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A mechanic himself: how to prepare a car for a long trip in summer and winter


Good afternoon, our dear readers. For a long time, a very long time did not write. The thing is that we were the whole family on vacation. Well, we decided to go by car. Of course, before the road and during the trip there were some nuances. In this regard, I want to share with you, our dear readers, tips for novice travelers by car.

The easiest option when eating is not very far and only together. But when you already eat with children, then of course it becomes more difficult. Especially if the child is small, for example, as we have Nikitka - 2.5 years. We were very worried about the fact that he would be hard on the road.

It turned out to be difficult for parents, and the child only joy and delight. In the end, for the sake of children, all this is conceived.

We have been traveling for several years by car, and when we went this year, we remembered all the nuances well. Of course, we will share with you the most Important, perhaps it will be very useful to you. And I want to note that in our country it is best to travel by car, if possible.

Traveling by car is even cheaper than by train or plane. But of course, depending on the brand of car and the destination of the trip. Although almost all modern cars are quite economical.

The first advice is to pre-determine the route of travel and determine approximately the cost of a trip by plane or train.

Another huge plus of auto travel is to admire the beauties of our country. It is really huge and a lot of interesting things you can meet, see, feel. We ourselves went to the WTO from Perm to Crimea and back. There were different roads back and forth. Initially, the navigator did it this way, but they did not change the route, they say it would still lead somewhere. And it was very interesting.

They even met the Spaniards, who were traveling to Yekaterinburg from Spain to the World Cup, to cheer for their team. At the same time, they did not know either Russian or English. And we met at a gas station, where they tried to show the seller what kind of coffee they needed by the method of gestures. Can you imagine what courageous people they are, not only through Europe, but also through half of Russia, and even knowing only your language?

He left the topic a bit, it’s time to start our advice.

Travel planning by car.

Be sure to plan your travel itinerary. This must first be done at least one month before departure. In a close family circle, discuss the places you want to visit.

Traveling by car in the modern world is becoming easier, mainly thanks to the Internet and other useful gadgets. For example, there is a site:, where you can roughly see the route and even calculate the distance and fare. Decently helps.

Travel planning, for example in the Crimea, as we are this summer

Get directions in the navigator, pre-installing new current maps. If you can’t do it yourself, then there are services in which they will quickly and not expensively help you. And maybe friends will help. But then check the route yourself if the navigator has laid the route for you.

In addition, find out on the Internet or from friends who have already traveled along this route, whether the road is normal, is it overloaded, are there enough gas stations, and so on.

When planning a trip, look at the weather in advance, in those places where you will rest, at different sources. Also think about the things you take with you. There should not be many of them, well, we’ll still talk about this below.

Let the small plan be already on your paper. At the same time, traveling by car may slightly change, go not according to plan. So leave in reserve 3-4 days extra. You never know what can happen. Maybe you want to call somewhere else or, God forbid, the car breaks down and you have to repair for a long time. So leave stock by day. It’s better to just come home and spend them calmly than to frantically fly along the highway in order to be in time somewhere.

Preparing the car for the trip.

It must be remembered that breakdowns are not accidental. There are moments, malfunctions, which you might not have noticed. So before the trip, be sure to go through MOT, let them inspect the whole car, twitch, check. But there will be no surprises on the road.

Be sure to take oil with you for refilling, antifreeze, brake fluid, dipped and main beam bulbs, as well as bulbs of dimensions. It does not take up much space in the trunk, but if anything, you can handle it on your own.

Preparing the car for the trip

And of course, take a small set of tools with you. God forbid ... I have a friend who boasted that he had bought a new car, a foreign car, now he doesn’t carry anything from tools and so on. This, says a foreign car, nothing will happen to her (before that I went to a VAZ 2110).

As a result, the trip was not sweet when a small breakdown turned into a round sum (the tow truck took away from the highway, and the service was provided).

In addition to all this, do not forget the first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle and reflective vests (according to the new rules). It is better to take vests for pieces 4. They are not expensive, but suddenly at night more than one driver will have to leave the car, and they really save lives.

The first-aid kit is better to understaff with bandages and plasters. In standard, there’s not much that is worthwhile. Put normal scissors and disposable medical gloves on.

The DVR on the go is an important element

Most importantly, install a video recorder in the car. Traveling by car in the modern world can not do without it. Firstly, if something happens, then traffic police officers can prove your innocence.

Secondly - very interesting moments sometimes happen on the road, and unexpectedly. So the registrar will take this picture, remain in the family archive and will be very interesting.

Also, be sure to check the tires, spare tire. Also check the pressure, if something is wrong, repair the wheels immediately.

Also, adjust the headlights correctly. If you move at night, then the road will be better lit and you will not dazzle oncoming traffic. It is just as important, respect all road users.

Driver training.

And maybe drivers, if suddenly both have rights. This is convenient by the way. On the way, you can change and then you travel a greater distance per day than one driver travels all the way. Here's how, when I was little, my parents and I went to the sea from Yakutia. Only my father was driving. As a result, approximately 7,000 km traveled for about a week.

Therefore, remember that it is difficult for one driver to drive for a long time and plan to stop more often in interesting places in order to relax, for example, and sleep soundly. After all, a very tired driver is equated with a drunk, remember this!

Driving a car requires maximum driver attention. So repeat the SDA, see the current changes, even pass the exam several times online. Helps a lot.

Repeat traffic before trip

Repeat the rules for the treatment of police officers. Better yet, install the SDA application on your phone. If traffic police officers suddenly stop and start throwing obscure articles, you can quickly look and answer correctly.

Read about the various tricks of the traffic police on the Internet, so you will know what can happen on the road and get ready.

Be sure to keep your distance when traveling. Anyway, follow the rules of the SDA, this is really important.

Try to help people on the road if they are in trouble. I have heard many conflicting opinions about this. But time is now completely different. I myself once needed help. Well, the timing belt in my “four” broke, it happens, it stood on the road for more than 4 hours. We went with my pregnant wife, and not far from the city.

There were no tow truck phones, the Internet did not work, and he was stupid, he had to call 112 and that’s it. As a result, one man stopped and dragged me to the service station, damn it, I’ll never forget my eyelids. And cars on that highway run constantly, it is loaded and some cars. Dalnoboy could still stop.

Here's another note, if that, write the emergency numbers in a notebook, in the glove compartment. If possible, write down the numbers of tow trucks in the place where you are driving. So, just in case.

Cooking gadgets on the road.

This is also important when planning to travel by car, especially far away. Here's the navigator, an irreplaceable thing, generally discussed above. The DVR in the car is the same.

I also recommend buying a cigarette lighter splitter in cars and chargers for phones. It has long been producing car chargers for cars with usb outputs that need voltage to charge almost any gadget.

For example, such a usb charger

Pay attention to the phones. When you already know where to go, decide on a tariff plan, so that it would not be expensive to use communication and the Internet. For example, we went to the Crimea this summer. It's already 2018, and there are no Russian mobile operators there, only local mobile operators. So no matter how unlimited they are, it’s expensive anyway.

I hope this will be corrected soon, but when connecting the tariff, pay attention to the territories in which the tariff applies. Usually they write, for example, "with the exception of Crimea and Sevastopol."

I also advise everyone to install additional Yandex.Navigator. I really liked him. In advance, you can download maps of those areas where you will travel and use it online (if your smartphone has a gps function). And if the Internet is connected additionally, then with downloaded maps, traffic is not used much.

At the same time, if you get into a traffic jam, it will optimally show the detour route. At the same time, "optimally" really works. It will also help to find the nearest gas station or cafe, well, almost anything.

Packing bags for the whole family.

When you travel by car for the first time and not far away, there is nothing easier. You take on the weather and not much. But when the road is distant, and even with children, it seems that everything needs to be taken. Girls will probably understand.

Packing your bags on a car trip

But it turns out that it’s not worth bothering much either. Decide on places where you will rest, find out approximate weather and take almost a minimum. Do not forget that on vacation there will be purchases and the volume of the suitcase, and possibly their number, will increase.

Here you also need to look at the car, or rather the volume of the trunk. Estimate how many suitcases will be and how approximately to place them. Sometimes, you can put something in the salon on the floor or scatter on the shelves. But only so that nothing would interfere.

  • Passports
  • Photocopies of documents (in case of loss and not to carry originals),
  • Vouchers (agreement with travel agency, if any),
  • Driving license (those who have),
  • Documents for the car (pre-enter in the insurance of those who can go),
  • Bank cards and money,
  • Bank access (pin generator, password card, etc.)
  • Medical insurance, compulsory medical insurance policy,

The most difficult thing in collecting a suitcase is the selection of clothes. Even when you are going on a trip by car. We love to take the whole wardrobe with us and by any means we convince ourselves that everything will come in handy. In fact, apart from your other half, no one will appreciate your outfits. Therefore, we recommend taking clothes at the rate of one outfit for 2 days.

When choosing clothes, preference should be given to light fabrics made from natural threads, or linen, or rather cotton. In such clothes you will feel comfortable in a hot climate.

Wear separate items on the road, light and simple. That it is not a pity to stain and that it was not hot on the road. Of course it’s good if the car has air conditioning. If not, then the heat will be tight.

For a child, always take a little more clothes. After all, they can very easily stain everything quickly. Thank God in the modern world you can wash everywhere, without problems and not expensive. Most importantly, take your child a pair of cotton items with a long sleeve. In case the child is slightly burnt, you need to protect the whole body from the sun.

Do not forget in this case, and hats. This is also very important!

Hygiene products.

Here, in principle, it’s not worth describing a lot. We take all the essentials that are in personal hygiene. If anything, then you can buy on the road.

But if the train lasts more than 1 day, with an overnight stay, for example, it is better to put hygiene products somewhere on the surface of the suitcases, so that in case of which it is easy to get it. Also in the trunk should be one 5-liter bottle of water, in case you wash your hands or wash.

In addition to the first-aid kit itself, it’s better to assemble another one - a camping kit, as we call it. In the automotive sector, there are mostly only bandages and adhesives, but a lot can happen on the road. So traveling by car requires you to have the necessary minimum of medicines with you. We will not write names, here is at your discretion:

  • thermometer,
  • painkillers
  • from poisoning
  • antipyretic,
  • against burns (solar first)
  • antiallergens
  • from thrush,
  • iodine patch
  • throat suckers
  • antibiotics
  • powders for colds.

Other equipment and things.

In the bustle of gathering clothes, cosmetics and hygiene, do not forget about the most important thing - a camera or smartphone with a camera. Indeed, thanks to these technical creations, then there will be something to remember and show to friends at work.

  • Plastic box for food (in the car you can take a snack and carry fresh fruits to the beach),
  • Spare car keys,
  • Penknife (never redundant)
  • Children's toys on the beach (you can always buy on the spot),
  • A camera or camera (you can do both)
  • Monopod (stick) for a selfie (if necessary),
  • Charger to the camera (camera),
  • Power cans,
  • Cell phones,
  • Chargers for them, preferably one spare,
  • Memory card (another one, suddenly not enough),
  • A flash drive, preferably 16 or 32 GB (larger), or you can use an external hard drive,
  • Laptop, netbook or tablet,
  • Mp-3 player,
  • Small kettle (if the hotel is not all inclusive)
  • Hair dryer (if not provided in the hotel room),
  • Travel SIM card or switch tariff,
  • Remedy for mosquitoes and other insects,
  • Slow cooker (if you plan to cook on your own or have special indications for nutrition).

Well, something like this. Try to pack things economically. From the list above, it’s not necessary to take everything, but maybe you will take something else. The main thing to think about is whether any thing is really useful. You should not take useless things that take up a lot of space.

Once again, look carefully, walk around the house, look around. The main thing is documents and money. The rest can be bought.

It is advisable to collect some home-made food on the road, so that you can have a snack. Oh, I forgot. If you eat with a small child, then take the pot with you (if you go to it). You can pee or poke right on the road. We did so, conveniently)))

Road, some tips.

Traveling by car is very exciting. My own master, wherever I want, there I stop, as much as I want, so much I stand.

Many drivers prefer to leave at night, because at this time of day the roads are usually less busy. Regardless of the time of departure, you need to get enough sleep. It is much simpler if two drivers go to the car at once to change each other at the wheel. If this is not the case, then one cannot overdo fatigue.It is very dangerous! It is better to choose a motel with a cafe and secure parking. A cluster of truckers will indicate a good place to relax.

travel by car

But you can just go off the track to some corner and have a good rest. But do not stop for a long time on the side of the road. This is also dangerous.

It is important to monitor the fuel level while driving. On major highways, gas stations are quite common, which cannot be said for small country roads. It is already possible to outline places for refueling at the stage of route planning. To avoid trouble, you should choose gas stations of familiar brands. Gasoline in them usually costs a little more than at local provincial gas stations, but there is no doubt in its quality.

It’s just really a case when he refueled at a usual-looking gas station, a rustic one, the engine check immediately caught fire. I thought everything, a kopek, and the engine began to work poorly. Drove into the station, it turned out a problem in the quality of gasoline. Thank God nothing happened and everything fell into place. But the locksmith brought cases where such fuel led to breakdowns.

Many drivers are afraid of traffic police. Such sentiments are groundless. Traffic police officers are called to monitor the order on the road, and have no complaints against those who follow the rules of the road. Almost, so protect yourself, as described above. Refresh your SDA memory, download the SDA application and follow these rules.

Do not rush on the road or be nervous. Give way, keep your distance and speed. Usually, road repairs begin in the summer, be vigilant, sometimes block part of the route and send along bypass roads, so pay close attention to signs, even if you are driving on a navigator.

Nowadays, cafes and hotels are often made in one place.

When you stop to eat in a cafe, stop where there are a lot of trucks. Truckers always know where to eat tasty and without risk to health.

Very dangerous situations:

  • If a dog jumped out onto the road or some animal - shoot down! Of course it's a pity, but people's lives are more expensive. Very often, when trying to avoid an obstacle, accidents happen, terrible.
  • If the car suddenly jumped towards the "forehead" go to the right. The oncoming car, most likely the same, will go to its side.
  • If the car overtakes you and it does not have time, the car is already visible on the oncoming car, then do not slow down in any case. Drive at the same speed. A car overtaking you will also slow down to return to its lane.

In general, there are many cases and each should be decided according to circumstances. Be polite on the road.

Charges on the first trip by car are always exciting. So much to be taken into account and foreseen: to tidy up the car, determine the place of rest and plan the route, and finally, do not forget to entrust the cares of the relatives of your beloved cat. However, all these worries and troubles fade against the background of the impressions that you can experience during your first car trip.

We wish you all a successful journey and a happy holiday. That's all for now, bye for now.

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Wheel inspection

Careful preparation of the car for a long trip in the summer does not accept mediocre attitude. While swinging the wheels, inspect the tires for wear. By its nature, one can judge the correct configuration of the suspension geometry. Heavily worn-out rubber - for scrap, drifts and demolitions on the wet road are categorized as undesirable and completely dangerous phenomena.

Nobody forces to measure a critical value of 1.6 mm - focus on labels that contain all modern summer tires , and winter ones too. There were vibrations on the steering wheel at high speeds - balance the wheels. Even if there were no such symptoms, it is better to play it safe - the bearings will say thanks.


Who carried out scheduled maintenance on time is easier for him. If the car is not under warranty, taking care of it is doubled with persistence. Replacing critical parts and fluids such as:

  1. Erased brake pads.
  2. Timing belts and attachments that are more than 3-4 years old.
  3. Brake "slurry", which is more than 2 years old.

It will not be superfluous to analyze the condition of engine oil. If the car was operated mainly in the city, and its mileage since the last lubricant change was close to 7,500 km, there is only one verdict - to change the oil fluid with the filter. It is not necessary to perform this procedure at the service station. If you don’t want to get dirty, take your canister and filter element with you - save.

Gear oil also loses its properties. Not as intense as motor, but still requires replacement every two to three years or after 40-50 thousand km. You can not neglect - repairing the box is only slightly cheaper than its capital.

Air conditioning

Climate control is far from the last place in the process of how to prepare a car for a long trip in the summer, since it significantly affects the comfort of the crew. Is your climate system ready for the southern heat? It is definitely better to check at the service station and refuel with the refrigerant. At the extreme, change the cabin filter and clean the evaporator from germs - take a step towards maintaining health.

Cooling system

The classic trick is to open the hood and see the coolant level in the expansion tank. It should be between the risks of Min and Max. Diagnostics of the following elements will not be superfluous:

  • Temperature sensor.
  • Thermostat.
  • Fan.

By the way, the radiator should also be cleaned. It’s possible inside, using a technique that describes how to clean the engine cooling system do it yourself. When washing from the outside, it is important to choose the correct pressure of the jet so as not to hurt the compliant honeycomb.

What else to check

So, the key units are checked, serviced, and operability is restored. In a word, you can hit the road. However, hey, the main criteria are not met - the driver did not make sure the visibility and safety of the vehicle on the road. You must do the following:

  • Check the operation of all light bulbs and alerts road users.
  • Replenish the level in the washer reservoir.
  • Replace wipers.

What is the preparation of any car for a long trip in the summer: what to bring

Cleanliness reigns inside, and wax sparkles outside. Everything - the car is ready for the journey, but not completely. An auxiliary tool package has not been generated. It is impossible to reject its presence - you never know what can happen on the road. Spare parts must also be available - it is impossible to predict the place of failure. There is a mechanic, but no store - agree, an annoying situation.

As a result of preparing a personal car for a long trip in the summer in the trunk should be:

  • Reserve, spray can and jack.
  • Set for self-repairing punctures in tires.
  • Bulbs, long wires of small cross section, fuses of various ratings.
  • Plastic clamps and heat-resistant adhesive tape, which are useful to eliminate rupture of hoses or penetration of the muffler.
  • Alternator and timing belts, filters, candles.
  • Cable.
  • Set of auto mechanic in the form of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and side cutters.

Take off in the winter - take the same, but do not forget the shovel and wires for lighting. Snow chains can also come in handy. In general, at any time of the year it would be nice to have one canister with gasoline, a liter of motor oil, a prepared washer, an octane booster.

There is nothing complicated in preparing a car for a long trip. It is enough to carry out unscheduled maintenance of units and assemblies, if necessary, change the oil and filter, and also fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Inspect the wheels for wear and pressure.
  • Change consumables whose resource is coming to an end.
  • Check air conditioning.
  • Diagnose the cooling system.
  • Verify the flawless functioning of the light alarm and lighting.
  • Change wipers.
  • Top up with a washer.

Be sure to bring along a minimal set of tools and spare parts. The essentials also include maps and a navigator, charging for a smartphone and a handheld launcher. To the place and a small first aid kit containing a set of effective drugs.