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How to make focus with levitation yourself


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In micromagy (magic tricks performed at close range), objects that are familiar to almost any spectator are often used for everyday life that are completely mundane. Making an ordinary coin levitate and violate the laws of physics, you can easily overwhelm and confuse the public. There are several different tricks with levitation coins. Many of them are based on manual dexterity, so you will have to take some time to practice to hone your skills. Having trained your hands from tossing a coin in the air until it disappears and, finally, before levitation, you will surely amaze your friends.

Focus with levitation of a note: a solution

This trick is best suited for a novice illusionist. It is quite simple and practically does not require preparation, but the audience, without a doubt, will be amazed at the appearance of the bill, balancing, contrary to all laws of physics, on the finger of a magician. The main part of the bill while hanging freely in the air, swaying in time with the movements of the magician's hand.

In order to amaze your friends with this performance, you only need a banknote of any value and a metal coin. And, of course, sleight of hand. Take a coin and tightly hold it between the palm and the base of the ring finger. So you can use other fingers without risking dropping it, and your “secret” from the side will be invisible to the audience. You can take any coin - the main thing is that it be more or less heavy.

Now take the bill and show it to the public to prove that it is real. You can let the audience feel or even hold it - this will not affect the outcome of the focus.

Having received the money back in your hands, carefully roll the bill three times in length. The main difficulty of this stage is to imperceptibly put a coin hidden in your palm between paper folds. To achieve this, you will have to do some training in front of the mirror.

After that, you just have to place the folded bank note on your finger so that the coin located at the edge balances its length. To achieve a greater effect, you can balance the bill a little or make a few mysterious passes with your free hand.

The secret of rose levitation

Rose levitation has always been considered one of the most beautiful and romantic tricks. The illusionist takes a real or folded flower from a napkin, and he, obeying the slight wave of his hand, rises into the air. The rose seems to float completely freely, the audience does not see either supporting threads or other devices for levitation.

Despite the unusual nature, it is quite possible to learn how to do a trick with rose levitation on your own. In order to repeat it, you will need to cook the following items:

  • A thin invisible thread (you can order it here - inexpensively) or fishing line,
  • a small button
  • a needle or tape,
  • flower.

Gently attach the thread to your flower. For the most aesthetics, you should find the center of gravity of the rose so that its flight looks more natural. Tie the second end of the thread to the button, which then will need to be sewn to the collar of your clothes. Now you need to think through what to skip the main part of the thread. It can be thrown over the hook from the chandelier, the branches of a tree, if you are on the street, or simply stretched out over your own head, throwing a free loop around the fingers of one of the hands. You should not tie the end of the thread to your fingers: in this case, any attentive viewer will be able to notice the dependence of the movements of the rose on your gestures.

So you can control the flight of your flower with the light movements of the fingers and head. Of course, during stage performances, the illusionists have the opportunity to use much more complex devices, which makes the flight of the rose intricate and completely unusual. If you want to make your focus more spectacular, then you should think about a system of blocks through which you pass a thread and, thanks to this, you can move the levitated object not only vertically, but also to the sides.

EIf you decide to impress your friends with your abilities, do not forget that the success of the focus largely depends on how beautiful and mysterious your actions will look. You can accompany the flight of the rose with spells or mysterious gestures, or, conversely, limit yourself to only light nods of the head. You can even skip the “magic flower” through the hoop or hold a palm over it, of course, only if you practice well alone and learn not to touch the line during the performance.

Learning to levitate is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. For example, one of the ways can be seen in this video:

Having mastered the focus with the levitation of a rose, you can repeat it with any other small and fairly light object - for example, a cigarette or a card.

How to make focus with levitation of objects?

Most often, for this focus they take a cigarette, a bill, a paper clip. The secret of the focus with the levitation of the subject lies in the correct preparation of the number and the refinement of the skill. Beginning illusionists should start with the levitation of the bill.

For focus, you need to take any bill and coin heavier. The coin must be tightly clamped between the palm and the base of the ring finger. This makes it possible to hide the coin from prying eyes, but use the remaining fingers. The bill must be shown to the public, you can even give a touch and hold it in your hands. After that, the bill must be carefully folded along three times. In this case, you must quietly put a hidden coin between the folds of the bill. This is the most difficult moment of focus.

After that, you need to carefully place the folded bill on the finger with the side where the coin is hidden and gradually release the piece of paper. Most of the bill will be in the air, but the coin will balance it. You can carefully balance the bill, and with your free hand make mysterious movements around the bill.

Exposing this trick to levitation is rare. In addition, each number has its own secret. Thanks to this, tricks with levitation always cause delight and genuine interest.

Human levitation: deception or illusion?

Illusionists have always spent a lot of effort developing new, more and more shocking tricks, among which one of the most complex, by right, is considered to be the independent flight of people.

The secret of focusing on a person’s levitation is, first of all, in distracting tricks that prevent viewers from seeing what a person takes to the air. Since it is impossible to stay in the air without a propeller or an anti-gravity device, magicians have to invent all kinds of devices for levitation. An example of such a focus can be seen in the short video of the Safronov brothers, where they revealed one of their secrets.

In tricks of this type, the main role is played by a special mechanism controlled by the magician himself or his assistant and slowly lifting the lying person. For this reason, for the majority of stage tricks with levitation, a veil is used that hides not only the person himself, but also an apparatus that allows him to “take off”.

The flights of the magician, who seems to soar on his own, not supported by anything, cause much more amazement to the public. Especially popular were the tricks of David Copperfield, who not only soared above the stage, but also flew through rotating hoops and transparent boxes. The solution to this “magic” is the multitude of the finest invisible cables and drawers with slots into which the cables enter during the “captivity”. But, of course, the main condition for a successful trick with levitation was and remains the ease and artistry of the magician himself.

How to make a trick with levitation yourself

It is almost impossible to repeat the achievements of David Copperfield or the Safronov brothers at home - unless, of course, you are a brilliant mechanic who can create a machine for levitation from improvised materials. However, there are many other, much simpler ways to convince viewers of their ability to levitate. The most affordable of them is optical illusion, which anyone can master. In this case, you don’t even have to take off: it will be enough to convince others of this.

To implement the focus, you will need only 2 things:

  • Worn shoes without laces, several sizes larger than your foot,
  • wide pants,

The secret of such a focus is, first of all, in choosing the right place for the focus. Spectators, regardless of their number, should see only one of your legs: the success of your stunt depends on this. The best location is 2-3 meters from the audience.

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Preparing for the trick, you need to carefully, so as not to attract attention, remove the foot hidden from the public from the shoes. It is on it that you will rely during the “flight”. Now start slowly rising on tiptoe while lowering your hands down or reciting “spells”. It is better to press the loose shoes to the second leg so that it "rises" with you and at the same time hides the supporting leg. If you do everything right, the audience will see how you smoothly take off a few centimeters above the floor and, after hovering for a few seconds, also smoothly fall back.

It is important! To do such a trick is much easier with an assistant who, at the right time, supposedly accidentally passes by you, and for a moment closes your actions from the public.

Video training focus “levitation” can be seen in this video:

Focus with human levitation requires patience and numerous training in front of the mirror. In order for it to be more spectacular, it is worth remembering a few small tricks:

  • Do not warn viewers in advance about the trick: otherwise they may take a closer look and solve your secret.
  • The easiest way is to demonstrate levitation in a darkened room or when the light music is on, which will hide some of the nuances of the performance.
  • Do not stay in the air for more than 4 seconds.
  • Make sure your viewers are looking at you at an angle of approximately 45 ° and no one is standing behind you.

Useful Tips

  • Any tricks with levitation are best shown in subdued light, since when using threads it is possible to highlight and glare them,
  • If you show a trick in good light, it’s better to perform it at a considerable distance - there will be less glare and the viewer will not see the highlighted thread,
  • When showing levitation, you should use dark clothes - even the thinnest thread can be noticeable in contrast.
  • If you need to hold your palm over the map, then simply spread your fingers so that the line is exactly between them.