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Prayer from the heart - the lost practice of prayer


Have you ever prayed for something, but it seemed to you that God did not listen because you did not receive it? It is important to remember that prayer is not always a ticket for what you want. Strengthening your faith and gaining happiness in His leadership will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of the desires of your heart. Once you have strengthened your relationship with God, you will begin to receive what you want from life.

  1. 1 Address the problem - not in a negative tone - but expecting a direct answer with an unshakable faith in the will of your Father and His mercy to do good things for those whom He loves. Do what you can.
  2. 2 Open your desires with faith / positively (not begging and pleading), as the greatest of teachers always prayed to the “Father” in the following manner: "Father, I pray to do well, and remember everything that I may have to go through with good results. Lord, I expect Your blessing, because Your will is fulfilled in my life. "This approach is true at work, at home or at school. Ask the guidance of our Almighty Father. In everything you do, always ask him for permission and blessings, do not forget to pray for your dreams in life.
  3. 3 Learn, make sure that you understand your responsibilities and subject matter, study and show yourself as a person who will not be ashamed when, for your part, you will do everything and bring your desires into line with the fulfillment of God's will! Then trust God to strengthen you.
  4. 4 Be a good employee or student who knows your strengths and skills. Be aware of your rights to ask for help in a particular situation and overcome your doubts. God blesses those who believe in Him and act on this faith with confidence in Him. The second thing you need to do is work hard to achieve your dream. Always think positively about your dream. Always remember the saying: "If others can do this, why can not I?"
  5. 5 Pray: it is your key, but your faith not only picks up the key to the lock, but also turns it when you believe in God's answer: "You must believe." God promises to show you His will in John 16:13, "However, when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth: for He does not speak from Himself, but all that He hears, He will speak, and He will say to you about what will come. " Jeremiah 33: 3, "Call to me, and I will answer you, I will show you the great and the inaccessible, which you do not know."
  6. 6 Thank God in advance: “I know that you gave me a sound mind and good ability. Help me show your love for others. I pray with gratitude. ” "Continue to earnestly pray, awake in her with thanksgiving." Colossus. 4: 2
  7. 7 Forgive those who offended you. Goodbye so that you will be forgiven! Be a peacemaker and keeper of the world.
  8. 8 There are things that you say, agreeing in faith: it is a spiritual law that you can abide by. Words of faith in God are the most powerful things in the universe. God said, “Let there be light,” and light became. That was His will. Yes, it’s like the law of gravity, which states that you can’t walk through the air for a very long time. Therefore, you must believe that God's promises (His will) are laws that are as true as gravity. Believe to receive.
  9. 9 Rejoice at the answer that is already yours! So this is what it is: it's yours. You must continue to praise God for the answer, whatever it may be - even if you do not agree with the timing or the way it happens.
  10. 10 Decide to fulfill the conditions, continuing to do “good”, “trustingly”, “faithfully” (by any means) - and “rejoicing” in the Lord.
  11. 11 Direct your desires for the good: to love and help others so that it is “humble, acceptable, good, acceptable” for others and especially for the Lord.
  12. 12 Lift your head up. Go forward with faith, seek and expect answers to come true, and keep them valid God's will. If your dreams do not come true, do not get depressed and, above all, do not lose hope. Always remember that God may be preparing a better dream that will come true for you. Remember also that every failure and every success always has a reason. When God closes one door, he opens another.

How to be blessed

  1. 1 Pray, but first you must respect and glorify God in your ways... and His the will about fulfilling the “real desires of your heart” (in your heart), based, for example, on how you relate to others and “measure justice” for others.
  2. 2 "Agree with God"so that if these" desires of the heart "arise from faith, and not from doubt, love, kindness, justice, help, bestowal, forgiveness and not expecting anything in return, then there will be a good reward - perhaps on this earth - because “The desire of your heart” to be right in the eyes of God. He sees it all.
  3. 3 Do not expect God to “scatter gifts” to everyone who treats them with disrespect and abuses the gift, or even treats others badly, deceives and lies, will be unjust and unceremonious with those who are weaker, etc.e. This will not work!
  4. 4 Expect consequences now and later for “insults and bad desires” (injustice, selfishness, insults) - especially if you have not admitted or repented of these violations and if you do not forgive others for such actions - God knows that.
    • Justice will come and “you will accept the desires of your heart”, so watch out for bad relationships, otherwise your “rewards” may contradict your desires, in the short or long term.
  5. 5 Decide to fulfill your desires “in God” in good ways, that is: (1) to seek Him diligently, (2) to believe that “He is” and (3) that “He rewards” those who seek Him with all their hearts.
    • No one is ever perfect, but "God is always fair." He knows how a person accepts His favor, gifts, shares his abilities and knowledge, and how a person forgives those who seek forgiveness and do not despise the weak or hopeless.

Believe, remember that God answers in time, not ours, but never give up, no matter how difficult the situation. And believe me, he already answers your prayers. it’s that little thing called “faith”! Do not worry . and do not envy those who cheat do bad. but "Believe" in GOD, and "do well." “Rejoice in yourself in the Lord,” and he will give you the desires of your heart. “Direct” your path to GOD.Psalms 37: 1 - 5

  • You should always get rid of negative thoughts and situations! Always keep positive thoughts and go forward, avoiding any obstacles in your path! Think positively and go!
  • Your prayers of faith never die, but rise to the Father.
  • Never worry about whether God hears, listens, or does not care because he always cares and respects faith.
  • Ask and it will be given to you.
  • Be prepared that your desires will be fulfilled in God's will and authority, as you do your part of the work, being ready to ask and receive.

Put your work in the hands of the Lord and your plans will be fulfilled.Proverbs 16: 3

  • God cannot lie, and He said: Pray that there will be God's will on earth, in faith, confidence, and "you will receive."
  • You can do this lightning fast and put aside unimportant questions in order to learn how to be humble and manage the will and direct desires to the will of God.
  • God's permissive will is the limit when you focus on asking God for his will to be done in your life. Let him take control, and then trust and believe Him!

Lost practice of prayer, description:

The lost practice of prayer is a form of prayer without words, without external expression, it is based on sincerity of feeling. This prayer practice appeals to our feeling of heartfelt gratitude and gratitude that the answer to the prayer already exists already exists, even if the world does not provide us with obvious evidence of this.

And for this reason:

The logic of our brain acts in polarity - left / right hemisphere, light / dark, good / bad, right / wrong, etc. Praying for something, a strong feeling is created in us - a charge - an order that should or should not be. The physics of our polar world requires that if something with a certain charge is created in one polarity, then an opposite must be created in the other polarity in order to balance this charge.

Prayer from the head

When we pray for something, we use the mental process of dual logic! Whereas, thought-based prayers for peace in Iraq, for example, acting most likely with good intentions, are manifested to create a ceasefire or healing in one place at a given time, these same prayers are unintentionally created in another place, in another time, the result is exactly the opposite of the World they intended to create!

Prayer from the heart

On the other hand, our heart has no polarity. In the traditions of indigenous peoples there is even a word by which they describe the non-polar objectivity of the heart, the heart, which sees what it is and does not judge how it should be. This is the word Shante Ishta, which means the only eye of the heart. When we make a choice (for example, choose the World) or heal with the heart, it does not create any polarities in order to balance our choice, just like he does not have a “right” and “left” heart.

Prayer from the heart is feeling! Studies have shown that signs of appreciation and gratitude for a World that already exists create a “field effect” - everything that can come from the World is the World.

For the sake of clarity, this prayer practice is NOT directed at any particular place, nor at any particular person, organization, country, city or event. This form of prayer is NOT trying to “make” something happen somewhere where life presents us with something we disagree with. The ancients understood that using prayer in this way is a distortion of our gift of communication with the World. Imposing our idea of ​​what and how it should be, or should not be somewhere in the world, or with another person is a form of manipulation, and the misuse of the gift of prayer that we have.

Instead of praying that someone would “win” / “lose”, “suffer” or “be healed,” you and I have the opportunity to “feel” appreciation and gratitude for Peace and healing that already exists. The power of such a prayer surpasses all winnings or losses, giving us the opportunity to elevate the conditions of our world to new realities that are beyond winning / losing. In doing so, we open the door to the subtlest and at the same time powerful principle that ensures the presence of Peace and healing without imposing our will to do so, and not otherwise.

Conclusions about prayer:

If this explanation seems too verbose to you, please accept my sincere apologies. The principle is simple: everything that can come from the World is the World.

We invite you to rally with us in a moment of unity, peace, prayer and opportunity. During the time spent together, we will offer the power of life to our children and our world, both in the present and in the future. Thank you so much in advance for your willingness to make our world a better place!

Blessings to all of you, a true and lasting Peace!


“He punishes us for good, so that we may have a part in His holiness. Any punishment today does not seem to be joy, but sadness, but after being taught through it, it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness ”(Hebrews 12: 10,11)

Zeal: By all means, Lord, increase my resolve to do Your will with everything zeal.

“So look, be careful not as unreasonable, but as wise, cherishing time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5: 15,16).

These are just suggestions. God can make you pray differently. But no matter how He teaches us, whatever methods we find useful, may God encourage us all to grow in faith until we pray unceasingly (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and never lose heart (Luke 18 :one).