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At home, you can do no less high-quality makeup than in any beauty studio, in which these materials will help you!

BeautyBenefitsTV blogger will tell you how to make a lasting daily make-up in 10-15 minutes, and also tell you what kind of cosmetics used to create this image.

After watching this lesson from Natalia Shik, you can make sure that to create a beautiful and natural make-up you need very little time. Makeup artist shares small and useful secrets that help to look fresh and have a well-groomed appearance.

Natalia Shik talks and shows how to independently make an interesting and simple everyday makeup, while explaining how to hide skin imperfections, which brushes are better to use and much more.

Where to find good makeup lessons

To learn how to beautifully paint your eyes and lips, as well as give your skin a healthy radiant appearance, you should study at least a few quality lessons. Where to look for them, you will find out below.

In the era of the Internet, it is not difficult to get almost any skill without leaving your home, and makeup techniques are among them. Many well-known bloggers share their skills, and you can easily find their videos on YouTube. By subscribing to your favorite “visage guru” and watching several lessons, you will learn how to effectively bring your eyes together, choose lipstick tones in accordance with your skin tone and eye color, and much more. You can get similar information from instagram, various articles, as well as groups on social networks. Having mastered basic knowledge, you can easily begin to improve your level.

Printed books, magazines, atlases

However, in order to gain the necessary skills in the field of makeup, you can study many prints. A good choice is a book that will reveal all the basic subtleties of a perfect make-up. At the same time, various articles in magazines can be called a good help - as a rule, they cover the hottest trends that you can test yourself. In print media, usually a lot of attention is paid to all stages of creating a high-quality make-up. In addition, such a study does not depend on the availability of wi-fi, allowing you to more carefully study the information. In addition, articles of this kind usually contain detailed photos.

Special workshops

Not every representative of the fair sex is prone to self-education - sometimes, we need to see firsthand the process of creating a beautiful make-up to understand how to make it. In addition, sometimes it is important to timely receive “feedback” from the makeup artist, specifying the nuances that were incomprehensible. The easiest way in this case is to sign up for some master classes that are regularly held by various makeup artists. You can attend full courses, having learned all the intricacies of visage. Pay attention to the promotions of various cosmetic brands - they often conduct excellent open lessons.

If you do not have extra time to attend master classes, then, of course, various videos, including learning the basics of professional makeup, are more suitable for you. You can easily find such materials on the Internet - a lot of bloggers share with their subscribers the features of natural, festive, evening and other make-ups. In addition, on discs you can buy whole courses demonstrating similar information in the form of a collection. Note that the cosmetic market is regularly updated with new products, and in order to stay “trendy” it is sometimes useful to watch the latest video tutorials.

Lisa Eldridge

Bright or restrained, classic or leading trends - the work of the Englishwoman flaunts on the covers of the world's main glossy magazines. And Lisa Eldridge became famous more than 20 years ago thanks to the shooting of Cindy Crawford for ELLE. The make-up artist is still connected with the magazine by a warm relationship: for the UK version, she maintains a column of tips from The Beauty Guru. On account of Eldridge, the creation of the debut make-up line for Shisiedo and the restart of beauty brand No. 7. The images "on the way out" of Kira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Alexa Chang created by Lisa (she has more than a hundred star clients and it is easier to remember who is not among them), regularly get on the best makeup lists. Filming Hermes and Prada advertising campaigns also rarely does without this top makeup artist.

Clear business: Eldridge knows everything about cosmetics that everyone can be convinced, having glanced on the website Here are endless options for everyday and creative make-up, celebrity-style images from Brigitte Bardot to Cara Delevingne, a real tutorial on choosing and applying a tonal foundation. All in all, Bobby Brown bites his elbows.

Michelle Fan

Mom allowed her daughter to use makeup only in the final class, but Michelle quickly caught up. Fan's first laptop was issued by Ringling School of Art and Design With his help, in 2005, a Vietnamese from Florida became famous for her beauty blog The Rice Bunny with step-by-step photo instructions for creating makeup, but soon realized that the video was more convenient. So in 2007, Michelle Fan appeared on YouTube and gained 40 thousand views in the first week. Video Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look has collected an incredible amount of views, almost 45 million. In addition to how-to create star images, Michelle tells and shows how to put on makeup for selfies and how business cards will help in the make-up business. The difference between Michelle and other beauty bloggers is that she was the first to voice her videos, bringing the quality to a fundamentally different level, and began to shoot in the studio, and not against the backdrop of curtains.


Beauty blogger Victoria educates subscribers about the most interesting subtleties of makeup and offers to consider many of its spectacular options. This will be especially interesting for brown-eyed brown-haired women - this is exactly the type of character of Vika, which tells not only about makeup techniques, but also about new cosmetics, holiday styling.

Nionila bronstein

On her channel, Nionila Bronstein, which is also known as Nina Zaichenko, will explain to newcomers to the makeup world in an accessible language how to create interesting and relevant images. In addition, you will find an overview of various cosmetics, unusual ideas for make-up, the subtleties of color in makeup.

Charming and talented sisters Nikola Aist and Samantha Chapman, known to makeup lovers all over the world as Pixiwoo. Professionals share their unique vision of perfect makeup. Materials are presented in English.