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Girl older than a guy: how to build a relationship


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If you are dating a girl who is older than you, you will find many exciting adventures and fun experiments. If you are worried about how to behave in such relationships, just remember that the most important thing is self-confidence, so you should not take your age difference too seriously. So just sit, relax, and enjoy the relationship just as if you were dating your same age.

Girl older than a guy: pros and cons

Very often, when they meet a girl and find out that she is older, the guys finish such an acquaintance, and it never develops into something more. But the reason for this is male fears and prejudices.

But from a relationship with a girl who is older, you can make a lot of useful things and, in the end, just gain useful experience.

Pros of a guy’s relationship with a girl who is older:

A man can learn a lot, starting from how best to kiss and ending with the fact that a girl can help with her studies,

The older the girl, the less capricious she is and does not require much attention, she is self-sufficient,

If a girl older than you really likes you, she will always find time for a date.

But there are plenty of minuses in such relations:

Friends or parents of a guy may not accept a girl

Their interests and hobbies may not coincide,

The guy may not live up to the girl’s expectations, as he has not yet reached the level at which the girl is.

As for the opinions of others, it should not be taken into account. If in your relationship a girl is older than a guy, first of all, you need to calm down and remember the phrase "Love is submissive to all ages." When you feel good together, relationships should be protected, especially from different stereotypes. Love does not depend on the numbers in the passport.

Girl older than a guy: tips for a guy

If a girl is older than a guy in a relationship, she cannot be allowed to point out a difference in age, otherwise it will lead to quarrels and irritation. Make sure that you do not develop an inferiority complex.

You do not need to constantly prove to your girlfriend that you are better, more beautiful, more successful. If she chose you, then she likes you for who she is. But this does not mean that you do not need to develop and improve yourself - you need to do this only for yourself, but not as evidence of love for the girl.

Be prepared for the fact that you can break up. Any relationship ends sooner or later. There are many reasons, but you should not pre-tune in for a long and happy life with a girl until you are 100% sure of her. Moreover, building relationships in life with a girl who is older is much more difficult than with your same age.

And, of course, you should feel like a master of the situation, not beg for attention and affection. In this regard, relations with a girl older than a guy do not mean that you, as the youngest, should reach out to her more than she should towards you. It is solely a matter of feelings, not age.

Many people find it absolutely normal for a couple where a man is several decades older than his girlfriend. Nevertheless, society treats this difference in age differently. Some people think that such a relationship is doomed. So what to do in this case, what to do if the girl is older.

Girl older than a guy: how to build a relationship

When a girl is older than a guy, this will stimulate her to take care of herself better, dress in fashionable clothes and shoes, do rejuvenation procedures, give up all bad habits, play sports. Every woman understands that she needs to be a match for a young man, otherwise he can simply be taken away.

Being in a relationship with a more mature woman, it is easier for a man to succeed in life, as his chosen one has a predominant life experience, she is more serious and wiser than him in many matters.

Psychologically, the female sex begins to grow older than the male, as in order to continue the human race, nature has endowed women with moral stability and mental invulnerability.

One can safely say that a woman as an evolutionary species is stronger than a man. Only having a strong woman next to him does a man truly become courageous.

The upbringing of boys from birth is more engaged in women and most of the men expressed maternal instinct. First, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, etc. do it. After - educators, teachers. Therefore, a man at the subconscious level is tuned to a relationship with a more mature woman.

Usually, only with age do women come to understand the true purpose. In youth, many girls live in an atmosphere of entertainment, but with age they are increasingly drawn to family life.

A mature woman with great responsibility relates to the process of planning and raising children, better monitors comfort in the house, she is better at manifesting herself in the kitchen. Over the years, a woman will be able to organize comfort and coziness for her lover.

Highest sexual compatibility expects a couple where the man is younger. It has long been known that the peak of sexual activity in women occurs after 30 years, and in men after 20. Therefore, partners will be able to receive maximum sexual satisfaction.

So what if the girl is older? The answer is obvious - live and enjoy life. Many unions, where a girl is older than a guy, will lead to a happy and long family relationship.

Girl older than a guy: tips for a girl

He is still studying, walking with friends, and you are already working, you are trying to grow your career and you are not up to night walks under the moon and romantic absenteeism on working days. However, you found something in each other. It happens that men are attracted to women smarter and more experienced.

In this case, they refuse night outings and are ready to wait for you at home from work. They try to learn a lot from you. However, you often get the feeling that you are the prototype of his mother, in whom he is simply gaining experience.

And this is not very pleasant to realize in a relationship when a girl is older than a guy. Complexes instantly arise that you are old, boring and uninteresting. In such constant nervous tension, you can really earn yourself premature wrinkles.

This should be easier to relate to. Such relationships rarely last long, but once you have chosen each other, then enjoy. Perhaps you will not withstand the onslaught of your oppressive thoughts, or he will want to come off with all his strength in his youth.

Then you just part with good friends. If a girl is older than a guy, this does not mean that he is stupid or too selfish due to your age. Appreciate the fact that he likes you. So at 25, you can still pass as a 20-year-old, while not really trying to do it.

1. Do not overdo it with sex

I’ll make a reservation right away: this text is for the youngest and most hyperactive part of our audience, young men of 18–25 years old (those who are more experienced can just see the pictures is also a pleasure). So - an unkind sign, if after having sex with you she regularly takes her leg, stabs in her side, dizzy and anxiously grunts in her back. Most likely, eight times a day a woman who is older than you (hereinafter referred to as FSW) does not really want to. Well, you understand: pressure, arrhythmia, and indeed - trouble at work and get up early tomorrow. For a week or two, of course, she will tolerate your sprinting attacks - it is possible that with painkillers and red bu, but then it’s better to switch from quantity to quality.

2. Speak less and listen more

You should not specify how many times she has finished, if she is not ready to hear the truth (although adults do not ask about such things at all). This classmates can, without blushing, perjury about sixteen orgasms in half an hour. FSW for this too respects itself, the partner (that is, you) and the process itself. Instead of spiritually lifting lies, she’d better tell you why it’s so much nicer than that, where else should she be kissed and why you need that curly thingy thing on the bedside table. In short, will share the secrets of mastery. And you don’t be a mug - listen and remember. In terms of information content, a week of regular intercourse with FSW is equivalent to a year of somersaults with peers.

3. Do not pretend to be older and more experienced

A tie instead of a hoodie and New Balance sneakers. Down the earring from the ear. Points for solidity. A briefcase, not a backpack. Boy, who are you trying to trick? You fell in love with the FSW without all these attributes of solidity. And since some divorced manager with an emerging bald head did not appear in your place, then glasses, ties and briefcases are not what attracts her to men at the moment. In other words, you are pretty FSW in its original form, so leave everything as it is.

The same goes for trying to look more experienced than you really are. Fictional stories about crowds of conquered women and concluded multimillion-dollar contracts, supposedly read books and seen films - all this is calculated at once. You don’t want the FSW to consider you even more nonsense than you really are?

4. Postpone meeting friends

The question of friends and meeting them is one of the most delicate. It is enough for the FSW to appear at least once in your company arm in arm with such an outrageously young you - and they will no longer call it “child molester” and “pedophile”.

Your friends and especially friends, one must assume, will also ambiguously react to a too-old companion.

Practice shows that at first it’s wiser not to advertise your unequal alliance. FSW knows this. It would be nice to learn for you, and not ask for corporate parties and dinner parties. And having received a refusal, do not terrorize her with reproaches, saying, "you are shy about me."

When and if there is something to be presented to the public (for example, love to the grave, marriage certificate, a couple of little sons and a little daughter) - then you will leave the shadow.

Until now, it’s safer not to shock the already nervous public.

5. Do not plan leisure time alone

In your opinion, it’s good to have a day off - it’s to sleep until three in the afternoon, order pizza for a dash for breakfast, then ride a bike, play Munchkin with your friends in the evening or watch Futurama, and after midnight move to the club. At first you will be sure that the FSW thinks about the same. Ha and a hundred times more ha! From a 12-hour sleep, her back hurts, how to drink, give. From pizza - gases. She would prefer a good book to Munchkin and Futurama. After riding a bicycle, she will limp for another week, and from a rumbling club house, cigarette smoke and cheap viskar, she will suffer from migraines. This is all to the fact that the FSW will surely agree to any adventure proposed by the exuberant youth and health of the boyfriend, just not to look like an old wallet in his eyes. But don’t be a beast — measure your ideas with her interests and ask more often what she herself would like to do.

6. Don’t bother with money

No, I do not urge you to become an Alphonse, but to climb out of your skin also makes no sense. Yes, perhaps one dish in her favorite restaurant costs like all your monthly ration. But this doesn’t mean at all that you have to work out three jobs, if only a girl older than you would not deny yourself truffles and foie gras. On the other hand, and she is not obliged to eat in the forehead cheburek, which you can afford.

The solution is simple: once honestly write your real financial situation - and let her decide how it will go on. Will offer to pay pasties 50 to 50 - why not. She prefers to walk you through restaurants at her own expense - she holds the flag in her hands, you just don’t really have a greyhound there. According to the same scheme, it is recommended to solve the issue of paying for joint rest, shopping, etc.

7. Beware of giving advice.

At the time when you calculated the square roots, the FSW was already in full swing of novels and went for interviews. It is not surprising that by the time of your meeting she will have a background that you never dreamed of, and an extensive collection of former bosses, ex-lovers and husbands, mother-in-law, children, nannies, neighbors, etc. God forbid you begin to "give a connoisseur of life" and advise her how it will be more correct and better to resolve one or another conflict. To do this, she has an army of best friends, a psychotherapist, a manicurist, a yoga trainer and a spiritual mentor in addition. Talk about the serious - listen and nod, but comment on the minimum. Otherwise, you can once and for all discredit yourself in her eyes. As a rule, it is during such heart-to-heart conversations that it becomes obvious how big the gulf separating you is.

8. Keep your emotions in check

It is possible that you will be discouraged and even offended by some detachment and coldness of the FSW. You broke in the middle of the night (!) To the other end of the city (!) To give a bouquet of violets (!) And inhale the aroma of her hair (!), And she didn’t even burst into tears of happiness - oh woman, do you have a piece of brick instead of a heart? ! But this is really not what you think. FSW does not rush to your neck at a meeting, does not write a hundred SMS messages a day, refuses to be jealous of a neighbor and spend the whole night clarifying relationships not because she does not care about you. She's just an adult. And adults a priori more accurately manage their own emotions: they try not to scatter in big words, not to swear in vain, etc. Take it as a given and do not waste your and her nerves in vain. Your romantic attempts and tendency to dramatize everything is, of course, nice. But damn tiring.

9. Filter humor

Remember once and for all: if someone is allowed to be ironic about the difference in age, then only her. Quod licet Jovi, as they say, non licet bovi. And in Russian, every cricket know your own hearth.

The use of revolutions such as “in my youth. "," The elders know better. "," Live to my age and understand. "- nothing more than a defensive reaction. Although we live in a free country, society with varying degrees of condemnation looks at the “daddies” in embrace with vocational school students and at over-aged ladies with young lovers. The FSW, with its caustic comments, seems to demonstrate to the world that it has not yet completely survived from the mind and is aware of who it has contacted, but it doesn’t worry a bit about it. Actually complex, of course. And your witticisms on the subject of age will be interpreted as outright rudeness and cruelty.

10. Do not think that she cannot have serious feelings for you

There is an opinion that the only reason why a lady, say, at forty, is associated with a 20-year-old boy, is the desire to unwind, cheer up, taste, so to speak, a young meat. This is certainly not the only one! According to my internal statistics, there are more stories where a woman falls in love with a young boyfriend more than those where everything begins and ends with sex. I will explain why. Of all the ways to increase your self-esteem, an affair with a guy fit as your sons is probably the most laborious and unproductive. It so happened historically that it is more convenient and pleasant for a girl to feel unconscious, dependent, guided, “baby” and “dope” (and no matter how old she is at the same time - 16 or 36). With a young gentleman, the stump is clear, this is unrealistic. We add social pressure, complexes, exhausting discrepancy in speeds and amplitudes. In short, it is really difficult. So much effort for the sake of God’s pleasure is not (seepoint 1, where the negative consequences of your hypersexuality are described in black and white)? Well don't make me laugh! So it turns out that, as a rule, a woman gets into an affair with a young one, having serious, well, very serious reasons.