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Beautiful compliments for the girl: 8 rules and EXAMPLES (we advise you to learn them)


In the psychology of communication, a compliment is a strong enough means to achieve all sorts of personal goals. Properly using this tool, you can win the heart of your beloved lady, and the recognition of colleagues and bosses, and respect of the public, and even the enemy to lure to your side.

Young people, in search of the location of a girl they like, often wonder how to properly compliment in order to arouse her sympathy. After all, the fair sex, as you know, love ears. Therefore, choosing the right words, they can be easily hooked, attract attention, and sometimes even immediately fall in love.

Consider the main recommendations on how to compliment a girl:

  1. Find something to praise. Take a closer look at the girl, analyze her external data, manner of dressing, spiritual qualities, character traits, behavior, habits and hobbies and think about what a compliment can be made based on this.
  2. A compliment should always sound sincere and confident. The simulated flattery is usually well felt and causes a not very pleasant response. After all, the young lady knows her strengths and weaknesses well. Even if she says thanks in response, an unpleasant aftertaste from your hypocrisy will be deposited in her soul.
  3. A woman is very pleased when they positively evaluate her appearance. To compliment a girl about her beauty is not difficult. After all, if you liked her, it means that there is definitely something in her appearance. For example, it can be expressive eyes, a charming smile, cute dimples on the cheeks, a slender figure, magnificent hair, stylish clothes.
  4. Pay attention to the inner qualities and personal merits of the girl. For example, she has an easygoing character, a charming sense of humor, or she is an interesting conversationalist. Or maybe this is a wonderful hostess or the best culinary specialist you have met.
  5. It is better that pleasant words do not concern common features, but something specific. For example, instead of “You look great”, say “This dress perfectly emphasizes your figure (or eye color).”
  6. To stand out from other fans of your passion, use original phrases instead of banal words. For example: “If I were an artist, I would paint your portraits without interruption. Since your unearthly beauty is simply divine "," This rainy morning was lit up by your sunny smile, and I immediately became happier. "
  7. In the case when you have known each other for a long time and are in a relationship, do not forget to regularly compliment your girlfriend, as sometimes feelings can fade if they are not warmed up in time. Tell her how special she is and why you value her. For example, for support, for care and affection, for sincerity, for love, etc. And each time remind you that you are happy to be near her.
  8. Follow the changes of your chosen one and manage to praise in time. For example, for a new chic hairstyle, for an interesting selection of accessories, for an acquired dress that suits her very much.
  9. And finally, any compliment should be accompanied by a delighted look and a sincere smile. And if, moreover, it turns out to add a light touch, then the power of what is said will increase at least twice.

How not to compliment

Not every man knows how to use this weapon correctly. Before you compliment a girl about her beauty, think about how it will sound. There are general rules that a compliment should not be:

  1. Vulgar and rude. For example: “It feels like you have finally lost weight. Got a diet or something? ”,“ You have such a gorgeous ass, I just want to feel it, ”“ Great hairstyle! Have you bought a hairbrush? ”,“ With so many partners, you will go far, well done! ”. Such compliments only repel the girl.
  2. With the words "today", "finally." For example: "You look good today," "Finally, you are prettier." This automatically makes it clear that in the remaining days the young lady does not look the best way.
  3. Degrading others. For example: “Against the background of this company, you are the most beautiful and young”, “Look at your girlfriends, you are clearly more beautiful.” Even if everything looks just like that in your eyes, this far from characterizes the general opinion. So you will look like a rude and uncultured type.
  4. With an emphasis on flaws turning into advantages. For example: “I heard that a big nose is a sign of the mind,” “It's okay that you are not beautiful. But a good heart. "

You should not say compliments too often, as this will be more like flattery and pretense. Everything should be in moderation and at the right time. Better pay more attention to the meaning and content of spoken words.

Successful use of compliments: examples

Since for women, the way they look is of great importance, this should be paid special attention. How to compliment a girl in order to convince her that she is beautiful, and at the same time not be banal? To do this, take a good look at the young lady and find the very highlight that will characterize only her and stand out from the crowd of other rather beautiful people. For example:

  • "It's unbelievable, you have such graceful ankles that I just can't take my eyes off them."
  • “What are your refined hands and fingers. You probably play the piano? ”
  • “There is mischief in your eyes. You are definitely a positive, fun girl. ”
  • "Your charming freckles awaken in me a long-forgotten feeling of love."
  • "It beckons me to touch your chic curls."
  • "The touch of your tender hands excites trembling throughout the body."
  • “What is your pleasant timbre of voice. So I would listen all my life. ”

Do not forget about her taste and style:

  • "Your style in choosing clothes is very close to my preferences."
  • "A magnificent hairstyle - emphasizes your flawless face contour."
  • "In this gorgeous dress, your sky-blue eyes are even more drawn into your pool."
  • "Your smell just drives me crazy."

Also, women are very impressed when they are valued for the fact that they simply are. Here are suitable phrases:

  • "I can’t imagine how I would have lived if I hadn’t met you."
  • "You are my ray of sunshine, my happiness."
  • "I am extremely grateful to fate for having met such an incredible girl."
  • "You are the most priceless treasure on earth."
  • “I am the luckiest person, because I have the best woman in the world - kind, loving, understanding and gentle.”
  • "When you're around, I forget about everything."
  • "When I think of you, they just make me goosebumps."
  • “How do you manage to guess all my thoughts and desires and make me so happy?”
  • "When I wake up in your arms, I am charged with a positive mood for the whole day."
  • “When we walk together, I feel that everyone around me is jealous of me.”
  • “I am sure that I would not have found a better wife for myself and a mother for my children.”

Modern people spend a lot of time communicating on the Internet. Therefore, the urgent question is how to compliment a girl on social networks, for example, VKontakte. There is no live communication, but you can comment on perfectly edited photos of the interlocutor and evaluate her according to the manner of communication in correspondence. Be attentive to the girl’s profile and record the smallest details to distinguish yourself in the comments.

Examples of compliments to photos:

  • “Incredibly beautiful nature in this photo. But compared to you, even it fades. ”
  • “Your beauty is simply unearthly. I want to soar all my life next to such a girl. ”
  • "Your stunning legs will dream me every night."
  • “Unbelievably beautiful eyes. Are you definitely not wearing lenses? ”
  • "No artist could capture your chic image, which I had the good fortune to see."
  • "I was so inspired by your beautiful image that I wrote poetry."
  • "Everything fades in my eyes, except for your amazing photographs."
  • “You are so perfect. I’m sure that I’ve never even used Photoshop. ”
  • "The whole world seemed disgusting and gloomy to me, but when I saw your beauty, I received sight."

Examples of compliments in correspondence:

  • "Your amazing sense of humor completely disarms me, I want to communicate with you endlessly."
  • “I have never met such an interesting, versatile interlocutor.”
  • "In communication with you, I forget about all the problems."
  • “I was delighted with your photographs, but your inner world is so deep and interesting that you want our communication to not stop.”

If you master all the rules for applying compliments, you can increase the mood and self-esteem of the fair sex and, as a result, win their attention and sympathy.

To be able to give a woman short compliments is an art. Fortunately, it can be mastered.

The ability to make a lady pleasant with the help of words is perhaps no less necessary for any man’s skill than the ability to give her pleasure in bed.

Although no, let's be realistic: this verbal skill is perhaps even more important, so if you do not own it, then the chances of moving to an intimate level of relationship with a hot beauty are sharply reduced.

In addition, the scope of compliments is much wider than it seems to some. One problem is how and what should girls say? When, with what frequency and intonation?

Well, it turns out to be much more than one nuance, so let's talk about them all in order.

Why give compliments?

Stupid question, right? But no. Because a compliment is more than just a tackle to a girl you like or a way to cheer up your girlfriend.

In skilled hands, a compliment can turn into a real weapon that can help not only establish contact with people, but also achieve, if not everything, then a lot. And these are not empty words.

What can a compliment do? An example that is shocking

A few years ago in an American prison, four overseers became pregnant from a prisoner. During the investigation, it was discovered that it was the compliments that helped the criminal to gain the favor of the ladies (and with it heaps of concessions).

In no case do we praise him and do not propose to do the same. On the contrary, the moral of the story is that the abuse of compliments then entailed a well-deserved punishment.

A compliment is a universal thing

Do not underestimate the power of compliments, as well as the skill to make them. But let's agree to use them only for good purposes. A lot of women surround you, and you can give compliments to all of them - even those to whom you have no romantic feelings.

With their help, you can cheer up the one who is sad, praise the one who is well done, add self-confidence to a shy girl and just show your good attitude to any person.

1. Nothing works without sincerity

Perhaps this is the most important of the rules. If your words are false, the compliment will more likely ruin the girl’s impression of you than improve it. So if you don’t believe what you’re saying, better keep silent.

And be sure to make sure that your compliment does not look like flattery, because to pass for a sneak is clearly not the effect you want to achieve.

2. Forget about cliches. Once and for all

Believe me, many girls know much more compliments than you, and some of them have already heard twenty times. And what once seemed original and worked after repeated use has lost its strength.

Using stamping, you run the risk of, at a minimum, appearing banal, and as a maximum, causing irritation.

5. Choose the right time to compliment

Even the most chic compliment made at the wrong time is an empty shot, and if the moment is completely unsuccessful, then it is completely traumatic for you.

Make sure that the lady you were going to make happy with your compliment does not save the world at this moment and does not signal to those around you that she will kill everyone who is now closer to her than five meters away. An appropriate compliment is the only kind of compliment that works.

7. The magic of exclusivity

It’s not enough to come up with a compliment, aerobatics - to personalize it as much as possible under the person to whom you do it. Because "eyes like stars" theoretically can be in everyone.

But “in the light your eyes turn from Americano into cappuccino”, maybe not the most successful example, but at least it says that you carefully watch the interlocutor’s eyes and come up with unexpected analogies (the main thing is that they are pleasant and appropriate).

And you can even even NEED to praise what the girl made her efforts to do - the work done, the developed character qualities, the products of her creativity, pet and much more.

8. Brevity is the sister of talent

The Internet can generously share with you a thousand blanks of any volume - from three words to three thousand characters - both in prose and in poetry. We will not speak for all the girls, but for many, huge and poetic compliments now seem strange and even creepy.

Confused, complex compliments, and even with hidden subtext, always run the risk of being misunderstood and cause awkwardness, or even offend. So, wanting to impress, do not overdo it.

Short compliments to girls for all occasions: practical tips

We hasten to upset you: we will not give you a list of ready-made exclusive and 100% compliments. And do not believe the one who says that he has such - their compliments, most likely, have already been in use and not the fact that they will be equally well received by all women, without exception.

Instead, we will tell you how to properly compose non-banal compliments that with a high degree of probability will be pleasant to hear your interlocutor.

Recently, we have already given you detailed instructions on how to meet girls on the street. We add that although in this situation your compliment will inevitably be associated with appearance (due to lack of data on other features of the lady), but still try to be original.

At the same time, do not go too far: don’t praise her clothes or accessories as if you want yourself the same, and don’t accidentally give her an anti-compliment (“You just have a dazzling smile! Whitened your teeth?”).

In a club or bar

Compliments in this place are perhaps more appropriate than in the middle of a pedestrian crossing, but do not forget about a few nuances. Yes, you drink alcohol and, perhaps, spend this night together, but this does not mean at all that it is worth starting an acquaintance with vulgarity.

Make sure that the girl you are going to compliment has not come to this place with a couple and have not yet managed to start chatting with another, intending to continue acquaintance with him. And yet - in addition to appearance in this situation, you can also praise how she dances.

In gym

If it seems to you that all the girls go to the gym to lose weight, and a compliment that her weight has decreased has been appropriate, then no. People lose weight for various, not always positive reasons, so in the hall and in any other place it is better not to take risks with this topic.

But if you have been working together for some time and you noticed her progress, then why not tell her about it? To some girls (we emphasize - not to everyone), with whom you communicate in a friendly manner, you can make a compliment about the appearance of the relief of their arms, legs, press (but certainly not priests).

In the Internet

If your hands itch to make CTR + C and CTR + V with some gorgeous foreign compliment, we advise you to think twice about whether the girl received the exact same message, more than once.

The best way to compliment is based on the information that the girl posts on social networks. Praised her taste, hobbies or hobbies.

By the way, your compliment can be cool - why not? The main thing is that she appreciates your sense of humor, and not be offended.

How it is worth doing, and what is best not necessary - we have already told, and in sufficient detail. So we advise you to get acquainted with this material here.


Your favorite is the only woman you can give a short vulgar compliment to. But you need to do it simply masterly and preferably at the moment when you want to excite her, or already in bed, supplementing the words with deed.

And we also advise NEVER to give your girlfriend a compliment, which includes comparing her with others. Even if it is objectively cooler than all your exes, it’s better to take our word for it and keep this information to yourself.

Married woman

The ring on the finger does not mean that all men, except the husband, should stay away from the woman at the distance of a cannon shot. The main thing is to make sure that the beautiful words that you say to a married woman do not sound like an invitation to treason and are as correct, transparent and neutral as possible.

Head or teacher

The rules are the same as with married ladies, plus pay special attention so that the compliment does not sound like a toad. The appearance of these ladies is not worth praising, but we can say something pleasant about the situation in the office, the thing on the table or the new hairstyle (we repeat once again just in case about sincerity).

To a man (yes, they can also be complimented)

Do not be afraid to do this, but as carefully as possible. Praise male relatives and friends: they will appreciate your support and attention. Mark the business qualities of a colleague or boss (just as with the boss you can mention the situation in the office).

And there’s such a thing as a compliment with elements of anti-compliment for yourself (“How punctual you are! And always something will delay me.”). But we advise you to resort to them as little as possible and build them as carefully as possible - otherwise you run the risk of colliding with side effects. What, we think, you guess.