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How to stop believing in horoscopes?


No matter how you would like to read in the horoscope to find out about your future, beware of the insidiousness of these stellar predictions, as they can instill in you the habit of relying on astrological forecasts. Your fate depends only on your decisions, so refuse to read these fictitious and not based on anything predictions. Once you have stopped planning your business and personal life around the inventions of ancient people, you will untie your hands to find your own life course, based on real events and the people around you.

Question-answer on the topic

I have a bad habit that interferes with my work. I believe in a horoscope. Every morning I start by looking at the predictions for my zodiac sign for the day. And it’s good if they promise something good. But as soon as I read something negative, I start to worry, I become quick-tempered, my mood immediately spoils. And if I also have an ambiguous dream, I can break my head over its meaning for half a day. I know that this affects my work, and affects the relationship with people, but I can’t imagine how to get rid of this habit.

There are people, by their nature, who are prone to reflection and reasoning, to “philosophizing” and introspection. This excessive reflection expands the human ability to perceive, understand, remember and feel. Such people, as a rule, are reasonable and thoughtful, they are intellectually developed and creative personalities, but each character has a flip side to the coin.

So, overly sensitive and reflecting people are more likely to experience indecision, anxious suspiciousness, obsessive fears and concerns. Fears are usually associated with a possible future: no matter how something terrible and unforeseen happens.

Specially invented signs and rituals become a kind of protection from constant anxiety for the future.

Teens, for example, on the way to school can go around all the hatches without stepping even on their edges - which means that he will not fail on the exam. Or many try not to touch the door handles, otherwise you can get some contagious disease, etc.

But back to our story - the heroine believes in the predictions of the horoscope, wants to understand the warnings of dreams, while often becoming hot-tempered, irritable and begins to worry. The only question is - begins whether she worry or continues and in such a peculiar way he wants to suppress and calm his own anxiety. Most likely, this is just the case. disturbing suspiciousness. To get rid of the "bad habit" I offer some recommendations.

Anxious suspiciousness is a state of fear of imaginary events. What could be better than seeking advice from folk wisdom, tested by generations and years. A popular proverb says - they knock out a wedge with a wedge. Nothing is easier! If you read something good, favorable forecasts for the future - rejoice, they will come true! If you read something unpleasant, exciting and dangerous - come up with a ritual of liberation, a kind of spell that only you will know about.

First of all, we consider such a phenomenon as the process of creating a dominant, that is, the manifested stereotypes of thinking and behavior. Dominant - these are all thoughts, sensations and actions that most excite a person at a given moment in time.

For example, if a person is in love - constantly thinks and dreams of a loved one, seeks to meet him - this is the dominant of love.

But in your case, the creation of the dominant fear for the future happened.

Your fear of an unfavorable prognosis is an unnecessary dominant of behavior created by you. It needs to be changed, changed to positive - this will be the dominant of calm and disbelief in a poor prognosis.

So, after reading the bad news, you were alarmed, the heart was racing fast, there was an adrenaline rush into the blood. This is the right time to create a new “good” dominant, using a new ritual. Think what always reassured you? It can be - a prayer, a spell, a poem, a quote - anything, if only this set of words brought you calm and relaxation. For example:

"I am happy and absolutely healthy, people around me love me and I love them, I believe that everything will be fine in my life."

You can learn this spell and say it to yourself (or aloud), while trying to take a comfortable relaxed posture and relax inwardly. But it is better to come up with something of your own, close to you personally and important only to you.

Everything! A positive dominant has been created, and now nothing bad will happen. Having believed once and made sure that it is so, this ritual can be used for any anxiety caused by imaginary events.

When this new ritual becomes a good habit in you, you will no longer be afraid to read forecasts, horoscopes and predictions, realizing that the good news will bring joy, and the bad news will not disturb you and will leave you absolutely calm.

But before you get used to the new “protection”, at first you may need additional soothing techniques.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training (AT), developed based on the practice of Indian yogis, is best suited to this situation. AT contains suggestions aimed at calming. The hardest part of these exercises is to focus on the feeling of relaxation.

“The more intense we force ourselves to relax, the more intense the activity of all body systems becomes, this is one of the paradoxes of the will,” writes one of AT’s propagandists, Hannes Lindeman.

The same thing happens with the relaxation process - the stronger the person forces himself to relax, the more unsuccessful his attempts are - the level of internal tension only increases.

Unconsciousness and doubt also have a negative effect on conscious volitional effort. Therefore, it is important to freely surrender to your impulses, “dissolving” in your ideas, not analyzing them and not counteracting them.

Meditative relaxation technique

Here are some practical tips so that the relaxation process does not cause resistance to will and internal stress.

1.First you need to relax your body.

Relaxation of the body can begin with relaxation of certain muscle groups in certain areas - neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs, etc. To do this, they must be strained to the limit for 2 - 4 seconds and then this voltage should be sharply dropped. After another tension, muscle relaxation becomes more complete and deeper.

2.A good result for relaxation is also given by holding the breath while exhaling in order to enrich the body with carbon dioxide, which acts like valerian.

3.You can drink half a glass of water, which also leads to sedation due to the start of digestion.

4.Proceed to inner peace of mind.

Close your eyes and imagine the place and the situation where you felt good and calm. Sing to yourself a quiet favorite melody. Feel how your consciousness is emptying, how all thoughts go somewhere and dissolve in the air. Try to imagine the image associated with calm.

It may be a June evening in the country - a warm wind blows you and the aroma of flowering peonies is heard. Or maybe it's the image of the white foam of the surf or hot tea with jasmine before bedtime. The sensation image reminds you of a place of calm - bright peonies, white foam or jasmine.

Observe your image of calm and, if you feel a desire to let it in, then do so. Act only as you wish. Look at how it looks - what shape, color, size, smell it.

Gradually open your eyes and return to normal working calm.

To do all of the above with the current mode of operation is not easy. But first, teach yourself not to read horoscopes at work.

Do this in the evening at home (if it is the forecast for the next day) or in the morning. The main thing is that you have 10 minutes for your new “spell” and subsequent relaxation.

And remember that quite often horoscopes are compiled by lay people just to increase the rating of a magazine. Editors know how many people are subject to suspiciousness and looping on horoscopes, and simply use your trust for their own profit.

When you cope with this “habit”, you will understand that a person can create a mood for a positive calm day for himself. You need to believe in your own strengths, and not in fantastic predictions.

As for the analysis of dreams, the same reason is still here - anxiety. Perform a meditation technique at least once a day to relax and calm you and you will see that the question of dream analysis will cease to worry you.

Why do people turn to astrology

Despite the fact that scientists claim that astrology has no serious scientific justification, many people continue to believe astrological forecasts, clairvoyants, palmists, guessing on Tarot cards, because astrology is closely connected with these occult sciences.

Astrologers continue to convince that they rely on ancient mystical teachings, according to which three vectors determine the fate of a person, and only one of them obeys his will. That is, two-thirds of his fate is predetermined, and only a third of it can he influence by his actions.

In all likelihood, certainty attracts people to astrology, because no one likes the unknown - it scares, and astrology convinces us that everything is predictable.

The results of the polls show that astrologers, as a rule, are approached when people think that little depends on them, they do not own the situation and cannot influence it. These can be global changes affecting the fate of many people (unstable political situation, economic crisis), or events occurring in an individual’s personal life (a serious illness, an upcoming complex operation, breakdown, etc.).

They turn to astrologers in search of support, they expect a miracle from him, like a wizard: now he will lift the curtain of frightening suspense, and then “either pan or disappeared”. People are ready for both a positive and a negative forecast (although everyone hopes for the best), if only to get at least some certainty. 19th-century German playwright Friedrich Christian Hebbel remarked: “Others would rejoice at the end of the world if they could predict it.”

In addition, sociologists conducted a survey among specially selected participants in the experiment - men and women with the same level of education. And his results showed that women, obviously, because of their greater emotionality, are much more likely to turn to astrology than men.

1. Astrologers are good psychologists

The main reason - astrology allows, if desired, to manipulate a person, causing him some kind of phobia. Many astrologers are good psychologists, and even combine these two practices in their activities, offering astropsychological services. They claim that they work more efficiently than just psychologists, because they provide psychological assistance not only on the basis of behavioral reactions and knowledge of the problem that the client has addressed, but also on the natal chart - a personal horoscope drawn up at the time of his birth. This supposedly allows them to explain and rid his soul of fears brought from a past life and affecting the present life. By entrusting himself, his soul to an astropsychologist, a person risks losing control of his behavior and go in the direction indicated by the astrologer, which may turn out to be disinterested.

2. Blindly accept the course of events and follow it

Suggestible people are easily susceptible to anyone's influence - instructions, advice, beliefs. A favorable forecast by an astrologer can serve them well, giving hope, self-confidence and tuning in a positive way. At the same time, a negative outlook can provoke depression, reluctance to live and push for inappropriate actions.

There is such a parable: a beautiful and rich girl lived in one village, but the grooms bypassed her house, because the local astrologer predicted that the one who kissed her would die. And then one day there was a young man who so wanted to kiss her that he forgot about everything. And he did not die - they lived happily ever after. When the astrologer was asked: how is it so, because many of us have abandoned our destiny because we believed your prediction? To which he replied: I did not say that he would die immediately after the kiss, but someday it will happen.

Thus, astrological forecasts program us for a certain course of events, and we blindly accept it and follow it.

3. We lose control over the situation

Having believed the predictions of astrologers, we begin to think why try to influence the course of events if it does not depend on us. Failure awaits us - “so the stars decided”, someone achieved success - “was born under a happy star”, the former glory passed - it means “the star went down”.

But when Jupiter draws closer to Pluto, we will gain a second wind and begin to act. We wait until Mars moves out of Scorpio and catch up. Quarrel with a loved one? We need to wait until Mars and Venus come to each other as close as possible, and everything will work out by itself.

So, relying on fate, on the fact that it leads us through life, we stop showing our own will and are inactive. It is so tempting to do nothing in the hope that the “curve will take out”, everything will be “resolved” by itself, and in case of failure to blame not yourself, but the fate of the villain.