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Smoked Salmon at Home


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Appetizing smoked salmon of golden hue with pulp soaked in a sweetish smoke is a delicious snack for outdoor recreation. Elastic meat shines through in the sun and literally melts in your mouth, while home cooking is much healthier and safer than industrial cooking. There are several options for smoking salmon, and each of them will emphasize the taste of healthy meat in its own way.

Composition and energy value

The salmon pulp contains a high content of vitamins A, E, PP, C, D and many groups B. The fish is rich in calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 100 g contains 22 g of protein, 7 g of healthy fats, no carbohydrates. The calorie content of fresh fish is 142 kcal / 100 g, with hot smoking it is 153, and with the cold method - 163 calories.

Dry pickling method

The ideal basis is fresh or chilled salmon carcass, which is easy to identify by the pale pink color of the meat. The whole fish, steaks, caviar, fillets and ridges are suitable for smoking.

For preliminary marinating, it is enough to wash the fish, peel, cut and chop as you wish. Grate the pulp everywhere with coarse sea salt, wrap it in foil and keep it in the cold for at least 5 hours.

Wash salmon, dry with a napkin and leave in the air for about an hour. For piquancy at this moment, you can pepper the pulp, sprinkle with smoked paprika or your favorite herbs.

Liquid pickling

If salmon was bought frozen, it is better to marinate the fish in brine, as the flesh will be juicy and tasty. In half a liter of water, dilute 1 tsp. brown sugar and 5 tsp sea ​​salt. In the marinade, withstand slices of salmon for 12 hours.

Crush into a spicy powder a couple of parsley, a handful of peppercorns and a little dried dill. Remove the pieces from the brine, lay in a container in layers, sprinkling with spices, and tighten with cling film for 4-5 hours. Dried meat is ready for smoking.

For all cooking methods, the fillet must be perfectly dry.

Hot Smoked Method

Fragrant fish soaked in hot smoke turns out to be moderately oily, nutritious and very tasty. For the “right” smoke it is necessary: ​​dried juniper berries - 20 pcs., 1 tsp. without a hill of brewing black tea, a couple of pieces of refined tea.

Hot smoked salmon will turn out to be rich and soft, if you cook it in steps:
Moisten chips in water by spraying from a spray gun to a state of light humidity. Lay the smokehouse on the bottom and add the remaining components for saturated smoke to it. Cover the chips with a piece of foil in which to make holes for easy passage of smoke.

Lay pieces of fish on the grill at a distance of 50 cm from the smoke source, having previously blotted them with a napkin. Cover the smoker with a lid and smoke the fish for 20 minutes on one side, then 20 minutes on the reverse side. When ready, let the salmon stand under the lid for 20 minutes. Serve with a slice of fresh bread, greased with butter.

Cold smoked

Cold smoked salmon is exposed to a temperature of 25 degrees. Pleasant pulp is ideal for smoking at low temperatures, as it is elastic and slightly buttery. Clean the fish, remove the gills, entrails and marinate in liquid brine or in a salt-sugar mixture.

Cold salmon can be smoked in steps:

  1. Remove the flesh from the marinade, rinse, ventilate and blot with a paper towel.
  2. Spread salmon with aromatic olive oil and send the smokers to the wire rack.
  3. Cover the bottom of the device with chips of fruit trees, sprinkle it with water.

Cook fish at a temperature of smoke not higher than 25-30 degrees so that the pulp does not lose juice and does not become dry. The fillet will be ready in 20 hours. Take out smoking and ventilate in a cool place for a day. You can eat salmon as a component of salad, an addition to sandwiches and in the form of delicious slices.

In the absence of an intense flame, for carcasses weighing 500 g, 2 days of smoking will suffice, medium - 4 days, and large specimens up to 1 week.

Cold smoked process sanitizes meat

Using an air grill

Appetizing delicious fish cooked in an air grill is more delicate and delicate. Necessary: ​​peeled, washed and dried carcass of salmon, 3 tbsp. l liquid smoke, a pinch of brown sugar and 5 a pinch of salt, a clove of garlic, a little basil, a pinch of red and black pepper.

Necessary process steps:
Remove the bones from the fillet and peel. Grate meat everywhere with granulated sugar and sea salt. Spray liquid smoke on the pulp and send it under the oppression for half an hour to the shelf of the refrigerator. Send salmon in a foil envelope and pour 2 more tbsp. l liquid smoke. Stew fish in the lower lattice position of the air grill device at 200 degrees 30 minutes. No smoke is used in the process, so the meat is juicy with an amazingly soft texture.

There are many recipes that use smoked salmon or salmon meat. Dishes have a light haze taste; cooking them is quick and easy.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

Smoked salmon rigatoni is a vibrant Mediterranean dish with a delicious delicate aroma and mild flavor. Required: 200 g rigatoni, 150 g fat cream, 100 g smoked fish, 50 g vodka, a pinch of pepper and nutmeg, salt to taste.

Boil pasta al dente. For the sauce, mix the chopped fish with cream and heat in a pan in olive oil. Boil, pour vodka and pour pepper with salt and nutmeg. Pour rigatoni in a bowl with the resulting aromatic sauce.

Instead of rigatoni, you can take fettuccine, spaghetti and any other kind of pasta

The usual salad is easy to diversify with fish cooked in the smokehouse. Mix 2 cubed boiled potatoes, hard-boiled 2 eggs, a pair of pickled cucumbers, 3-4 tbsp. l canned peas, 200 g smoked salmon, boiled carrots, lettuce and greens to taste. Season the salad with mayonnaise, garnish with crab meat, red caviar and greens as you wish.

Snack canapés will decorate the buffet and will be a light treat for the most sophisticated guests. Mix butter with chopped dill. Slices of fresh white bread with dill oil and lay a thin piece of salmon on a sandwich. You can decorate canapes with cheese, chopped green onions or chopped olives.

If properly smoked delicate salmon meat, the product will turn out to be much tastier and healthier than from a supermarket. The delicacy is deliciously aromatic and tasty, with elastic flesh and moderate fat content. Smoked pulp can be offered to guests as an addition to sandwiches, gourmet salad, pasta and many other snacks.

Preparing salmon for smoking

Salmon is not a cheap fish. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose the basis for a smoked product. By the way, if you look for smoked salmon, you will probably notice that its cost is more expensive than that of fresh fish. Self-cooking delicacy makes it possible to save money. Also in favor of this option is the absolute safety of the product, its naturalness. It is devoid of harmful components.

For smoking, it is advisable to select not frozen but fresh fish. Such a product can be recognized by the soft pink shade of the pulp. You can take the whole fish. Also used are steaks or a ridge of salmon, if desired.

The taste of fresh fish is saturated. That's why there is no need for spicy herbs and spices with an intense flavor. It is enough to take only salt. Take coarse salt and rub salmon generously on all sides. Before that, of course, do not forget to clean the fish and wash it. After the salmon is processed with salt, it is wrapped in foil and sent to the cold for 5 hours.

You can keep it in the refrigerator. As soon as this period passes, the fish are washed under water and dried. The basis for the smoked dish is left in the air for one hour. After this mandatory procedure, you can start smoking. If you want to spice up smoked salmon, add some black pepper or your favorite herbs.

Smoked Salmon Marinade

The easiest marinade option is dry mix. About her and was said above. Sometimes cooks recommend adding a little brown sugar to such a marinade for a more interesting taste. You can take 1 part sugar to 5 parts salt.

Wet way. It involves dissolving sugar and salt in a small amount of water. Too much effort should not be made, since dissolving salt and sugar is not necessary. Take bay leaf, black peppercorns, dried dill. These herbs must be crushed to a powdery appearance. Following this, spices are added to the solution and the fish is poured with the mixture. Fillet should be properly rubbed with the mixture, then transferred to a container and cover with cling film. After a day, the process can be considered completed. So, you can send the fish to the smokehouse.

What seasonings are combined with salmon:

  • basil,
  • garlic,
  • various kinds of peppers,
  • rosemary,
  • lemon,
  • fennel.

All these spices are optional, because salmon, as mentioned above, already has a rich taste. But if you like it, then no one will forbid you to prepare the product according to your own author’s recipe. Maybe you have some favorite seasoning. It can also be added to a small piece of fish and look at the result.

Before proceeding to smoking, salted marinated salmon must be dried in a well-ventilated area. If you have no time to wait, it is enough to wipe the fish with napkins from excess moisture.

Next, the main smoking process begins.

Smoked salmon

Hot smoking is the easiest and most affordable. You will need a stationary or portable smokehouse. Also, it will be necessary to stock up on firewood and the fish itself, necessary for smoking. First make a fire. Do not get too intense a flame. Let the fire be constant, but moderate. At the bottom of the smokehouse, a handful of alder chips or chips from fruit trees are poured. Put the fish on the grill, close the shutter and put the smokehouse on fire.

The optimum smoking temperature is 90 degrees. To measure it, just spray water on the smokehouse. If it does not hiss, but evaporates quickly, then everything is fine.

After 35 minutes of such processing, the fish can be considered finished. The smokehouse should be removed from the fire, get salmon, let it cool for at least 20 minutes. After this, you can safely serve the fish to the table.

Hot Smoked Recipe

  • salmon (fillet) —1–2 pcs each weighing 900–1000 g
  • maple syrup - 2-3 tbsp. l or to taste
  • brown sugar - 1 tbsp. l
  • coarse salt without iodine 2 tbsp. l
  • ground black pepper - half a teaspoon
  • ground allspice - half a teaspoon
  • ground laurel leaf - 1 tsp.
  • ground cloves - half a teaspoon

Ingredients for Smoke:

  • Dried juniper berries 15–20 pieces
  • Strong black tea of ​​any grade 1 teaspoon without slide
  • Refined sugar 1-2 pieces

This is a true smoked gourmet salmon recipe. But you will have to work a lot if you want to get really tasty fish. Salmon fillets with skin are washed under running water and dried with paper towels. Rub the fish with a mixture of the above spices and put on a cling film. Salmon is wrapped in it so that there are no holes. Due to this, the juice formed in the process of smoking remains inside and does not flow out.

Wrapped in a cling film, salmon is placed in any deep container and crushed by oppression. If you do not have a suitable product, you can simply cover the fish with another glass bowl. Strong pressure is also not worth it, otherwise the fish will lose shape and become dry and crumbly in structure. Put a bowl of fish in the refrigerator for 6 hours. It's okay if you had no time to follow the fish and you overexposed it in the cold. But still it is advisable not to leave it in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours. Salmon marinated in the range from 6 to 12 hours is even tastier.

Take a bowl of salmon from the refrigerator, with great care, unfold it and pour fish juice into a bowl. Wash the fish fillet under tap water and pat dry. Do not pour juice. Transfer the fish to this juice again and leave it for 2 hours in this form. Turn salmon from time to time on one side or the other. So the product is better marinated.

Remove the fillet from the fish juice and dip in paper towels. Put an iron grate over the bowl and lay salmon on it. It’s good if you have a cook brush. Dip maple syrup there. Once the fish is ready, it is transferred to the grill.

As for sawdust, if they are too dry, it is advisable to moisten them a little in water. It is better to spray them with a small amount of liquid. This is necessary since the sawdust does not have to be completely wet. They should not burn, as is the case with dry wood. Too wet chips will not produce smoke at all. The above smoke ingredients will need to be added to sawdust before smoking. You can wrap chips in a foil envelope with juniper berries and other components and make a few holes with a knife so that smoke can come out of them. This option is good for a homemade smokehouse.

Hot smoking takes place under standard conditions, which were written about earlier. As additional advice, it might be advisable to conduct events in a well-ventilated area if you are not smoking outside. Sawdust of such trees as alder, apple tree, aspen, plum, cherry, birch, and walnut is well established. Sawdust should be without bark, because it contains tar.

A set of spices is never fundamental. Each person chooses the seasonings that he likes. The main condition is that they are suitable for fish dishes. Basically, in the world it is customary to use rosemary, sage, mint. Wetting sawdust, by the way, protects against the bitter taste of the finished fish.

Cold Smoked Salmon

What are the secrets of delicious cold smoked fish? First of all, with cold smoking, the processing of the fish product occurs at a temperature of 25 degrees. The quality of the finished product directly depends on the knowledge of the stages of the process. The method is good if you want to extend the shelf life of fish and prepare it for future use.

Salmon is ideal for cold smoked. This fish is often smoked balyk parts. In no case should the smoking temperature exceed 30 degrees. Violation of these conditions will lead to an increase in the content of carcinogens hazardous to health. It will also affect the taste of salmon, because it will become dry and lose valuable fats.

Cold smoked salmon involves 2 ways of salting: dry and wet. For smoking, you can use a professional home smokehouse or unit, assembled with your own hands. Product pre-treatment precedes any smoking. The fish is cleaned and salted. Gently clean the insides, including caviar and milk. What does it look like? They sharpen the blade of the knife and make an incision in the pharynx between the pectoral fins with its narrow side. The length of the cut should be no more than 3 cm and end 1 cm to the line of gills. The wide side of the blade then pry the insides and pull through the cut.

After that, they move on to the gill viscera. They must not be removed individually, but in their entirety. They should retire with the shoulder girdle. This method bleeds fish, which improves its presentation. At the end of smoking, there are no bloody smudges on the carcass that protrude if the gills are not well removed.You can leave large scales, and remove small ones. After smoking, the cleaned carcasses acquire a uniform golden color.

The smoking process itself happens like this.

First, you need to stock up on fuel so that it lasts for 8 hours of smoking. Without this, keeping the smoke long will not work. During this period, a break in smoking is unacceptable. When working with a fire, it is necessary to periodically monitor it so that it does not give an intense flame. Otherwise, your fish will be smoked not in a cold, but in a hot way. Medium-sized fish is smoked for 4 days. For small specimens, the mass of which does not exceed 500 g, 2 days is enough. Large individuals need up to 1 week at all. At the end of the process, the fish are not removed from the crossbars, but left to hang and hang for a while. You can hold it for about 2 days. The fish will acquire an even shade and rich taste.

  • load sawdust into the fuel compartment,
  • put the fish in a smoking cabinet,
  • connect the power
  • set the temperature to 28 degrees, if it is an automatic smokehouse.

Smoking in an automatic smokehouse lasts a day. All this time you do not have to be around. Sawdust is loaded cyclically at set time intervals.

How to make a smokehouse yourself?

Smoke fish outdoors is very convenient. If you are near a river, then find a steep slope. Dig a hole here. Set up a chimney tunnel at the top. Place a container without a bottom near the chimney. This must be done on the surface. Hang fish inside the indicated container and proceed to the preparation of the fire. Smoke from it should pass to the chimney with fish. Wet alder branches are planted to provide smoke. Smoking lasts from 7 to 15 hours, depending on the size of the fish.

Calorie content of smoked salmon, composition and useful properties

Salmon is a very healthy and tasty dietary product that does not contain carbohydrates. The calorie content of hot smoked salmon in 100 g of the product is 166 kcal.

BJU smoked salmon:

Squirrels23.5 g
Fats8 g
Water64.8 g

Calories of cold smoked salmon in 100 g of product is 199 kcal.

BJU of smoked salmon:

Number of BJU100 g
Squirrels16 g
Fats15 g

Small harm and huge benefits of smoked salmon are undeniable. Harm is manifested in the abuse of smoked meats.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, fat-soluble vitamins A and E have an antioxidant effect. B vitamins help a person fight stress, make the nervous system more stable.

The mineral composition of fish includes phosphorus, manganese, calcium, selenium, iron, zinc, magnesium, fluorine, potassium, sodium. These minerals strengthen the musculoskeletal system, balance the redox reactions of the blood and intercellular fluid.

Salmon is an effective anti-aging product that is useful to eat little by little regularly for older people. Vitamins A and E reduce the activity of oxidative processes, which slows down the aging process of cells and rejuvenates the body.

Preparation and marinade

It is better to buy fish fresh - pink or carrot. When frozen, it acquires a crimson matte color. It is better not to take frozen fish covered with a thick ice layer.

We have an article about which fish is best smoked. We recommend you to familiarize yourself!

You can whole salmon can be smoked only by cleaning it - it will come out juicy, of an original taste. To obtain smoked fish, ready for use in salads or for consumption, as an appetizer, it is cleaned of skin and bones, getting a filet.

Fresh fish has a rich smoke flavor, so it is not necessary to take herbs and various spices in the cooking process, but lovers of delicacies add them for a piquant taste.

Dry marinade is done simply:

  1. 2 tablespoons of coarse salt are taken on the carcass.
  2. Cleaned, washed from all sides, the fish is carefully treated with salt.
  3. To give the smoked meat a piquant taste, ground black pepper or rosemary, sage, mint to taste are added to the curing mixture.
  4. Wrapped in foil, it is placed in a cold place for a period of 6 to 12 hours.
  5. Then the carcass is washed well under running water.
  6. Dry in air for an hour.

Sometimes in the process of cooking they add to the salt another teaspoon of sugar, preferably brown.

A wet process involves dissolving salt and sugar in water. Ingredients for marinade per 1 kg carcass:

  • coarse salt - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • ground bay leaf - 5 g,
  • ground black pepper - 10 g,
  • dried dill - 10 g,
  • allspice, ground - 10 g.

For pickling fish perform the following steps:

  1. Dissolve salt and sugar in a small amount of water.
  2. Add spices to the container, boil and cool the contents.
  3. Marinade completely cover the fish, cover with cling film.
  4. Place the container in the refrigerator for a day.

Pickled fish is ready to be smoked in a hot or cold way.

P.S. You can read other recipes for smoked fish marinades here.

Smoked Salmon

Before salmon are smoked on their own in a smoke-cured smokehouse, they must be removed from the marinade, washed and dried in a cool, ventilated place. You can also remove moisture from it with a paper towel.

For smoking you need to prepare:

  • chips of fruit trees, alder, oak - 100 g,
  • black tea with bergamot - 1 tsp.,
  • juniper berries - 5 pcs.,
  • refined sugar - a cube.

  1. Evenly cover the bottom of the smoking apparatus with wood chips. Then put tea and juniper berries there for a piquant aroma, and a sugar cube for a beautiful color.
  2. Lock the drip tray. Place a fish greased with olive oil on a wire rack.
  3. Place a closed smokehouse on fire.
  4. Smoke after the first smoke to continue 15 minutes on low heat at 80-90 degrees. If, when spray gets on the smokehouse, it does not hiss, but immediately evaporates - the temperature is right.
  5. Remove the smokehouse from the fire and keep the fish in it for 15 minutes, not opening until the pieces of wood chips have cooled.
  6. A delicious aroma from the smokehouse will let you know about readiness.

Hot smoked salmon can be tasted warm in half an hour. But if you place it in the refrigerator for a period of 7 to 24 hours, the delicacy will be evenly saturated, its aromatic and tasteful properties will become more saturated and sophisticated. Ready-made smoked meats can be served as an independent appetizer or used to prepare other gourmet dishes.

Cold smoked salmon

Cold smoked salmon is an expensive delicacy, its structure is somewhat oily, dense. In this way, you can smoke fish fillet, but with a sufficient volume of the smokehouse take whole peeled carcasses. In this case, it is better to take a fish of about the same size.

You need enough wood chips for continuous smoking of fish. It is recommended to choose alder, apple, aspen, pear, plum, cherry, walnut, juniper.

Dry or wet pickled fish:

  1. Remove from the marinade, rinse it under running water. Then hang out in a ventilated place for half a day to dry.
  2. Place the fish, greased with olive oil, in a smokehouse on a wire rack.
  3. The bottom of the chamber is covered with wood chips, which should smolder and produce high-quality smoke, but do not burn with the release of black smoke.
  4. In the cold way, the smoking process is carried out at 23-25 ​​degrees continuously, without suspension. It is impossible to allow the temperature of smoking more than 30 degrees, in order to avoid drying out of the product and the loss of valuable fish fats.

The time of smoking the salmon fillet until ready is 18-20 hours, the whole carcass - up to 2 days. Then they take out the finished dish from the smokehouse and ventilate it for a day in a cool room. After that, the delicacy can be sent for storage in the refrigerator or served immediately.

Hand-made cold smoked salmon is valued more than purchased in the store, and its cost will be lower.

Smoked salmon fillet in aero grill

Before starting the cooking process in aerogrill, the fish should be cleaned, washed and dried with a paper towel.

Prepare ingredients for smoke treatment:

  • salmon carcass
  • liquid smoke - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • salt and sugar to taste
  • garlic, basil, hot red pepper - to taste.

It is advisable to take brown sugar in a ratio of 1: 5 to salt.

  1. First make fish fillets. You need to clean it, remove the bones and remove the skin.
  2. Grate salmon fillet thoroughly on all sides with a mixture of salt and sugar. Then apply 1 tbsp. l liquid smoke.
  3. Send the fish for 30 minutes in the refrigerator, put oppression on top.
  4. Take out and place it in a foil sleeve, add another 2 tbsp to the bag. l liquid smoke.
  5. Place wrapped fish on the lower grill.
  6. Cook for half an hour at 200 ° C.

The delicate structure and delicious taste of smoked salmon fillet will appeal to all lovers of delicacies.

Smoked salmon in an electric smokehouse

Before cooking a delicacy in an electric smokehouse, you need to purchase wood chips, preferably fruit trees or alders.

  • salmon - carcass
  • black leaf tea - 1.5 tbsp. l.,
  • salt to taste
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Suneli hops to taste
  • ground allspice - to taste.

Those who want to taste salted smoked fish pickle it first. For this, the brushed fish is carefully rubbed with salt, wrapped in foil and placed in the refrigerator for half a day.

  1. Clean the fish.
  2. Gently apply salt and spices to it.
  3. Place the fish for 10 minutes in the included electric smoker on the grill. Prepared without smoke.
  4. Lay the chips in a thin layer on a pallet, pour tea on it, sugar on top.
  5. Put the pallet in the smoking apparatus. The cooking process with smoke continues under the lid for 25 minutes.
  6. Turn off the electric smokehouse, but it is possible to open the lid and get the finished delicacy only after 30 minutes.

Lemon can be added inside salmon before being placed in the smokehouse. The fruit will add sourness.

The best place to store smoked fish is the refrigerator. The finished product, made by the method of cold smoking, can be stored for a month, hot processing - up to 7 days in the refrigerator, but it is better to use it as food immediately.

Fresh smoked home-made salmon is much tastier than what you bought from the supermarket. Performing the process on your own will be an exciting experience. Fragrant smell, delicious taste and mouth-watering delicacy will bring positive emotions to the smoker. Enjoy your meal!