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However, it’s worth starting with how you can change the font size in all Vatsap chats. This is done as follows:

  1. WhatsApp first loads,
  2. next you need to call Settings programs - by clicking on three vertical dots in the upper right,
  3. here the item is selected SettingsChats,
  4. and in the new screen, select "Font size". Accordingly, we expose the desired of the proposed - small, average or large. The size in points cannot be set here.

And now about how you can format your text, highlight something in it, etc. Indeed, in many cases this can be really useful, but in the messenger itself, at first glance, nothing of the kind is provided for.

This is done according to the following principle. To highlight a word or a whole piece of text in bold, you need to enclose this fragment on both sides in asterisk icons - “*". For example like this: I *tomorrow* I’ll go to the cinema with you. Accordingly, the recipient will not see any stars, but will see that the word "tomorrow"Was highlighted in bold.

Similarly, the words are formatted:

  • Italics in WhatsApp are called through the underline of a piece of text. For example, like this: I will be busy tomorrow,
  • well, in order to cross out a word or phrase, it must be placed between two "tildes". This is such a sign:


And the opportunity to format the text in his messages once again speaks only in favor of such a wonderful program for communication as Vatsap. After all, not every mobile messenger can boast of such.

Instructions for Iphone and Android

WhatsApp font change instructions for iPhone and Android are almost identical. To do this, you do not have to resort to the help of third-party programs and services if you have an updated version of the messenger. And your interlocutor will also see unusual fonts that you send him, in the presence of the same updated version. Otherwise, it will just be a character set of the wrong encoding.

How many font options are available on WhatsApp? Four:

  • Fatty,
  • Italics,
  • Crossed out
  • Developer Font

If the first three are more or less less clear, what does the font of developers look like? Just like a regular one, only slightly larger and with large gaps between the letters. Not the most pleasant font to read, but still makes at least some variety in the correspondence.

To use the WhatsApp developers font, you need to highlight your message on two sides with three apostrophes, like this: `` Message``

And now let's talk a little more about the other three messenger fonts for older versions of the application.

How to make bold in Whatsapp

How to make a font bold in WhatsApp? Very simple. Thus, it is possible to highlight particularly important words in a message so as not to write in caps, you can highlight emotions or express your dissatisfaction. In general, you can use bold for anything. You can write in bold in old versions of the software as follows:

  • Go into any correspondence.
  • Type a message.
  • Now you need to select it with asterisks (*) on both sides. Add these characters and submit. After that, your message will become bold. So you can select not only the entire text, but also individual words.

How to write italics in Whatsapp

Why is italic font needed? They are usually given something not very important. Also, some people use italics because they like this type of lettering. How to write italics in WhatsApp in non-updated version? Read the following instructions:

  • Open WhatsApp and the desired chat.
  • Write a message.
  • Further, similarly to the previous instruction, you need to highlight your message with special characters, namely the bottom underscore (_) on both sides. Send a message and its font will change.

How to cross out a word on Whatsapp or write cross out

You can use the crossed out WhatsApp font to visually cancel the written text, or just for fun. To erase a message, but still send it, you can simply cross out some words or the entire text. In vatsap of the old version, you can cross out the text as follows:

  • Go to the chat.
  • Type the text.
  • By analogy with other fonts, highlight the necessary words on both sides with tilde characters (

) Send and enjoy the strikethrough font.

Italic text

It is possible to use italic text with a slope.

The secret of its use is to separate words or phrases with the symbol "lower space" - "_" (without quotes). Also separate the word on both sides with this sign and after sending receive Italic italic style.

Strikethrough text

Via strikethrough text you can focus on what “should have been,” but the result was completely different.

To use this style, it is enough to limit the text fragment with the “tilde” sign - “

Developer Font

WhatsApp has an additional font FixedSyswhich developers traditionally use. It is also not in the settings of the messenger and the inclusion of such a writing style is not obvious.

The text you plan to write in such a font must be enclosed in reverse single quotation marks “` »” (without quotation marks). You can find them on your iOS keyboard as follows:

1. Tap on the 123 key.

2. Press and hold the single quote (near the BackSpace key).

3. In the pop-up key menu that appears, select the leftmost quotation mark.

Such quotes must be indicated by three at the beginning of the text and three at the end. After sending, the message font will be very different from the standard. Optionally, you can add a combination of three quotes to iOS AutoCorrect Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Replace Text.

In such a simple way, you can slightly diversify the correspondence in WhatsApp, using the hidden formatting and the FixedSys font.

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