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How to clean your sneakers: step-by-step instructions published


Many people today wear white sneakers in almost any weather. It is only natural that a rather large amount of dirt accumulates on them. She eats into the material, so the question of how to wash white sneakers is quite a vital one.

You can clean the sneakers and remove dirt from their surface in two ways:

Before proceeding with the removal of contaminants, make sure that the sneakers are cleaned of fresh dirt. If there are black stripes or streaks on the surface, then getting rid of them is quite easy - just rub it with an ordinary eraser.

The fact is that they can simply interfere with the normal removal of pollution. If they are made of colored fabric or other material, then sneakers can be painted.

Traditional methods for removing stubborn stains

  1. White sneakers are perfectly cleaned of dirt with the help of ordinary toothpaste. To do this, take a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles and gently rub it with toothpaste on areas of shoes where there is dirt. When the cleaning process is complete, the remaining toothpaste is removed with a damp cloth.
  2. There is a proven recipe with which you can easily cope even with the most difficult contaminants. It takes vinegar, washing powder, a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice. All of these ingredients are mixed to form a thick paste. In order to clean the sneakers with this composition, take the same toothbrush. It should be remembered that this method is suitable for cleaning far from every material. For example, he will perfectly clean leather sneakers, and the mesh surface due to this composition can be seriously damaged.
  3. If the methods discussed above did not help, then resort to various oxygen-based bleaches. Dry solutions are diluted with water to the desired density, and liquid formulations can be used immediately. Sneakers are wiped with a soft cloth dipped in this liquid and see what the result is.
  4. There is a method for washing white sneakers, however, you will have to invest a certain amount of funds in it and purchase special paint for white shoes. Unfortunately, this method is also suitable only for owners of leather sneakers. Rag products using this method cannot be whitened. This composition is simply applied to the surface of the shoe and left for some time to dry.
  5. There is another way to clean white sneakers: standard baking soda, liquid soap and toothpaste are taken, in principle, you can add vinegar. All of these compounds are mixed until a homogeneous mass. Then, with a toothbrush, they try to whiten the sneakers. To fix and improve the effect, after such a mechanical cleaning, shoes are sent to a basin with soapy water. There, the sneakers should be washed and rinsed under running water. Then they are dried in the street.

It is worth noting that there are times when it is necessary to clean the sole so that it again takes on an attractive appearance.

How to return the sole to its previous whiteness?

The sole is part of the shoe, whitening is not too easy, since it is on it that the lion's share of contaminants gets. Moreover, its embossed surface does not allow cleaning it as well as the upper part of the shoe.

To return to the original appearance of the sole, you can use one of the following methods.

  1. A solution is prepared from a bleach based on oxygen. The product is placed in a basin and sneakers are placed there, trying to ensure that only the soles are submerged. Shoes are left there for about a couple of hours. After removing it from there, the sole can be whitened further by a small toothbrush and running water.
  2. Take a cotton pad, acetone and vinegar. Liquids are mixed in equal proportions. A cotton pad passes over the entire surface, carefully treating all difficult areas.
  3. You can use citric acid. You don’t have to dilute it, however, it is better to work with gloves so that the acid can not corrode the skin of the hands.

If such methods do not help to clean the dirt, then resort to washing.

How to wash white sneakers?

To whiten white sneakers by washing, you can use one of the methods. You can clean it in the washing machine, if there is a "sports shoes" mode. Not every washing machine model has this mode.

If it is not possible to run the shoes into the washing unit, they are washed by hand.

In order to bleach the sneakers, pour warm water into a small basin, dissolve the necessary amount of washing powder in it and place the sneakers there.

Shoes are washed several times, and at the end they should be rinsed in clean water. This is necessarily taken into account when they are going to clean the sneakers, since the presence of even a small amount of washing powder in the water, where the shoes will be rinsed, will lead to the formation of yellow stains.

If the surface of the shoe has absorbed a certain amount of dirt, then it will not work with it with just one wash. To get rid of the stains, take a cotton swab dipped in gasoline and wipe the area. After the pollution is gone, the sneakers go with wet wipes to remove traces of gasoline. Shoes are thoroughly washed and dried.

How to reliably clean the insoles?

A large number of bacteria accumulate in the insoles, the vital products of which become a source of unpleasant odor. You need to clean the insoles from dirt and sweat, but first they are removed from the sneakers.

Returning the original insole to its original appearance is not too simple - they take laundry soap and carefully lather it, after which it passes well with a toothbrush. Washing off the soap, they evaluate how well it was possible to bleach the insole.

If it was not possible to do this the first time, the operation is repeated. If necessary, the insoles are dried using a standard household hair dryer.

How do sneakers dry?

To return the white sneakers to their original appearance, they should be properly dried in an apartment. So that the shape of the shoe does not change, it is necessary to stuff it with toilet paper or paper towels before the immediate start of drying. They do not contain dyes, and they also absorb moisture well.

If in the process of cleaning substances with various kinds of flavorings were used, then before drying, tangerine or orange peels are put in sneakers, and this is done literally for a couple of hours.

If the unpleasant odor after cleaning still remains, inside the sneaker you can put small pieces of peeled potatoes. She perfectly absorbs all extraneous aromas.

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