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LG Optimus L7 P705


The Japanese manufacturer of smartphones LG annually produces smartphones in quality and equipment, which are a pleasure to use. But, no matter how hard the developers try, it is impossible to prevent situations in which the phone requires a full reset to the factory state. Given this factor, the company maintains a uniform procedure for cleaning its devices from year to year, making the user's task a little easier.

To get the system in its original form, the developers have provided three ways for a general reset. The first option is considered the simplest, since its implementation requires several clicks in the firmware interface.

Option 1: from the menu

You can get the initial state of the gadget by performing a number of simple actions:

    Save all the necessary user files and other information in a backup, on a memory card, in the cloud or on a computer. It is very important to make a backup, because after resetting, all data from the smartphone will be deleted. You can read about how to reserve data in this manual. It is suitable for all Andro-based LG phones>

Option 2: Hard Reset

Can I reset my LG phone to the factory settings if I cannot log in? Yes, and in this case it will be called Hard Reset, as it is performed using physical buttons. For its implementation it is necessary:

  1. Turn off the smartphone with the power button or by removing the battery (if it is removable).
  2. At the same time, hold the power and volume down buttons until the screen with the LG logo appears, then release it and hold it down for 1-2 seconds. On models with a physical Home button, you must additionally hold it, as shown in the figure below.

The appearance of a black screen with a small menu in English will indicate the inclusion of Recovery mode. Use the volume buttons to find the line “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and select it with the power button. Now you need to confirm the action by clicking "Yes".

After some time, the data will be reset, and the smartphone will return to the initial Recovery screen. Selecting “Reboot System Now” will complete the procedure.

An additional way to return to the initial state for models from LG G3 and older is to use a quick reset. It is performed in a few simple steps:

  1. Turn off the phone by holding the power button for a long time.
  2. Press two keys at once: volume down and power on.
  3. After the LG logo appears, you need to release it and immediately hold the power button again.
  4. The internal resources of the gadget will launch a special menu (usually on a gray background), which will offer to reset all data. Confirming the operation with “Yes” will start the process.

Using each of these methods will result in a reboot of the smartphone and the appearance of the Google welcome screen. A successful Hard Reset will allow you to breathe new life into the phone and restore its normal operation

Factory Reset

Factory reset is performed as follows:

Press and hold the “Volume -” and “Power” buttons

As soon as the LEDs at the bottom of the phone light up, touch and hold the Menu button (Right button). Until the LG logo appears on the screen.

Continue to hold the Volume - and Power buttons

2 seconds after the appearance of the LG logo, release all the buttons at the same time (you need to be in time before the logo disappears)

An android with an open belly appears and a reset is performed

Hard reset LG P765

  1. First you need turn off Smartphone LG P765.
  2. Then press the following buttons: Volume Down (-), Turn On, Home.

    Note: after the smartphone performs a reset, it will automatically restart. At this time, loading your smartphone may take longer than usual. Do not worry and press the buttons. Just wait until the smartphone is fully loaded.

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    Via the settings menu

    There are several ways to bring ideas to life. How to reset LG settings to factory settings? The first option is to use the standard gadget settings menu. This is the simplest and most obvious method.

    In order to carry out the procedure, you need:

    1. Turn on your cell phone. If it already worked, it is recommended to shut down all active games and applications.
    2. Go to "Settings" - "Backup and reset." It is important that the menu is displayed as a list on the phone.
    3. Select the "Reset Settings" function.
    4. Read the warning. The next window will say what data will be erased.
    5. Click on the "Reset phone" button.
    6. Wait for the process to complete.

    After the operation is completed, the mobile phone will reboot. If this does not happen, it is recommended that you restart the device yourself. Fast, easy, reliable.

    Service menu

    But this is only one of the tricks that the LG phone offers. The next way to reset the settings is to use the service menu. In practice, this method is not used very often, but you need to know about it.

    How to reset LG settings to factory settings? The mobile phone owner will need to follow some directions. They look as follows:

    1. Open the dial pad on your smartphone.
    2. Dial 3845 # * device model number #. Press the "Call" button if the function menu still does not appear. This is usually not required.
    3. Examine the proposed list. In it, click on Factory Reset.
    4. Confirm actions and click on the corresponding line again.

    In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. Using the service menu really makes life easier. Each subscriber who knows the model of their LG phone will be able to realize the idea of ​​resetting the settings in this way.

    Hard reset

    You can go the other way. How to reset LG settings to factory settings? A process called Hard Reset will help bring the idea to life. It is used by most people. Typically, this method helps those who have not come up with previously proposed options. In addition, this approach is ideal when the device hangs.

    How to reset settings on LG using Hard Reset? To do this, you must:

    1. Press the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons on the mobile device.
    2. Keep the controls pressed for a few seconds.
    3. Release the “Power” button when the LG logo appears and press it again.
    4. A small menu will appear on the screen. Using the volume control, you need to find the "Reset" item and confirm the operation by pressing "Power".
    5. Wait for the device to reset and reboot.

    Done! Now it’s clear how to reset LG to factory settings using an operation called Hard Reset. Every modern owner of a mobile phone should know about this option.

    Recovery mode

    The last way to reset the settings is to use Recovery Mode. It is not much different from the previously proposed method for solving the problem. It all depends on the user's preference.

    How to reset LG settings to factory settings? To do this, you have to:

    1. Turn off your mobile phone.
    2. Click on "Volume Down" and "Power On".
    3. Release the buttons when the manufacturer’s logo appears. Tighten controls again.
    4. Go to Wipe data / factory reset using the volume switch.
    5. Confirm the operation by clicking on the "Power" button.