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How to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult at home: drugs and folk remedies


A sharp increase in temperature may not always be a reason for panic and calling an ambulance, but when temperature 39 in an adult what to do you don’t understand right away. You can really call an ambulance, such indicators are a good reason for the team to arrive quickly enough.

How and why does the temperature rise?

The body responds to any external influences and changes in the internal environment:

  • The thermoregulation center is located in the brain,
  • It is affected by prostaglandins synthesized from fatty acids,
  • The appearance of these substances indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the body,
  • The initial value of the normal temperature in the center of thermoregulation changes and the body throws all efforts to maintain an elevated temperature,
  • After eliminating the pathological process in the body, blood biochemical parameters return to normal, and the center in the brain sets the cherished 36.6 degrees.

One side, fever helps fight infection. All living organisms have a certain optimum, a small scatter of indicators within which these same organisms can exist.

For some pathogenic bacteria, deviations from the optimal numbers by several degrees are already fatal. There is only one problem - a person is also a living organism and the limits of blood temperature are strictly normalized. Overwhelming majority can't survive a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius.

How to bring down the heat at home?

If a person suddenly rises to critical temperatures, call an ambulance:

  1. She will arrive within an hour,
  2. A couple of injections will be given to the patient so that as soon as possible bring down the temperature
  3. After that they will offer to hospitalize in a hospital,
  4. Most likely they’ll be taken to the nearest infectious diseases department, one must be prepared for this,
  5. The medical institution will conduct all necessary studies and make a final diagnosis,
  6. After completing the course of treatment, they will be discharged from the department and the sick leave will be closed.

It sounds quite simple, but it is not always possible to seek qualified help or spend a week on recovery. The position is not the most robust, but has the right to exist.

If necessary as quickly as possible bring down the temperature, it is better to resort to medications:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - a whole class of antipyretic tablets that can be bought at any pharmacy, without a prescription,
  • Paracetamol refers to NSAIDs, the effect is provided due to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis,
  • Ibuprofen is distinguished by the fact that it is prescribed even to children. In terms of minimal side effects and contraindications, this is ideal
  • Analgin - The most powerful and popular drug for lowering the temperature, which can only be obtained without a prescription.

Folk remedies for lowering the temperature

If the patient is fundamentally against all this "chemistry", you can resort to folk remedies:

  1. Make the person drink as much as possible to restore water balance. When the temperature rises, the body loses water too quickly, and a decrease in water leads to an increase in temperature. The vicious circle that needs to be broken
  2. Reduce the temperature in the room to 20 degrees. This is quite enough for normal life, by all hygienic standards. But at the same time, a heated case will much more quickly give off heat to a colder environment,
  3. If you can humidify the air up to 60% - do it,
  4. Wiping with cool water will help to have a reflex effect on the superficial vessels,
  5. Effective alcohol and vodka wipes and compresses,
  6. If the patient has wrapped himself up, he should be “opened” and allowed to lie down in this state, even after wiping. Due to the cold, this may not be entirely pleasant, but the temperature is guaranteed to drop.

How to bring down the temperature of 39 in a child?

Everything is always more complicated with children. At elevated temperatures, there may be two completely different types of fever:

Pink fever

White fever

Perform vinegar or alcohol rubbing, undress and do not cover.

With this type of physical methods of exposure are meaningless.

Use paracetamol, not more than 15 mg per kg of body weight per day.

An analgin solution is administered intravenously, the dose is determined by age.

Ibuprofen can be used in smaller values, up to 10 mg per kg per day.

In the form of tablets - No-spa, diphenhydramine and papaverine.

In parallel with this, they will also find out the cause of the disease in order to prescribe antiviral or antibacterial treatment.

The child has a red throat and fever

High temperature indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the body. Most likely we are talking about infections. The presence of redness indicates that the inflammatory process is localized precisely in the pharynx:

  • Given the high body temperature, it can even be flu if the virus enters the body through the throat,
  • The problem may be in angina, which gives complications to all systems, including the cardiovascular,
  • No less formidable disease - scarlet fever, is detected not so often, but can cause a sad outcome.

If you see a child has a red throat, and at the same time he is accompanied by a high fever, see a doctor as soon as possible. Do not try to help yourself, if you become infected with the same swine flu, pneumonia can develop within 24 hours. Already 24 hours after the start, the baby will need artificial ventilationif everything goes a little wrong.

For young children, especially with high fever, an ambulance will arrive immediately. In some regions, children's teams are enough, but most likely you will be visited by an adult therapist or an ordinary paramedic. So do not refuse hospitalization, pediatricians in infection know their job better.

How to deal with temperature?

When an adult has a fever, do not immediately panic:

  • Look what is in the home medicine cabinet. Will fit paracetamol, analgin or ibuprofen.
  • Find vinegar, vodka, or alcohol in the kitchen. Dilute and compress or rub,
  • After this patient is necessary leave in the “open” stateeven if he starts complaining of a cold,
  • Indoors is better lower the temperature up to 20 degrees, and humidity increase up to 60%,
  • Don't forget about heavy drink.

After that, it will already be necessary to proceed with actions, but it is better not to bring down the temperature yourself before the ambulance arrives.

Causes of fever

Hyperthermia - this is what the condition of a patient with elevated body temperature is called. Most often, with insignificant indicators on a thermometer (37-38 degrees), rarely does anyone call a doctor or sound an alarm. In an adult, this condition often disappears by itself, without consequences for the state of health.

The most common causes of hyperthermia:

  • the body is trying to fight the virus
  • hidden infectious processes occur
  • hypothermia or frostbite of a part of the body,
  • long exposure to the sun and getting a mild burn,
  • chronic fatigue and stress.

How can you bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult? And is it necessary to do this? After all, with a slight increase, the body fights the virus and may well defeat it without any help in the form of folk remedies and medicines. In fact, with increasing temperature, proteins coagulate, that is, coagulate, which are the basis of the structure of many pathogenic microorganisms and, in the first place, viruses. Therefore, when transshipment of the indicator on a thermometer for mark 38, hyperthermia should be reduced. How to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult quickly and safely is described below.

When to go to the hospital

With the following symptoms, you need to sound the alarm and call an ambulance:

  • severe pain should not be suppressed by painkillers and anesthetics - this is a sign of possible serious chronic diseases of the internal organs,
  • fever and elevation on the thermometer to 39.5 degrees,
  • delusions in a sick person and a clear inadequate condition,
  • problems with urination, excessive sweating,
  • nerve tics and increased salivation.

Do not hesitate, call professional doctors. With these symptoms, you should not consider whether it is necessary to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult. This may result in the development of an acute form of pyelonephritis, pancreatitis and other infectious diseases.

Should I bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult?

Medical professionals are disagreeing on this issue. Of course, if there is an opportunity, it is better to lie at home for a week and the symptoms of the viral disease will go away by themselves thanks to the immune system. And if you urgently need to go to work or go on a business trip? In this case, it is necessary to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult.

Of course, it is better to resort to the help of antipyretic drugs than to transfer the disease on your feet. But it is worth remembering that drugs have toxicity and it is forbidden to take them for a long time and in large quantities. And folk methods are often too weak to quickly and effectively remove the manifestations of the common cold and fever. The choice is up to the patient.

Below are the recipes and methods, by reading which, you will learn how to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult quickly and effectively.

Fees and fruit drinks on temperature in adults

If there are no acute conditions and pain, then you can try to be treated with infusions on herbal preparations. If you are looking for how to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult, try the following recipes:

  • boil hips (100 grams) in a liter of clean water and take the resulting infusion for half an hour before each meal,
  • pour calendula sprouts with alcohol and let it brew for two weeks, take such an infusion of a teaspoon in between meals,
  • chamomile broth has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, helps to sweat and bring down hyperthermia in a couple of hours to normal levels,
  • tea with lemon or simply sliced ​​lemon boiled in boiling water contains a shock dose of ascorbic acid, which effectively fights the symptoms of flu and colds, and helps to lower the temperature,
  • infusion of citrus fruit zest (orange, grapefruit, mandarin) can also be steamed with boiling water and drunk instead of tea - this is an excellent source of vitamin C,
  • a decoction of parsley roots increases the overall immunity of the body and contributes to a gradual, slow decrease in indicators on a thermometer.

Wipe as a way to bring down the temperature

Here is another method that has long been widely practiced among the people. A great way to quickly bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult is to rub the body. To do this, you need a weak solution of apple cider vinegar (a tablespoon per liter of water).

Gently moisten gauze or a slice of cotton in the solution, squeeze out excess moisture. Wipe the body clockwise, starting from the right hand and gradually moving to the left foot. From time to time, as the rag dries, it is necessary to moisten it again in vinegar solution. The patient at this time should be fully disclosed and there should be a minimum of clothing on him. You can carry out this procedure yourself.

This method is prohibited for use for patients with impaired cardiac activity, because it can provoke arrhythmia.

Honey and bee products treatment

A slow but no less effective way is to treat with bee products. Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Older people call it a "natural antibiotic." If you are looking for the answer to the question whether it is necessary to bring down the temperature of 38 adults, and do not want to swallow pills again, try honey. It will smoothly lower the indicators on the thermometer and will not have a negative effect on the body.

Honey and honeycombs, you can just eat with tea, add a little bit to hot herbal tea, you can make compresses and gargles from it for a sore throat.

How to bring down the temperature with a bath or shower

This is the most extreme method. It is forbidden to use by people with a weak nervous system and heart disease. It will help bring down the temperature to 37 degrees in just half an hour. Remember - only completely healthy people without chronic diseases can resort to this method.

You need to get a shower and turn on cool water. The colder it is, the more effective. Then you need to change the position of the mixer and stand under slightly warm water. Such a contrast shower affects the temperature of the skin of the body, having a direct effect on cells and tissues.

If the patient does not have time to rub, brew herbs and drink tea with honey, then the method with a contrast shower may be just right.

Other methods to quickly bring down the temperature in an adult

An enema will help to bring down the heat in the shortest possible time. To prepare the solution, mix half a glass of boiled water and an antipyretic powder (you can use any tablet of an antipyretic agent, carefully ground with a solid object). Through the intestines, the medicine enters the blood much faster than through the stomach. In addition, with this absorption, the toxic effect on the internal organs is reduced. This method allows for an hour to bring down the temperature from 38 degrees to normal values.

You can use not so radical methods and try for an enema herbal anti-inflammatory infusions of herbs. For example, chamomile or calendula. The downside is that they have a cumulative effect and will not allow for a couple of hours to achieve indicators of 36-37 degrees.

The most effective pharmacy remedies against temperature

Here is a list of the most effective pharmaceuticals for hyperthermia:

  • Antigrippin
  • "Nurofen."

These are tablet preparations that have repeatedly proved their effectiveness. Often they can not be used. Only as a last resort, if you need to quickly get on your feet and bring down the temperature to at least 37 degrees.

Is Paracetamol Safe at High Temperature?

In the medical world, there has long been debate about the justification for using the active substance paracetamol to bring down temperature. It is quite toxic to the liver. In the UK, it is listed as a prescription drug. Cases of fatal poisoning have been reported with paracetamol formulations.

In the Russian Federation, there are many powder medicines in which the main active ingredient for lowering the temperature is precisely paracetamol. This is "TeraFlu", "Coldrex", "Fervex". Also, they include ascorbic acid and auxiliary elements. Taking them from the temperature, it is worth remembering the possibility of an overdose and the toxic effect of paracetamol on the liver.

Antiviral pills to fight fever and fever

A separate class of drugs for lowering the temperature is antiviral agents. To this day, there is debate about their effectiveness and the justification of admission. How to bring down the temperature of 38 in an adult, if only antiviral is available? You can try to treat them.

The most famous among these drugs:

They are allowed to receive even children. But their effectiveness as an antipyretic leaves much to be desired. They have a cumulative effect and promote recovery from influenza and the common cold only on the fourth or fifth day of admission.