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How to drop a book on iPad


iPad is a modern and convenient tablet from Apple. With it, you can play, watch movies, listen to music and even read books. We will talk about the last process below. Reading and downloading books from users of the "apple" tablet raises a lot of questions. We will try to understand how to download books on the iPad and read them. What tips and tricks will help bring the idea to life?

It is worth immediately paying attention to the fact that not all book formats are processed by iPads. Therefore, often people can only use books of a certain extension.

How to read books on iPad? To do this, you will have to download documents in ePub format. It is with this extension that the "apple" tablet works.

Download Methods

How to download books on iPad? There are several scenarios. Each modern user of the "apple" device will be able to solve the task as soon as possible.

You can count on the implementation of one of the following approaches:

  • work with iBooks,
  • downloading third-party "readers" (they often work not only with ePub),
  • Using iTools,
  • work with the program iTunes.

All of these methods are very common. Only the second approach is not very common. Third-party "readers" download when they can not find the right book in the format mentioned earlier. Next, we will consider each option in detail.

IBooks and iPad

How to download books on iPad? You can do this directly from your tablet or smartphone. It's about using iBooks. This utility is usually built into all "apple" devices. If it is missing, then you can download from the AppStore.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading books can be represented as follows:

  1. Connect the Internet to the iPad.
  2. Open Safari or any other browser.
  3. Find an ePub book online.
  4. Click on the download link.
  5. Select "Open in iBooks."

A few minutes of waiting - and the book will be downloaded to the tablet, and also opened in the previously mentioned application. Everything is extremely simple and clear. No extra action is needed. Now it’s clear how to read books on the iPad.

Via iTools

You will have to act a little differently if the user decides to transfer the books to the tablet from the computer. The thing is that this task is implemented by several methods. For example, through iTools.

How to download books on iPad? The iTools user guide looks something like this:

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTools on your computer. You can find the program in Russian. It’s easier to work with.
  2. Run the mentioned application.
  3. Connect iPad to PC. To do this, it is customary to use a USB cable.
  4. Go to "iTuls" in the "Books" or iBooks.
  5. Move the desired books to the box on the right. Documents must be downloaded to your computer’s hard drive in advance.

After some time, all books will be transferred to the "apple" device. Now you can find them on the iPad and open using iBooks. A similar technique is used in practice very often. Similarly, movies and music are uploaded to apple devices.

ITunes and MacOS

How to drop a book on iPad? The next trick is to use a universal utility called iTunes. It runs on MacOS and Windows. Only the process of downloading documents in a particular case will be different.

How to download books on iPad? Let's start by learning the process on MacOS. ITuns is already integrated into this operating system, which greatly simplifies life.

You must complete the following steps:

  1. Open iBooks on MacOS.
  2. Go to the "Shop" section - "Authorize this computer."
  3. Log in using AppleID.
  4. Click on "iBux" - "Settings."
  5. Put a check mark next to the line "Synchronize selected text, collections and bookmarks on devices."
  6. Move a pre-prepared book from your computer to iBooks. To do this, just drag the file into the application window.
  7. Open ITTunes.
  8. Visit the "Store" - "Computer Authorization".
  9. Log in again using data from Apple ID.
  10. Connect to iPad using USB.
  11. Click on the image of the mobile phone in iTunes. This technique will open the device menu.
  12. Select the "Books" section.
  13. Click on "Sync", after selecting the settings - "All books" or "Selected documents".

Done! All downloaded books will appear on iBooks on your mobile device. Documents will be marked as New.

Windows and iTunes

How to drop a book on iPad? You can do this with the help of Windows. Even a novice user will be able to cope with the task.

The guide to throwing books on the iPad (and not just using iTunes) looks like this:

  1. Visit iTunes.
  2. Click on the user’s icon in the right corner.
  3. Log in using AppleID.
  4. Select the menu item "Store" - "Computer Authorization".
  5. Click on the icon with three dots in the program.
  6. Click on the "Books" section.
  7. Drag the desired books with the cursor into the "IT Tuns" window.
  8. Connect your iPad to your computer.
  9. Click on "Books" - "Sync".
  10. Indicate which documents you need to download to the tablet.
  11. Confirm the operation.

Now it’s clear how to download books on the iPad. This is a completely simple operation, the implementation of which takes a minimum of time and effort. Reading books on "apple" devices is carried out using iBooks or third-party "readers". How to transfer a book to iPad? The answer is no longer a hassle!


I hope this article How to drop a book on iPad helped solve your problem.

Before you drop a book, look at the name of the book, it often happens that it simply does not exist. Right click on the book and select Intelligence.

Tab Information write the name and other information.

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Part 1. Transferring books from iPad to computer using iTunes

To free up more space on your iPad where you can store more important documents related to your business and others, you can learn how to transfer books from iPad to computer. If you bought books from the iTunes Store, you can use the iTunes shopping transfer feature to get the job done. The following guide will show you how to do this.

Step 1 Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB cable, and iTunes will start automatically. If not, then you can manually run it on the computer.

Step 2 Select Files> Devices> Transfer iPad Purchases to transfer all purchased files from iPad to iTunes libraries, including e-books.

Part 2. Transferring books from iPad to computer using email

When it comes to transferring books from iPad to computer, iTunes can help you get the job done. Another useful way to use e-mail is to transfer e-books from iPad to computer. The iPad is a large tablet, it has a tight operating system that does not porovide you the option of direct copy-paste, so the next guide will show you how to use email to transfer books from iPad to computer.

Step 1 Open the iBooks app and select the book you want to transfer. Then open the book page directory.

Step 2 Tap the Share icon in the upper left corner of the iPad interface, and click select Mail from the pop-up menu.

Step 3 Enter your email address in the address bar and click the Submit button to start sending the e-book to your own email address.

When the whole process is complete, you will receive books in your inbox. All you have to do is download the book from the attachment and save the book to your local hard drive.

1. iMobile AnyTrans

This is one of the applications designed to transfer files from iPad to computer. It is designed to support the transfer of more than 20 different iOS files and documents from iPad to computer. You can transfer books and other documents, files, photos, music, text messages, a calendar, movies and much more using this third-party application. The first thing you need to do when you want to transfer books from iPad to computer using this application in order to install the application on your computer and link your iPad to the computer. Wait for the app to download the contents of your application and click on the book you want to transfer to your computer and it will be transferred without extra time.

  • Translations of over 20 different kinds of iOS content from iPad to computer
  • Transfer is faster than other applications
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Compatible with all iPad models, including the latest iPad
  • Designed with an attractive and intuitive interface

  • Internet connection required.
  • It is difficult to control audio and video.

SynciOS is another iTunes alternative used to transfer books from iPad to computer. This application is fully compatible with various Apple devices, including iPad, iPod and iPhone for file transfer. Moreover, this application will not only recognize your iPad, but also displays general information about your iPad. This made it one of the most popular third-party free apps for transferring books from iPad to computer.

  • Designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Helps to quickly transfer iPad files to a computer
  • To use the application
  • Comes with features that allow you to navigate the application as well as the connected device
  • Transfer books, photos, films, documents and others using the free app

  • There is a question for managing contact.

3. PodTrans

PodTrans is designed to transfer multimedia files in the same way as iTunes. It transfers songs, videos, voice memos, podcast, voice notes, audio books and others from iPad to computer for backup. With this application, you can easily, simply and without wasting precious time transferring books you purchased from the Apple Store to your computer.

  • Designed with a nice interface
  • Finding fast looking
  • Can transfer files from iPod iPhone and iPad to PC.

  • PodTrans cannot convert audio format.

4. TouchCopy

For an easy and safe way to transfer books from iPad to computer, one of the best options is TouchCopy. It is designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to copy photos, files, documents and even an iBook from iPad to computer without stress. Another thing that you can use this transfer application is to back up documents and other files from your iPad to your computer with just the click of a button. This wonderful app loads with the enormous benefits that users will enjoy.

  • It is intended to offer users a clear account of things copied and those that are not
  • It can be used to back up address book, ringtones, text messages, notes and even voicemail.

  • The interface of this application is not easy to understand mainly for beginners.
  • The backup function can easily lead to a failure in the transfer of the calendar.
  • The quality of your book is subject to change.

5. Aiseesoft iPad Transfer

For files, document, e-book and other multimedia file transfers from iPad to computer Aiseesoft iPad transfer is the best you need. It is designed with features that can make it easy for you to copy books from iPad to computer without the hassle. You can transfer files, photos and documents to a computer, PC or even iTunes as it can. Another thing about this iPad transfer app is that it is designed with powerful video editing features, making it the best among other alternatives on the market. There are many professionals associated with this application that you need to know.

  • Built with superior video editing capabilities
  • Designed with an intuitive interface
  • Help for quickly transferring files from iPad to computer
  • You can transfer a book from iPad to computer without loss of quality

  • Does not transfer all albums.

So now you can transfer books from iPad to computer effortlessly. E-books and audio books can be transferred from iPad to computer using these applications. Using these methods, you can easily transfer books to your computer to free up storage space on your iPad.

Step 1. Install the desired program

Use the AppStore and download several e-book reader apps. The most reliable are iBooks (works with epub, iBooks and PDF formats), uBooks (recognizes fb2, iWork, PDF and others), iZip (archiver for iOS). It is worth noting that the standard iBooks program is very convenient: it does not freeze, it is designed for Apple devices, its versions are available for iPad, MacBook and iPhone phone. It’s better to opt for iBooks so that everything goes quickly and easily.

Step 2. Preparing files for reading

If the books you are about to study are in PDF or epub format, then everything is in order. In another case, if you could not find the file in the desired format, do the conversion. Find special programs for this on the Internet (there are quite a lot of them), select the desired format, save the resulting file. If the book is archived, click "open in iZip". After about 15 seconds, a question appears on the screen. Click OK, and after that you can already open the file.

Step 3. How to drop a book on iPhone and iPad

Launch iTunes, through the menu go to settings. Go to the “Basic” tab in the opened window, find the book in the list of sources and check the box. Save the changes by clicking OK. Next, open your library and drag and drop files to read. Now you can connect an Apple device (for example: iPhone) by clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right area of ​​the screen.

Click on “Edit” -> “Settings”.

Open the “Books” tab, check the box next to “Sync books,” and start syncing.

That's it, now your personal digital library is prepared, and you can relax. By the way, you can copy the book to iPad and iPhone, using another option. This can be done using iTools (this program is convenient to use, it serves as an analogue of iTunes).

If you didn’t succeed (although it should have), re-read the instructions for copying books to iPhone and iPad again and check if all the necessary conditions are met. Ideally, everything should work out without any problems the first time. That's all the recommendations, then you only need to find new books and study them at your leisure. Turning the pages, you can leave bookmarks in the right places to return to the material you read later.