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Time Management: 21 tips for managing your time efficiently


I want to be happy! So 99% of women answer the question: “What do you want in life?”. Men can still declare their desire to make a career, earn a lot of money, be successful, manage the whole world or part of it. Women put happiness first.

21 time management tips

We hope that this list of 21 tips will push you in the right direction.

Remember that there are countless chips and tricks to plan your time efficiently. We find these tips helpful, although you may have an opinion on this.

Let this list serve as a catalyst so that you regularly think about how to increase the effectiveness of your own work.

1. The main attention to the main things.

Perform the most important tasks first. This is the golden rule of time management. Identify two to three tasks that are prioritized daily and complete them first.

Once you complete them, the day can already be considered successful. Go to other things or postpone the rest until the next day, because you have already completed the most important things.

2. Learn to say no.

Solving a large number of tasks in a limited time can teach you to juggle various projects and manage your time. And that is excellent.

But here you can easily get carried away and not calculate your capabilities. Your goal is to take on only those obligations for which you know for sure that you have the time and you can handle them.

3. Sleep at least 7-8 hours.

Some people think that sacrificing sleep is a good way to increase productivity and free up a couple of extra hours in a day. But this is not the case.

Most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep in order for both the body and mind to function optimally. You will feel it, listen to your body. Do not underestimate the value of sleep.

4. Fully concentrate on the task.

Close all other browser windows. Put your phone in silent mode out of sight. Find yourself a quiet, secluded place to work or turn on the music if it helps you (for example, I sometimes like to listen to classical music or the sounds of nature).

Concentrate on one single task, immerse yourself in it. Nothing else should exist at this moment.

5. Start early.

Almost all of us suffer from a “put off” syndrome. It seems that the task is so simple that you always have time to complete it and ultimately drag out time.

Get rid of chronic procrastination, since it is much more pleasant to avoid overstrain by completing the planned tasks in advance. It is not so difficult, your firm determination is enough.

6. Do not be distracted by minor details.

We often drag out projects, focusing on small details for too long. This is typical for perfectionists.

But it’s much more efficient to move forward, to carry out a larger volume of the project, discarding the previous desire to constantly delve into something. It is better to complete everything as soon as possible, and at the end to review individual points.

7. Turn regular tasks into a habit.

If you have regular responsibilities (for example, writing articles for your own blog, etc.), you can plan them and make them your habit. Do this daily and do not change the routine, then your brain will be disciplined and the activity will turn into a habit. It becomes completely natural and pleasant. Give it a try!

9. Define a time limit for each task.

Instead of just sitting on a project with the thought: “I will sit here until everything is done”try rephrasing: “I will work on this task for three hours”.

Limited time will encourage you to focus and become more efficient, even if you come back and refine a bit later.

10. Leave a temporary gap between tasks.

When we rush from task to task, it is difficult for us to evaluate our actions and remain focused and motivated.

A break between things can be a breath of fresh air for our brain. You can take a short walk, meditate, or do something else for mental discharge.

13. Do less.

«Do less"This is another way of saying"do what matters most". Again, this tactic involves focusing on the most significant things.

Stop, determine the priority of the tasks and pay attention to them. Complete fewer tasks, but they must be prioritized and have more value than the rest.

15. Organize the process.

Being organized will save you a ton of time, and for this you do not have to become the most organized person in the world. Organizing your work is not at all difficult.

Create a system in document registration. Make sure all items are saved appropriately. Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and download your email. Streamline, streamline and streamline.

16. Fill in your free time.

As a rule, everyone has an empty time. These are hours spent in waiting rooms, in store lines, in public transport, on elliptical trainers, etc.
Find the things you could do while doing this. Most often, reading is suitable, and do not forget about the audio books that you can listen to while you wait.

19. Perform related tasks together.

Let's say that over the weekend you need to do two programming tasks, write three essays and shoot two videos. Instead of taking up work in a spontaneous manner, define groups of similar tasks and perform them sequentially.

Different tasks require a different type of thinking, so it makes sense to let your brain continue to carry out typical tasks, and not switch once again to something else.

20. Find time for silence.

In the modern world, too many people are constantly on the move and do not find time to just stop. However, the practice of silence has an amazing effect. Both action and inaction must play a key role in our lives.

A state of peace and silence reduces anxiety and shows that there is no need for constant rush. It also helps make work more enjoyable.

And the last tip (very important)

Note one more tip. If you remember anything from this list, then let it be the following:
The goal should always be pleasure. Work can be a game.

We are so absorbed in employment that we forget to enjoy what we do. Even when we approach the work with the mind, often we are too focused on achieving the goal.

It should never come first. Always ask yourself: what can I do to get more pleasure from the process?

The goal is to streamline your obligations so that your daily life goes on in pleasure, even when you work.

It may seem like a pipe dream, but in the modern world it is more real than ever. Be curious and open to new opportunities. Get to know yourself.

Wonderful things will start to happen to you. We wish you good luck and the implementation of these tips!

Make an informed choice in favor of happiness

Of course, the idea of ​​what it is, this happiness, is different for everyone. But on the surface there is always a desire to shine, to radiate, to enjoy, to give oneself, to live a full life ... And there is always something missing for this. Therefore, despite the fact that many modern women have a family, husband and children, many were able to build a successful career, live in prosperity, wear beautiful clothes, and some relax in expensive resorts, they are still unhappy, unsatisfied and “not happy. " What prevents them from becoming happy?

“The answer is pretty simple,” says psychologist Tatyana Glyuk from Chernigov.— Considering female happiness from the perspective of “having,” a woman initially loses. If there is something of what is the criterion of happiness, then that is good and “I am happy”, and if something is not there, then it is very bad and “I am unhappy”. The expectation of happiness, and even more so, the struggle for it, is the greatest utopia that is literally imposed on modern women.

Meanwhile, female happiness is primarily harmony with oneself, with one’s inner world. This is the ability to enjoy life and enjoy every minute you live. Happiness does not need to wait or seek, it is inside the woman herself. It is only necessary to feel and “discover” for yourself.

Therefore, a happy woman always chooses to be happy, instead of becoming one. Such a woman is easily recognizable by the gleam in her eyes, by a mysterious smile, a flying gait.

Rule # 1: Protect Your Health

In today's world, the pace of life is accelerating more and more. Under these conditions, a person simply cannot fall out of his work and business obligations for a long time, as he had to, neglect the care of loved ones, albeit due to illness. Yes, none of us is safe from colds or flu, but each of us is subject to a positive scenario for the further development of events. Instead of erasing guilt from relatives, colleagues and business partners, erasing from your calendar for at least a week, taking away all stocks of honey and raspberry jam from your parents, and buying up the entire shelf with the sign “Flu and Colds” in the pharmacy, stop at more modern and practical solution on all sides.

The drug of the new generation Amiksin stimulates the body's defenses and provides the maximum effect in 24 hours, that is, on the first day, when you feel unwell. However, the drug is able to quickly stop the development of the disease at any stage of the disease - whether it is initial or prolonged - and return you to the system. Now the “banal" cold will no longer be able to turn you off from the usual rhythm of life for a whole week.

Amiksin helps to increase the production of our body's own interferons - natural defense proteins, which are the "weapon of self-defense" of the immune system. After the first administration of the drug, the symptoms of influenza and SARS stop within a few hours, take a lighter form - the development of the disease stops.

The secondary benefit of being unhappy

Of course, there are times when people just don't want to be happy. Do you think this does not happen? And how! Psychologists call this a secondary benefit. A man on a conscious level wants happiness, but on a subconscious, he is afraid to find it and does everything to cut his own path to finding harmony and joy in life. Here are just some of the secondary benefits. Told about them psychotherapist Natalya Kovaleva from Omsk.

The attention of loved ones - let them regret, sympathize, generally deal with me.

The desire to relieve myself of responsibility - so what to take from me? I have enough of my problems.

The power to keep people close by themselves, using their sense of responsibility, and sometimes their sense of guilt.

Feeling of your own uniqueness, pride in the fact that you manage to survive in such difficult conditions.

The desire to be unhappy, to be accepted in a community where it is not accepted and even ashamed to be happy.

The desire to seem unhappy so that no one is jealous.

Retention of an established, which means a safe picture of the world.

Fear of being alone with the world.

Revenge (may all of you be ashamed).

In fact, the secondary benefits of remaining unhappy can be a great many. And to realize this yourself is very difficult, so it’s better to deal with this with the help of a psychologist. But this is a completely different topic.

Secrets of happiness

For those who made a conscious decision to learn to be happier, MIR 24 publishes advice from psychologist Tatyana Glyuk:

- Clearly imagine, write, draw, what is important for you, what you are striving for, what you need in order to feel happy. Cast aside conventional wisdom, listen to your heart.

- Allow yourself to have fun. Find what pleases you. This can be an interesting hobby, talking with friends, watching your favorite movies, reading books, walking under the moonlight, massage, dancing and much more. Remember, the more pleasure and pleasure in a woman’s life, the happier she is.

- Give joy to others and share your happiness with them. Indeed, according to the law of the boomerang, what you give is what you receive. And the more you give, the more it returns to you. Therefore, give gifts, attend, take care of someone from a pure heart. Sometimes, giving joy and happiness to another, in return you get your own.

- Live the present. It is very important to learn how to live "here and now." What is the point of returning to the past over and over or worrying about the future? Notice and live every moment of what is happening to you now, in the present. This will bring you closer to a state of happiness.

- Love and accept yourself for who you are. Yes, maybe you are not ideal, but there are no ideal people. It is foolish to wait when you or something in life changes, (for example, you lose weight, or meet a man) in order to be happy. You have no other self for happiness. Be sure of your uniqueness and originality. Fill your soul and heart with self-love.

- Change the direction of your thoughts, learn to see the positive points in any negative situations. Getting sick is a great opportunity to relax, read a book, and just lie in bed. Dismissed - you can visit relatives, meet friends and find another, more interesting job. She broke up with a man - a wonderful reason to radically change her appearance and fall in love! Despondency and annoyance about what happened will not help to change the situation, and a positive attitude, on the contrary, helps to live easier, more fun and happier.

- Dream - it is very conducive to happiness. This is the female way to get what you want. Do not demand and seek, namely want, desire, dream. It is a great happiness when dreams come true. True?

And remember, your happiness is up to you. Change, work on your perception of the world, increase your self-worth. Want to be happy? Be! You deserve it, you just have to believe it!