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This site is intended for those who are interested in ants or wasps, want to determine what kind of caught ant or wasp belongs to. For those who want to know more about these amazing creatures.

The site has photographs and descriptions of many species of wasps and ants, but not all species living in Russia. And there are no species living in exotic countries.

If you are an amateur and are trying to determine the type of ant or wasp you have caught from photographs, then this site is just for you. I will make a reservation right away that it can be extremely difficult to determine the look with the help of photographs, since many species differ from each other by the location on the body of hairs and wrinkles, which cannot be considered without good optics.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, if you have patience and a magnifying glass, with at least tenfold magnification (I use with 20x), then let's get started.

The section on wasps is on another page. Go to it by clicking the button below:

And this page is dedicated to ants and here you will find:

1.Determinant. For formicin, species can be determined by females and workers, while for other subfamilies, species can only be determined by workers.

2. You can look at the figures of what parts the body of an ant consists of here. In addition, you can read the list of names of body parts used in Russian-language literature (list of Russian) and in English-language literature (list of English)

3. Photogallery of ants of subfamilies:

In addition, there are additional galleries with films and photos:

4. On the site you can watch small video clips from the life of some species of ants.

5. If you want to read about a species you know, then you can do it here: Description of the species.

6. There is also a List of useful sites dedicated to ants, wasps and other hymenopterans.

7. You can read the scientific and popular literature on ants and wasps, which was used in the development of this site, in the literature section.

In addition to the above, there is a Travel section where you can watch videos and photos about travels to different countries and beautiful corners of our country.

I thank my friends for the materials provided for the site: Alexey Karpukhin (Filin), Oleg Glyadkov (Snip) Victor Kozhaev (KVA) Alexander (Bigson) Andrey (Anfelk) Yuri Date (Yugru), Fedor (Svetoch), Mikhail (Malleus), Rafik (Raf), Anisimova Roman (Dr. Zoidberg), Mikhail Gibadullin (Likeman), Danila Kim from Kazakhstan, Victoria Davydova (Ant Keeper), biologist and writer Olga Kuvykina ( aboutme /).

I thank for the ant samples sent to me: Alexander Lukin, Vladimir Kalmykov, Oleg Glyadkov, Mikhail Gibadullin, Victor Valuev, Ivan Zenin, Alexander Reshetov, Dmitry Yuferev, Evgeny Stakhov, Vladimir Beloded, Nikita Okhvata.

Mr. Claude Loeb (Cekiki) for understanding and photos provided for the site. (Claude LEBAS (Cekiki) website

Zryanin Vladimir Aleksandrovich for help in identifying ants.

On the pages of the species of ants of this site were used drawings by E.A. Dunaev from his work:

You can talk about ants and this site with other lovers and with me on the site of the Ant Lovers Club at

You can write to me at: [email protected]

Good luck Sincerely, Alexander Krutilin (TimK).

3 - Amazing! Tremendous

Awesome! Thank you so much, it helped me a lot, unaware of the taxonomy!
It looks like my donors are Formica cinerea
That's just here - The picture on the left is not loaded

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4 - The determinant is not bad

The determinant is not bad, especially in terms of miramiki. But it is still to be finalized and finalized)

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At the expense of summer runners (steppe runner) it is not clear what time he flies

Probably in different areas in different ways. In Anapa, I saw running males (Females could not be found. It seems that they have already fled.) It was in June.

Checked. It loads in both mazil and in the explorer. On the left is a steppe runner. There is no picture on the right panel. There we are talking about two possible color options. What to place?

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10 - Qualifier

Great determinant! Thank you for the great and necessary work, TimK. I propose replacing the Antclub determinant with this one. Or give a link to it in the qualifiers section.
A small wish: I would like to see ants in some positions, so to speak, in dynamics. That is, not on a needle, but a photo in nature. Well, where it’s impossible, there’s nothing to be done.

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13 - answers

Yuri Timofeev
When I get to the genus camponotus, I click on it, it jumps to the page with the Amazons.

Yes. I haven’t done the campaigns yet. Did not have time. I said this in the first post.

But how many species are there in Russia?

I do not know for sure. I think an order of magnitude more than in this determinant.

A small wish: I would like to see ants in some positions, so to speak, in dynamics.

Yes. I am striving for this. I try to photograph and post on my site my photos of ants of different species. What types I will not find - I will ask you for their photos. Well and last but not least - on the Internet. I will try to replace all photos from the Internet with my own or yours over time. So if anyone has high-quality photos of ants - send. With a dedication on the bottom edge :) I will post it.
And further. In the future I plan to make a section with stories about ants. At Kva the stories are good. Well, it's like a hint.

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