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How to Drive a Truck Into Frost


It is known that gasoline and diesel engines have a different ignition method. Gas engines are started with a spark produced by a spark plug, while a diesel engine is ignited. In a diesel truck, the air and fuel must be warm enough to create ignition, which therefore produces a spark to ignite the engine. Due to the fact that the presence of heating is mandatory for starting a diesel truck, the ignition process of such an engine is different from gasoline. Follow the steps below to properly start your diesel truck.

Engine check

In order for a diesel engine to easily start up in great frost, it is necessary to take into account such important factors:

  • good and proven fuel
  • reliable battery
  • working starter
  • high-quality candles.

A prerequisite is also normal compression and a working injection system. When at least one of these items is inactive or does not work well, the diesel engine will not start in the cold. By the time of the cold weather, it is necessary to check the operation of the engine in a good workshop. A smoky engine indicates a lack of power, uneven operation, or problems with compression. This is one of the main indicators that can characterize the entire operation of the motor.

Checking the diesel engine is carried out using a pressure gauge that connects directly to the injector. Thus, the working pressure in the cylinder during crankshaft operation is checked. If the car is new, then this figure should be at least 30-40 bar. If the pressure in the working cylinder is lower than 20 bar, then the start of the diesel engine in the cold will definitely not take place. But this is more common on high mileage cars, where the engine is already exhausted. In this case, an overhaul of the motor is necessary or, as an option for winter, a warm, heated garage. In the warm season, even a heavily worn engine starts without problems.

Possible problems with the injector

In older cars with high mileage, the problem with the injector usually manifests itself when the car starts, the power is also significantly reduced and the exhaust pipe smokes. Such an engine starts to work too noisy, it seems to be knocking with something metallic. If the car is new, then you can find out that the injector is inoperative, you can by sharp braking after you pressed the gas pedal. The cost of repairing an injector varies depending on the year of manufacture of the car, the newer the car, the more expensive repair of the injector will come out.

Battery disadvantages

As practice shows, to start any diesel car is much more problematic than to start a car with a gasoline engine of the same power. Therefore, batteries are placed on diesel engines and starters are much more powerful. In winter, all the defects of the batteries manifest themselves in double size, since in great frosts the need for the engine in electricity increases significantly. Fuel thickens from frost, starters rotate more intensely, and candles need to work longer. Usually, the more severe the frost outside, the less battery power. How to start a diesel engine in the cold becomes a major issue even for experienced car owners.

To avoid many problems in advance, you need to look at the work of the starter. If it does not work well or after a couple of attempts to start, it weakens significantly, then you need to contact a specialist. The service station will check the operability of the battery and all parts of the vehicle used to charge it. If you immediately buy a new battery without checking the old one, then often this is just a waste of money, maybe the problem is not in it. The generator or starter may be faulty. The service life of modern batteries is from three to five years.

Problems with fuel and fuel filter

With a sharp drop in temperature in the tanks of most diesel cars, summer diesel fuel is still flooded, which tends to thicken strongly at a temperature of zero degrees. Paraffin deposited in the cold from such fuel can completely clog the fuel filter, this is one of the reasons for the inability to properly put the diesel engine in the cold. If for some reason they did not manage to use summer fuel, a special additive is required to be poured into the tank - an antidepressant. This will help to reduce the thickening of diesel fuel. Experts recommend changing the fuel filter before frosts, in diesels, the filter design provides a sump for collecting water, if there is a lot of liquid in the sump, it will freeze in the cold and limit the flow of diesel fuel to the engine.

Most diesel owners think that the troubles with a diesel engine plant in the winter are due to diesel fuel, which is out of season. There are only three types of diesel fuel:

  • summer diesel fuel - apply from zero degrees and more,
  • winter diesel fuel - pour it at minus thirty degrees,
  • Arctic fuel - used in diesel cars at temperatures below minus thirty degrees.

The most important difference between all these brands is the thickening temperature of the fuel. If the fuel is filled seasonally, the use of special additives is not required. If all the vehicle systems are in good condition, the diesel engine will start up in the cold on the first try.

Candle malfunction

Very rarely, there are times when all car candles fail at the same time. If the car is old and with high mileage, the driver may not even notice the malfunction of a separate spark plug, it’s just that the engine starts at the factory weaker and its operation is uneven for several seconds. In the fall, it is advisable to audit car candles and replace faulty elements.

The performance of candles can be checked without contacting specialists. The element needs to be pulled out, the contact from the minus should be connected to the housing, and the plus should be thrown onto the plug terminals. When the candle is working, its tube will instantly warm. After a few seconds, complete heating will occur, and it will glow.

Proven ways to start a diesel engine

A very reliable and proven way to ensure the correct functioning of the fuel structure of a diesel car is to install the heating structure in the fuel tank, pipes and filter. A very light, although dangerous, plant is a diesel engine using a tug.

Passenger cars are equipped with a belt type distribution system drive. When using a tug, jerks are inevitable, this can lead to a rupture of the belt. You can only use the tug in hopeless situations when the battery is dead or the starter is broken.

Take some tips from experienced drivers:

  1. if the diesel engine starts in cold weather, you need to turn on the distant headlights for a few minutes, then squeeze the clutch for a few seconds, and then let the starter rest, this can help the diesel plant,
  2. you can add kerosene to the fuel, even with prolonged use in sub-zero temperatures, this composition does not affect the operation of the entire design of the diesel engine,
  3. use additives that reduce the thickening temperature of diesel fuel,
  4. to quickly warm a frozen diesel engine, you can put on a cover on the machine, and put a heat gun under the bottom. The temperature under the engine must be brought to at least zero degrees,
  5. if we start a diesel engine in cold weather, then for a quick plant you can spray ether into the air intake, try to start the engine while the ether is in a sprayed state,
  6. Another tried and tested method from experienced diesel car drivers over the years. If the car does not want to start in the cold, it is necessary to warm up the drain manifold. This can be done elementarily with a piece of paper and matches. The paper is ignited and the collector is heated with smoke, the machine starts up very quickly in this case,
  7. you need to buy diesel fuel only at proven gas stations, saving on diesel fuel, you can greatly spend money on repairs.


Diesel cars are popular due to their power and economy in operation. But for all these advantages, lovers of such cars suffer in winter frosts. The transition period from autumn to winter is particularly troublesome, it was at this time that frequent frosts occurred, and the fuel in the car was mostly flooded with summer. So you have to spend hours trying to start your car. If you follow the advice of specialists and carefully monitor the machine, then even in severe frosts such problems will not arise.