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Do-it-yourself hot stand: interesting ideas


To make the kitchen more comfortable, needlewomen can make a hot stand with their own hands. This is not only a beautiful detail of the interior, but also a very necessary thing. Any materials will be used.

The advantage of using this material is that it is more durable than, for example, fabric. To make a hot stand made of wood, made with your own hands, you will need:

  • Wooden blanks (sold in handicraft shops. Choose a form at your discretion).
  • A simple pencil.
  • Washing gum.
  • Acrylic lacquer.
  • Paints, watercolor is better.
  • Brush.
  • A device for burning.

Let's get to work:

  1. To begin, draw on paper what a hot-made stand made by yourself should look like. It can be flowers, berries, an ornament or an inscription. The border around the edges, which serves as a frame, looks beautiful. Having done this, it will be easier for you in the future. Now transfer the image with a simple pencil to a wooden blank.
  2. Take the burner and wait for it to heat up. When everything is ready to continue, burn out the drawing.
  3. If in some places a simple pencil is visible, then be sure to wipe it with a rubber band, otherwise the work will look messy.
  4. You can leave the stand design in this form, just cover it with acrylic varnish, or you can continue to decorate.
  5. To do this, take paints and proceed to decorate. Do this very carefully, because getting rid of errors will be difficult. If you work with acrylic, then pay attention to the fact that in some places you will have to apply several layers to give saturation. Also, these paints can leak.
  6. The stand should dry, and then it must be varnished and allowed to stand for several hours to completely dry.

DIY hot stand made!

Do-it-yourself felt coasters made of felt even easier. They give more room for imagination than a tree. You can choose the color and design based on the style of your kitchen.

To create a "citrus" coasters you need to take:

  • Different colors of felt (orange for orange, yellow for lemon, green for lime, etc.)
  • Scissors.
  • Threads suitable for fabric colors or white.
  • A needle.
  • Pins

What do we have to do:

  1. Create blanks. For one fruit, you need two large circles of colored felt (the size of a future stand), a white circle a little smaller and eight colored slices.
  2. Arrange the blanks in this order: large circle, medium and segments. Pin with a pin.
  3. Sew perimeter slices through both layers.
  4. To hide the seams, you need to sew the second large circle to the bottom.

Everything is very simple! Create some more of these “fruits” to be enough for all guests.

To get a hot stand, it is not difficult to make it with your own hands, you can use trim from felt. To do this, you will need only one large piece, which will be the basis, and several strips 5 mm wide. Length does not matter.

To create such hot coasters with your own hands from a fabric, you will need small trimmings. You don’t even have to go to the store to buy new materials, for sure they were lying around at your place. So, for work you will need:

  • Fabric of eight different colors.
  • Sewing machine (if not, then you can try to flash it carefully with your hands).
  • Hexagon pattern.
  • Safety pins.
  • Scissors.

What do we have to do:

  1. From two shreds of fabric, cut a hexagon, note that one side will not be visible.
  2. Sew them together.
  3. Now, from the remaining flaps according to the template, cut out half the hexagon, you should get a trapezoid.

A self-made stand for hot dishes will become a beautiful addition to any feast. As you saw, it is not at all difficult to make from different materials.

Do-it-yourself hot stand: interesting ideas

If you decide to make such a souvenir, first of all decide which way suits you best. It will depend on your personal preferences and skills. Stands can be:

  • from wood
  • sewn from fabric using the patchwork technique,
  • crocheted
  • made of felt
  • made on the basis of computer disks, buttons,
  • made using decoupage technique on ceramic tiles or wooden blanks.

Any of the ideas is easily finalized and has many options and interpretations. Choose, complement, create.

Use cuts trunks and branches

It’s very beautiful to make a hot stand with your own hands made of wood, made of round pieces of the same or different diameter. It is not difficult to prepare them; an ordinary saw and a suitable tree are enough. The cuts of apple and cherry look good, as they have an original structure. But you can choose any option you like.

The technology of work is as follows:

  1. Harvest saw cuts of branches with a diameter of 5-6 cm. If the bark is firmly attached to the wood, you can not remove it. Be sure to sand the front of the round to smooth.
  2. Make a composition of saw cuts. The fewer parts, the stronger the product. In any case, the parts should be in contact with one another in several places.
  3. Connect the joints with glue.
  4. For greater strength, the stand can be made of two layers. Accordingly, the plane of the saw cuts are also connected with glue.
  5. Leave the workpiece for several hours under load until the product has completely dried.

All is ready! If desired, coat the surface with varnish, although the naturalness of the texture is no less beautiful.

Another way is to use one large saw cut, which can be decorated with burning, carving, contouring, watercolor patterns, followed by varnish. If you don’t know how to draw, use decoupage (the technology will be described below). As you can see, one material can be used in different ways.

We sew a souvenir

A do-it-yourself hot stand made of fabric is also sewn in various ways. There are a lot of ideas. First, determine the size and shape of the product. This can be a souvenir of diameter corresponding to a cup, mug, as well as a full-fledged rug or napkin. And those and other options are performed in the form of:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • berries
  • colors,
  • animals
  • fairytale characters
  • abstract patterns in the technique of patchwork.

If you’ve ever done potholders, then the technology is similar. The product is made of two layers of thin fabric with a dense material between them.

Of particular interest is felt. It is easy to work with it, since it does not require overlapping edges, because this material does not crumble. In addition, it is quite dense, and when using several layers of felt, stacked on top of one another for decorative purposes, no additional layer is required. From felt, coasters are made in the form of slices of oranges and lemons, animal faces, hearts and any other subjects. This material is represented by a rich color scheme of bright shades, so the field for imagination is large.

Why do it yourself?

Indeed, today in the shops there is a wonderful variety and you can buy anything you want! But, the fact is that coasters made by yourself will be more cute. Do not believe? Be convinced of it on the presented photos of hot coasters in this article!

And so, the main advantages of such products include the fact that they tend to get dirty. No one will buy natural new products every time they are contaminated. Independent work in this regard is much more profitable.

A stand can be from anything. For example, fabrics with threads, tiles, corks, old unnecessary CD-ROM and other things. So you get rid of unnecessary things, and with considerable benefit.

The style, size and color scheme of hand-held coasters can be anything you want. In addition, you yourself can make a stand not only for a cup, but also for a pan! And so, we will consider further the main options and instructions on how to make hot coasters.

Simple and inexpensive

A cork stand is the most common option. Such material will perfectly protect the furniture surface from hot. They are easy to wash, and if any element is damaged, it is easy to replace.

And such coasters are made very simple. Corks need to be fastened together, in this case any figure is formed. Traffic jams can be intact, but the stand will be high. It’s easier if you cut them into thin and flat parts. It will be easier to fasten them together, and the thickness of the stand itself will prove to be quite practical. The main disadvantage of this option is the amount of pre-drunk wine.

You can also make a stand from an old newspaper / magazine. They are cut into strips, then twisted with a spiral, as a result, squares are formed, which are joined or sewn together with threads, or you can also glue them together. To make the finished product durable and waterproof, you can open it with varnish on top.

This option is made simpler than simple and is very cheap. But, they will not last very long after all.

Corrugated cardboard strips can be twisted so that as a result interesting variants of patterns are obtained. Between each other, the parts are attached to the glue, and to decorate the products, fabric tapes are used.

Why can you use the stones brought from the sea. Such a stand will look very original. Pebbles adhere to the base, tightly attached to each other. The base is previously worth covering with an ordinary putty, on which the stones themselves are attached. Top you can varnish them to shine.

Wooden hot stand

If you go to the store, it’s just where you can often find wood coasters. Nevertheless, you are unlikely to find beautiful ones. Although, buying the simplest wooden stand, you yourself will create a decor! But having acrylic paints is very easy to do. Original product looks using decoupage technique.

Sewn, Knitted, Wicker

Yes Yes! If you have the skills of weaving or knitting / sewing, for you it will not only not be problematic, but also quite exciting!

The fabric version of the stand is incredibly fast, because it will require felt trimmings, or a brand new fabric. And the technique is very simple, the strips need to be intertwined. The result is a checkerboard surface. If you take fabric shreds, you can even make a Pechvork stand. True, this option takes longer.

Also, the set of coasters made of linen fabric looks original. The main thing is that they are made in the same style.

Stylish and durable felt coasters. The felt itself can be processed so that its seams do not have to be processed.

In fact, such gizmos are not only useful in every home. The lesson itself is very exciting! And your guests will be surprised when they come to you once again and see something new!

Beauty from old drives

When making a stand, you need to take into account that it must be dense, durable and resistant to temperature. If you intend to use a thin fabric on the front sides, you need a dense base.

It is very easy to make a hot stand with your own hands from computer disks that will play the role of a blank. The technology of work is as follows:

  1. Take two disks and cut out circles of fabric larger by a couple of centimeters in diameter.
  2. Place the disk on the fabric blank with the wrong side facing the disk (you can also lay with a layer of padding polyester).
  3. Sew stitches around the circumference of the circle at a small distance from the edge (1 cm), and then pull the threads. The disk will turn out "sewn in". Do the same with the second workpiece.
  4. Take a strap of a length that is equal to the perimeter of the disc. Trim the part with tape, oblique trim or tape.
  5. Connect all three elements by sewing two “covers” on the strap.

The product is ready. Fast, simple and beautiful.

Let's talk about all kinds of coasters

  1. From felt. Such interesting material as felt has long been used in needlework, in addition, it calmly refers to elevated temperatures, which is very beneficial in our case. That is why he was chosen to make a hot stand. So we want to always be young and cheerful, we will make a stand that will not only protect our furniture from the hot, but also improve our mood. Sifting through fruits and vegetables, our choice was a bright orange.

The color you can choose is not necessarily standard, but absolutely any that will be in harmony with your kitchen and mood. The size of the stand is also individual, choose for yourself whether it is a stand for a pan or for a cup. We need a felt of two colors. Cut the following elements:

Next, with pins, we attach all the parts to their places and see how our creation will look.

When we are convinced of a good layout, the elements are manually sewn in place, that's all, the stand is ready, so simple and easy.

  1. From fabric and from disks. Such a seemingly strange combination will make excellent coasters for hot cups or small dishes.

To make one stand, we need two disks, a fabric and a lining, the synthetic winterizer will do this role perfectly.

We put together a specific sandwich in layers: fabric, synthetic winterizer, disk. When everything is folded, we sweep the fabric and tighten it well. We perform such an operation for both the first and second discs.

We got two such finished parts:

We connect them with a ribbon among themselves, carefully sewing it on.

It turns out to be a fairly strong and stable stand, since due to its base it does not bend or crease.

When choosing fabric for such coasters, any cotton materials and even linen fabric will do. Therefore, ignited by the desire to make such a kitchen item, do not rush to the store, but rummage through old things.

  1. From newspaper tubes. Newspaper articles have become so popular lately that in all stores there is always something from the newspapers. And all needlewomen have long furnished their homes with cute baskets and coasters woven from newspaper tubes. We will also tell you how to get such a thing. To begin with, we need to make a blank, that is, wind the tubes, they must be the same in thickness.

To do this is simple, it is enough to take the needle as a basis and, winding the newspaper diagonally over it, at the end fix it with glue.

Now that the number of finished tubes allows you to weave a stand, we will deal with it. We take a pencil and begin to wind one tube on it.

When we screw it to the end, fix the result with silicone glue, as shown below:

For the largest base of the stand, you will need more than one tube along the length, but this is not scary, because they can be fastened together.

When we have built a sufficient number of elements, we begin to connect them.

Along the edge, you can wrap everything in several rows of strips to strengthen the shape.

It remains only to paint such a stand with varnish and decorate.

Product Decor

For an attractive look of your stand, you can use different methods of decor.

It is not advisable to add elements from materials that can change their appearance under the influence of temperature, for example, from beads, buttons, and melting fabrics.

Fabric half-time is decorated by the selection of fabric, harmonizing colors perfectly emphasize your taste. Also from various flaps you can make a light pattern.For decorating hard surfaces, a technique such as decoupage is perfect.

The technique is simple in its execution and will allow you to use absolutely any image for implementation on objects.

If you are thinking about buying ready-made coasters or making them yourself, imagine how interesting manual work is compared to a template store. And you will immediately realize that your hand-made item deserves a place in the kitchen. From the proposed options for coasters, you can choose one master class and try to make your own masterpiece.

Knitted fantasies

An effective and original do-it-yourself hot stand can be made using this technique. As a rule, all products are knitted round-round according to the principle of napkins.

To make such a souvenir, it is enough to find the appropriate pattern, yarn and hook. If you are good at this technique, then you can knit any product even without a pattern. Some people like to bundle existing blanks, for example, the same computer disk, covers, corks, beads. From small details collect flowers and fantasy geometric shapes.

This technique is suitable for those who are remotely familiar with needlework or have little experience, but want to immediately get a masterpiece.

The meaning of the work lies in the fact that a napkin (special or single-layer dining room) with a decorative pattern is glued onto a dense base made of saw cut wood or, for example, ceramic tiles (previously peeled and non-fat). After drying, the surface is covered with several layers of glue or varnish. The reverse side of the ceramic tile is covered with a layer of glued felt or fleece.

So, you saw how to make a hot stand with your own hands. Choose what is closer and more interesting to you. Create table decorations or just original gifts from improvised materials.