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View or play photos, audio files, maps, and other attachments

While viewing a note that contains attachments, double-click the attachment you want to view or play. The attached content appears in a new window.

Note: In locked notes on, you see placeholders for attachments instead of actual attachment content. To view attachments in locked notes, use the Notes app on your devices with iOS 9.3 or later or OS X 10.11.4 or later where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

You can attach items to notes by using the Notes app on iOS devices or Mac computers where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

View and edit attached iWork documents

If you’re using upgraded notes, you can view and edit Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents you attached using the Notes app on your devices that use upgraded notes.

While viewing a note that contains a Pages, Numbers, or Keynote attachment, double-click the attachment.

If your device has the app needed to open the attachment, it’s downloaded to your device and opens in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote. If your Mac doesn’t have the required app, it opens in Preview. On your Windows computer, choose a program to open the attachment.

After the downloaded copy of the attached document opens, you can view and edit it.

Important: Your changes don’t update the document attached to your note. Your changes only update the downloaded copy of the attachment.

Hello! You must admit that the built-in “notes” application is a great tool for quickly writing down some text or drawing a picture. I myself use this functionality very often and it is really convenient. However, few people know that if you use several Apple devices at the same time, whether it is an iPhone or iPad, then there is the ability to easily and easily synchronize notes between them. Yes, and on the computer you can also access them.

And it is very cool! A common example is to quickly create a note on an iPhone, edit it on the iPad’s large screen, and make the final changes on your computer. I can say to myself that I don’t often create some huge notes, but even for small text I am glad that they can be transferred from one iOS device to another. About how to do it all and talk will go, let's go!

To fully synchronize notes, including with the ability to view them via the Internet, you must use the iCloud service. However, nothing prevents you from using your Gmail or Exchange accounts.

Turn on syncing notes with iCloud

  1. Open the settings on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. We are looking for the item iCloud.
  3. Enter your iCloud email address and password and click Login.
  4. For synchronization, we move the switch opposite notes.

That's all, after this procedure, all your notes are sent to the cloud. In order for them to move to another iPhone or iPad, it is enough to do all the same actions on them.

And of course, now there is the opportunity to view them on a PC.

How to view notes from iPhone or iPad on a computer

This problem has two solutions:

  1. Use the iCloud web interface.
  2. Pull them out of backup.

In the first case, you need to go to and also enter your username and password for your account. In the window that opens, select the desired menu item and see all your entries. Here they can be edited or copied to a computer.

In order to view the notes stored in the backup, it will take a little more effort. How to pull out all the information is written in detail in.

How to sync notes using Gmail and Exchange

However, iCloud is not required to be used; transferring entries between iOS devices is also possible with the help of other popular Internet services such as Gmail and Exchange. To enable them, you must log into your mail account.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Click on Mail, addresses, calendars.
  3. Select the account you want to enable.
  4. We activate the switch and turn on the synchronization of notes.

Now, having done the same actions on another iOS device, all the records will be transferred to it.

How to switch between note accounts on iPhone and iPad

Notes can be stored both locally on the iPhone and iPad (that is, exclusively on the device), and be tied to various accounts. For example, we’ve already reviewed synchronization with iCloud, Gmail, and Exchange. And if it so happened that your records are stored in several places, then it is very easy to switch between them.

  1. Launch note application on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Press the back button in the upper left of the screen.
  3. We see all the accounts that contain notes. Easily move on to the one you need.

Saving notes from the iPhone is pretty simple. Notes supports synchronization with any IMAP mailbox. Accordingly, you can synchronize them with mail, for example, Gmail, and then synchronize with another program on another platform.

Notes also supports publishing notes to third-party services or sending them by mail.

  1. To do this, go to the note.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, select the button in the form of a rectangle with an arrow located in the middle.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the location for publishing the note, for example, Evernote.
  4. After a while, Evernote will pop up a window in which you need to take a note and choose a place to save it, a particular notebook.

You can also use third-party software, which is sufficient in the App Store, to save and export notes from iPhone.

Microsoft OneNote

Features similar to those described above are supported by OneNote. You can publish any of the notes in a third-party service or send by mail.

If your notes notebook is synchronized with OneDrive and available on the desktop version of OneNote, you can export it in a variety of formats. For this:

  1. select the File menu,
  2. Next, select Export,
  3. Determine what you want to export: note, compilation or notebook,
  4. select the export format (OneNote allows you to export in ONEPKG formats - corporate package, PDF, XPS, and MHT),
  5. click save button.

Evernote also allows you to share notes in a variety of ways. There is also an icon in the form of a rectangle with an arrow. It can be found in the context menu at the bottom of the screen if you open a note.

By clicking the icon, you can get a list of possible solutions. The note can be sent by message or e-mail, post on Twitter, Facebook, print.


Simplenote has great features for publishing notes in other programs.

  1. Once in the note, you need to click on the letter I in the circle.
  2. A menu appears in which the send item is selected.
  3. Next, you need to select the program in which the note will be sent. Here are other services like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. You can also send the note by mail or by message.

You can export all notes in the Simplenote web application. In the upper right corner of the screen under the user’s account there is a Download zip link. After clicking on it, Simplenote will upload all notes in txt format in the zip archive. In this case, notes in the archive will also be uploaded.

IPhone Note Apps

In general, the market for iPhone apps with which you can take notes is huge. Moreover, wanting to find a specific program, the user may encounter several analogues. For example, the App Store when searching on Simplenote displays both SimpleNote and Simple Note. Needless to say, all these are different applications with different functionality. Therefore, we focused on the main ones, which allow us to handle notes on different devices and on different platforms.

IPhone Notes

Notes allows you to create notes. This is a standard iOS application and is on every device. You can insert a previously taken photo into a note. Notes are displayed in chronological order. Notes can be published in various services and sent by mail. Supported print functions.

Notes can be divided by accounts: iCloud, Gmail and others, depending on which account is configured to synchronize notes.

Evernote is a recognized processor for taking notes, recording ideas and more. Notes can be combined into notebooks. Each note can be a text entry, photo. There is direct integration with the iPhone camera. You can also make a calendar event reminder. Finally, it is very convenient to make lists here.

Evernote lets you share, share, and edit notes together.

The functionality of the basic version can be expanded if you switch to a premium account. There is a store with the ability to purchase additional services.

Notes are synced with the cloud. Available on other devices and platforms. Records can be sent by any available means.

How to export notes from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

1. Open the settings on the iPhone or iPad.

2. We are looking for the item iCloud.

3. Enter your iCloud email address and password and click Login.

4. For synchronization, we move the switch opposite notes.

You can import files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, after this procedure, all your notes are sent to the cloud. In order for them to move to another iPhone or iPad, it is enough to do all the same actions on them.

How to sync notes from iСloud to Yandex, Google

Notes on the iPhone can be synchronized with almost all cloud storage where there is a mail service. Records there will be stored as letters in a special folder "note". Therefore, with the help of Yandex, Google, synchronization with cloud services will become easier.

  • You need to click on Mail, addresses, calendars.
  • Select the account you want to enable.
  • Activate the switch and enable synchronization of notes.

Now, the very same actions are performed on another iOS device, all recordings are transferred to the new iPhone.

How to transfer notes from an iPhone to a new iPhone without iTunes

Tenorshare iCareFone, is a universal program. allows you to synchronize notes between iPhone and computer freely. Moreover, data that can be exported, messages, contacts, music, videos, photos, calendars, etc. effective and safe!

Step 1. You need to download and install Tenorshare iCareFone, connect the device to the computer using a USB cable. Run the program, click on the "Backup and Restore" button.

Step 2. You need to select “Notes” on the interface, and file backup starts.

Step 3. Then click the “Export to Computer” button and select a file format, then you can save notes on a computer (Windows / Mac) and on another iPhone.

If you want to transfer notes from iPhone to Android With Tenorshare iCareFone, it’s possible to do this. The field for exporting notes to your computer, you just need to add it to your Android device and you're done.