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How to like a girl on a first date?


Men are worried and are waiting for a first date with awe and anticipation no less than the beautiful half of humanity. Feeling their responsibility as the organizer of the upcoming rendezvous, they worry that the girl will be satisfied, that she will be interested, fun and, of course, want to please her. Experienced womanizer know how to impress a girl and interest her, and usually rely on their own charisma and well-suspended language. But what should be done for those who are not so confident in themselves and have made an invitation to a date for the first time, or who have negative experience associated with the refusals of girls, but do not know what he was doing wrong?

Rule 1 - Appearance

Neatness, accuracy, grooming - this is what the girls pay attention to when meeting with a man. The ideal appearance and expensive “outfit” are not so striking as uncleaned shoes and dirt under the nails.

To make a good impression on the girl, you need to take care of the following:

  • perfect cleanliness of the body, hair, nails (unshaved nails and dirt under them act so repulsively that only because of this the first date can become the last),
  • a pleasant smell (do not pour perfume, a fairly light, unobtrusive note of aroma, which will give completeness to the image),
  • impeccable condition of clothes (it may not be new, but it is necessary to be clean, ironed, even if we are talking about a T-shirt and jeans. Crumpled clothes do not add brutality, as many naively believe, but give the impression of untidiness),
  • the cleanliness and integrity of the shoes (for most women, the condition of men’s shoes is the most indicative criterion. Even if it is rain / snow / hail / flood in the street, the shoes should be clean),
  • about the selection of clothes. For the first meeting, a classic is preferable: a suit, jeans and a shirt (for the cold season - a sweater or vest). Sports suit for a date - a taboo. Properly selected accessories (belt, watch, tie) will help revitalize the image and make it more stylish.

Rule 2 - Choosing a Rendezvous Place

When inviting a girl on a date, you need to make sure that the chosen place is comfortable for both, and the pastime is interesting. Too noisy places leave few opportunities for communication.

Before planning a cultural program, you should find out about the girl’s preferences:

  • if it’s a cafe, then you need to find out if it smokes, and if not, make sure that there is a non-smoking room in the selected institution,
  • if you have an idea of ​​outdoor activities, you need to find out whether the girl is afraid of heights / horses / speed, etc., and also warn her in advance so that she can dress accordingly, choose comfortable shoes,
  • When planning a trip to a movie, theater or exhibition, find out what genres in art she prefers (you can choose a film or a performance together),
  • the walking route must be carefully thought out so that the girl is not tired and she was interested,
  • try to create a romantic atmosphere or at least get closer to it (going to a pub or soccer is unlikely to win the heart of a chosen one - rather, she will greatly disappoint her).

Rule 3 - Punctuality

Going on a date, it is very important to correctly calculate the time and arrive first (ideally - 15 minutes before the appointed time). Being late on the part of a man is unforgivable.

This applies not only to the first date, but to all dates in general - only a lady can linger. If the girl arrives earlier, and she has to wait for the gentleman - the mood and impression of the man will already be spoiled (even if she does not give a sign).

Rule 4 - Gallantry, Manners

Any woman, even the most powerful and independent, is pleased to feel like a lady next to a caring man. It is difficult to resist and not fall in love with a gentleman with exquisite manners.

It is clear that not every guy knows the etiquette perfectly and can distinguish a fish fork from a fondue fork, but such basic things as opening the door and letting the girl go forward, giving her a hand when leaving the vehicle, spending the evening at home, paying the bill cafe, do not smoke with her without her permission - should be taken for granted for every man.

And if he still comes on a date with flowers, then the chances of conquering the chosen one increase significantly.

Rule 5 - ability to maintain a conversation, sense of humor

One of the most effective ways to please is to be an interesting conversationalist. The first date is a somewhat stressful event for both parties, associated with excitement, insecurity, and internal fears, and this can provoke an awkward silence during communication.

A man needs to be prepared to fill these pauses with a good joke, a compliment, or by proposing a new topic for discussion. Therefore, when going on a date, you need to think over topics that will be interesting to the girl, make a “preparation” of questions that you can ask her, have a few jokes, funny stories in order to diversify communication and defuse the situation.

Rule 6 - the presence of the male "core"

Women prefer strong, confident men who know what they want in life and work to achieve their goal. Such a man causes a feeling of reliability, security.

Human psychology is such that we evaluate (at the subconscious level, sometimes without suspecting it) each new guy or girl as a potential partner for the family, building a serious relationship. And for women, the feeling of a "reliable rear" next to a man is very important: regardless of external circumstances, she will not be lost with him.

This does not mean that you can brag or embellish your achievements - in any case. It is enough to take care of your lady, to give her the opportunity to be weak and fragile, taking all organizational matters upon herself, to be proactive and attentive to her needs. When telling a girl about her activities, it is not necessary to take up a lot of “ether” with details, especially details of her plans: it is better to briefly tell what has already been done to achieve life goals.

Rule 7 - Persistence

It impresses women when a man takes the initiative, knows how to achieve it, and is not afraid to show his feelings. However, it is worth remembering that between the perseverance and arrogance, obsession, the line is quite thin. Hints of sex on the first date a serious girl, most likely, will be repelled and upset, but a kiss goodbye will leave an aftertaste of romance and reinforce positive emotions from a date.

Rule 8 - Generosity

It is impossible to impress a girl without spending a dime on a date. And it’s not about the commercialism of all women or a single lady at all - it’s about the little things that show signs of attention and upbringing of the strong half of humanity.

Generosity is not measured by the number of zeros, but by attention.

A man who has gone on a date without flowers (it’s not necessary to buy a chic bouquet, you can confine yourself to one elegant rose), after a few hours of walking in the park who did not offer the lady ice cream or water, or who invited her to a cafe and expecting her to pay the bill, looks awful stingy.

Rule 9 - Compliments

How to impress a woman? Tell her compliments! Pleasant words - this is what makes a woman’s heart beat faster and freezes with delight. However, compliments need to be sincerely and correctly (for example, to admire the grace of a full girl is at least silly, but her charming smile or gorgeous hair can be noted).

Rule 10 - smile, charm

Thinking about how to please a girl, men often forget about such an important detail as natural charm, mistakenly believing that it is inherent only to Brad Pitt or Ricky Martin, and a simple guy who does not fit into the canons of glossy beauty has no chance to subdue her with his a smile.

And women, meanwhile, share with their girlfriends:
"I fell in love with his eyes!"
“At first glance, he is ordinary, but when he smiles, it’s impossible to resist”.

Therefore, a positive attitude, charm, openness and a cheerful disposition are a powerful weapon with which you can not only interest, but also fall in love with a girl at first sight.

What repels women in men:

  • arrogance, vanity,
  • excessive talkativeness, boasting,
  • sloppy
  • lack of initiative,
  • nagging, boring
  • lack of sense of humor,
  • greed,
  • talking about ex (trying to interest a lady with stories about past adventures or complaining about a failed relationship is a bad idea),
  • stereotypic thinking about women,
  • when a man looks at other girls during a date,
  • lack of elementary concepts of harmony in clothes (sports shoes with trousers, shoes for a tracksuit, etc.).

How to kiss a girl on a first date

It’s not necessary to kiss passionately on the first date, and not all girls are ready for this, but you just have to kiss her, at least on the cheek, to indicate your intentions about her. A kiss is inextricably linked with kinesthetics, and if you climb to kiss it before reaching the desired level of rapprochement - both emotional and physical, the girl can simply be frightened off.

We already talked about how to spend the first date with a girl in order to get closer emotionally. Physical rapprochement occurs as a result of tactile contact - that is, before you kiss a girl, you need to touch her.

There are 2 kinesthetic strategies:

  1. Sustainable social. Suitable for most girls, it is worth using if you really like her and you want to have a relationship. On the first date, touching the hands, the back and waist, on the second, legs and stomach are added, and on the third - you can fully touch the girl.
  2. Active - we begin to develop the above kinesthetics on the first date. Used for quick seduction and sex, not suitable for all ladies.

You can also learn to seduce without kinesthetics in general, only with the help of meta-messages of love and sexuality (meta-messages are the emotions that you give her), however, you should not practice this method at the beginning of the seducer’s path, it is the prerogative of experienced pickers.

When can you kiss a girl? The first kiss on the cheek can be done immediately at a meeting, it is quite natural and in 95% of cases the girl will not mind. Further, in the process of communication, you consistently increase kinesthetics and when you notice that she is comfortable, stares at you, and does not look away when making eye contact, bend down and tell her something in your ear (you can point out something from environment) and if she doesn’t pull away, then it's time to kiss her.

The first kiss should be short enough, without a tongue, as if reconnaissance. If everything goes smoothly and she likes it, then it is likely that at the end of the date you will be kissing to the fullest.

1. You need to look adequate

This includes not only clothes that must be at least clean, but you yourself must be clean, smell good. After all, girls attach great importance to the cleanliness of a man, and if they are ready to reconcile with her husband, walking in families at home, then only the most desperate women will begin to meet a guy who came out unkempt on a first date. This attitude is perceived primarily as disrespect for the one with whom you are dating.

2. Choose the right place

For the first meeting, you just need to choose a place where you will feel confident, and more importantly, familiar. It is for everyone. And it is precisely the feeling of self-confidence that you are in a familiar and familiar place will be important in the process of the first date. The ideal place is where you yourself often go.

3. Prepare for a conversation

This item is for those men whose language is poorly suspended, and it is difficult to maintain a conversation about anything. And there are quite a few such men. And since there is hardly any time to professionally develop a delusional generator, we will restrict ourselves to a little preparation. After all, to come up with a few initial phrases is not so difficult, and it is this moment, the first few minutes, that are the most nervous. Imagine how you greet the girl, lose the conversation a couple of minutes in advance, this will help a lot at the meeting itself. In addition, you should pick up a dozen questions that you can ask a girl during the communication itself.

And also five topics that interest you, and which you can tell a girl about. It can be like stories from life that describe you on the positive side or just interesting cases from the lives of people around you. But the important point is that you can embellish, of course, in something, but you still shouldn’t lie directly. Since this can greatly complicate your life in the future.

Summing up the preparation, I want to note that you will come to the first date with a prepared, cleanly dressed, in a familiar, familiar place, with ready-made conversation templates for the first few minutes and several topics for further communication.

Even if you made mistakes when you met, then this is exactly the moment when you can fix everything. The first few minutes of the meeting will have serious consequences in the future.

4. Always smile

I must admit that this rule seems to be the simplest, but in fact it is far from the case. A large number of people do not smile or do it forcedly, and therefore not sincerely, and this is visible. If in doubt about your abilities, practice at home in front of the mirror. There is nothing strange about it, smiling beautifully is the same skill as writing or reading, and if it turns out badly, you just need to do it. Training will fix everything. After all, there is nothing more attractive than an open smile of a person.

5. Eye contact

The girl needs to look in the eye. Yes, it may not be easy, again training can help keep eye contact. By the way, unlike the popular pickup theories, which claim that one should immediately show dominance over a girl, including a “piercing” look, and in no case should one look away first, in life everything can happen differently. Here I want to give advice to those who find it difficult to hold their eyes for a long time; Look up, or sideways, as if something has distracted your attention, and after a few moments return. This in no way will reduce your authority, but at the same time keep your eyes open. Although it should be noted that in most cases the girls themselves look away.

It is clear that the first date is an extremely exciting moment for most guys. But even so, you have to control your physics. First of all, it concerns breathing. It should be deep, measured. It is in this that you will be well helped by the fact that you are in a familiar, familiar place and prepared in advance for the meeting. After all, it is precisely the uncertainty in one's own strength, multiplied by the natural excitement of the moment - that knocks the breath, makes it intermittent, and this is noticeable. In addition, it affects your speech.

The main thing to talk right is not to mumble. This is what can kill any impression. Speech should be confident, clear, slow, but not stretched. We must speak calmly, clearly pronouncing the words. You trained in advance - you know what to say, so say it confidently.An important point is also the voice. It would be nice to develop the so-called chest voice, but it takes time, out of simple try just talking half a tone lower than usual. This can create the desired effect.

8. Conversation

It is highly undesirable to take long pauses, but they will never be. After all, even if a girl gets caught not talking, you have already prepared topics that you can switch to. In addition, you should not bombard the girl with questions in a row, even if she does not take the initiative and does not ask you anything, start talking about yourself. Although of course this should not be a clear boast.

9. Time to say goodbye

Do not drag out the first date. In order to please a girl, it is enough to spend from 30 to 60 minutes. You should leave behind a good impression, but at the same time leave a lot unsaid, open the tip of the iceberg, but also show that the iceberg itself is also there, and it will be interesting to find out.

Often the guys ask if you need to give flowers on the first date, pay for the girl, accompany her home, to the car, public transport or leave immediately in the cafe. There is no unambiguous solution to all these questions. It will be the most correct to do the way you want. If you want to come with flowers, and at the same time you will feel confident that you are doing the right thing, do it, and if these flowers confuse you, you will constantly worry that other people are looking at you because of them, then take flowers not worth it. The same goes for the rest of the questions. And most importantly - go on dates, the more often you do it, the easier and more interesting they will take place, and when you meet her, you will be 100% ready.

How to seduce a girl on a first date

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