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Girls, today is your topic. Have you spoiled your Egyptian hubby with kind words long ago or have you forgotten everything and only Mahshi have been spinning for days on end? So I will remind. Well, they quickly put the Molochaea on a low fire, picked up the phone and write. write.

"A woman loves with her ears."

Each Egyptian in the arsenal of tools that can captivate the heart of any woman has the most beautiful words to express their unearthly feelings for the chosen one. Let's try to reveal their secret: words of love, in which oriental motifs are skillfully woven.

In Arabic, not many people can write gentle words addressed to the beloved overseas prince, so the lovers were not at a loss and came up with a whole new science!

It allows you to transmit the sound of Arabic letters in Latin with the greatest accuracy. Some letters that are absent, for example, in English or other European languages, are indicated by numbers: 2 - as Russian e, 3 - letter Ain, 7 - easy x on the exhale.

So, let’s not be tongue-tied and show them that we are able to express our feelings beautifully.

So, we write to the dear:

Ana Bahbek - I love you
ya rohy - my soul
Enta helm hayati - You are the dream of my life
Enta wahashtany - Miss you
Ana makhtagalak - I need you
Ana aiza ashoofak - I want to see you
Tamaly maak - I'm always with you
Wallah wahashtainy keteer ineik - I miss your eyes so much
Ana ba'ed el ayam lehhad ma ashufak - I count the days when I see you
Wi law hata ba eed any, fe alby hawak - And even when you are far from me, your love lives in my heart
Tamaly fe balby we fe alby - you are always in my thoughts and my heart
Ya omry el dai wel hader - You are my life in the future and present
Smile agmal ehsas felkwon enak teasha be gnon weda haley maak - to be in love with you is the best feeling in the world

saba7 elward w elyasmin 3la aiunak gamil elgamilat! - Morning of roses and jasmine for your eyes, handsome from handsome!

ana mish el a7san, bas ma7adesh hy7ebak zaye ana. wa7eshny 2awy..sa3at ba7es eny bas me7taga asma3 sotak 3ashan a7es enak ma3aya 3alatool, ma3 enny 3arfa en e7na bo3ab 3an ba3d, bas belsbaly enta dayman fi alby we htfadal f alby 3alatool - I don’t like you the best, I. I miss you so much. sometimes I just need to hear your voice, to feel that you are always with me, even if I know that we are so far (from each other), but for me you are always in my

How to say in Arabic? I love you. Live Arabic with Elena Klevtsova.

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Ana Uhibba - I love.

Ana Uhibba - I love you man.

Ana Uhibbuki - I love you woman.

However, these phrases, if you pronounce them in a lively speech, will sound a little Shakespearean)) Because it is literary Arabic. However, unlike other literary phrases, this will be perceived very positively by all Arabs, without exception. Everyone is pleased when Shakespeare is recognized in love, both for men and women)))

However, the Arabs themselves will pronounce this phrase in different ways, depending on the dialect.

For example, the Egyptians will say:

Ana Bachebbek.

And the Lebanese and Syrians will agree with them.

But the Moroccans indignantly object to the Egyptians and say in their own way:


Hobb is the great power that drives planets. Hobb is the eternal mystery for which we were born.

Hobb is love.

Hobb Al-Istitlaa - Curiosity

Hobb annefs - selfishness

Hobb Al-Ghair - Altruism

Hobb Al-Watan - Patriotism

Hobb al-zuhur - vanity

Wakaa fi l-hobb - fall in love

Ana wakaatu fi l-hobb - I fell in love)

Author: Elena Klevtsova

We speak Arabic: Do not worry and do not be afraid!

Remembering and using Arabic phrases is a simple and easy way to gradually immerse yourself in language and culture. Without making any special efforts, within six months you will begin to hear and understand the general outline of speech, since everyday speech always consists of standard cripples and cliches.

And where are the vowels? Arabic alphabet

And now we’ll play a little with the Arabic alphabet and try to spell some Russian words in transcription in Arabic letters! As we already did in the previous example ... After all, the word “bandage” is not only an Arab girl! In Russian, “bandage” is a bandage)))

Learning to read the Quran in Arabic. Surah al-Fatiha, lesson 5

As part of our new section, Arabic script for beginners today we will analyze with you the first Surah al-Fatiha. Ayat the sixth. Features of writing in the Qur'an. Now we will consider in detail how each letter is written here, and what additional icons mean here.

1. Love, friendship

A few more words and expressions on the topic of love, friendship.
صاحبي sAhbi is my friend.
اصحابي AskhAbi are my friends.
صاحبتي sahbeti is my girlfriend.
صاحبِاتي sahbati are my friends.
اِنت واحشني Enta wahEshni - I miss you (man).
اِنتي واحشاني Enti WahshEni - I miss you (to the woman).
انا بافكّر فيك Ana bafAkar fik - I think of you (address to a man).
انا بافكّر فيكي Ana bafAkar fiKi - I think from you (appeal to a woman).
انا فاكرَك Ana fAkrak - I remember you (man to man).
اتا فاكرِك Ana Fakrek - I remember you (man to woman).
انا فاكراك Ana FakrEk - I remember you (woman to man).
انا فاكراكي Ana FakrEki - I remember you (woman to woman).
اِنت عمري Enta Omri - You are my life (to a man).
انا عُمْري ما بانام مِن غير مااقكّر فيك Ana Omri ma banEm men rir ma faKar fik - I never fall asleep without thinking about you. (Words from an Egyptian song)
Photo: Oksana Shapirko

Let's talk a little about love.
حُب hob - love.
اتا باحبَك Ana bahEbak - I love you (appeal to a man).
انا باحبِك Ana bahEbek - I love you (appeal to a woman).
بوسة BOSA - kiss.
1st option:
بوسني busni - kiss me (appeal to a man).
بوسيني beadsIni - kiss me (appeal to a woman).
2nd option:
هات بوسة ghet bos - kiss me (appeal to a man). Literal translation: "Give a kiss."
هاتي بوسة gHETI BOSA - kiss me (appeal to a woman).
3rd option:
عايزة بوسة Aiza bosa - I want a kiss (request from a woman).
عايز بوسة Aiz bosa - I want a kiss (request from a man).
اُحضُنّي okhdOni - Hug me (address to a man).
اُحضُنيني ohdonIni - Hold me (address to the woman).

Photo: Oksana Shapirko

3. How to answer the interest of the Egyptian

Almost all foreign women in Egypt, young and old, enjoy the same interest among local men. Not always and far from everyone is interested in such an interest. What can be answered in such cases?
If a guy or a man told you something nice, you can thank him for the compliment:
1. شُكرن على المُجامْلة shOkran aelmugAmlya - Thanks for the compliment.
Some Egyptians really want to get the phone number of a girl or woman. What to answer if you do not want to give your contact?
2. اتا مابادّيش التِلِفون لِحد Ana mabadd Ish phone Heh lehad - I do not give anyone a phone.
Other possible answers to get rid of your unnecessary attention:
3. انا مِتْجوِّازة Ana metgauEza - I am married.
4. جوزي مصري GOZI MASRI - My husband is an Egyptian.
5. جوزي روسي gozy rusi - My husband is Russian.
6. جوزي اُوكْراني GOZI UKRANI - My husband is Ukrainian.
7. جوزي غيور GOZI RAJUR - My husband is jealous.
8. انا مِتْأخرة Ana metahahara - I am late (woman).
9. انا مِسْتعجلة Ana mestagelYela - I am in a hurry (woman).
10. انا مشْغولة دِلْوقْتي Ana mashrUlya deluAti - I'm busy now.