Useful Tips

How can I play on the phone?


There are many ways to do this. But before you start making jokes, you need to know the person’s sense of humor and how much you can make fun of, whether your joke will hit his feelings, or hurt him with excessive sarcasm. Here are some tips on how to play a friend on the phone so that it’s really funny.

Simple tips

In order not to have to joke on the phone, then to pay with a bad mood and apologize, you need to know when and at what moment to joke with him. There are times in the life of every person when he is not able to relate to the environment with humor and you need to very carefully come up with jokes so that this does not lead to trouble later. First of all, the following situations apply to them.

1. Great experiences because of their appearance. There are guys who feel like losers, worry about various things very hard, although they don't show it outwardly. You can recognize them by sad expression and dull eyes. Especially if the personal life does not go well or the guy is experiencing a painful separation from the girl. In moments of depression, a person simply does not perceive any jokes, even the most incendiary, so jokes on the phone can cause him sadness, irritation or a complete lack of reaction. Therefore, it is worth thinking several times before playing such a person over the phone, as well as joking about his appearance. And he is not able to perceive the brightest jokes adequately.

2. The presence of sick relatives and care for them or a small child in the family. Usually in such cases, people turn off the phone for a while, especially when they put the baby to bed or take care of the sick. Telephone jokes at this time can even be perceived negatively and cause a completely different reaction from which you are counting. Therefore, telephone jokes can be perceived without humor at all and cause aggression.

3. If collectors constantly ring the house. In this case, they simply will not answer an unfamiliar voice or a call from an unfamiliar number and hang up, so the rally will not work.

4. If a person needs attention and kind words, and not in humorous jokes. Complexity is due to various reasons inherent in many adolescents. Therefore, many of them simply may not perceive humor the way you want and kind words are more important for them than jokes.

How to choose a phone

Jokes can be completely different, unexpected, either from you personally, or simply from an unfamiliar mobile phone or from your home. You can ask a friend or acquaintance whose voice he does not know to call from a regular home phone and make a joke, you can also write SMS from a stranger or from your number, depending on your idea. However, remember that in Moscow and St. Petersburg, many people simply automatically reset unfamiliar numbers for fear of scammers. These points can be taken into account during telephone raffles.

Here are some cool jokes that you can think of on April 1st. Here's how to play a friend on the phone in a variety of ways.

To a regular landline phone

To do this, you need a stranger whose voice the guy does not know. It is important that he pick up the phone himself.

- Alle, is it Saturday’s apartment? Says a water utility! Today we turn off the water, so within an hour you need to collect it - the water will not be long.

After 10 minutes or 15.

- Well, scored? Now go swimming! Happy April, 1!

A womanizer and a womanizer can be played beautifully if you send an unfamiliar guy or girl to the phone. It is desirable that the girl’s voice was similar to his last passion.

- Hello, is this Sasha? Your last love is calling you I am pregnant and want to have a baby because I love only you.
- ….
Then look at the reaction, he can say "Do not write me more and do not call!". After that, a friend picks up the phone and says:
- And more is not necessary! Happy April, 1!

The following jokes can be done as follows. In the phone call you need to specify the address. The one you are playing on will arrive at it, where a group of friends with balls that say "From April 1" will be waiting for him. The options for such calls can be completely different.

- Hello, you are concerned about the tax service (city name). Over the past month, you owe us more than 1,000,000 rubles! But the issue can be resolved. Urgently come with the documents to the address (where you will wait for him) until 10 in the morning.

- Hello! You are concerned about the federal security service. Immediately come to the address with your passport and documents.

- Attention! Your house is evacuating residents. Please urgently get dressed, take money, warm clothes and documents and go out!

And at the entrance, friends with funny balls and an inscription in chalk on the asphalt “Happy Laughter Day!” Will be waiting.

- Hello! You are disturbed from the morgue. Urgently pick up your second cousin grandmother!

- Good day! A doctor from a psychiatric clinic is bothering you. Urgently take money and documents and come to us, we are waiting for you at the address.

- Good day! Your sick relative is registered at this address. He is waiting for you at the bus stop (such and such) with things and documents, urgently pick it up, otherwise we will send it to you ourselves!

For this joke, you need to take a large box and put a person in it. With balls, confetti and various cool surprises. You need to bandage the box with colored ribbons, make holes in it so that you can breathe and after that one of the friends calls your friend on a regular phone with the words:

- Good day. The mail is bothering you. Urgent receive a parcel, otherwise we can not deliver it to the house.

A man dresses and leaves, sees at his entrance a box from which one gets out with balls and cake, and with the most sincere wishes since April 1.

And this joke is worth doing when you are confident in a person’s sense of humor. It is best to offer it by undergoing medical tests or medical examination for various cases.

- Hello! A nurse from a clinic is bothering you. Urgent come to us at the address (such-and-such).

After that, he arrives at the address where his friends with cake and champagne are waiting for him and with the best of wishes with a happy birthday.

Jokes on a mobile phone and SMS

They can be divided into those in which your name is clear or to jokes from an unfamiliar number.

"Attention! Says your closet! “Immediately return your work items to me and take your holiday ones!”

“By opening this SMS, you pick up a virus unknown to the system. Urgently forward it to your 5 relatives and friends so that you alone would not be offended. " Next SMS "From April 1".

SMS from a friend:

"Petka, you are just a fool." The next SMS is “Kind, successful, reasonable, active and sociable person.”

“Sasha, well, you’re a moron!” Next sms “Good, only, fighting, intelligent and loving guy!”

Messages from an unknown number:

“Pornography from your mobile phone will be seized by the FSB. The request not to delete the delicious shots - we are people too. ”

"Attention! You were visited by an SMS of unknown origin with a secret code - 239876409287. This is your lucky number, look for it in the salons of your mobile communication. ”

“Horoscope: today all Aries (here they need his Zodiac sign) are expected to have good weather and favorable weather conditions for flying in a balloon, which you just won in the lottery. The request to pay for it with tickets of the joke bank from your personal cash desk. ”

How to prepare for a telephone rally?

  • If you want to play a friend, but do everything so that he doesn’t find out who exactly decided to laugh at him, you can make your call anonymous. To do this, there are a large number of different programs, as well as unique codes depending on the country. It’s enough to first dial a unique code, and then the subscriber’s number and he will not be able to find out exactly who and what number he receives the call,
  • In order for everything to look plausible, you need to think through your image in advance, as well as the purpose of the call. In this case, the telephone rally will look as believable as possible,
  • It is necessary to rehearse a possible dialogue with a person even before the call itself is completed. Nevertheless, improvisation is indispensable, because everything can go according to plan,

  • You can try to learn how to change your voice. In this case, you can use special programs that, right during the conversation, allow you to turn a rude masculine voice into a gentle feminine one in milliseconds. Thus, you can appear as a beautiful stranger, or as a cartoon character,
  • You need to restrain yourself as much as possible so as not to laugh. Otherwise, the rally will fail. You need to behave naturally and try to get used to the role of the selected character as much as possible.

Interesting Phone Prank

If there is no time to prepare a telephone rally, then it's time to show your skills to improvise in any situation. But how can you play on the phone?

We offer you to get acquainted with several interesting ideas, among which everyone can find for themselves something interesting and original:

  • You can call your friend’s parents and introduce yourself as the school principal or university rector. The most important thing is to make sure that the director of an educational institution of the same gender. You can call on any pretext, but do not overdo it much, so that the joke does not turn into a nervous shock for the parents of a friend,

  • Call a friend on behalf of the drug dealer and inform that their goods will be delivered tomorrow,
  • Take advantage of the voice change program or ask a friend to call a friend and tell her that she is pregnant. To make everything look as natural as possible, you can play a trick on that friend who recently broke up with a girl,
  • Call a friend and introduce yourself as neighbors from below asking them to run home faster because they are flooded with water,
  • If you want to play a stranger, you can dial any number and pretend that you have a missed call from him. You can even put yourself in the victim’s place and try to accuse the other person that it’s he who is trying to make fun of him,
  • You can play not only friends and just strangers, but also entire organizations. For example, you can call your local pizzeria and ask for a recipe for a particular dish. You shouldn’t joke with law enforcement agencies, because the law does not protect such jokers,
  • Again, you can call the pizzeria or food delivery company and order something delicious to a friend. It is likely that a friend will not refuse such a surprise, despite the fact that he will have to pay for it.

Raffle No. 1: Answering Machine

Not sure how to play a friend on the phone? Read and remember! True friends call up every day - this is the guarantee that the joke will work. Record approximately the following message on the answering machine of your mobile phone: “Good afternoon! You called Vasya Ivanov (your name will be here), but at the moment I'm busy and I can’t pick up the phone. Leave your message after a small beep. ” Next, there should be a sound characteristic of such a case, and after 7 seconds the message will continue: "Please, slow down, I'm recording." Such a prank on the phone guarantees hysterical laughter and good mood.

Draw No. 2: tirades shocking

Who is your friend afraid or hoping to hear the least? Maybe an inspector of the traffic police, or an employee of a psychiatric clinic, or an employee of a detoxification station? If you do not know how to play a friend on the phone, then think about this issue. Make a monologue together with your friends or yourself, which will first plunge your comrade into a light shock, then make you experience a lot of different emotions, and only then your friend will understand that it was a joke. If everything happened within reason, then you will laugh together, but if not, then run as far as you can and never again think about how to play a friend on the phone, this is not for you.

Draw No. 3: good old jokes

Even in those days when we didn’t have mobile phones, we still liked to make fun with stationary devices. Let's remember how to play a friend on the phone. Someone these jokes will refresh the memory, and someone will come up with new ideas. The main thing - remember one thing - never introduce yourself as employees of those services that can scare a person to death. Try out the scenarios below.

  1. Call a friend and say: “Hello! I am a neighbor from below. Something big is hanging from your balcony, it will soon fall on mine, take it away! ”And after a couple of minutes it is advisable to dial the same subscriber again and ask why they haven’t removed what they asked for before.
  2. Another nice joke that fits like a April 1st draw over the phone. Call a friend, introduce yourself as a housing and communal services worker and let you know that now the house will turn off the water. What will the comrade think first of all? Not about why they called him, but about where to get plenty of water and how to make it before the trip. After some time, all basins, pots, vases in the house, even the bathroom, will be typed. And then it's time to call again, take an interest in success, say that you changed your mind about disconnecting and advising you to launch boats.

Draw No. 4: Quiz

You need to call a friend and introduce yourself as the host of a radio station. Then I must say that a quiz is being held now, and by randomly dialing this subscriber becomes its participant. If a friend agrees to answer questions, then do not waste time, cover him with tasks. To do this, prepare a list of a variety of questions in advance (how many lemons fit in the truck, how many paws does a hippo have, etc.). After a while, start asking about such things that the radio station host simply cannot know, for example, how old is some of your mutual acquaintances, what are the names of the directors of the company where a friend works, and so on. As soon as you understand that a comrade is full of suspicions and guesses, finish the “quiz”. Tell a friend that he won and will then be contacted to transfer the reward. After a while, appear on his doorstep and hand the prize in person.

Whatever joke you decide to use, be sure to consider the character of your comrade, think about how he will react to a particular joke. A draw is good, but friendship is more important.