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15 tips on how to quickly and easily pack your things


Customers often prefer to save as much as possible and collect things without resorting to expensive professional assistance. However, there is nothing reprehensible in the desire to save money. So, Europeans, with their frugality and meticulousness, perceive the independent packaging of home belongings as an inalienable and very strict ritual. We, trying to prepare for the arrival of movers on the last day, often turn the packing procedure into a fussy and meaningless fuss.

At first it turns out that we did not stock up on the right amount of cardboard boxes for transporting personal items, then we find that fragile plates from the service are at the very bottom, and in order not to damage them, we will have to get out and shift a bunch of objects. Finally, when things are stowed, it comes to someone's mind to disassemble everything in a new way. As a result, when the loaders arrive, it turns out that the boxes are not marked, and the confused, tired owners have already forgotten what and where is located.

Do not think that packing furniture and things is that simple

These ridiculous pictures of the organization of the move "in Russian" frighten and discourage. They force them to abandon self-packing of things, entrusting it to specialists. But if, in spite of everything, you are going to lay the property yourself, try using a few simple tips.

Take your time packing chandeliers, dishes, and other fragile items. It’s easier to start with oversized and durable things. Pack books, papers, bedding, clothes. Give professionals the right to pack furniture, appliances, and other expensive items. Perhaps the move will cost more, but you will protect yourself from losses.

All valuable with you

When collecting household items, do not forget about the most important thing. Bank cards, money, documents, jewelry and necessary medicines should be packaged separately and transported on their own in order to avoid their loss.

Professional packaging material required

If you decide to pack yourself, find packing materials. You can use containers in which household appliances were once sold, cardboard boxes that are sturdy in appearance are suitable for transporting personal items. But it is much more convenient to order special packaging from the carrier company with delivery. Such materials are sold in optimum sizes and meet the strength standards.

Do not forget about item compatibility

Do not put clothes, books or documents next to oily, coloring substances. Fold food and utensils as far as possible from the so-called household chemicals. Fragile dishes, plants, figurines, fabrics and paintings can be damaged by heavy and sharp objects.

Prepare the technique

When packing fragile items, do not forget that for the arrival of specialists it is necessary to prepare household appliances.

Free the refrigerator from food and defrost it at least one day before the workers arrive. Be sure to turn off household appliances. Extra caution does not hurt, so copy important information from your computer to the media.

Do not spare boxes for clothes and shoes

Before you start packing wardrobe items, you need to stock up on a large number of different boxes, bags, sacks, and other packaging material.

Bulk fabric products, whether it be curtains, fur coats, jackets, blankets, tablecloths, are very convenient to pack in plastic bags. For summer and demi-season clothes, suitcases, travel bags or large bags will fit. Things that should not be wrinkled, it is advisable to place in fabric covers. They are transported on shoulders in large special boxes.

Furniture - consider every little thing!

If you dare to pack the furniture yourself, put the panels of the disassembled furniture in special boxes or large boxes, after wrapping them with stretch film or bubble wrap. For additional convenience and safety of parts between the panels, you can put sheets of cardboard.

However, packaging is not the most difficult part when transporting furniture. You’ll have to bother in a new apartment when the time comes to assemble wardrobes and sofas, because in the bustle of moving it is easy to lose small accessories - nuts, screws, decorative parts, handles and other fasteners. To avoid a miss, select a separate bag or box for small parts.

For greater convenience, you can sign panels indicating what piece of furniture each of them refers to.

Hide the ends of sharp objects

When packing sharp objects (knives, knitting needles, skewers, scissors), observe the main rule - hide the pointed ends of the products so that they do not touch the box in which they are supposed to be transported. Pre-pack sharp objects in thick cardboard, and the voids in the box are filled with cushioning material.

Double protection for fragile items

To better protect fragile items, you need a large amount of air bubble film. It should not be stung: fragile, breakable products require careful and reliable packaging.

For laying between objects, professionals use thin cardboard or special paper. You can replace these materials with cloth or towels. You can use any soft surface. At the same time, it is not recommended to wrap glass objects in flannelette or woolen blankets: during transfer there is a high probability of dropping them.

Pack glass doors or mirrors in cardboard sheets, and then drag them with tape on both sides.

Do not forget to mark boxes with fragile objects, so that movers handle them carefully.

Don’t forget about the rule of thumb

This is a professional rule regarding box weight. Remember: if you can’t at least slightly move the box with your thumb, then it is too heavy for you. In any case, the weight of the box should not exceed 30 kg. Do not drive the boxes to the limit, keep in mind that you yourself may have to lower the load to the entrance.

Position the boxes correctly

Before the movers arrive, separate the boxes containing fragile items from all the others.

You may be denied transportation

In addition, there is a list of items that may cause a refusal to load. These are flammable substances, gas, oils, paints, household varnishes and solvents, weapons, ammunition, explosives.

  • Fragile items, their packaging and transportation
    Today in our world, the quality of the service sector has reached such heights that, if you have the right amount, you can be offered almost any service. And what the most.
  • Air bubble film: a separate type for each case
    One of the most popular polymer materials is air bubble film. Greenhouses cover it, it is actively used in construction and for.
  • Terms of use ... masking tape
    What are the specific instructions for using tape? Pressed, cut, smoothed - that’s the whole algorithm! It turns out that in fact, everything is not so simple.

1. Assemble the dinner box

Moving takes a lot of time and effort. After transporting things, you will probably want to eat, and it will be better if the right products are at hand. Collect them in a separate box and put them in a conspicuous place, for example, take them with you into the car.

The benefits of packing with professional packers

If you trust packing your things For people who know all the secrets of their work, then you will get rid of many troubles and get additional bonuses in the form of:

  • Save time, because specialists will execute the robot much faster,
  • Savings on the purchase of boxes, tape, tape, etc., since you are not able to correctly calculate their number,
  • Confidence that your things are folded securely and, if necessary, can be stored for a long time in this form.

Packers they have all the necessary materials and equipment, they will carefully carry out such an operation as packing things, all things will arrive in perfect condition at their destination. The clothes are laid out in boxes neatly, the dishes are packed securely, a similar list can be continued for a long time.

How is the preparatory phase

We packhaving thought over all the nuances in advance and prepared those packaging materials that will be needed in the packaging process. It can be:

  • Cardboard boxes different capacity
  • All kinds of adhesive tape for reliable fixation and air bubble film,
  • Checkered bags of various parameters,
  • Garbage bags various sizes and colors.

Markers and felt-tip pens necessary attribute for successful work. This will make it possible to make various notes on the boxes, which will significantly reduce the time when disassembling things. It is necessary to take only high-quality packaging materials into work, since very often the safety of your belongings depends on this.

What sequence do you need to pack with?

we packing things in a certain sequence. This is necessary in order to pack things with the greatest efficiency and speed. It helps to go work calmly and without too much fuss.

First, for further ease of packaging, it is necessary to collect all the items that are at the top, that is, from the mezzanines and upper shelves. To carry out work adhering to the rule from top to bottom. Bedding and clothes, towels are best packaged in packing bags or bags. It is imperative to make notes on them, as these things in the new house will be needed first of all.

TO packaging utensils and easily beating objects must be treated with extreme caution. Each item should be wrapped with paper towels, especially valuable items with bubble wrap. It is necessary to fold the dishes in cardboard boxes, for greater reliability, lining the foam waste on the bottom. Plates must be placed vertically, mugs of thick glass put on the bottom, products from thin glass - on top of the box. The voids in the box must be filled.