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Examples of witty and resourceful answers


I don’t know what you eat at breakfast, but it really works! Intelligence tends to zero!

Just do not take out the headphones from your ears. God forbid you freeze the brain inside.

Before our conversation, I thought you were an intellectual, or just a very well-read person. And as you can see, I was in vain afraid of getting a finger into the sky.

I have to go to a mental hospital? No, of course, thank you very much for the good advice, but do not align everyone on their own.

To shock me, you have to say something clever.

If it was my pleasure to communicate with bitches, I would have already had a dog for a long time.

Looking at you, I begin to understand that nothing human is alien to God.

How to respond to an insult?

Unfortunately, even the friendliest people are not immune from rudeness and rudeness. Therefore, it is very important to know how to correctly and adequately respond to the insult.

How to smartly respond to an insult? What can be answered to the insult? How to learn how to respond to insults?

Not all of us are able to find the right answer when talking with a rude.

The art of negotiation: hit wit customers

Office routines can be a test for nerves. How to respond to an insult on the part of the client, to a comment about knowledge of German? German rhetoric expert gives advice.

“Stupid sheep!” - such an insult from the client was addressed to one of the seminar participants Petra Schächtele-Philipp.

How to quickly find witty answers

Have you ever participated in a dispute in which your entire reputation among friends, relatives or colleagues depended on the ability to come up with a quick, resourceful answer to someone who offended you or excelled in wit? You can learn the art of coming up with witty cues, but you need to be confident in this. When you learn to invent quick, quick answers, you can surprise your friends - and enemies - without spending a lot of time on it.

We develop the ability to think quickly. Not everyone can think up on the go, and for those who are easily lost, the art of creating witty answers can be based, at the very least, on remembering some standard phrases.

1. Serious answers

You answer a person to his attack, as a child, simple-heartedly or calmly, with dignity, without becoming infected with negative emotion. By the way, such a reaction causes great respect and sympathy in people, not everyone likes jokers and wits. Many people prefer a society of serious people. But as the witty Englishman Lawrence Stern said in a book about the gentleman Tristran Shandy: "Strictness is a ploy invented for the body to hide the flaws of the mind." It is precisely in order to disguise their excessive seriousness that such people use in their speech a lot of cliches, famous, hackneyed jokes, which have already become folklore of phrases from movies.

2. Annoying, rude, aggressive responses

You are overwhelmed by irritation, and you tell the other person, who allowed himself an ironic or rude attack, the first derogatory answer that came to mind, trying to offend him with his tone or hurt him with words. This is the answer taken by surprise and not too resourceful person who does not react to the essence of what was said, but simply rude to the interlocutor in order to "save face".

3. Witty, reactive answers.

You instantly analize and reproach the line, discover the salt of the statement, which seems funny and funny to you and does not hurt you. You simply do not accept what is said at your own expense. Therefore, nothing prevents you from reacting quickly and translating aggression, irony, neglect into a joke, and this joke can be directed both at the opponent and at yourself. The answer of a resourceful person can be refined, refined, and this makes it even more acute, especially if he is addressed to an ignorant person, or cynical, ambiguous - it all depends on the level of culture of the speaker and the social environment in which he grew up and / or lives.

The first answer: a person politely and seriously suppresses an unpleasant remark.

The second option: a person is rude or insults in response, clings to words

Third: the person distances himself from the cue, he is free, and quickly finds a witty solution.