkening of the skin, worsens its condition in the area of ​​spots, leads to aging. A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 should be used not only in the summer, but also in other seasons. Preferred products without mineral oils, clogging pores, aggravating acne.

Amina Pirmanova/ article author

Ointments, creams and gels

Among the pharmacy products there are many drugs that are worth paying attention to.

Syntomycin ointment is used in the treatment of spots, however, its enhanced antibacterial effect is better directed to get rid of inflammation.

AntiSkar cream includes calendula extract, allantoin, elastin, collagen and other natural ingredients.

The tool works comprehensively, it destroys the color pigment, enhances regenerative processes, has a moisturizing effect, stimulates blood flow, removes inflammation. This cream eliminates post-acne and acne scars.

The cream with the name Miracle Glow is made on the basis of components of natural origin, such as ginseng, Chinese cordyceps, etc. The product destroys stains from the skin, making the skin more youthful. The treatment course is from 14 days.

The basis of the Mederma gel is onion extract and allantoin. A German drug provokes cell regeneration, which brightens spots.

Gel Badyaga has a low price. The tool is very effective: it removes post-acne, exfoliates dead cells, stimulates regenerative processes, improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Before using drugs with a rich composition, it is recommended to consult a medical specialist or a cosmetologist who will give an assessment of the complexity of the problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Folk recipes

In the fight against age spots, you can try homemade masks, cleansing scrubs, all kinds of lotions and rubbing the face.

Applying the recipe you like, do not forget to do an allergy test before the procedure, covering the composition with a small area of ​​the skin on the elbow. In the absence of alarming symptoms, you can use the product for the face without any fear.

A wonderful healing mixture will be obtained from cucumber juice. Such cucumber rubbing allows you to remove hated spots forever.

It is recommended to wipe the skin every day with the pulp of a cucumber or its juice.

You can try to mix in equal proportions lemon juice and tea tree oil. The composition processes the painful areas of the face.

Rosemary oil can also be used to get rid of post-acne. The tool should be used several times a day for problem areas. According to a similar principle, a medicine is prepared from frankincense, neroli and lavender oil.

Try to do parsley broth.

For cooking, you need only 1 bunch of greens. Pour boiling water over it, wait until it is infused, and strain. Now treat the pigment spots with the product. Parsley can easily be replaced with garlic or calendula decoction, if you like these ingredients more.

Eliminate post-acne is also possible with the help of apple cider vinegar. Mix 1 tablespoon of the product with 3 tablespoons of water and daily wipe the skin with the mixture.

The beneficial substances found in many fruits and in the fight against spots after acne can help pulp of pineapple, papaya, tomato and kiwi.

Valuable enzymes can eliminate the ugly marks on the skin. Just cover the problem area with fruit pulp and hold for 15 minutes.

If you have a powder of badiaga, take a teaspoon of it and dissolve in 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide solution. Before treating stains, clean your skin. After holding the composition on the face for 10 minutes, rinse it off.

Melt cosmetic paraffin and treat it with age spots using a cotton swab. After waiting for the composition to harden, carefully remove it. Lubricate your skin with a moisturizing or nourishing cream before and after the procedure.

It is good to take a cream with vitamins A and E. Perform the procedure 3 times a day, and you will not regret it.

How long do stains usually appear?

It will take about 1 month to get rid of age spots after inflammation of the surface layers. If the deeper skin layer is damaged, acne marks may linger on the skin for several months.

It all depends on what type of skin you have and what is the ability of the epidermis to recover.

Lifestyle, bad habits and diet also matter.

Is it possible to quickly restore the beauty of the face?

If the footprints are pale in color and small in size, they can disappear in just a couple of days and without any treatment. If the spot is bright red, it is likely to remain on the skin for several days, up to 1 week.

As for stagnant spots, special cosmetic procedures are best suited for their elimination. In this case, the treatment course can last quite a long time.

How to bring recovery?

In order to accelerate a positive result, one must not forget to cleanse the skin every day, make peels, apply scrubs, and tone the skin with suitable lotions and tonics.

It is required to provide the necessary nutrition and hydration of the dermis, to constantly protect the skin from the negative effects of the external environment using special means.

Taking care of your face skin daily, you can significantly improve its condition and get the desired result faster.

Our article has come to an end, we hope that you have learned something useful for yourself from this material.

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