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Pencil drawing of a hamster


In this lesson, I will show how you can easily draw a hamster, even a child can handle it.

First of all, we draw the body shape of a hamster, this will slightly resemble beans.

Now we draw round ears on top, small hind legs on the bottom, and front paws in the middle.

On the hamster's ears, draw additional lines and begin to draw a muzzle. We draw two large, completely filled circles, leave glare on them and add cilia. Just below - the nose and mouth.

We supplement the mouth with a semicircular line and draw the hamster's antennae. Our simple hamster drawing is ready.

This is what you should get, I hope you enjoyed drawing the hamster.

Cartoon pencil drawing of a hamster

Many children like to redraw not only animals, but also rodents from cartoons. So why not offer your beloved child to redraw the hamster involved in many cartoons by animators ?! The instruction is simple, including four step-by-step schemes, with the outline of the body, head and legs, drawing the picture and muzzle.

Pencil drawing of a hamster Dzhungarika

The smallest hamsters, something similar to mice, are considered the Dzhungarik breed. Unlike their other relatives, they like to stand on two legs, sleep less and become more active. In addition, their cheeks are slightly smaller, but proportional to the miniature body.

Draw the facial features of a small rodent - eyes, nose and mouth.

Contour the head and ears.

Draw the front paws and fingers.

Draw a picture on the belly, draw the back legs.

The finishing touch remains the antennae, coloring the nose with a black pencil.

Chewing hamster, pencil drawing photo

The hamster, as if from an anime cartoon, chewing tasty food from a bright bowl, is a good choice for decorating a personal diary, an album for drawing and a diary. A fluffy baby with an incredibly cute facial expression is drawn incredibly simply, in just 4 steps. In this case, the last step is coloring the picture with felt-tip pens.

The beginning of the drawing takes from the contours and the drawing of the main body. Next are drawn antennae, paws, food in a bowl. After, the hamster is painted in a natural palette of brown-beige tones.

Realistic pencil drawing of a hamster

The most difficult hamster pattern is drawing a small copy of a live rodent. This scheme is complicated by drawing even geometric shapes and lines, observing proportions and hatching.

It does not make sense to describe a phased scheme. Just look at the pictures with a step-by-step example to understand the meaning of the master class.

How to draw a hamster in stages - the beginning of work

First of all, take a pencil and lightly depict a semi-oval. No need to chase the ideal parameters, this is just a sketch. And the main thing here is to enjoy the process. Nearby, slightly intersecting with the first one, we also easily draw another oval, similar to an egg. This is the head of the future animal. We draw here two semicircular intersecting lines, they will help to determine in the future where the eyes and mouth will be.

Head Details

We draw the ears of the animal, depicting two lines similar to an arch. It is worth turning on abstract thinking in order to correctly determine the location, since drawing a hamster with a pencil will be volumetric. The guides drawn earlier will help with this. Under a large oval, which will become the body of a rodent, we put two dashed lines bent up. These are future paws. A sketch of the animal, with the help of which we learn how to draw a hamster in stages, is ready. From this moment on we press the pencil harder.

Continue work

We draw the eyes of the animal in the upper left part of the head. The shape of the hamster's eyes is an oval, pointed on one side, slightly angled. Inside, we draw a circle for the future pupil. It must be shaded by clicking on the pencil. But be careful, you need to leave a couple of highlights. Use the guide lines made at the beginning of the lesson to shape the ears. Rough lines draw folds and indentations inside the sink. Work out the visible part of the other ear.

The body of the animal

Use the dashes under the large oval to finish the legs. Around them, lines draw a silhouette and end with his fingers. We do the same with the other paw. We draw sharp claws. Around this large oval with short strokes we draw the animal’s hair, depicting an elongated torso. We attach it to the head.

How to draw a hamster beautifully with a pencil in stages

Hamsters have an interesting cute appearance, they are especially distinguished by large cheeks. That is why many people like them. Khomyakov can safely be called pets, if you do not have this animal at home for one reason or another, invite the child to draw it. And how to draw a hamster beautifully with a pencil in stages we will tell in our article.

Funny hamster in the cells

In one of our articles, you can study the information about mouse drawings. But now is not about that, as we will draw another rodent, namely a hamster. To understand the general principle of drawing the animal, we begin the creative process with a simple drawing.
To work, you need a sheet in a box, a pencil or pen and a set of colored pencils. How to draw a hamster in stages:

  1. At the top of the sheet, put an arc the size of two cells in the downward direction. We count five cells to the right side and depict the second arc of the same length. Then, in the upper side of these sketches, we derive the ears, round in shape. From the ends of the ears we draw segments towards the middle. In the gap left, draw a sticking piece of animal hair.
  2. Next, we detail the ears and draw large cheeks at the bottom of the sketch. Between them we show a mouth. In the center of the drawn figure, we draw the nose in the form of an oval. Under the nose we draw an open mouth with teeth. We immediately shade the teeth.
  3. Now we rise slightly above the nose and depict oval eyes. We show the pupils and stroke the main perimeter, leaving only glare. Add eyebrows and starting from the bottom of the cheeks, bring out the legs of the animal. From the end of the legs, we draw the outline of the body.
  4. We draw the hind legs under the body. And since hamsters love seeds very much, in the paw on the right we decided to draw a seed. Having drawn it, you need to clarify the details. The drawing of the hamster is ready, it remains to paint the picture.
  5. If you used a pencil for work, then circle all the details of the picture with a black pen. With the same pen, immediately paint the seed. With an orange pencil, paint the hamster, but you need to leave the area on the face and stomach.
  6. On the face, cover the left area with yellow, put the antennae with the handle. With a pink pencil, paint the nose and the inside of the mouth. Gray show the shadow under the rodent.

The work is ready. You see, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to adhere to the instructions and then you will succeed.

How to easily draw a hamster live

Having dealt with the previous figure, we propose to complicate the task and depict a natural hamster. To draw this picture, we need a black pen and an orange pencil. Beginners are advised to use a regular pencil. Getting started:

  1. In the middle of the sheet we draw a circle. In the middle of the circle, we separate the eye and show glare. Immediately paint over this sketch with a black felt-tip pen, and shade the edges with a pencil. We retreat from this sketch to the left side and begin to withdraw the muzzle.
  2. At the end of the arcuate segment depict the nose. Separate it from the muzzle. Add the mustache on the sides. To the left of the sketch we draw a semicircle and paint it with a black felt-tip pen.
  3. Now we rise, step back a little to the left and bring out part of the head, round off this segment at the bottom. Starting from the last point, draw a segment to the right.
    At the top of the left sketch we draw an ear. Draw an arcuate line to the right and draw the silhouette of the second ear. We immediately separate it from the head and specify the contour of the head on the body.
  4. Finish depicting the front of the animal. We finish the legs and bring out the back of the animal, as we did in the drawings of the rabbit. How to portray a hamster figured out step by step, now let's refine the details and color the picture.
  5. We circle all the parts of the figure with a black pen, but it’s not easy to draw a line, but make the contour voluminous. Lines shade the contour of the animal, select in the same way part of the muzzle.
  6. We paint the dark areas on the body with a black felt-tip pen. We stroke the hair on the trunk, ears, paws and muzzle. Now we take an orange pencil and paint over the upper part of the picture.
    We mark with this color the perimeter under the head and right foot. The rest of the plot is left white.

The picture is ready. Like the previous figure, the work is simple, even a beginner will cope with it.

Hamster with cookies

If you managed to draw a squirrel together with the website, then this drawing will seem easy to you. For beginning artists, this work is complicated, but do not despair, because by adhering to the steps you can depict this drawing. We will work with a simple pencil. Prepare an album, a simple pencil, a black pen, a watercolor sketch and paint.

How to draw a hamster with a pencil for children:

  1. In a circle we sketch the head. We add a semi-oval larger than the circle itself to the bottom. At the bottom of this part, we draw two more small semi-ovals.
  2. Divide the circle into two parts. On this vertical line mark the nose. Above the mark, we draw two eyes in the form of oval figures of small size. We draw the border of the muzzle and draw the eye at the top.
  3. Next, draw a border of the head in a zigzag line and show the second ear. With a segment, we separate these parts from the head to show their volume. Under the nose we bring out the mouth and supplement it with a cookie in the form of a triangle with a rounded edge. We draw two legs on the cookie, one on the left side and the other on the bottom. In a zigzag line we show fluffiness on the body.
  4. We complement the silhouette with the hind legs. We withdraw the back of the hamster and proceed to refine the sketch. We draw a black pen around our eyes, show them glare and pupils. Strokes show the fur on the face and ears.
  5. Then draw all the parts of the picture, display the cookie. The outline of the image is outlined with a thicker line. Shade the eyes, leaving only glare. On the side of the hamster we draw cookie crumbs. Add a long mustache to the nose.
  6. Now take the paint and sketch, if not, then you can use the brush. We paint cookies and crumbs on the floor with yellow paint. We paint the body of the hamster with orange paint. With brown material, we highlight the dark places in the image. Blue or blue show the shadow under the hamster.

The image of the hamster is complete. If you followed the instructions, then you should get the same picture as ours.

Funny hamster

To consolidate the knowledge gained and learn to draw these animals for sure, let's portray a funny hamster. Please note that this drawing will not be drawn on plain paper, but on a craft sheet. For work, you will need a regular pencil, an eraser and a set of colored pencils.

We draw a funny hamster with pencils for children:

  1. In the middle of kraft paper, draw an oval shape, but it should be slightly tilted. So we get the basis for the image of the body of the animal. In the upper side of this sketch, we separate the head from the body. This is done by two connected arcs.
  2. In this part of the sketch, we first draw the eyes, specify the pupils in them and set the glare. We go down a little below the tick show the nose. Immediately under the nose we draw a dividing line. Under this segment we draw a mouth and two teeth. We draw ears on the sides of the head.
  3. To the bottom of the sketch we finish the back and front legs. In the front paws, we depict a small piece of cookie. Now you can start painting.
  4. With a white pencil, we show light areas on the image. With a black pencil, highlight the eyes, specify the ears and mouth. With a yellow pencil, we begin to draw the wool.
  5. Now, with the help of an orange pencil, add a shade to the coat. We continue coloring the wool with a brown pencil. Do not forget about cookies.
  6. Add a little red tint to the paws, draw the contour of the paws with black and set the contrast. Under the hamster add shadows.

The drawing is ready. See how easy it is to portray hamsters with pencils and pens. All works are ideal not only for the youngest artists, but also for beginners of different ages.

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