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How to Avoid Charges of Flirting


Once again, the investigation failed to prove the involvement of Flirt magazine in prostitution advertising. On Tuesday, November 29, reports the channel "360".

The case materials were transferred from the Tver Court to Simonovsky for the third time in six months. According to investigators, the publishers of Flirt cannot be sentenced due to the lack of an article on which they could be charged.

In July 2015, MUR officers, with the support of special forces, detained 37 Flirt employees, including the magazine’s owner and his wife. They were accused of organizing prostitution.

According to police, the group members, advertising prostitutes in the Flirt magazine and on the website of the same name, organized the provision of intimate services for money. As part of the investigation, law enforcement officers searched the printing house in the city of Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad Region, where the publication was printed, as well as in the “control rooms” located in Moscow, where they seized accounts of the customer base of girls of easy virtue and brothels, as well as two million rubles and 10 thousand dollars .

The owner of the publication, Dmitry Zyablitsev and his common-law wife Stanislav Kazakova, who worked as the editor-in-chief of the publication, faces up to six years in prison.

How to avoid conflict and put the provocateur in place

No one wants to quarrel, and especially with loved ones. But there are situations when a person literally provokes you into conflict. How can we turn the situation around and delicately resolve misunderstandings?

Psychologists say that people who deliberately go into conflict are often very insecure and have a bunch of complexes. And with their scandalous behavior, they are trying to hide it. In fact, all the brawlers at heart are very vulnerable and insecure people with low self-esteem. Someone simply does not know how to restrain their emotions and with the help of quarrels gets an emotional discharge. Another category of people engaging in conflict is energy vampires. Don’t put a finger in their mouth, just let me shame, humiliate, insult and, thereby, get enough of our opponent’s emotions.

This is not to say that conflict is good or bad. Any conflict is based on the inconsistency of opinions, opinions and claims to each other. And it doesn’t have to be raised. But if the quarrel is accompanied by humiliation of human dignity, screaming, screaming and insulting, then such situations must either be avoided or warned. How to do this?

Let go of your emotions

If your opponent has gone down to personal insults, accuses you of what you did not commit, and you feel that “it smells fried”, then in no case do not give vent to your emotions. In this case, equanimity and calmness will be the best defense against the continuation of the conflict. This will confuse the provocateur a bit. If you begin to respond to insults with insults or begin to make retaliatory claims, then the quarrel will only intensify.

Get away from the provocateur

There are situations when a person intentionally wants to bring you to negative emotions. Such people can be called energy vampires. They “feed” on the negative emotions of other people and remain very satisfied if they fail to insult, humiliate, and undermine their opponent’s nervous system. In such cases, the way out of the situation is to completely ignore the provocateur. Just do not pay attention to lunges in your direction. The provocateur calm down when he realizes that it’s so easy not to hurt you.

Use the psychological aikido method

Aikido method is the principle of martial arts, based on the principle of depreciation. Aikido fighter gives way to his opponent, giving him the initiative, allows himself to fall in the direction where he was pushed, but at the same time he manages to entrain the enemy and adds his energy to be on top. In dealing with conflicting people, this method is very useful. An example of a dialogue based on the method of psychological aikido:

One man was the last to squeeze into a crowded bus. When the door was closed, he began to look for a trifle in numerous pockets. At the same time, it brought some inconvenience to a woman standing a notch. The lady said angrily:

- For a long time you will be poking around ?!

“But it can fit my coat over my head like that!”

- There is nothing funny!

- Indeed, there is nothing funny.

There was a friendly laugh. Throughout the trip, the lady no longer uttered a word.

Bring the opponent’s attention

In ending the quarrel, it is very important to switch the attention of the provocateur to something else, for example, to the provocateur himself. If a person attacks you verbally, then try to change roles with him. Ask him calmly why he is so annoyed, ask if everything is normal with him, maybe something hurts him, or maybe he didn’t get enough sleep today? Realizing that in the spotlight he, the conflicter, will cease to attack.

Be unpredictable

In order to quickly extinguish the conflict, behave unexpectedly for a provocateur. Smile to rudeness or answer with a kind word, if you are accused, listen to all the accusations. You can even agree, this will surprise the badass even more.

Remember that the conflict in high tones is not needed either by you or by the person who started it. Your nerves and calm are not worth conflict situations that can be avoided or resolved peacefully. Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and

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