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How to get rid of an itch


If the question is solved, how to get rid of itching, it is necessary to determine the factor contributing to the appearance of unpleasant sensations. Medications are slow. Immediately remove the itching will help any home remedy. You can simultaneously use different types of drugs: pharmacy drugs and alternative recipes. The main factors that provoke skin itching are: allergic reactions, wearing synthetic clothing, skin features (dryness), taking specific medications and other diseases of the external integument. There are many ways to alleviate the condition when the body or parts of it itch.

Temperature effect

Cold can soothe the skin. If the question is solved, how to remove the itch, consider this option as the most simple and affordable. It helps instantly, but gives a temporary effect. It is better to use ice. It soothes the skin, tightens pores, helps to slow down blood circulation, which leads to a decrease in the rate of histamine production, which provokes an allergic reaction. If hands or other parts of the body itch, a cold compress, meat from the freezer, or a metal object can be applied instead of ice.

It is believed that thermal exposure only exacerbates itching on the skin. However, it is not.

Heat helps improve blood circulation, which allows you to disperse histamine, which means that it will not concentrate on certain areas. As a result, the intensity of the manifestation of an allergic reaction decreases.

In addition, under thermal influence, the skin relaxes, pores open, which helps to alleviate the condition. If the question is solved, how to reduce itching, use warm water (make wet compresses). You can just hold the itchy areas of the body under the tap. An ordinary cup of hot tea / coffee relieves itching if applied to the skin.

You can take a bath. This method is suitable if itching appears throughout the body. Essential oil or herbs should be added to warm water, but only a few remedies are suitable:

  • chamomile (has a calming property, relieves irritation),
  • incense,
  • lavender oil (relieves stress, reduces the intensity of itching),
  • calendula.

It is enough to add a few drops in a bath with warm water.

Having chosen this method of combating itching, you need to know that not all oils are suitable for this purpose.

Some of these funds provoke irritation of the skin. With their help, it will not be possible to stop the itching at home. It is not recommended to use essential oils:


If hands, feet or other parts of the body begin to itch, you can use a combined remedy: water and soda. A weak soda solution helps. Prepare a bath of cool water. Nevertheless, a low-temperature effect helps to relieve itching better than hot water. A glass of soda is added to the bath and stirred until completely dissolved. To better mix the substance, you can first prepare a concentrated soda solution. Dissolve a glass of soda in a small amount of water, then pour the liquid into the bath.

Treatment in this way should last at least 30 minutes. You can take a bath longer - for an hour. In order for the soda solution to continue for some time, it should not be washed off the skin. It is necessary to wait until the body dries, then you can already dress. If itchy spots appear on the skin as a sign of an allergic reaction, soda solution is used locally. To do this, take a cotton swab and wipe with a substance.

With diseases of the genital organs, burning often appears in the groin area. Itching of the skin in these areas can also be due to irritation, which can be observed in a small child. Baths from soda solution will help eliminate skin itching in the anus and genitals. Antipruritic therapy in this case should continue until complete recovery. Baths are done twice a day. Recommended ratio of components: 1 tsp. soda per 1 liter of water.


If the question is solved, how to cure itching on the body, you need to consider this remedy. The fact is that the lipids contained in oatmeal help moisturize the skin, have a calming effect, nourish, and remove irritation. This tool can be used for allergies at home, in order to improve the general condition of the skin. With it, you can remove toxins from the upper layers of the epidermis. To eliminate itching, oatmeal in any form is used. They act gently, do not damage the outer integument.

Prepare a paste of oatmeal and water. Components are taken in equal parts. They are mixed until a homogeneous mass. Using this tool, you can treat any affected area of ​​the body: arms, legs, face and even the scalp. It is enough to hold the mass on the skin for 10 minutes - longer is not recommended, since with prolonged exposure, oatmeal can provoke drying of the skin.

To remove allergic skin itching, it is allowed to use crushed raw materials. Oatmeal is ground in a coffee grinder or blender, then mixed with water in equal proportions and used to relieve itching on the arms, legs and other parts of the body. A concentrated mixture works better. So, it should be used if the itching is severe. You can prepare a bath, add oatmeal to the water. Shredded raw materials give away nutrients faster. This should be remembered if the question is solved, how to treat itching with allergies in a child or in adults.

Aloe Recipes

Compared with other folk remedies, aloe has several advantages. This plant is of universal action, it has many properties: relieves inflammation, heals wounds and burns thanks to vitamin E in the composition. In addition, aloe helps when itchy skin.

With the help of this plant, various diseases of the external integument and even some internal organs are treated.

To eliminate skin itching, you can use fresh aloe juice and pharmacy preparations based on it. At home, use the leaves of the plant.

They are cut, peeled and applied to the affected areas of the body. To remove the negative reaction of the body, it is allowed to use a crushed plant. Aloe is cut with a knife, ground with a blender, then applied to the skin so that it does not itch. In the pharmacy you can find aloe vera gel. Only you should buy a 100% remedy. However, there is one rule for the use of aloe: its juice can not be applied to damaged skin.

Peppermint broth and essential oil

This is another anti-itch remedy. Peppermint is characterized by anti-inflammatory, anesthetic properties. If an allergy begins, itching appears almost immediately. You can prepare a mint broth, cool and apply to the outer covers, which itch. It is more efficient to brew a plant in hot water. If you leave the leaves in a cool liquid, beneficial substances will be released less intensely.

Use peppermint essential oil. Using a cotton swab, red spots that occur during allergies are treated. This method is used for topical treatment.

If the question is solved, how to treat the manifestations of allergy, sedative neutral effects should be selected that do not provoke a negative reaction of the body.

Essential oils will contain a concentrated dose of substances, so you need to use them with caution.

Recommendations for reducing itching

If adults or children suffer from the discomfort caused by itching, you can use different folk remedies for skin allergies. However, along with this, it is recommended to follow simple rules that contribute to improving the condition of the body:

  1. Moisturizing. If the question is solved, how to relieve itching from allergies, you need to drink more water (6-8 tbsp.). Due to this, dryness and a feeling of tightness of the outer covers disappear.
  2. You should not take a shower / bath more than 1 time per day. In fact, under the external influence of water, the skin becomes dry even faster, since the liquid destroys the protective layer of the epidermis, and moisture actively leaves open pores.
  3. When taking a shower, do not use soap containing dyes and a large number of chemical additives. In the event that an allergy is often manifested, it is better to purchase a natural soap.
  4. If the question is solved, how to get rid of itching of the skin of the body, you should remember about the need to moisturize the outer covers artificially - through body creams with a moisturizing effect.
  5. The use of cosmetics with the addition of alcohol and a large number of chemical additives is prohibited.
  6. Homemade creams are recommended. If the question is solved, how to relieve itching in case of allergies, you can remove the discomfort with products based on oils, herbs, honey, cream. The components are involved: almond oil, chamomile tea, coconut oil.
  7. Dry cleaning of the skin from dead cells is used. To do this, prepare a soft brush. You need to act gently. Intensive cleaning of irritated skin will lead to the opposite effect - the itching will intensify.
  8. If an allergy occurs, antihistamines are taken, which will gradually remove all symptoms. However, you should not count on instant relief from discomfort. Most of these drugs are characterized by cumulative effect. This means that allergy symptoms disappear gradually. It is also important to exclude the allergen, otherwise the skin will itch for a long time, despite taking antihistamines.

In addition to allergies, itching provokes other diseases of the external integument. Similar symptoms occur when synthetic clothing is often worn.

Diseases of various organs and systems

Persistent pruritus is not only a symptom of skin diseases. The list is long, ranging from neurological problems to diabetes.

This is the most common cause of a skin reaction, including itching. First of all, it is necessary to identify the allergen, exclude it from everyday life and, of course, consult a doctor.

The cause of allergic re-inspection can be either a food product or a cosmetic product. © Getty Images


Moisturizers for dry skin. Dryness and itching often go hand in hand. Moisturizing the skin, and also creating a protective barrier with milk or balm, you thereby reduce dryness, and at the same time create conditions to reduce itching. Beauty products should be applied twice a day after cleansing on wet skin.

Moisturizers for atopic skin. With atopic dermatitis, the skin itches constantly, so cosmetics for atopic are aimed, among other things, at alleviating the condition with itching. Lines typically include a mild, soap-free cleanser, moisturizing balm (or milk) and an SOS product for use throughout the day.

Cosmetic procedures

Baths with decoctions of herbs, as well as compresses, help against itching.

Among folk remedies to combat itching, there are well-deserved ones.

A series of. Two tablespoons of grass are brewed with half a teaspoon of boiling water, the itchy areas are wiped with a decoction.

Propolis. Effective as a compress - relieves inflammation and itching in minutes.

How to care for skin with itching

Dermatologist, La Roche-Posay brand expert Alexander Prokofiev gives four universal tips:

cleanse the skin only with special mild agents, exclude soap,

use emollients daily several times a day, since the skin should not remain dry,

try do not scratch the itchy area, since the skin is damaged, nerve endings are irritated and the itchy-combing vicious cycle is activated,

apply funds soothing itch during the day.

Cosmetics Overview

Lipid-repairing cleansing cream-gel for face and body of infants, children and adults Lipikar Syndet AP +, La Roche-Posay so delicate that it suits even newborns.

Lipid replenishing balm for very dry skin for children and adults Lipikar Baume AP +, La Roche-Posay - the main remedy of the atopy-prone skin care line restores its microbiome and eliminates dryness, thus helping to reduce itching. Shea butter in its composition creates a protective barrier.

Skin care prone to irritation and itching, LipikarStickAP +, La Roche-Posay - SOS-tool that will come to your aid during the day. The format is pocket, which means that the stick can be carried with you.

Precautionary measures

Do not scratch

Keeping your hair from scratching when itchy is a real challenge. But combing the skin, we only intensify the itching and injure the tissues, thereby creating the conditions for the development of pathogenic bacteria and opening the way for infections. So do not delay with antipruritic measures.

Avoid cosmetics with potential irritants

These include:

In case of prolonged itching, consult a doctor